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ea6abbaaf4081a9a18bdcf3607beb39dOver the last two weeks I’ve been overwhelmed in a lot of ways. With the traveling and meeting thousands of people, and it’s all good, but a lot to take in! The book has done so much better than I’d hoped (although I’m a pessimist so anything above zero exceeds my expectations, EVER haha) and hitting the New York Times bestsellers list? Unbelievable.

Overall though, the most amazing thing has been meeting parents of young kids and teens who have thanked me for writing something that encourages their children to stand up for themselves. And kids themselves. To stay strong and not be ashamed of their weirdnesses. It’s the most fulfilling byproduct of writing this book (besides making people laugh): Helping influence young people to not be ashamed of who they are. Peer pressure, bullying, conformity, all causes us to abandon those things that make us different and makes it hard for us to fit in. But those differences are our superpowers, ya’ll! Never get rid of those things that make you an individual!

So I had a shirt designed by Natalia over at Geek and Sundry to be able to raise money for the anti-bullying charity “Stomp Out Bullying”. All proceeds go to this amazing cause, and will hopefully encourage lots of people to embrace their weirdnesses. If you want to order, go to, the shirt will be available until September 9th!


  • 1tactician

    My wife, daughter and I met you at the signing in Santa Cruz. I just wanted to thank you again and tell you how much we enjoy all of your hard work. After reading your book, it is inspirational to see the personal hurdles you overcame to bring so many wonderful things into our lives. Keep on being weird!

  • jade

    Hi Feiicia! Today I started writing the book I’ve been wanting to write for years but was always told it would naver amount to anything. I’ve reread the chapter of your book where you talk about writing over and over again, to reinspire myself. Thank you for giving me the kick-start I needed, along with supporting a campaign that means a lot to me personally. Always here to support you,
    Jade xx

  • michele

    I met you at the first book signing in NYC. Thank yo so much for being so patience, polite and pleasant while taking pictures and signing everyone’s books. I told everyone I know to buy and read the book! I really appreciate your honesty in discussion issues like anxiety and depression, two things I deal with.

  • Trisha Napier

    I was so glad to meet you in Seattle. Appreciated you making a point to tell people with disabilities (like me) to come to the front of the line- it made my evening much better (less painful) (I overuse these things). Can’t wait to give my homeschooler your book. He loves The Guild. He plans to wear an Embrace Your Weird to his first day at his homeschool enrichment program. Thanks for all you do!

  • kongjie

    Hi Felicia. Just finished listening to the audio version of your book. It was kind of a random choice, having just finished my first audio book, a 30+ hour Dan Simmons marathon. I needed something lighter.

    As an over-50 male, I’m probably not your demographic. But your chapters about your WOW addiction and in particular “The Deletion of Myself” are so wonderful. Yes, horrible for you, and hard to hear, but wonderful to hear from the point of view of someone who struggles with the urge to create. Thank you so much for ripping off the scab and sharing this stuff with your audience.

  • Lisette Emily Brooks

    Hi Felicia, I just wanted to write something that you may, possibly, at some point see, or glance over or ignore, but hey it’s under something you wrote so yey!

    Anyway,I just wanted you to know that although in England and unable to meet you (please come to England for a book tour – especially the south, it’s lovely and we have cows, cows not your thing? We have tractors on the road. It’s slow.) that I find you inspiring and amazing. I’ve watched pretty much everything you have done and read your book in like 2 nights. I’m suffering from crippling anxiety and some depression at the moment and just knowing you might have felt this way and got through it gives me hope where I was losing hope before.

    Anyways, I kind of love you, not
    In a creepy stalker way….please come to England. I have 3 cats.

    …I don’t know why I typed that thing about the cats…

    (I’m not a creepy cat lady, I have a family too, although there are worse things than being a cat lady. Cats a cute.)


    • Michael Berry

      LMFAO, that is hilarious, CATS, hahaha

  • Kat Jones

    Hi! I’m reading your book right now and am LOVING it!

    Just wanted to mention… I’m sure you already know, but just in case!

    The alternate gemstone for June is Alexandrite, and it’s MUCH nicer than pearls!

  • aimeeco

    I just started listening to “The Nerdist” on my commutes after a recommendation from my husband and yours happened to be the first one. I was so impressed with your spunk, authenticity, and message. I really connected with what you had to say. When I got home, I immediately ordered your book and checked out your website.
    So, long story short… I saw this post and thought “I need that shirt!” Not just because the shirt is awesome (it is) but because this is an amazing way to support such a wonderful charity. Then was completely bummed out because of the last line!! I am too late.
    If you ever offer the “Embrace Your Weird” shirts again, I would like to buy one (or five).

  • Kody Moreno


    So,I was one of the thousands of people you met. I met you at Salt Lake Comic Con and was over the moon excited. I remember waiting in line to get my book signed thinking “I’m going to say this and she’s going to laugh and we will make a connection and we may not become best friends, but some day down the road she’ll think haha that guy was pretty great.” Of course I got in front of you and all thoughts left my head. I had this moment of clarity that I watch you all the time in shows and online and so there is this pseudo connection that makes me think we know eachother and then I realized oh snap! She has no idea who I am! So, rather than say anything stupid I just guffawed and smiled blankly.

    I have to say I did feel much better when I went to your panel and you talked about how you had done the same thing with some of your celebrity favorites. On another note about your panel, you talked about how your book has helped people get help. I was diagnosed with complex PTSD three years ago after my friends took me to the hospital instead of me hurting myself. It’s a decision I’m happy about especially since I now have two nieces I love and adore. I just wanted to send out a big thank you. Thank you for letting people know that mental illness is something that can be helped and that it’s not something that so many people think can be “shaken off”. It’s nice to know that even people who seem to have made the big time still have everyday issues and that they aren’t afraid to embrace it and tell other to find help. You’re an inspiration and I hope the next time I shake your hand I will have said something witty instead of, “can I shake your hand….”

  • Livy Knox

    I coordinate a leadership development retreat at The University of Texas at Austin for primarily engineering students. I want to help them follow their passion and find their voice so your “Embrace your weird” as a confidence building plan is exactly what I try to do every day with my students. I recruit “Guest Leaders” to speak about their personal experiences of risk-taking, teambuilding, following their passion by leading with personal integrity and committing to positively impact the world. I just finished your book and your message of finding your voice and having confidence in being your weird self while finding your tribe, made me
    wonder if you might like to contribute to my Guest Leader Panel. It would just be 5hrs on either Tues. 1/12/16 or Tues. 5/24/16, in Wimberley, TX (an hour SW from Austin). During the 6 day program, each student participant works on their own vision project to change their world, find people who share the same passion but who have different skills to propel the project. Some of the many projects have been start-up companies, non-profits to help people in 3rd world countries, new student organizations, and community service initiatives in the local area. Your story of believing in your ideas through difficult times, pitching your goals to many potential partners, but ultimately keeping control to make sure the vision stays on track, would be very inspiring. If you are interested in helping your fellow Longhorns, please contact me, Livy Knox, Director of Engineering Student Life, UT Austin, The retreat is called The Institute from the national non-profit called LeaderShape, Inc. (Since I work on a shoestring budget, by spray painting Dixie cups and the like, I unfortunately can’t offer honoraria.) If you aren’t available, then just thanks for your encouraging book. I wish you well in finding new ways to bring the often silent, academic types together to find community instead of isolation.

    • Daryl Hiro

      Livy please read my post and feel free to contact me to help you and your Longhorns. We are all Americans so Longhorn or Hawaiian….we are all in this together! Daryl Hiro H. – Director NoKaOi Marketing – Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Daryl Hiro

    I am a Success Coach from LA /Hawai’i living in Europe for the last 15 years. I stumbled on this blog building another bilingual social network ( I speak 5 languages and have lived in 10 countries and am a protege of Greg Reid – The Millionaire Mentor

    Your embrace your weird is great for American and UK kids where everyone feels like if they are different they are bizarre.

    I learned a long ago that being different was where I could do what I want. People are amazed that I play the piano, dance, cycle, surf and speak these languages and connect with people all around the world so quickly. It’s because I embrace ‘OTHERs’ weird and see what drives them and how they handle rejection and how negativity to them is like water on a duck. I learned a lot from Greg so what Felicia says comes as second nature. After listening to other speakers say the same thing for 20+ years and seeing where I have been shows me that if we were all the same….what a boring life this would be!

    Meeting new people is the spice of life and everyone is different in their own way. If you learn to embrace OTHER’s weird and learn what you can from them and show you appreciate their difference and hook them up with someone else who is parallel to their goals or ideals….not only do you laud their weird you do them a good turn by pumping them up AND connecting them to a career-furthering goal. You will stand out in their mind AND good karma always comes back to you.

    We are launching a TV / Radio /Social Network in Spanish and English on Travel / Dance/ Cycling / Success for Europe where people are new to positive-attitude and goal setting and hitting.

    Anyone interested in sharing their stories or participating in either language is welcome to contact me. I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and commute all over Europe Coaching in Spanish / French and can communicate in Danish and Japanese. Embrace your weird but show others you appreciate them and you will get even farther! Bravo!.. I see you are 323 area code…. Viva Los Angeles! – Daryl Hiro H. – Director, NoKaOi Marketing Services. Aloha!

  • Sorry for commenting late here …. but i must say i have read your book and it was nice.

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