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We are in the THICK of season 6 shooting. It’s a crazy crazy ride! I really hope you guys enjoy, it’s unlike any other season, but I do that with EVERY season, you know? I’d rather risk and give you something new, than create something I’ve already done before. The cast is just amazing, and we have new additions to the episodes as well who you will be sure to love too!

RIGHT after we wrap the WHOLE GUILD CAST IS GOING TO DRAGONCON TOGETHER! We rarely travel as a pack, but we are so lucky to be guests of the convention this year, it’s the biggest wrap gift of all. If you are going to be attending, we will be signing pictures for most the days in the autograph area, but we have FAB panels as well. Here’s my schedule, The Guild members will have slightly different schedules than me too, so I’ll list that here for your easy reference. I’ll update this if anything changes between now and the Con!

4pm The Guild panel Sheraton – Grand Ballroom *WHOLE CAST INCLUDING ME!*

11:30am Eureka Panel: Hyatt Centennial II – III *Me, Colin Ferguson, Kevin R. Grazier, Tembi Locke, Niall Matter, Jamie Paglia*
5:30pm Creating Characters in Video Games: Sheraton Capital Ballroom *Me, David Gaider, Chris Avellone, and Mike Capp*
7pm The Guild panel: Sheraton – Grand Ballroom *Guild cast minus Felicia*

1pm Beyond The Guild panel: Sheraton – Grand Ballroom *Guild cast minus Felicia*
4pm Vaginal Fantasy Panel: Hyatt – Centennial I *Me, Veronica, Kiala and Bonnie*
8:30pm Rock Jocks Film Premier: Hyatt – Regency VI-VII w/ ME INTROING

10am Geek and Sundry panel: Sheraton Grand Ballroom *WHOLE GUILD CAST INCLUDING ME!*

  • william domagala

    hey Felicia, say hi to the komodos this weekend. (get it?j/k). by the way i notice your oeuvre is monochromatic. what’s up with that? but i digress. have fun!

  • Northwind

    Safe travels to all of you, Felicia and the Guild. May Dragoncon be as wonderful a time as you hope and more! πŸ™‚

  • Peter Richter

    Hope you’re NOT taking the Vork-mobile to the Con lol Looking forward to the new episode. We will be expecting great things, being the picky bunch that your fans are. Hope the Con goes good for you. I’m checking out FanExpo in Toronto next weekend. It’s gotten a bit big since your last visit but still not as big as SDCC Remember to take care of yourself and get your rest. Don’t want to see any “head-bobs” during a shoot and your “bonk” your head into the lens etc LOL Be well XOXO

  • Geeko

    Wow… sometimes I wonder, How many Comics, Fantasy, Games, Video etc Conventions are in USA :D? Every time I check this blog, there is info about Felicia on Comicon, on Dragoncon, on Vidcon… how many clones do you have to catch up with all this AND have a little bit of private life :P?

  • BjΓΈrn

    2bad i live in Norway.. Soo want to come ;(

  • Really looking forward to Season 6! Have fun at Dragoncon πŸ™‚

  • Nanda

    Wow you’re doing a conference with David Gaider, I hope you will make a new season of Dragon Age. In the meantime I will patiently wait for The Guild season 6, I really want to meet you but I guess there’s no way you have an event on Asia. *sigh

  • I’ve been close to this several times and not gone! Is it more gaming and less table top these days?

  • I will be there with bells on! Well, not actual bells…though I don’t have a costume so maybe I should just wear bells…

    DEF want to make one of the full cast panels…and now that I know you’ll be at the video game panel, I’m even more intrigued…see ya there!

  • Can’t wait to see you all again at DragonCon! I’m the artist (well – one of them, perhaps) that has done the character paintings of you guys as Guild characters, and brings copies for you to DragonCon in past years. Would you like me to bring out some more this year? I’m working on finishing up Bladezz in time for the show, and I can set you up with a stack of 4×6 prints to give out. I’ll be at my table in the Art show at the Hyatt most of the weekend, but would be happy to take a break and deliver them to you early on Friday, so you will have them all weekend to give away.

  • Marina

    Oh wow! Wish I was going!!!! My sister is going, I asked her to get your autograph or something. Yayyy The who guild~& Wow a Eureka panel, I love that show too! For some reason I had no idea that Dragon-con was this cool. ^_^ Have a great time!!!!

  • Lexy

    Sad that you won’t be at PAX this year, but I look forward to checking out some of the panels on YouTube later!

  • guru

    Why r u letting all of us know? You guys were rude at Comic con san diego….you guys wouldnt

    even look at your fans when you were at the booth….humiliating. πŸ™

    • Omgosh I’m sorry but I don’t know what you’re talking about? Every person who came by I talked to, I’m sorry if you caught us in a hectic moment and you didn’t get the attention you wanted, but I do everything I possibly can to spend time with each fan. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but we were literally around the convention for 4 days straight trying to meet everyone!

  • Both Dragoncon…and THE WHOLE GUILD CAST?

    Is it Christmas?

    Answer: basically. Basically it’s Christmas.

  • I think that it’s so cool that you guys fly all the way to Atlanta to do DragonCon. I don’t think there is a more fun event or a better mix of costumers anywhere. It’s been going on since I was a kid too and I’m no spring chicken.

  • Zany Sauce

    You should talk to Brandon Sanderson and take a picture with him. It would be fantastic.

  • You’re coming to my neck of the woods, Felicia (not sure when woods developed necks exactly, but whatever πŸ™‚ ). Wish I was able to attend, but hope you have a great time!

  • Chaz

    If some dude walks up to you and can’t speak and starts hyperventilating and eventually passes out, that’s me. I apologize in advance.

  • We at Frags and Beer enjoy your blog, so have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award.

  • Karrypto

    Felicia, you should make sure you talk with David Gaider about the possibility of giving your Dragon Age character Tallis a much larger role in Dragon Age 3, or another new character entirely, maybe a permanent companion! And until a concrete announcement about this much awaited game is made, I sincerely hope you plan to make a new Dragon Age web series, not necessarily with Tallis again but something else. I would love to see you play a new role in this fantasy world, maybe as a mage…Yes!!! I would definitely imagine you playing a Tevinter Magister or a Dalish Keeper! Not necesarilly as a protagonist, but maybe as an anti-hero or an antagonist that can be redeemed! Just think about all these suggestions and talk them over with David Gaider.

  • Corey B.

    HIYA! I found my way to your site not because of the epic awesome web shows, the movies, or the anything that you do. I found my way here cause I have a star crush on you! Like all those teenies over Beiber.
    Just kidding.
    I love your work. I was impressed with The Guild. But out of all the titles you have worked on. By far the best is your work in Eureka. I must wonder why you have not been nominated for an Emmy yet.

  • Steffanie A

    I’m so excited you posted this. This will be my first ever con I will be attending and I was so excited when I saw you and fellow guild cast members were going to be there. I’ll be attending the Eureka panel on Saturday and will definately come and get your autograph. I wish i could see some of your other panels but alas i only bought a Saturday ticket. I hope that you all have as much fun as i plan to.

  • Hi, would have loved to meet you and the cast, you allways seem to have fun.
    I used the guild as a reference when i tease them of how wow players behave πŸ™‚

    But the “production” i like most right now is “written by a kid” even my kids like it and i have a hard time translating the fast pace dialog to swedish.

    Keep up the good work and have fun.
    I’m going on a beer try out this weekend and try lots and lots of beer in denmark.


  • Managed to cut out a part of text so here is what missing.

    . “tease them teenage neighbors of….”.

    Dam you alcohol πŸ™‚

  • Amy E

    You’ve been great so far! You were really sweet to everyone who came for your autograph. Hope you enjoy the Doctor Who Starry Night print!

  • Felicia – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you at Dragon*Con this weekend! Good luck with Season 6 of The Guild – looking forward to seeing it!

  • Jon P

    Had an amazing dream last night. You and the team unicorn ladies were with me in some land far far away. And you had special powers. Telekenisis and teleportation. I know you have considerable skills, but is there something you are hiding from us?? You secret is safe with me. Long Live Queen Felicia!!!

    • Griskard


  • Thanks for the plug down at DragonCon!!

    Already used it in our latest show. Many thanks!

  • Jack

    Met you at DragonCon! It was fun. I wasn’t bashing DA2, I just tend to be blunt with my answers. Too honest. I thought Mark of the Assassin had some really funny parts, like the Wvyern poop. Did you not smile in the picture because you thought I was rude? πŸ™‚

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