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Dragon Age: Redemption Ep 3


Episode 3 is here! Please rate and thumbs up! I really hope you guys are enjoying the party-building aspect of the show, as a gamer it was my intention to mimic the game in this way, so we end up with a full party by the end of the show (who do you think is the next party member? Guess!)

I love LOVE Masam Holden as Josmael in this. He is mean to be a level 1 mage, so if you think about his character with that idea, his actions are true to form. His eyes are just AMAZING though, so even though he does some newbie things, you can’t help but believe his love towards Fina, and motivation for leaving his people to save her.

As a fun BTS fact, the cave sequence was shot in Griffith Park in Los Angeles, where the old show Batman shot the bat cave! It’s literally the ONLY cave in the LA area, so, by default, we had to arrange to shoot there. It was super fun to play in, @gregaronowitz built the altar at one end and all the CGI with the mask was done by Flash Film works, the CGI SFX company who went WAY out of their way for the production (they were supposed to do 30 shots, ended up at 121 for the show! :O)

Ok that chat thing will be TOMORROW night now, gonna post info this evening so you can participate. It is using a different service than I’ve ever used before so I’m super psyched!

  • 1229

    Amazing episode! Love the series! I hate waiting a whole week for more, though! >:P

  • This series gets better with each episode!

  • John W

    …where is my 20 sided die….

  • Sic

    You don’t have a reckless dwarf with a massive axe yet, so that’s my guess.

    (BTW, funny how he looks like he is totally and obviously checking you out in the thumb for Episode 3.)

  • Day Watcher

    Awesome Episode, I like how it plays out kinda like the game. I enjoyed the touch that both Tallis and Cairn were incapacitated while Josmael was stunned and the enemies fled. The incorporation of magic was nice, good simple effects, but still very nice. Also, I am enjoying your Tallis character. I just finished the DLC, and its definitely the best DA 2 DLC to date. Pretty damn solid, and your voice performance was great. Look forward to the next episodes, and I hope to god you get to bring Tallis back for Dragon Age 3.

    ~Day Watcher~

  • Jens

    Enjoying it a lot 🙂 The action scene looked great.

    I think your next party member will be the nice lady who held you up in the air for you to get a better view over the situation (the preview kinda gives it away :p). It makes your party a bit melee heavy, so I guess it’s a good thing that your budget probably didn’t allow you to fight a high dragon.

  • Nikki

    Yay! Another epside. Definitly getting better with each one, and it does play out much like the game which is really good! You can see the combat tactics amongst the group working too – Jossmael doing his glyph of paralysis, Tallis using her rougish dual weapons, Cairn deflecting the Saaberas magic with his shield (I swear I even saw a sheild bash in there somewhere).

    I love the playful banter between Tallis and Cairns too, youre so adorable when youre teasing him! It reminds me of Alistar and Morrigans in-game bickering. SO CUTE.

    Some great and compelling work, well done! <3

  • Theodore

    This keeps on getting better. I only wish I had ever played this game and knew the context.

  • Nephiande

    Cutting out some frames/speeding up the swings a little would go a long way in making the fight scenes more dynamic. FilmRiot has a really great video on this and similar techniques:

    Love everything else about the series!

  • Jimbo

    James Rolfe (a.k.a. Angry Video Game Nerd) has been to Griffith Park. I found a link to some photos he took of it. I think he also did a video talking about the many films and T.V. shows that filmed in it. But I can’t find that at the moment.

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