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Dr. Horrible Trailer on YouTube


Hey! Seems like an official version of the Dr. Horrible trailer is now on YouTube!

If you guys could:
1) Rate
2) Favorite
3) Subscribe
4) Comment
5) Share on Facebook/”more share options” and share it with any of your social networking sites!

It will drive up the trailer so other people can find and stumble on it. Thanks so much!!!

  • Did and Done! I’ve also posted a vertical banner link from my blog to the site. It’s the 3rd most clicked already!

    Have you seen a final cut yet?

  • Yes! I have, and it’s so amazing! Neil should win a Tony for it…or an internet musical equivalent, which there is none, haha!

  • Dani [ maxsummers ]

    Done! =]

  • I’ve rated, favourited, subscribed, Plurked it, shared on FriendFeed and Facebook. Looking forward to seeing this! 😀

  • I get so giddy each time I watch that!

  • Done and done… and I do mean done.

  • Happily done! Can’t wait to watch it.

  • I’ve
    1) Rated
    2) Favorited
    3) Subscribed
    4) Commented
    and blogged:)

  • QuoterGal

    I did all of the above, and also brushed my teeth and washed my hair with it – and my nails are soaking in it right now! It’s like Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-in-one Soap (doesn’t he look like Doc Horrible?) – but it’s for the mind! Don’t leave home without it!

  • I’m added the Dr. Horrible banner to my website and MySpace, along with the trailer on MySpace. I’ll add a vote to the YouTube as well. Can’t wait for this, and to see the cast in just three weeks!!!(!!)

  • Pumping (or is it pimping?) it all over, since news leaked out. Next stop:

    (by the by, Felicia: check your emails, plzthx.) 🙂

  • Cinthya


    I was wondering if we were ever going to get some stills, I really want to make a myspace theme to install the shiny trailer on, but I don’t have any pictures to work with…. Do you know if there will be any photo releases?

  • Amanda

    The trailer makes me smile uncontrollably and laugh aloud and there aren’t even any songs in it! SO can’t wait. Ordinarily I would decline the offer of being a pimp, but I have just made a YouTube account for that sole purpose. You’re fab! Let us know if you have any other ways we can spread the word. No doubt we are all overly anxious to help!

  • Done all that you asked, plus this entry is linked at Whedonesque.

  • Annus Horribilis

    Not that you’re the proper person for this, but you’re probably better situated to pass the message along. Embedded video of the trailer is fun and all, but a nice hefty MPEG file that I could download to my video iPod would allow me to share the Dr. Horrible love without having to wait for the recipient to get to a computer or buy me an iPhone. It’s not like anyone’s worried about illegal sharing of the trailer — sharing’s sort of the point.

  • @Annus Horribilis – Apparently when I attempted to comment with two links it got flagged for moderation. You can get an m4v file by going to the Vimeo page where the trailer was originally put and logging in.

  • Suitably pimped…

  • Rhonda Wilcox

    Big grins…thanks for the pleasure.

  • Haha, awesome!

  • sloopyjon

    would you be interested in doing a Dr Horrable convention in the uk? why not get in touch with nathan and sean harry and get it going i think it would be one hell of an event

  • Gary Chandler

    I watched both parts that are out so far. I loved them and the singing makes it even more entertaining. Never knew you and Patrick could sing. You are so talented and beautiful. Loved your work in ‘The Guild” as well. Those are my favorites.

  • I just view Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
    Felicia Day was great. And she has such an incredible sing voice too.
    I can’t wait for Act 3 to be released 7-19-2008

  • Zombiemarble

    Such an awesome job! I can’t wait til the final segment. Everyone did such an awesome job!

  • This is a late comment on this as I’ve only just seen Dr Horrible. It is genius and the songs are so clever and memorable. It has inspired me to start to write a musical – something I’ve wanted to do for years but been constrained by the seriousness of mainstream musicals and standards. I like the structure and playfulness of Dr Horrible. It makes fun of the musical, superheroes, villains, and itself. More please !!!

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