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Drizzt Short Story!


I’m a part of a cool project over at Audible, a collection of Drizzt short stories by RA Salvatore narrated by pretty familiar people! The project is to celebrate 40 years of D&D and I loved being able to participate in it!
You can get all the stories HERE free for a limited time. I loved Drizzt as a kid and re-reading some of the stories to prepare for this made me remember how much I loved escaping into the D&D worlds as a kid through the books.

  • Scimitars high! Hard to believe Ice-T going from Electric Boogaloo to reading R. A. Salvatore.

  • Jenny

    Thanks for sharing this!

  • bullrush

    Awesome!!! but sad it is on Audible only. Viva la DRM-free revolución, I say. Audible doesn’t even work on my platform. If it’s free then make it really free (mp3/ogg/flac….) like beer, not “you can hire this from Audible indefinitely” 😉 Maybe you can bring it out as physical cd, I’d buy it !

  • Jules

    Downloaded already

  • shawn

    Felicia, Nice job with the story! I really enjoyed it. You, Will Wheaton and Weird Al were fantastic! I listened to almost every story while driving. While I like ice-T on SVU he should never read a story out loud again

  • AnneMarie Donahue

    Can’t wait to listen to these during my next marathon! Thank you for the heads up. 🙂

  • Hutchhammer

    Omg soooo excited!!!! Drizzt is the best, love you Felicia

  • Robert Fox

    Thank you so much! I loved reading R.A. Salvatore since I discovered his works as a teenager.

  • Jex

    Love Drizzt too! I’m new to blogs and web series and most things Internet, really like all your stuff. Especially The guild! Thanks for everything.

  • MerleApAmber

    geez I missed this when it was up for gratis – ah well, looks good for a monthly selection! Thx FD.

  • Bear

    I’m playing a dwarf battlerager (like Thibbledorf Pwent) right now for my D&D campaign. It’s a shame that wasn’t a premade class, but it wasn’t too difficult to set up.

    I remember being made fun of for walking like the drow (toe to heel) as a kid, or quoting lore from Salvatore’s books… glad more attention is being given to the series!

  • Angel Williams

    Loved the Audible Book and you make a funny dwarf voice 🙂

  • I liked this alot.

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