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DragonCon Schedule


Here’s my panel/signing info guys!!! Some signing times are approximate and may vary for when I get hungry haha. Follow me on Twitter to get complete updates 🙂

I have DVDs and Graphic novels and pics and posters with me.

1-2pm Buffy Panel  – Peachtree Ballroom A-F Westin
2:30 – 6:00pm Signing Hilton Walk of Fame place
6:10-6:40pm Guild Photo Op International Hall North – Marriot

10:30 – 2:00pm Signing Hilton
2:30-3:30pm Guild Panel  – Grand Ballroom A-F Sheraton
5pm-5:30pm Guild Photo Op International Hall North – Marriot
6-7pm Signing Hilton

10:30 – 12:30pm signing
1-2pm Creating a Web Series Panel – Capitol Ballroom –  Sheraton
3-7pm Signing Hilton

10:00 -11am Signing Hilton
11:30 -12:30pm Eureka Panel – Marriott Atrium Ballroom
1-3:30pm Signing Hilton

  • I applaud your stamina. After that much signing my wrist would be wrecked.

    Hope you have a great time none the less 🙂

    • Where is the part where you beat up Syfy and get them to uncancel all our shows?

  • Ken

    To be fair I bet she’s doing all that she legally can to help, “Save SGU”. Have fun, Felicia.

  • jp

    it is sad to see eureka go, the show got much better with wil and felicia. although I followed it from the begining, i thought season 4 was just good and all the rest were just ok, until felicia and wil joined, then they were pretty damn good again, but i think at that point it was already too late. dont forget Eureka will end with 77 episodes spanning 7 seasons, thats something to be proud of for a network show, let alone a sci fi show on a channel that a lot of people dont even get. as for SGU, maybe if like more then 10 people watched it it would still be on, I mean I watched 3 or 4 and it just seemed to remind me of a darker grittier version of Atlantis. There is still Warehouse 13, that continues to get better, maybe neil and felicia can find a home there, I think they would both fit in well. Plus Haven which again continues to get better and Sanctuary which has a come a long way from its pilot also. I’m sure they’ll be another BSG or SG show coming along soon. Those franchises are worth too much not to do another.

    • jp

      oh just wanted to add that Felicia is awesome and would make any show better! I saw her at the chicago comic con and she was great on the panels and you can tell that she really cares about the fans when she signs and does photo ops. Not many celebs are like that, kudos!

  • Please get them to create new seasons of Firefly.

    • jp

      AGREED!!!! I’m sure theres room aboard for Felicia!

  • what Save SGU said

  • GF

    We’d love to see you at Megacon in Orlando in February!

  • GlitterBobOMB

    You should check out a Texas convention sometime!

  • Oh – I have art presents for Amy too … just sayin’. People that have seen it really like the one I did for her.

  • Jyoung

    I wish I had decided to attend Blizzcon this year!! D:

  • April Wheeler

    Miss Day:

    I’m sorry to contact you here, but your contact page only gives a phone number for professional inquiries and this isn’t exactly that, so I feel silly calling.

    I just wanted to ask where to direct a request for written permission to use a screenshot of the guild “Date my Avatar” video for a purely non-profit, actually kind of silly project.

    I know you’re busy, but if someone could email that information to me, or just a simple “permission granted – and if you make us regret it we will eat your face” would be pretty awesome. Not the face eating part, but yeah.

    I’d also be happy to explain exactly what I want it for, just not here.


    * Incert mountain of complements for deeply respected artist that will pretty much come off as sappy and cliche *

  • Mare

    I managed to catch your Saturday “Guild” and Monday “Eureka” panels. I loved that there were so many people cosplaying Codex. Thank you so much for coming to DragonCon and I hope you’ll be back again soon with “The Guild” and even more great projects

  • CBrown

    Just wanted to say that I’m a pretty active WoW player and every time I get tired of WoW, I just watch that avatar song and I’m pretty sure it makes me want to get back in the game every time.. haha!

  • John W

    Felicia did you read this story, you get mentioned as a role model.

  • constantfacepalm

    “11:30 -12:30pm Eureka Panel – Marriott Atrium Ballroom”

    This one is crying. And facepalming.

  • that’s nice.thanks for sharing.

  • Matthew

    Too bad none of those conventions are held where i lived, really want to go 🙁

  • Michael

    From a 63 year old gamer, who enjoyed his walk through the wasteland with Veronica, to a fan of The Guild, thanks for your energy, humour, (Canadian for ‘humor’), and the hope you give an ‘old guy’ for tomorrow…

    Michael, onboard the ‘Midnight Wind’, in Canada

  • Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is awesome, great written and include almost all vital infos. I’d like to look more posts like this .

    • Sean peck

      Yes but this is last years scedual. I’m looking for this years also so I can bask in her awesomeness.

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