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Dragon Age: Redemption Ep5

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Episode 5 is here! I’ll upload my commentary track later today/tomorrow and re-embed it. I know this is the shortest ep of the batch, but this does have some of my FAVE moments. The acting by Adam Rayner is SO amazing, he really embodies the tormented Templar here, he makes his mess-up BELIEVABLE, which is so hard to do. Bravo to the actor.

And this fight scene is my fave in the series, which is ironic considering we had HALF the time to film it as we expected because we lost a day of shooting earlier in the schedule due to Adam cutting his eye on a sword (yes, that cut is real, we had to go back and CGI it in a few places where we had already shot stuff. MAKE IT WORK!)

I feel like the end of the inn scene is really where the group is working together (as best they can). The nod to Cairn I do is a cool moment, celebrating a victory well done brings us together more than any words could.

Please take a moment and share the video with the people you think might enjoy it, and thumbs up on the YouTube vid are appreciated. Next week is the finale episode, it is VERY long and epic, and I hope satisfies this amazing journey.

  • me

    “Andraste’s Ass”? Excellent delivery. Did wonders to brighten my mood this morning. Thank you.

  • Nick Edgar

    Adam knocked it out of the park! Although you all did fabulous. Looking forward to the big finish!

  • K

    I have been looking forward to each episode since I randomly stumbled upon the first one… they are fantastic! I have really been enjoying them. You did a great job Felicia.

  • John W

    The plot thickens. Another good ep.

  • Jimi James

    I will be a browncoat until death but because of that fact I have discovered Felicia and then watched The guild and now Dragon Age Redemption. Everyone in this show is doing an exceptional job! Thank you for allowing me to step out of the real world for a bit.

  • Shannon A

    Thank you for a lovely morning. I’m going to be using your little curse just to see which 3 co-workers might have watched. (grin)

  • Christopher H

    Great tagline. Wonderful writing as always Felicia.

  • Brad

    UGH! Too big of a cliffhanger here! Waiting is going to be a PAIN! Well done, can’t wait for the finale!

  • Nikki

    Wicked episode!! Gods its so awesome you have to make more! Next week cannot be the end!! I love learning more of everyones backstories and their motivations, how the party all fits together, like in game when you talk to your companions and you learn about them and their life, how they came to be there. That to me is just as intersting as the action because it makes the world so vast and, fully dimensional.

    Ps. Am totally gonna say “Andrastes ass!” all the time now. LOL!

    Wonderful stuff. Big love! xx

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