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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 2


Episode 2 is posted!

I really like this episode because it brings Cairn and Tallis together for the first time.  Cairn (Adam Rayner) is SO GOOD with his Good-Aligned/Pretention outrage, haha.  Also I felt quite bad that I had to literally SIT on Greg Collins (Brom) for a few hours to get these shots at the bottom of the hill, but he was such an amazing sport, he’s worked on TONS of shows from Transformers to The Office, and his attitude on a bare-bones web series was a game as on any set.  He also did ALL his own stunts, and never complained about the long hours.  Love LOVE him.  Hope I can work with him another day and NOT kill him at the end (because he gets killed in every show he does practically, haha.)

One of my favorite shots of the whole series is the wide of the Dalish camp when Cairn walks up.  Greg Aronowitz and his team literally took the game from video to reality with this set, it really looks SO much like the game, I couldn’t believe it. (MANY volunteers helped build these wagons as well, so thank you all!).  The glow on the Phylactery was a great touch that director Peter Winther had the VFX team do, and it really adds to the veracity, small touch of magic that makes other magic in the show seem less abrupt.

We meet the character Josmael, a level 1 mage so to speak, in the camp.  Masam Holden is an amazing actor and musician and brought the love-lorn character to life in a believable way.  Also in this episode is Iris Klein as the Dalish elf matriarch, Maerwynn.  She is actually my acting instructor from years ago, and when I thought of people I knew who were also elf-ish, she was #1.   If you are in LA and want to take Meisner technique you should look no further.

Alright, next episode more characters (and FIGHTING) stay tuned!

  • Evan C.

    Stayed up late last night to watch it and loved it! Great work and thank you so much for expanding the Dragon Age universe. Also I lol’ed at the Sean Becker cameo.

  • Yeah, I’m loving it too. It’s just like how the game unfolds. I’m waiting for you to come to the city and meet Varrick and me. Dump the rest of those guys at the Hanged Man, three rogue badasses can do a shit-ton of damage, I say! Rar!

  • Buccura

    This is turning out to be a wonderful series so far! I look forward to the next episodes 😀 Love your work Felicia <33

    Making me wanna finish my Dalish Elf playthrough in Origins.

  • Dani

    Really liked the episode, and immeditaly liked Josmael!
    Masam Holden lookd familiar to me, and a quick look at his imdb page showed me I saw him in a few things before, I’m curious to see more of his character!

  • Theodore

    Impressive. This second episode is better than the first, as often the case. It promises to be a very interesting series.

  • I’m loving this webseries so far! I have a friend who really loves the Dragon Age games; between him and this series, I can see myself starting to play in the near future…

  • Heather

    I’m really enjoying the series!! Keep them coming!! :o)

  • This was so good! More of Tallis and Cairn’s personalities, plus the two characters really interacting, was definitely nice to see. And I totally squeed when Josmael pulled out a bit of magic at the end. You know he’s a mage all along, but still, seeing it… Awesome.

    Great job to everyone involved. Now I’m super excited for the next episode.

  • Hi Felicias. This episode was really funny. But what exactly is Dragon Age? I am not familiar with it? Is it a video game or something? Are your ears really that pointy?

  • Jonathan

    I have to admit I had my doubts whether this web series would be any good, but I was really pleasantly surprised. The show is really good, and I love seeing your acting expand even more. It’s not Mag, it’s not Virginia, it’s a completely new badass and you play her beautifully! I especially enjoy that she’s not over the top. She flashes a quirky smile here and there while cutting throats and kicking ass, and you can clearly see her personality before the Qun shining through. I can’t wait to see more!

  • Jan

    Well I guess it’s actually more likely that my comment will be read here than on the Machinima Video ;)~ Anyway, I gotta say one thing: that cleavage is a bit much, even in the game it was a bit… toooo much. Great character tho, the story has some flaws and as a huge Dragon Age fan I, of course, see them when they happen. (Andraste being god for example.. first episode, but still) I really loved the Dragon Age 2 DLC, hope there is more to come.

  • kenny

    nice bewbs

  • Buttman69

    Quite an enjoyable piece of cinema.

  • Buttboy69

    I agree, Buttman. An excellent example of a quality webseries.

  • Toni

    Another great episode! I agree the Dalish Camp looked spectacular, such great detail. And I loved that Cairn is using the Phylactery! It’s those little details that make me feel like I’m really watching the game being played out. Can’t wait for next week!

  • buttgirl69

    I must concur! Worthy of Scorsese himself!

  • Markus Hunt

    Agreed with all the positive statements. The 2nd episode was even better then the debut! Loved the dialogue between Tallis and the paladin and the Dalish camp looked absolutely spot on. (even people nosing over my shoulder at work said they were impressed how polished and professional it looked for a show let alone a web series)

    My only gripe so far (which is so minor but I love the character) is that the paladin’s armour doesnt give me the impression that its metal. It has the appearance and movement of grey leather instead. I dont think I even heard any clunky clangy sound fx as he moved and fought (might have been totally distracted by the brilliant fight choreography though). On the flip side that blood vial tracking talisman he has is awesome.

    Anyway, I didnt mean that to be a criticism in any way, just my observation. Loving the series so far. Its pushing me closer and closer to trying out my local LARP group!! 😛

    Thanks 🙂

  • Nikki

    Yay! A great episode and much more gripping than last week, as is always the case once you know the characters a little more you feel “with them” on their travels. Picking up a little troupe of people like in the game. The mix of talents, personalities. I think thats what makes it great, DA, as an allegory to like, life. That people can come in suprising packages and bring talents and skills and things friendships you’d never expect.

    Do you get to play through Tallis’s origin story in the DLC?

  • Joe

    Outstanding work, Felicia. It is a great advancement for the webseries medium. I am enjoying it immensely.

  • AJ

    I thought the daelish camp was perfect! Really brought me into memory lane of the game.

    I keep saying ,”pardon me plate mail” to people. I love that line.

    Music is awesome!

  • John W

    Watched it last night. Very cool to see the party coming together. Makes me want to whip out a 20 sided dice. 😉

  • Regina

    This was the best birthday present ever! (not that it was intentional) Now, if only the Rangers could win the Series! Thanks Felicia! ^_^

  • Nonny Mouse

    I knew of you only rather peripherally from Buffy, and enjoyed the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on the net, but that was about the extent of my awareness of your work, or really of web-based…television? (You can’t really call it television if it’s not actually on, well, a television, can you?) I’ve played WoW for a few years, not a serious gamer whatsoever, just a dabbling eternal noobie, WoW being the only MMPORK (or whatever it’s called) I’ve ever played, and with the last expansion decided that I’ve really gotten a bit bored with it. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s changed or I have. I’ll have to look into this Dragon Age thing – if it’s half as good as the live action here, might be fun.

    I’m about halfway through watching The Guild as well, having discovered it last night while googling for Something Completely Different. You’re extremely talented; as a published novelist myself (seven books, one of them a fantasy, my debut novel was on the NYT’s Book of the Year list AND Summer Recommended Reading list, shortlisted for the Arthur C Clark Award in the UK, and yes, I’m bragging), I wish I could say I wasn’t jealous. But you can act, you can write, you can play the violin, dammit. And you’re prettier and younger than I ever was. *sigh*. And yet you’re still very likeable. I hope Hollywood figures out what a gem they’ve got lying around right under their noses.

    I don’t go to ComicCons or BlizzCons or sf conventions of any sort anymore, partly because after 20 odd years of them (more often as a guest than a fan, so didn’t get to enjoy them quite the way I might have liked), I’ve burnt out, and partly because I moved away from all the stress to NZ, where life is a bit more relaxed, the air is cleaner, the scenery is to die for, and people are still so ‘backward’ they actually read real books – y’know, the ones with black ink marks on paper! Chances are you won’t be coming to NZ any time soon, and even if you did it would likely just be Auckland (NOT the real NZ!). But should you ever get to NZ, it would be a pleasure to meet you, see if you’re as likeable in person as you are on the net. That might even persuade me to come out of semi-hermit-dom.

    I’ll continue to keep an eye out for your work, you’re very much worth watching.

    Lee Wood
    author of Looking for the Mahdi and Bloodrights (among others)

  • Richard C.

    Funny, exciting, dramatic. Great performances all round. Bravo!

  • KT

    Felicia, great work all around- I love the story and characters (Cairn is adorable!) and the cast. As an aside, My 12 year old is going Steampunk for Halloween, inspired by The Guild Season 5. There are no steampunk costumes for kids, so we made one that’s similar to Clara’s. I’m intrigued by the whole genre and it’s kind of neat that my daughter is into it. Our culture needs much more of this creativity and inspiration and imagination – and fun!!, and I think you are making a huge contribution.

    Ms. Wood- I was delighted to stumble on your name in the comments. “Looking for the Mahdi” was the first book of yours I read back in the late ’90s. Also just wanted to comment that I too was a casual video game player – until Dragon Age. If you wind up trying them (either Origins or Dragon Age II), you will not be disappointed. Both games are immersive and like living inside of a novel. The voice acting is stellar. A sense of humor is woven into both storylines – dry, intelligent humor, which I love. They’re also the first two games I’ve played where you build relationships with your companions, which adds a whole other dimension.

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