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Emerald City Comicon!


Very excited to leave tomorrow for Seattle, one of my favorite cities! Amy Okuda (Tink from the Guild) is accompanying me to do a Guild panel (with the awesome Wil Wheaton!) and we will be selling DVDs and pictures and signings stuffs together in the autograph area. Please come by and say hello to us Seattle-ites!

The Tink Comic is out next week, March 13th I think actually, and one of my fave hip chick bloggers, Whitney Mathison, got the first six pages to preview at her USA Today blog Pop Candy. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers!!!! (The cover above is by famous artist Peter Bagge!  So cool, and realistic, har har)  I wrote this one solo, while I was shooting Eureka, and the issue turned out to be the proudest thing I’ve written.  Six different artists contributed, so it’s quite a collection of AMAZING art, as well as a story I love.  I can’t wait for you guys to enjoy.

If you’re coming to the convention, TFAW has printed a limited edition of the above Ron Chan Cover, and I believe he will be signing it at their booth during the convention. The print is FREE with purchase (Click here for all info).

I’ve been super busy finishing a draft of Season 5, co-writing the remaining Guild comics with Kim Evey and Sandeep Parikh (Clara and Zaboo issues respectively).  It’s a lot of Guild, but after going away for a while to do Dragon Age (we are just editing the episodes now, very cool), I’ve actually been re-enthused about the characters, it’s been a real treat to make words come out of their mouths after taking a vacation (after 3 solid years a LONG deserved one!)

In addition, Kim Evey and I are trying to put together other web shows to pitch, we have some great scripts, treatments and ideas in process.  Scaling upwards is going to be challenging because web budgets don’t allow us to invest in the overhead like a real office and our own production facilities, but I think we are taking the right path, making sure all our projects are slowly but surely crafted so the quality will remain high, and we will continue to keep innovating.  That’s super important to me.

Anyway, love to meet people over the weekend, and if I’m extra careful about hugs and handshakes it’s just because I’m kinda worn down and I really don’t wanna get sick, I really appreciate your understanding, and I look forward to meeting everyone!

  • I am so ready for Comicon, My ticket is printed and staring me down from the wall it is pinned to.

  • Sooo jealous! Seattle + ComicCon? Ridiculous! Have enough fun for all of us!

  • Dani

    Very cool that you’re working on the comics and season 5, and of course very cool to hear that DA is being edited too!

    Now… as much as I try I can not like Peter Bagge’s cover for the Tink comic. It’s just… not my thing, I guess. Ron Chan’s cover is gorgeous though and I’m jealous of ECCC goers that get to get one from TFAW, very cool!

    Have fun in Seatle!

  • Vlada

    Season 5 of the Guild!! Yesss! Can’t wait!

  • That comic is looking really good. Particularly that last page tickled my funny bones. Looks like you’re getting more comfortable wit the medium and using more of its possibilities.

    I’m hoping the that there will be a trade paperback version collecting the one-shot issues at one point. It was really cool to be able to pick the other one up from the shlef at my local comic store.

    Oh btw, not to be annoying, but I think the expression “threat booster” would be more correct than “aggro booster”. Aggro is kinda binary (either you have it or you don’t), whereas threat has a numerical value.

    Captain Pedantic signing off :p

  • That Ron Chan cover is LOVELY. Have fun in Seattle. Great city.

    “In addition, Kim Evey and I are trying to put together other web shows to pitch”

    Interesting… very interesting. You’ve got my attention, Miss Day. :p

  • Sounds like an awesome time will be had by all. I will content myself to dream of the day you come to a UK convention…

  • Roland Z. Hayes

    Happy One Billion Seconds, Ms. Day! The intarwebs say you’ll turn 1,000,000,000 seconds old some time on Sunday, March 6th, or possibly early March 7th.

    It’s funny, because you don’t look a second older than 800 million.

  • Reboyo

    if you end up stopping in portland, let me know. I’d love to come get a pic and buy a couple of dvds 🙂

  • So close… Wish I would have come upon this news sooner. Would have loved to make the trip over from Spokane to see you guys! Now I’m just bummed. 🙂 Have a great time!

  • Jami

    I don’t normally read comics…well, ever, actually. But I got The Guild trade paperback yesterday and it is hilarious (and kinda sad in a few places which was surprising)! I’m ordering the Vork one-shot and pre-ordering Tink. Thanks for being so awesome!

  • Forrest Huff

    My friends bet me $500 bucks to get your autograph tattooed and bailed on me. Lame friends, awesome tattoo!

    • Forrest Huff

      Great panel today…. Btw!

    • OMG ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?! That sucks dude 🙁 I’m so sorry, but it looks nice? And…man. 🙁

  • Hey Felicia, thanks for being so awesome today at ECCC! The Guild Comic is awesome, I am so glad you signed it!!!!!!

  • len

    Has nothing to do with nothing here or over there even. But… Have you ever heard of Carla Kihlstedt?

    Reminds me of the people at college who trained all their lives in the best music and realizing they can’t be greater than the masters, go for noise as well played as noise can be, and find they are good at that.

    Does a version of Willow Weep for Me (Ann Ronnell) that is killer. Interesting artist. Probably well known on the left coast so, yet, and then… hmmm.

  • Felicia,
    It was great to meet you at ECCC. I had such a good time I blogged about our meeting here:
    Thanks from the shiny iPhone guy!

  • Felicia –

    Saw you at Comicon and enjoy your work. 30 years ago we did a documentary on recent American history, media, and technology called Since ’45. It won a student Oscar and was screened all over the world (including Showtime, PBS, and the New York Film Fest). We got some terrific interviews at Comicon but were unable to interview you. Since you’re an actress and a video and web producer, it would be terrific if we were able to interview you. Our crew is coming down to LA on March 23 to interview others involved in media. Would love to set up an appointment. In the original film we interviewed everyone from Isaac Asimov to Gilda Radner. You can see a short promo for the film at and can see more information on it at my website

    I hope to hear from you.

  • Corey C.

    Great seeing you and Amy at ECCC! Found all of you very witty and extremely personable. See you all next year?


  • You and Amy are so beautiful! Thank you for the Tink compliments Friday, for still geeking out about it Saturday, and for the continued compliments Sunday for my Sucker Punch costume. <3
    Hoping to make it out to SDCC again this year and do it all over again! Thanks for staying sweet and keep stumbling those cat videos!
    Honey badger for life! 🙂

  • Amber Dawn

    Oh man… I’m a bad geek.. I had no idea about the ComicCon til like.. Friday.. and my best friend from portland was coming up to visit…. who doesn’t like nerdy stuff 🙁

  • Forrest

    I think it’s awesome… I have a freind of mine drawing up some art to go with it. You should post it out to you fans to help design one!

  • cwolf20

    Or I could leave the comment on here. I got in the habit of replying to people and it slipped my mind.

  • Jeff

    The Saturday panel discussion was the highlight of the show for me! Got a few nice photos for those that missed it.

  • len

    Of course you’re worn out. You’re the poster girl for OCD perfectionism. Talented, smart, a person who has achieved more by thirty than most ever will. But except for that interview at SXSW, I get the impression sometimes that you’re ready to take a 30.30 with a scope and go thin out the boulevard. You can’t keep it up and you don’t have to. Take a minute and read this

    And breathe. We don’t need you to be perfect. We need you to keep breathing. Somewhere in the Bible is a speech by Jesus that says in effect, beware the one who always praises you. You’re tough, and you are funny and you care a lot, but you’ll burn and then what? They get a new kid and repeat the process. Same as it ever was.

  • Ah, Ms. Day! I’m hoping that you show up for the wonder con in San Francisco.

  • I really like Seattle as well. If you have the time, head south to Columbia River Gorge.

  • Rhettro

    I was really hoping you would come back to Phoenix Comicon this year. At least a couple of the Guild members will be there. Cheers.

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