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Dragon Age: Redemption Finale


The last episode, the culmination of the characters, the end.

Well, it’s been an amazing journey, and it makes me sad to end it because this episode really shows how amazing these characters would be together were they to journey farther. Josmael grew up, Nyree opened up, Cairn and Tallis find redemption. The acting and SFX in this is I think the best in the series, Doug Jones actually manages to humanize Saarebas in a wonderful way. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t watched, but I look forward to hearing your overall thoughts about the series in the comments below, especially those who experienced the DLC piece with Tallis as well, how those pieces work together.

And please tune in Tuesday night of the finale if you want to our Vokle chat (info and embed in the entry below this one!)

  • Yogol

    Very well done, the entire series was very nice, you are a talented writer and a talented actress. Altough the elf-ears were a bit off IMHO, you looked stunning! I hope they ask you to do something similar for Star Wars: The Old Republic too, hopefully even something longer.

  • Lea

    I agree with Yogol, you’re a stunning elf! But more than that, the series was a really good one. I hope there’s another season coming up? 🙂

  • Jake

    I thought the series was great, and a lot of fun to watch. I absolutely loved that it tied in to the DLC (which was also a lot of fun, btw), and it gave insight into my favourite race of people in the games: The Qunari, so thanks for that.

    I particularly liked that moment with Saarebas right before the end, because it showed that despite everything, despite his escape, he was still trapped in his Qunari role, and that *did* go a long way to humanising him.

    So again, thank you for creating such a wonderful series. I really am kind of sad to see it end, because I’ve really come to love all the characters.

  • Joe


  • Eric

    I would love to see this expanded into a syndicated series along he lines of Hercules or Xena.

  • Rob

    I really enjoyed this and that’s coming from someone who didn’t even follow the video game (until now). However you’ve made me a fan! It’s always good to see your work because you just honestly kinda set the standard for blazing one’s own trail. The hard work and long hours really paid off here – congrats on a great series!

    So I vote for a TV series now! I’d pledge all my gold in IronForge to support it too!

  • Katie

    I love this series and was very sad that it ended. Dang my mom and dad who watched me play parts of the game, loved it! They wanted more! It reminded me of the Hercules and Xena shows. I really loved it and thank you for taking the time to make it.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m sad it’s over 🙁

    This is the only ep I have some criticism of though, with the intro text: “always at great risk to become possessed by the demons who reside there” sounds like they want to become possessed, rather than they run the risk of becoming possessed by the demon.

  • I think the best part about this series, for me, is sort of meta to the show itself. I respect your chosen medium as a very art friendly medium, and it was nice to see you be able to step it up a notch. Part of me will always want to see you in that 100 million dollar Hollywood film, but this says a lot about your character (not the character you play), and I admire that.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question on Vorkle, it gave me a lot to think about. I just have to consider carefully where to invest my support. I think before I delve too deeply into twitter I’m going to develop what links I want to have on the site itself.


  • Nicely done, I would watch more of that!

    I finished MotA a couple days ago. I liked it, but too short! Hella good fight at the end, though! It would be nice if we had Tallis as a companion choice after the DLC. I think it was a little weird for me, as a rogue, to play the DLC. I think it’s more intended for non-rogue characters. I mean, what do you need two rogues for? You don’t really. I usually play with Varrick ( yeah, I know he’s a rogue, but Bianca!!), Aveline, and Anders (cuz he’s my boytoy <3). Who did I cut for Tallis? Varrick, of course.

    And my rogue is a ginger elf, natch! 🙂

  • Avidguru

    Well done! Huzzah!

    So….can we each pay $5 to get it all put on a DVD? I’m not getting the game, but I would totally buy that.

  • Ren

    Clearly I must have been living in a cave because I’d never heard of Dragon Age until I stumbled upon the first episode of Redemption last week on youtube.

    I agree with the other comments, watching it back to back last night it felt more like the pilot to a new show than a one-off web series and whilst you may have gone over your special effects allowance, it worked perfectly, enough effects to make it look real and convincing, but not so many that they overwhelmed the storyline.

    I could see a show doing well on TV, the Fantasy genre seems to be coming back into fashion and there’s been so few films in that style that have done well, let alone sword’n’sorcery TV shows.

  • DG

    Wow an amazing finale! And we finally got the long fight scene I had been awaiting! It’s a shame there’s not more to the series as the characters had just started developing into their true beings, but well done on another excellent web series!

  • Vlada

    It’s so much better than all that cr@p they show on tv, like Charmed or Terra nova. Can you pilot it? There is a void in a quality fantasy series, with something epic and adventurous, and huge number of fans and gamers who would love it filled. Just 10+ mln wow players will stop raiding and will get you the highest ratings watching it!!!

  • I love these characters and seeing this world come to life! I’m not much of a gamer myself but have always enjoyed watching my brother play final fantasy or my boyfriend play thru dragon age, so I could follow the story lines and explore the worlds vicariously thru them without having to wage the battles nearly all RPGs require of players. So this web series kind of extension of the game definitely resonates with me!

    Also kudos to the actors, the production team, the musicians, and everyone involved in putting out something of such high quality without sacrificing any of the vision. I’ve also loved following all the BTS blogging and chatting, so thanks for that as well!

  • Laura C

    Well-written, well-acted. A great story and a heart-wrenching, bitter-sweet ending. Thank you so much for having the guts, ambition, and creativity to do this! 😀

  • Ariel Cattáneo

    Thanks. What an amazing work you did.
    When I watched the first episode, I saw a great thing for being the pilot of a webseries. I thought one word: “promising”. And it fulfilled that unspoken promise, by far. An entire story wonderfully told in just six episodes, at the right pace (not fast at all for that little number of short episodes) (that it left many people, including me, wanting more, is another thing).
    With those elf ears, something strange (or not) happened to me: In the first episode, they looked, well, a little translucent. But for the third episode I didn’t realize it. I tried to check it, but I can’t remember how was them. The “willing suspension of disbelief” hit me hard. That was like watching a magic trick, trying to realize how it’s done at first, then getting caught by the magic and forgetting the “technical part”. Other example can be the soundtrack (as an analogy of the “elf ears thing”, and the series’ soundtrack itself): I remember, not textually, but the idea of, something a film conductor said once (1): “You can tell the soundtrack was good when you can’t remember it”.
    Well, this is getting long. I can finish thanking to and congratulating everybody: the producers (and the amazing creations of Greg Aronowitz, and the job I see in his blog (2)), the composer, the actors, all the collaborators, the subtitles girl (3), etc..
    … Oh, I almost forget it: Thanks for the Vokle chat! Even when I didn’t ask any questions (in all that wonderful and amazing mess, was hard to focus on one – I thought some off-topic questions – And now, very late, some on-topic are coming to my mind) (4). More than a simple motivation of what I mention on (3) (I guess my English was improved nicely from that night).
    And now, finally, good bye.

    Ariel Cattáneo

    PD: As I say in some places (and in the info in my G+ account, and the bio in my Twitter one), any correction to my English will be appreciated.

    (1) Well, it was from a Columbo movie, but the ficticious conductor is right. Something being from fiction doesn’t mean it’s false. The only music theme I remember is the one from the credits, the rest didn’t interfere with the action.
    (3) English is not my native tongue. But not having the captions at first, was a good motivation to improve my understanding of spoken English. I watched the episodes once without subtitles, then with them (and when Dani Figueiredo came late with them, I had no choice…)
    (4) I regret myself for the “wave” text line. But the result was great, thanks to you and Doug Jones :). That was the first thing it came to my mind when I saw the tiny video squares aligned.

  • John W


  • AJ

    I was surprised at how nostalgic I felt at the end! Very nice work thanks for making this series with so much thought and care!

  • Nikki

    Nice job with the ending, I was wondering how you were going to pull it all together! I was suprised by Jossmaels maiden turning on you guys like that! That was an unexpected twist and had me gasping and pointing at the screen trying to tell you where the fighters were coming at you! Lol! I had myself trying to click on party members and direct you all haha. But yeah it was good for Jossmaels character growth actually, and I really liked that change in him towards the end there. Tallis and Cairn became a bit of a guilty OTP right there! Obviously the chemistry was there all along but there was so much between them, his Templar duties and Tallis’ loyalty to the Qun however misguided, when all she wanted to do was belong somewhere. So I got really upset when he died! But he did it fo rher, and saved her, so that was kinda awesome and heroic. And tbf, it made me giggle becuase Alistar totally took the blow for me killing the Archdemon in DA:O, so it was strangely mirroring my own DA experiences! What is it with self-sacrificing Templars eh?

    Great series. And I’d echo comments above saying I’d love to see a full scale TV and/or Movie version of this, the fantasy genre really has an opening at the moment, for proper old school fantasy not the settling-an-alien-planet type fantasy/sci-fi. But on the other hand I really respect what youre doing for the web-series medium and grassroots productions so, keep getting ideas and contracts like this, and producing quality shows and I’ll be there. Good luck! xx

    • Ariel Cattáneo

      So many time took me to write a too long comment, and I forgot to mention how the Finna’s twist surprised me too!

  • Matt

    Just flat out excellent. The whole series was fantastic. GREAT work! Thanks for putting such a great story out into the world!

  • constantfacepalm

    As for the DA:R : “it’s hard to overstate my satisfaction”:)

    And you know the rest. (plot words: screen writing, movie, TV show) 😉

  • Jam

    I only completed Mark of the Assassin two minutes ago and already I miss Tallis. Sigh. The ends of adventures are so sad.

    Great work on MotA and Redemption … I can honestly say that they have been the highlight of the year for me … Thank you.

  • It was incredible! I really enjoyed watching all the episodes ^.^

  • Sarah

    GREAT character development!
    Please don’t ever stop doing what you do. Highlights of my day!

    • 6502


  • Nicely finished off. I do so enjoy your work.

    And as a tribute I created a little something from it. I hope you view it and enjoy it.

    And thanks again for your great work and we all hope to see what you have in store for your next project…

  • Baetylus

    Super wow wow Felicia!
    Just watched the series straight through and thought the story unfolded smoothly. You pulled me right into your world. So thanks for the trip, it was very exciting.

    What I want to thank you for even more is the personal touch you put on the production by the people you brought into the project. Especially Greg Aronowitz. I’ve watched the making of LotR more than the movie itself and the coverage given to the making of your Dragon Age : Redemption series is perfect for geeks like me. (please thank Greg, on my behalf, for his thorough blogging) 🙂

    One wonders what wonders you have in store next.
    Thank you

  • Guido

    Again, excellent stuff. Really impressive how you manage to make stuff I really enjoy watching, even though the vast majority of television is terrible nowadays.

    Looking forward to your next show… when can we expect it?

  • Lefty SpinHand

    This series really personalizes the fantasy experience. It shows the strengths AND weaknesses of the characters… A rare thing to do well… But you have!! Hoping for Season 2!!

    I have questions about the fair use of your materials… I have created an alternate soundtrack and would love your permission. Please contact me!

  • Fran

    haaa, sos muuuy lindaa!!!

  • Dabok

    I have planned writing a big comment on how much I admire your work and stuff, but I just can’t ignore the kid in me 😀

    So let me just say this, you have a wonderful smile!

  • 6502

    I keep wanting to say cheezy or flawed, but the more I watch it the more i’m turning into a fan. Um, wow. I like this… Can’t stop watching ….

    • 6502

      /cringe Sorry, tipsy fanboy forgot to make a point. I’m trying to understand the negative feedback on youtube. Something about not bringing your expectations into viewing this, and let it be itself. Sombody help me out here …

  • John

    C’mon guys, let’s be honest. The only reason any of us watch this show is for Felicia Day. With anyone else in the starring role we would all think that it was terrible.

    • perryjl

      Honestly….I watched this show because I am a fan of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2. I honestly did not know who Felicia Day was. I have never seen any of her shows or followed up on her. I played through the DLC of Tallis 2 times and did not have a clue that there was a web series and that a famous actress was Tallis. I just happened to stumble up on it yesterday at work. So I can say for myself, I enjoyed the series because I felt it was a great series. It had nothing to do with me being a Felicia Day fan (which I am totally a fan of hers now after looking at her bio, and i plan to look at her other series and movies). If anything, what kept me into this was me being a Dragon Age fan.

      I am totally hoping that we do get more Dragon Age web-series, or Dragon Age anything, as long as it is good….and this was good. Thanks Felicia, you totally have a new fanboy.

  • perryjl

    I simply can not express how sad I am that this series is over. I want more……..

  • Lefty SpinHand

    I have put this together… if it violates or offends, or just plain sucks, please let me know and I’ll take it down

  • Felicia,

    Well I as much as you hear it I still have to say I love your work and you give tremendous credit to gamers, geek, etc everywhere. My first experience with your work was with “The Legend of Neil, The Guild, then Dr. Horrible. You were/are wonderful on Eureka and I hope by some miracle the series gets to continue in some form. I just wish they had introduced your character earlier.
    Anyway, here is hoping 2012 is even better for you and the best wishes in all your endeavors. Happy New Year.


  • Frances Teixeira

    Yahoo!!! way fun, thanks!

  • Gary

    Fantastic Felicia! My wife and I love the stuff you do, and are huge fans. We are both playing Dragon Age II at this time (with the Mark of the Assassin expansion 😉 and the story and the lore of your Redemption film interleave so well with the Dragon Age setting, you are a credit to the whole thing. We wish you all the best as you continue to do the amazing work that you do in productions like this, The Guild, and all things gaming related – you are on the cutting edge of what people with an imagination truly crave!

  • florian

    I like all that you make, I appreciated a lot this series but I regret what is so short and with such a final. I know that I post this message a little late but if ever you read it, and I hope that you will read it, I want to say to you that even in France you have admirers! (Even if I think that you already knew him) I would also like to know if you have projects of future series as “The Guild”, and if you could answer me at this address: ” ” I will be more than enchanted!

    Your fan,

    p.s : I don’t know if I translated well this text, also here is the original in French:

    J’aime tout ce que vous faites, j’ai beaucoup apprécié cette série mais je regrette quelle soit si courte et avec un tel final. je sais que je poste ce message un peu tard mais si jamais vous le lisez, et j’espère que vous le lirez, je veux vous dire que même en france vous avez des admirateurs !(même si je pense que vous le saviez déjà) J’aimerais aussi savoir si vous avez des projets de séries futures comme “The Guild”, et si vous pouviez me répondre à cette adresse : « » j’en serez plus qu’enchanté !

    Votre fan,

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