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Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 1


Dragon Age: Redemption Episode 1 is finally released! Please take the time to thumbs up it means a lot for the show’s visibility on YouTube (and if you can, leave a nice comment, because Machinima has a…mixed commenting audience 😉 ) ALSO the DLC: Mark of the Assassin is available for download on all DAII platforms.

I believe this is the first time a project has taken a character from a web series into a video game as a playable character, and if you know me, you probably can tell that I am more incentivized by innovation rather than pay checks 🙂  As a big Dragon Age fan I am thrilled to be able to use their epic fantasy universe to tell a story I created, and then live IN their universe as the character.  I did full mo-cap and vocal recording, over 12 hours worth, so this is a truly innovative project.  I really hope you enjoy that adventure, Tallis is a fun character to play with!

Also I did a goofy video last night for my YouTube channel to encourage people to watch:

I cannot tell you how much work has gone into preparing for this day.  When I look back on the last 18 months I honestly don’t know how I balanced it all, Guild season 5, Eureka full time (two seasons worth), comic books, all the marketing and PR and conventions etc.  It has been a big life-lesson in trying to make the best content and balancing that with real life obligations to friends and family and, actually, to myself.

I really hope you guys enjoy this series, we made a whole fantasy world from scratch on a very low web series budget and the cast and crew did a kick ass job, I’m super proud of what we accomplished and I appreciate your views and support 🙂

Next week I’ll do a Q&A post from comments on a blog entry, and I’ll be giving away some Schwag to people who comment too, so stay posted for episode 2 next week!

  • Markus Hunt

    Absolutely incredible debut episode Felicia! You can really tell there’s been a lot of time and talent involved with this show. The crew list is brilliantly familiar and impressive too! I’m with Dani, loved the opening shot with Knights Of Good Productions screen! Cue big cheesy smile! 🙂

    The costumes, settings and acting was spot on. Loved the dialogue between the races and even an English accent thrown in! Brilliant 🙂

    With it being a web series, how tied were you in terms of the amount of violence and bloodshed allowed? And have you been allowed to keep your daggers 🙂

    Anyway, roll on next week. This will REALLY soften the blow of no more Guild Tuesdays! Long live DA:R Tuesdays!

    Cheers Felicia. I know the promo side will now be most of your waking hours but I hope you get to take a step back and admire your recent labours of love. We are 🙂

  • Thank you so much for making what looks to be a fantastic fantasy webseries, but also one that features a strong kickass female character. Fantasy has long been hit and miss when it comes to competent female characters, so it is always great to see when one gets it right.
    Will be waiting impatiently for episode 2 to air.

  • Can’t wait for more episodes .. I hate having to wait a week for more!. Will for sure have to download the new DLC for this and may disappear off the earth for a couple days playing it!

  • Like the episode; good to see you stretch as an actor.

    Eagerly waiting for the thrill-packed conclusion of this season of The Guild. (It will be packed with thrills, right?) Maybe in a week when by birthday comes around, I’ll have some $$ and buy one of the Guild DVDs.

    Oh, and nice to see you have some new reviews up at Goodreads. Maybe one day you’ll get to read one of my books…

  • You kick ass and look GREAT. Dougie looks awesome. Your VO sounds good too. Garonowitz is so talented. Congrats!

    • Watched it. Loved it. Nice to see you in the role of “blood-covered badass”… I mean, Veronica Santagelo qualifies, but I mean beyond the voice work… You know what I mean.

      I’ll put a link up on my blog, not that anyone reads it, but y’know, doing my part.

  • Bad.


  • YAY! Off to a good start. And you’re adorable in your goofy “hey watch my video” video. Looking forward to seeing more! And also the finale of this season of the Guild! Quite an exciting week in Felicia land, no?


  • Ignatz

    1) Episode 1 was freakin’ awesome!!
    2) Your Youtube video is 11 on the “Head exploding cuteness” meter
    3) I miss seeing you weekly on Eureka already.

    You appear to have been juggling the work of the last 18 months beautifully. Hope you have a little breathing room now. Hope you are having fun as well!


    • So far so good! Watched the first episode last night (this morning to you in America!) and thought it was really well done. Can’t wait to see the rest!

      I played through DAll and all the DLC. MotA is downloading right now. I play an elf rogue, surprise, surprise! 🙂

  • Sic

    Yay. I enjoyed it but of course I will complain that it was too short. Oh, I know what you mean about the “mixed” comments. I also read Greg Aronowitz’s blog.. so I just have to laugh at life a little when someone is certain they know what went into a costume and yet I know they’re exactly wrong.

  • Dani

    Loved the goofy video! =)

    And DA:R was AWESOME! I’m really excited to watch the rest of it! Oh and btw, we created a topic for it on The Guild’s community too, we’re gonna be talking about it there just like every Guild episode, it’s gonna be fun to have something else to watch and discuss every week now that S5 of The Guild is over!

    Lastly, Hangout thing was tons of fun, gave us an excuse to be hanging out in the middle of the day instead of late nights as we usually do, haha. And sorry for making you see Bel’s sausage but it’s like a ritual of passage in the Guild Chat Hangouts! =P

  • ~B~

    I have admired your creativity ever since I stumbled on your first episode of the guild. Keep up the outside the box thinking! It really shows in your work. I am looking forward to seeing more and bigger things from you in the future.



  • Beth

    I am blown away. We get to see you in a very different role than we’re used to, and you’re amazing! I’ve been a Dragon Age fan since it came out, loved Dragon Age II even more, and have been itching for new content. I am now going to download the DLC and maybe watch the video again while it installs…(I also gave it a thumbs up and left a positive comment on YouTube. I think some of the people who complained watched a totally different video than I saw!)

  • Andrew Suffield

    That was both unspeakably awesome and incredibly hot. Fluffy and a little rushed, but awesome nonetheless.

  • Just finished watching it and I loved it! I love Dragon Age. Still working on beating the first game in the series. I got more than halfway through before changing from a human noble rogue to an elf mage. I love rogues but I love my blood mage/spirit healer main more.

    You are so adorable in your goofy vid. XD

  • That was totally rad. From Comedy to Fantasy, pretty impressive. The only question I have is, “how may I help thee?”, if possible.

  • Excited! Just watched both the new episode of The Guild annnnnd the first for DAR, and I can’t wait to see more! 😀

  • Bootsy

    Loved Episode 1! Played through DA:O countless times as all classes, love the DA universe. And loved your muscles, something about a buff red headed elf that makes a guy drool! lol

  • Dingo

    I liked it. I just thought that every time that someone said “Aflan” that they were saying “Aflac” , like Gilbert Gottfried before he got fired. 🙂

  • John W

    That was neat.

    Is it going to be released in any other format like DVD? Or as part of a future Dragon Age video game release?

  • len

    And yet while you were doing all of that, your generation got up off the couch, took off the elf ears, put down the paddles and hit the streets. While your selling fantasy, playing a caracature of your own character, they’re trying to change the world.

    How does a fantasy writer stay relevant when the bubble pops? The old Hollyweirdies keep remaking my generation, Fratloose, blah. So the Maudlin Squad? Hey Link!

    1.8 million followers. I wonder how many of them are going to spend a very cold winter in that square in NYC, in Boston, Chicago, LA. Who will tell their story? It can’t be us. We’ve been there and done that. Whaddaya got? Food for thought, Felicia. I hope Dragon Age does well, Eureka and so forth, but is it relevant and does that matter?

    • K

      I hope you don’t pretend that yours wasn’t a small, mean-spirited comment, Len. This was a project that Felicia and her coworkers demonstrably put a lot of effort into. I really enjoyed the video but even if I hadn’t, my opinion of your ignorant comment would not change. What does it say about you that on the day this comes out you would, on one of the main artist’s public blogs, insult and attack the validity of fantasy and acting and writing and pit it against the causes of the people ‘hitting the streets’ in protest.

      Fantasy brings hope. It is a refuge. Tolkien would agree. Certainly I doubt that any single person protesting would deny having enjoyed some form of writing/acting/fantasy. Isn’t the freedom to be who we are and do what we want (within the law) a key part of what people are protesting about in general? Beyond any of that, this is also a job for an incredible number of people. Do you think they should stop working too? Do you really think they are the ‘1%’? For my part, I have absolutely no affiliation with show business or this production and just wandered by here randomly after enjoying the video… and found your comment so terribly insulting that I felt compelled to reply.

      • len

        I hear you, K., but one can drink the bathwater or challenge the artist.

        • K

          Perhaps, but what you said wasn’t a challenge to the artist.. it was simply bashing the genre and insulting the artist… implying she is somehow irresponsible by doing her job. If you want to challenge someone, maybe you should think out how to word it so the challenge has substance.

          and… frankly… while the video we are talking about may not have been a ‘high art’ masterpiece… it was well done and original. As you may be able to tell from my defense of fantasy, I thoroughly enjoy fantasy in many aspects. I thought this was fun and exciting… and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. I was grabbed by the plot and am intrigued to see more… as a gamer it made me want to play in that world. In general, I thought the whole thing was effective and really well done. This wasn’t ‘bathwater’.

          Go rain on someone else’s parade.

    • Len- Get off your high horse.

    • John W

      I’m curious what exactly are you expecting from Felicia? For her to stop everything, rally her supporters and march them down to Wall Street?

      • len

        Nothing actually. It’s a comment on a transition of the zeitgeist of the demographic. I was having a conversation on a blog elsewhere and given the example, it seems rude to talk behind someone’s back. There are certain inevitabilities and one knows that growth means not getting trapped by the genre, typecast, stuck in the reels and that is a reality for her if she keeps putting on ears, doing wire fu, and playing the ditzy geek gamer. She’s a woman, not a girl and hopefully not that thin skinned at this point in her career. Possibly toasty at the edges from that much work that fast but hey, pay the bills and keep working. Otherwise she can egg my house next time she visits Gran but I doubt it’s that important. As I said, food for thought. Don’t become Peggy Lipton.

        “You can’t be twenty on Sugar Mountain.”

  • Ganjuro

    Very impressive attempt at pushing the envelop in our industry. Actually somewhat inspiring. Please keep up the passion. It shows in your work. I’m looking forward to more episodes of Redemption. Already played the DLC. Also broke new ground there.


  • Chandra

    I really enjoyed the first part of Dragon Age: Redemption web series and will be following the series with baited breath! You’re so very talented – thank you for sharing your incredible creativity with us.

  • Zeus

    I dig it, but Felicia needs a Pug. Trust me on this.

  • LordSmada

    Just seriously the best! A Pug, Roflcopter!

    • LordSmada

      Oh and BTW, awesome video 😉 Forgot to mention that. Too bad you lost the muscles 😉

  • Mario


  • Loved the first episode! As a huge Dragon Age fan myself, been looking forward to it since it was announced. Also am enjoying the Mark of the Assassin DLC so far, you have created quite an amazing character.

  • Toni

    I loved the first episode! The world you created looked amazing! I was so excited to hear you were involved with this project and it turned out so great! Can’t wait to see the rest! I also played the DA II DLC today and it was very fun. I wish we could have more adventures with Tallis but for now I’ll just have to re-play it. Thanks for all your hard work, it has definitely paid off.

  • Elizabeth

    I love it, it doesn’t look small-budget at all! I didn’t play DA:O when it came out, but when you announced you were doing this I gave it a go, and I am glad I did, it’s amazing, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into DA2 (which will make EA happy, I guess, since your promotion has worked!). Looking forward to more episodes.

  • Scottxwl

    Well done, I really enjoyed that. As someone who has never played a Dragon Age game, that was a fun introduction to the world.

  • Chad

    You are an amazing woman! Thank you.

  • I thought it looked brilliant. I’m looking forward to finding out more about Tallis and her background and to see what happens next.

    I got the DLC yesterday as well. Only played the first part, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s more lighter in the tone than a lot of the rest of the game Also, Tallis doesn’t seem to have the same annoying ability to get herself killed as Isabela, so that was a plus. I want to keep Tallis!

    BTW, I think a lot of the negative comments, especially on gamer blogs, is sort of misdirected anger about the fact that Dragon Age 2 wasn’t the game a lot of people, including myself, expected. Kind of unfair to blame you, but there you go.

  • Bill M.
  • Christofer

    I didn’t really have any expectations since I felt this series could become either good (it is Felicia after all) or bad (since those who have played the game probably got a pretty set view about the world etc.).
    But I’m happy to say I found it surprisingly good! There was enough story to get the watcher curious and want more but it also went straight into some action, great action even, so it didn’t get boring or anything. As a bonus I also found the camera work really nice!
    I say bring on more!

    Ps. Why all the hate on the bangs, I think you look great with them!

  • That was incredible! I’m really looking forward to watching the next episode. 😀

  • me

    Oh, *loved* it. I am usually a bit apprehensive when someone ends up making rtw videos for a video game (especially one I loved ;), but this one turned out incredibly well. As for the cuteness factor, you have only yourself to blame if millions of geeks worldwide adore you. Pointy ears and a murderous personality… ah…

  • Jake

    Technical questions:
    How is this best viewed?
    I watched it on the machinima website, set it to 1080 HD and put it on full screen on my widescreen monitor, but something seemed off. It could be the contrast settings on my monitor.
    I found the Machinima logo on the bottom left portion of the screen to be too large and rather distracting, will there be another venue to watch the series without their logo?
    Something seemed off in the opening scene as the lighting was fluctuating a lot, which went away in all the other scenes so I assume it was just candle, or torch light flickering. But on a big screen with odd contrast, it made me wonder if something was wrong.
    I’ll try again sometime not in full screen mode and it will probably look better for me.

    Redemption/Episode questions:
    Does this web series take place before, after, or during the Mark of the Assassin DLC events?
    Is Tallis the character’s name, or one given to her by the Qun? Or is it both in that it was her original name, but when they want her out on missions, they give it back?
    How did an Elf Assassin end up following the Qun? (This is probably answered in further episodes or in the DLC)
    How sharp/real were the weapons used during filming?
    Where is the setting? Free Marshes, Ferelden, Orlais?

    Good job on costumes and scenery. It did appear to be a Live Action version of the Dragon Age universe.
    My favorite part was watching “Plate Mail” “run” down the hill after Tallis rolled down it!

    What is the gore settings set for in this Web Series?
    Is it changeable?
    As anybody who has enabled Gore in the Dragon Age games would know, you can’t kill a rat without getting covered in blood from head to toe. If you don’t believe me, then just play the Human Noble origin story. So I have some expectation on seeing Tallis and other warriors covered in gore when they vanquish an opponent, unless the gore setting is turned off.

  • alexa

    I’m not a gamer but I’m lovin’ Dragon Age: Redemption. Kudos to you.

  • AMH Goss

    I don’t know what Len’s problem with Felicia is. After all, he appears to be a HUGE fan of hers. . .

    . . . in an almost creepily obsessed kind of way:

  • len

    Over the top, Goss. If one isn’t allowed to have opinions that are contrary to yours, or have fun with the culture, or observe the times and comment, then this is not a healthy place.

  • constantfacepalm

    Felicia in campaign mode. Love it.:)

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    … Please visit my donation page at :

    Again thumbs up for episode one and sorry if I kinda leeched your site to try to get sponsers for a gaming marathon charity ..kinda think you would approve but know you have to draw the line somewhere.

  • Hi Felicia, I really liked the first episode of Dragon Age. It was really good. I especially liked the costumes and the computer special effects. I have no idea what the story was about, but I liked it a lot. When will episode 2 be ready? Are you really an elf?

  • This is simply amazing. I’m eagerly waiting the next episode. I can’t believe how fantastic this has all come together and seeing my favorite game brought to life in this light…ahh. It’s like a dream come true. Now I get to live out Thedas vicariously through another media format. <3

  • Nikki

    I absolutely love the first episode Felicia – big well done! The costumes are really great, the detail is all there and it seems so real, you know? Not like theyre just “made” for the show but that they exist within a wider universe already. The beginning was my favourite few minutes, tormented and ?slave!Tallis having to listen to those goofs all day, do as shes told, then finally gets her own back in super bad ass style! Building herself from worker to fighter, finding her origins and proving her worth again. I hope we get to see more of her backstory and things in episodes to come!

    I’ve played through DA:O twice, first as a Dalish elf warrior, secondly as a City elf rogue and found it much easier with rogue abilities, knowing what skills are most useful (lockingpicking etc) I didnt have to keep leaving chests behind that I couldnt open! I’m so attached to my elf origins though I dont want to play as a human …! LOL! Just finishing DA: Awakenings after importing my Dalish self into it. I know I’m behind not having played DA2 yet but … work and RL keep getting in the way! So this project is an awesome way to dip into Ferelden and the universe, keep in touch to it and it not swallow half my day – haha!

    Also very awesome your Tallis character has her own DLC now. You’re amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing you’re breaking new ground every day, and you’re a great inspiration to us basement-scriptwriters trying to keep beleiving in our projects.

    PS. Redheads FTW!

  • Chuck

    Hi Felicia;

    Been a fan since you started The Guild.
    Such a pleasure to see your range from timorous approval addict to bad-ass warrior.
    It’s been a ton of fun seeing and following your work. Looking for ward to following Dragon Age.



  • cori

    Awesome episode! Just got internet back today so I looked it up first thing!

  • I have been waiting on this since February! I’m a week and a half late… BONUS! 2 episodes to watch right now and less than a week till the next one 😀

  • LarryD

    What sort of muffin was it?

    Love the show btw.

  • Day Watcher

    Love your work Felicia, also love you general attitude in like all things I have ever seen your with the interviews and comic cons and such. You have a very bubbly and awesome geekiness that sort of radiates from you… its like watching a much nicer and more positive foamy the squirrel. (BTW, that is a positive thing.) Anyways, stay awesome, and look forward to your future projects.

    Also I like the flow of Redemption so far. Very nice production work.

    (And no, despite the name I am not stalking you… I have yet to find a suitable fake bush to follow you around like NPH.)

  • Kris

    Love Mark of the assassin and the the episodes of redemption (can’t wait for next episodes).
    You are AMAZING!!!!

  • Well, Hello there Felicia ;-D

    Im a Huge fan of your work. Loved most of it to 😀
    I just finished playing Mark of the assasin and GREAT work. I have played Dragon Age since Origins and i must say, not that weird seeing you there.
    Seems liked there was put a good amount off time and effort in to it.
    1 thing though! Would be nice if you could be more intemit with Tallis (Dosent nessaseraly mean …) just a chance to get to question her your self and more of thoes lovely comments 😀 😀
    And Dragon Age: Redemption is Awsome… Can’t wait to see more of that
    I might have missed this and im sorry, Is Tallis your idea or?

    I Just wanted to tell you, you do a hell of a good job there and its nice to see you have come this loong and i hope to see a lot more of you 😛

    Love Chris

  • Watched the 2 episodes already, pretty cool, cant wait for the others to come out!
    I also watched ur “goofy” video and it was pretty sweet too, there’s a certain something about u I really like.. anyway, keep the good stuff coming and DA FTW! I hope there’s more DLC’s in the future or DA3 even!

  • Bill

    Guess I’m the target audience. After watching the web episode, I remembered that I enjoyed playing Dragon Age One, and went out and bought the PS3 version of Dragon Age Redemption.

    Because of the web series. So, you got one customer out of it!

    Will Be fun to see the game played out with living characters.

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