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Droolworthy MMORPG News…


I couldn’t help posting a link to this announcement from Bioware. KOTOR are my FAVORITE GAMES in recent memory! I want to sign up now!

  • I *LOVE* KotOR. I’ve played both at least 10 times through.

    THIS IS THE BEST NEWS!!!!! *jumps around excitedly*

  • somasaint

    “…but subscriber numbers plunged and never recovered after a controversial gameplay update in 2005. It’s estimated that the game now has fewer than 100,000 subscribers and less than 20,000 active players…”

    i feel warm-fuzzies reading that..

    *looks at mia

    i think im gonna do poorly next semester..

  • Dustin

    Same. KOTOR is one of the best Star Wars games ever made (next to Lego Star Wars) and the only regular RPG I could ever play without gouging out my eyes. This is Fantastic news. I wanna play a Meatbag!

  • I think I may have to get into this new game.
    Have they done a LegoStarWars MMORPG yet? That might be interesting.
    Perhaps this new game will give me ideas for my own game – too bad I can’t program at all and my CG skills have a long way to go.

  • somasaint


    just sayin hi. i like your pics of newport KY

  • cirby

    I want a real toon MMORPG. With cartoon physics.

  • J.K.

    I hope there’ll be some validity to playing something… anything… that’s not lightsaberlicious. Everybody wants to be a jedi these days.

  • somasaint
    thank you, i love to do photography – i also write (screenplays, stories which i am posting one as a serial on my blog, poetry which is on my music page and music which is on my music page).
    I even created a CCG game for my story – now if only i had the much money to make it all happen.

  • Joe

    Good news: KOTOR Online
    Bad news: Bioware bought by EA.

  • This is very interesting. I have played both KOTOR I and II – they are excellent and one of my favorite too.

  • If it is anything like SWG then no thanks.

  • somasaint

    SWG prepatch was GOOOOOOOD

  • That entire race to become a Jedi, and the whole situation where they were hunted down after was simply genius. Then the game just kind of fell through the cracks.

  • edgar

    I’m thinking of a CCG based on Felicia’s forums…

    Oh and I never really played many SW games.

  • Dave

    I still play the original KOTOR from time to time, it’s got amazing replay value, and a awesome storyline.

    Unfortunately I’m addicted to WoW so the KOTOR time is limited.

  • Kristin

    Pre Cu SWG was my favorite mmmorpg. I grinded out 26 professions and got my jedi unlocked. A year later the NGE hit. I only hope if they do make a KOTOR online that it will be 1. not run by sony 2. as awesome as the platform game. I love the starwars universe and can’t wait to see how this mystery mmmorpg turns out 🙂

  • brukewilliams

    Not to sure what you are trying to say..I mean is it or is it not. Anyhow I know I am rambling but try to see it from someone reading it the first time without thinking about it first.
    Luwow Goldman

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