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Don’t have full time to add the whole blog post I want to about my role on Dollhouse right now, but wanted to put up a post where everyone can comment.  If you have any questions I can answer, add them in the comments and I’ll update the post with answers over the weekend! 🙂


Q: What technique was used for the shots to the legs?

A: Yay, love this question!  I was “squibbed”, big movie-set term I’ve never experience first hand before, and which was a HUGE thrill.  Honestly, I feel like I can retire now, haha.  What they do is they strap special remote controlled packs to the inside of your clothing that will burst outward with blood and explosion.  It was like wearing REALLY thick knee pads on my shins.  Then there’s a SFX guy ready with the remote to explode on cue remotely while the cameras are rolling.  At the same time the squibs are exploded, a FX guy is shooting air blanks all around to make it look like shots are surrounding me.  We only did one take of that because I was paranoid about having to put on another pair of squibbed pants, and to be honest, the shots and the explosion freaked me out in real life, so I think the acting was pretty real and good, haha.  Quite a thrill to be able to do something that “cool” with a character. 🙂

Q:  Did you make any friends on the set?

A: Fortunately I have been friendly with everyone on Dollhouse before shooting this episode, so it was very comfortable, being on set.  Working with Zone again was very easy, because between Epitaph One and Two (cute fact) we’ve played D&D together every weekend!  He randomly knows my DM, so when I walked in one day, he was sitting at the table ready to play.  Totally threw me off, seeing him out of context like that, hah!  The coolest thing was actually ACTING with the main cast, something we didn’t do on Epitaph One.  Eliza is always lovely, and I’ve been to conventions with Dichen, so we knew each other well, and I’ve seen the rest of the cast tons of times at get-togethers, so it really was so easy and fun to work with them.

Q: What scene did you enjoy acting out the most?

A:  I enjoyed the table scene because it was a MONSTER scene with about 10 people talking, but working with wonderful actors makes saying dialogue feel like speaking in real life.  Tahmoh in particular sat right across from me in the scene, and brought a gravity to everything that was a joy to bounce off of.

Q: I was wondering what you take away from the strong writing in the series?

A:  For me, the series always had the most impact when the stakes were high and there was something big emotionally between the characters.  I realize watching the progress of the show, that the events don’t even have to be that elaborate, but a having character arc like Topher’s, where he goes from being totally obnoxious to heart-breakingly fragile and sacrificing, that’s what is riveting.  It’s about the characters and their connection together that keep ME personally interested and inspired me about this show.

Q: Which characters from the ‘main timeline’ cast of Dollhouse do you think Mag would’ve got on with the best and worst?

A:  I actually think that Mag would have gotten along with Topher pretty well, like an annoying little brother.  And I think she would have appreciated the depth of Priya (or maybe that’s me just gushing over Dichen as a persona, as usual haha)

Q: Was the last show originally intended to be 2 hours long, and had to be severely cut down to one?

A:  The script I personally got was very close to what we shot.  I think that an ideal situation WOULD have been a 2 hour special, to fit everything they needed in, but that’s not really an option in TV 🙂  No huge sections were cut out, it was beautiful editing that made it fit within the time limit.

The short bit at the beginning involving ‘mini-Caroline’ was from the episode “Epitaph One”. It was filmed as part of the first season, but never aired.

True, the way they tried to “Recap” Epitaph One for viewers who HADN’T seen it might have been a bit confusing for people who didn’t check out the episode.  You can indeed download it on iTunes or Amazon VOD to see the whole episode.  Another tidbit:  The whole part with me and Zone and Caroline in the car, up until we pull into the garage, was shot as part of #201.  We shot that with Joss MONTHS ago, but I guess someone decided that bringing the future back wasn’t the direction they wanted to go for Season 2, and it got cut.  Thankfully it got recycled thought!  I had to wear some fake hair because I got a haircut between then and when we did EP Two to match 🙂

Q: My question for you is how do you think Mag got involved in all this is in the first place, if you had to give your two cents? She’s a student at Berkley, and suddenly she’s one of the only actuals left. Any thoughts?

A:   I think Mag is a just regular girl.  When we’re faced with something traumatic we go into survival mode.  I think she used her wits (obviously NOT brawn) and was able to attach herself to capable people like Gryph and Zone to survive what was happening in the world.  There’s nothing particularly skill-wise she has that set her apart and enabled her to survive, but I think that’s the irony of the whole situation:  It’s damned luck in a crisis most of the time.  And I always felt she knew that every step of the way.  She felt to me like an idealist who had lost her faith in a way.

Q: Who was is who initially came up with the idea for the Mag/Kilo thing?

A:  I believe that was Joss on a rewrite of the script.  I personally had a backstory that I had been in love with Gryph in Epitaph One, so it was an adjustment, but not that hard a one.  Maurissa is pretty hot as Kilo 😀

Q: When next you find yourself in some fantastic Joss-like production, would you perhaps like to leave the “girl next door” outfit in the closet and instead put on the superhero kickass boots? You got to do that in the final episode of Buffy, and I thought you wore it well.  Or how about something more villainous?

A:  I don’t think anyone but Joss would ever cast me in a role that kicks ass, it’s kind of just the way it is.  Someone asked me my dream job in a podcast interview, and I said I’d love to be in a BBC-like sci-fi series (Torchwood, Dr Who etc), because their sense of humor and casting seem like it fits me more than American sci-fi shows.  That said, I think playing the villain would be REALLY fun.  I’ve never been offered anything like that, but maybe I’ll have to write it, haha.

Q: How do you feel about Joss getting violent with the characters you portray?

A:  I am very flattered.  When you beat someone up, that means you think the audience cares if you get beaten up or not.  I guess it means he thinks I’m a sympathetic person on film?  Nothing wrong with that!

Q: And…honestly..what’s your opinion of the slang used in future Dollhouse world?

A:  It was kinda hard for me to learn at first, but given the environment I thought it was REALLY imaginative.  I just wish there had been more room to establish the world and make the language more organic, heard in more contexts.  I think the whole concept of a “Sci-Fi Zombie” world, which IS what 2019 is in a way, is BRILLIANT and as a fan would have loved to explore it more, even if I personally hadn’t been acting in it.

Thanks so much for commenting all! <3

  • No questions off hand, just some general gushing of glee (and sorrow) over the ep. I completely missed the “she’s a girl” thing – my brain caught it much later. (Shameful!) Kudos on a stellar post-apocalyptic performance!

  • You were FANTASTIC on tonight’s Dollhouse.

    What do you think happens to Mag after the finale?

    [The sorrow of the show ending (even though it ended PERFECTLY) led me to write a song: ]

  • Sic

    I was watching it but must have fallen asleep for a little while. 🙁

    What technique was used for the shots to the legs?

  • PaperSpock

    Did you make any friends on the set?

    What scene did you enjoy acting out the most?

  • Mag’s reaction to being shot was great (in the “it broke my heart and you were completely committed, bravo” kind of way).

    Also thought the lady friend undertones were excellent. From you and others. 🙂

  • Em

    Great episode, though afterwards I had to go watch the guild to make me feel better about dollhouse being over. I hope to see you in a lot more projects because your a fellow redhead and funny.

  • Hung

    I just watched it. Great job however, I couldn’t help myself but to laugh whenever you were in ANY scene because seeing you just reminds me of the guild and laugh over and over again. Also I was going to lol if they killed you off in the end there but nope, got shot in the legs :>

  • pal

    You were awesome tonight Felicia. Glad Jed Whedon didn’t kill your character, thought you were done when you got shot. tbh after seeing Epitaph One I really had wished they casted you for Echo and began the show right at Epitaph One. It might have made Dollhouse more succcessful. Such a shame that episode, really the best one in season 1, never got aired. The way they began the show really doomed it; even as a huge Joss fan I had trouble continuing tuning in. Epitaph one and two really is the whole show for me; not some random ‘engagement’ they send Echo on.

    I’m from Tucson and am curious if any of the shots were actually done in the area. The few shots labeled neurolopolis were actual somewhat photoshopped shots of the downtown area but I don’t recognize the hut/’desert’ area you guys were in the beginning. and lol, how did they come up with the whole Tucson as the ‘capital of evil’ thing?..

  • Dollhouse has been very impressive overall, so I was wondering what you take away from the strong writing in the series?

  • Loves Bitch

    Great Ep. The best they could do to end it since they had to rush to an ending. Sad that it had to end. Of course Joss and Eliza now both have a history of good shows being cancelled prematurely. Glad you were along for the ride at least, Felicia to take some of the sting out of the show ending. Have to admit, it has been so long since I have seen you on the television, it seemed a little odd. I’ve been watching you on The Guild so much, along with Dr Horrible and Legends of Neal, and the webseries are so different from television.

  • Dani

    (SPOILERS!!! *in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet…*)

    Just watched Dollhouse’s finale.
    Holy shit! That was perfect!

    My heart is racing and I’m in tears… trying to absorb the awesomeness that I just watched, and the fact that Dollhouse is over.

    You were AWESOME in it!! And you got shot!!! And then Paul got killed!!!! … Whedons are mean…….. At least they didn’t kill you again.

    Oh, and I totally LOLed with Mag’s line “Ew. But still means there’s less of them.” !!
    You nailed that line!

    Anyway. That’s it. Don’t really have a question… just here to register the huge love for Dollhouse and how cool it was to see you in the finale!

  • Wonderful episode. You were great from start to finish.

  • Hello Felicia! Great job on tonight’s Dollhouse. Sad to see the show go but it’s cool that you got to be a part of it.

    Tally, I loved your song!

    My band doesn’t have a Dollhouse song but we do have one about the great Summer Glau. It was written during the Terminator show, but it’s inspired by everything she’s done, including Dollhouse:

  • Just finished watching! I’m in Lima, Peru so I had to download it from Torrents to see it. Great job! 🙂

    I laughed real hard when you said: – “Little asian is kind of cute” (referring to Maurissa). Jed definitely wrote those lines, or at least it was some payback time for the -“I’m going to in the corner and play my violin and math” line in “Commentary!” of Dr. Horrible.

  • ricknw17

    Just finished watching the episode and wanted to say you did a great job. Glad you got to show a wide range of emotions. Especially the last scene where you discuss what your characters use to do.

    Seeing your episode makes me look even more forward to buying season 3 of the Guild and being able to watch all 3 season in one sitting on the big screen.

    By the way, was the asian actress at the beginning of the Dollhouse episode the same one in season 3 of The Guild that played the translator for Kwan, I think the characters name was Nik?

    • No that wasn’t Nik! 🙂 Glad you liked it!

  • I’m a wreck. An utter, tear-stained, emotional shell of a woman. You were wonderful, and I am heartbroken, and Dollhouse has been so completely special.

  • Joe

    No direct comments per say, but I wasn’t sure if you were aware that you are now a scientific standard for coolness according to Patrick Rothfuss….well half of one anyway. You should check out his latest post. I found it to be highly amusing and thought you might enjoy it.

  • Amazing episode! I loved how you screamed when Zone picked you up. I mean, I didn’t LOVE it, it was super distressing, but it was totally realistic and I was all “PAIN!OUCH!OMG! Also, excellent talking while driving near the beginning. OK. I’ll shut up now. You were awesome.

    Except to add that I’d love a Mag/Kilo comic spin-off.

  • Jason

    A great, and fitting, ending to a great show. Although, it did have a compressed-for-timeslot feel to it… Were there any scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut? Do we have more Felicia to look forward to on the eventual Blu-ray release?

  • Simon

    Felicia, if I may ask, which characters from the ‘main timeline’ cast of Dollhouse do you think Mag would’ve got on with the best and worst? Epitaph Two had a lot happening in 45 minutes, so we didn’t have much chance to see Mag’s opinion of the characters she was interacting with.

    Whilst she certainly saw the need to go back to the Dollhouse and so was on the same side as the others, what do you think she would’ve thought of Adelle DeWitt, Topher Brink, the ‘real’ Echo and the apparently ‘tech head’ Anthony? After all, they all represent – in some way – Mag’s perception of the cause of civilisation’s downfall.

  • Just wanted to say you did an amazing job. I was particularly impressed with your reaction to getting shot in the legs. I have never seen anyone shot in the legs, but I imagine they would react exactly the way you did.

  • Emily

    I had a similar question to Jason. Was the last show originally intended to be 2 hours long, and had to be severely cut down to one? It seemed really disjointed and as if huge amounts of explanations were missing – like that short little 2019 bit that started the show showing the girl being imprinted with Caroline, it seemed that story could have been 30-60 minutes on its own and done better explaining why the three of you were even in the episode.

    It was great to see you in it and you did a great job of course, but I never did quite understand why any of the three of you were even there. It seemed superfluous to the plot. If the episode did get severely shortened then I’d love to hear there may be a ‘director’s cut’ version when it’s released on DVD that will explain more (and give you more air time too!) If not, it seems to me that the series would have better ended in the second-to-last episode with Echo bringing down Rossum and an optimistic view that disaster has been averted.

    Dollhouse is the only TV show I actually watched at all, because I found it an interesting look at morality and identity questions. It’s a shame the two main characters (Echo and Paul) were actually the least likeable. Supporting characters like Victor and Sierra and Adelle and Topher and guests like yourself were what brought the show to life for me. So thanks for that, and keep up the good work!

    • Justin

      The short bit at the beginning involving ‘mini-Caroline’ was from the episode “Epitaph One”. It was filmed as part of the first season, but never aired. It was on the first season DVD, though. Might also be available on iTunes, too. It was at one time anyway. That’s where we’re first introduced to Mag and company. 🙂

    • JL

      I take it you never saw Epitaph One on the season 1 dvd for Dollhouse. It was an unaired episode and the first part of the future timeline story that was completed with Epitaph Two. It was also what convinced Fox to green light a second season. Go on Amazon or iTunes and watch it and Felicia’s storyline will make more sense to you.

      Great ending to an amazing show btw. When I saw Felicia get shot I was thinking “Geez, Joss really likes to kill Felicia Da….PAUL!”

      • I was thinking the same thing. I never saw Buffy so I wonder if Joss shot her there too. Should we be concerned for Felicia? Forget Bad Horse… Bad Joss. 😉

        • Loves Bitch

          No actually Felicias character on Buffy, Vi, was one of the characters that survived to the end. In fact she turned from being a rather timid character to a bad ass!

        • Megi

          And in fact, Vi even shows up in the Buffy Season 8 comic (which is heade up by Joss himself and is uber-canon) and is in charge of a cell of slayers in New York City. So bad ass indeed!

    • You’ve nailed it ptrtey well. In the Ermita area of Manila, one of the child beggers in a group put his hand in my pocket, and I had to fend him off with a quick boot. This is just standard practice in Manila these days, one of the reasons visitors to PI try to get out of Manila as soon as they arrive in country. The scam in Manila is another good one to avoid.

  • pam

    It was great and I enjoyed seeing you in the episode!

  • jessica

    You were awesome in Dollhouse last night, I’m glad that you were part of something so epic and damn shot in both legs…but you didn’t die, yay!!!! I love The Guild. Don’t stop being amazing.

  • Kaitlyn

    No questions really. Just wanted to say that you did an awesome job in the finale!

  • Anonymous

    Great job, Felicia! The episode was amazing and I’m so very sad that Dollhouse is over! I can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can keep watching all the episodes over again.

    My question for you is how do you think Mag got involved in all this is in the first place, if you had to give your two cents? She’s a student at Berkley, and suddenly she’s one of the only actuals left. Any thoughts?

  • NotaViking

    Have to echo everyone else in saying that you did a great job – really enjoyed the episode and your performance in it (and in Epitaph One, of course). Shame that we never got to Epitaph Three, Four, etc. so you could have been on the show more.

    I’d also be interested in hearing about what it was like in the scene where your character gets shot in the legs. Both mentally and physically, was it a strange experience to go through?

    I think the writers had us all worried that they were killing you again, but it was clever to play with the fans’ expectations like that, so that Paul getting killed was shocking as it caught us off guard.

    What was the general atmosphere like on set during the filming? Bittersweet?

  • Marcus

    Do you think Joss is going to maim or kill you in all the roles he gives you? Is this some horrific, passive aggressive way of saying he likes you?

    I hope you get to be in the Dollhouse movie! I want to see what happens in the post-post apocalypse!

  • So uhmm hey, you were amazing. And also you are my hero and I want to be you when I grow up.
    But aside from that, I must ask: who was is who initially came up with the idea for the Mag/Kilo thing? Because it made me smile and giggle a lot. =]

  • Oh and also one more thing!! What was Zack Ward like to work with? ‘Cause Zone was such an awesome character, and I kind of have a feeling that probably Zack is a super-awesome person in real life?

  • The “she’s a girl” thing seemed like it was more about illustrating how these close people were so busy fighting for their lives that they never got to know each other, than it was about having a lesbian character. To me at least.

  • I agree — the lesbian side story was fun and not distracting at all. We gave a woop of delight. When are we going to see you on evil network TV again?

  • Fantastic job Felicia. In a show filled with larger-than-life characters and souped-up superhumans, you brought a touching sense of normality and humanity to Mag. In that way, it was similar to your work in Dr Horrible. It’s something you do very well.

    That said, when next you find yourself in some fantastic Joss-like production, would you perhaps like to leave the “girl next door” outfit in the closet and instead put on the superhero kickass boots? You got to do that in the final episode of Buffy, and I thought you wore it well.

    Or how about something more villainous?

  • Dan

    Though I’m sad to see Dollhouse end, the finale was a great end to a great series. Very nice work Felicia.

    Btw, I have to say it: BOOM LEG SHOT!

  • Brin

    Felicia, awesome job. Absolutely adored the same-sex would-be relationship thing, too, being a lesbian myself. 🙂

    When they shot your character, I was like “GREAT, there she goes again!” and was all ready to cuss Joss out when they shot Paul and I was like “… dammit, I’ve been Jossed. Again.” Totally didn’t see that one coming.

    Having said that, it was a pleasure to see you on Dollhouse again. I really enjoyed the entire run of the show and really wish it had lasted longer, but hey, it’s FOX and it’s Joss. Some things just aren’t meant to be, eh? 😉

    If you have any, I’d love to know what sort of backstory you had (made up or were given) on your character prior to all the cataclysmic events, apart from sociology grad student. (Not that that’s not also awesome — I’m a soci major myself!) 🙂

  • PJ Mac

    How long before our girl gets her own series?!? Seriously!

    • Loves Bitch

      That would be great, but then she wouldn’t have as much time to work on The Guild. Hopefully once The Guild comes to a satisfactory end, she will have her own broadcast television series.

  • Liza

    um… I love you?

  • elliot

    First of all–SPOILER!

    There’s no way to put this nicely. After watching Epitaph 2, I kind of hated your character. That’s not to say anything bad about how you portrayed her. But did she have to go and get Ballard’s head blown off, I mean really? 😉

    The episode left me feeling incredibly depressed. While creating an interesting resolution for how Caroline comes to terms with Ballard’s death, the spinning camera shot at the end only emphasized how alone she really was. All the other beds empty. All the other characters having moved on or died. I was wondering if you had any insight as to what Whedon was thinking when he put the ending together. Was this final shot maybe a metaphor for how he feels about the show’s bad luck?

    • elliot

      I’m also interested to know how you feel about the cancellation. Obviously, Whedon had plans for your character, so if it hadn’t been cancelled you would have likely had a major role in the rest of the series. Did you have any special ideas for how you might portray the character if this had been the case? I know Whedon has the reigns of the plot, but how do you think she would have developed differently given more time? Any idiosyncrasies in mind? I personally think you would have made a pretty rocking tech head.

  • Shane

    Amazing, amazing episode. Both the Epitaph episodes i think are amongst the very best hours of television ever made.

    Bravo to you Felicia, you acted your part perfectly. Really brought Mag to life for me.

    Best scene: Mag and Zone discussing what they were before. You both hit the nail square on the head!

  • skymandr

    Great show – seriously Felicia, you’re the coolest girl currently in orbit around the Sun!

    (Yay! 42nd comment!)

  • PJ Mac

    Here’s what Whedon should do: use our girl to bring back the Buffy franchise. I’m not talking a return of Buffy and Angel and the old gang. That storyline is done. We all loved it… but bringing back those characters would smack too much of a cheesy sitcom reunion.

    Instead, Whedon can reboot the Slayer story: bring back Felicia’s character Vi in a senior command position. She leads the Slayer team as they run the forces of evil down to the ground and not let them regroup. They’re saving the world one neighborhood at a time. Also, I’d have the demon villians really down on their luck… less criminal masterminds and more criminal scumbags.

    It would be a whole new tact here; no “guest appearances” and any references to the Buffy-verse would have to be done in a subtle style that gives wink to the diehard fans but in no way gums up the storyline for the newbies.

    After HOUSE, LIE TO ME and now DOLLHOUSE, Whedon can show the weak-kneed network types that Felicia has the chops to pull this off. (These fluid-head execs wouldn’t understand the brilliance of The Guild and Dr. Horrible… so don’t even bother putting them in the portfolio.)

    Man… I have got to cut back on the caffiene!

    • Loves Bitch

      I’m all for that! Vi was my favorite slayerette. I mean that role is what brought Felicia Day to my attention. Vi also had more of a character arc than any of the other potentials.

    • ningauble3020

      PJ Mac, This is a really good idea. Gellar got too big for her britches. The FD would be more level-headed and quirkier. I think the fanbase would go nuts for a Slayer: Reloaded. She ACTUALLY enjoys Sci-Fi. There’s nothing…I mean nothing in the world worse than an actor who secretly poo-poo’s the series that brought them critical success. Remember Mulder and Scully? The actors thought their viewers were pretty much losers wanking off in their mom’s basement. That’s not just wrong, its numb. Don’t alienate the nerdbase. That’s like Tolkien kicking a hobbit in the nuts.

  • PJ Mac

    In short, think — LAW & ORDER SVU (Special Vampires Unit)!

  • ezirb7

    I havn’t been able to see it yet, but I’ve got it on my DVR, and can’t wait to watch it tonight =D

  • All I have to say is, if Joss had killed you off TWICE…there’d have been a lynch mob. So paraplegic it is. Hahaha.
    How do you feel about Joss getting violent with the characters you portray?
    And…honestly..what’s your opinion of the slang used in future Dollhouse world?

  • Dani

    Very cool Q&A!!

    I agree 100% that the most important thing in a show is the characters’ connections. At least that’s what I’m more interested about too. That’s what Joss does best, I think, and that’s one of the reasons his shows have such a loyal fanbase. Some shows you have one, maybe two favorite characters, but with Joss’ shows I feel like it’s really easy to care for every single characters (with rare exceptions). I mean, look at Mag… we’ve seen her for 2 episodes, and yet that was enough for us to care when she gets hurt. That’s just great writing, imo. Added to that: your great acting in it and your personal charisma, of course. Same goes for Penny in Dr. Horrible, for example.

    • ningauble3020

      Here, here! The bonds among the characters matter most. Everything flows from them. You are perceptive.

  • Thank you for the Q&A, Felicia! Hope to see you in lots more Mutant Enemy and other productions.

  • Kirsty

    Like everyone else has said – the show and episodes and yourself were all great, such a shame it has been cancelled and there wasn’t more time for the stories and characters to evolve anymore (but at least there was a series 2 and it wasn’t cancelled after the first series!)

    Do you know what happpened to Whiskey though? She was in Epitaph One, but then the story with her changed in teh last few episodes of series 2 – whcih is why I’m guessing she wasn’t in epitaph 2 – do you think that was a bit of a glitch, or just not enough time to explain her story? Would have loved to have seen why she was how she was in Epitaph One!

  • Sascha

    Wow, I think it is really cool that you answer questions here. =)
    When you got shot in the finale, I was really worried for your character. You really do have this thing going on which makes you likeable in everything you are in. 🙂

    And now on to the questions:

    Which Dollhouse character other than Mag would you have liked to play and why?

    Has someone approached you for DVD interviews? Or did you do some interviews for the season 2 DVD?

    Which line of dialogue was the most difficult/most fun to say?

  • Kind of a shame they didn’t do very much with your character (I suppose it’s kind of difficult when you’re one of ten leads, six of which are the long-running main characters and you’ve only got forty minutes to wrap it all up!) but you did a good job with it nonetheless. It was indeed a very strange experience seeing the Epitaph One cast interact with everyone else. I got very anxious when your legs exploded!

  • Guy

    This might sound weird, but out of all that you did in Ep. 2, it was the scene in the car that caught my attention the most. I don’t know, sometimes it’s the simplest sequences that show an actor’s versatility. I think serious dramatic roles suit you just as well as comedy.

  • Rick Keller

    You said you play D&D. Do you like 3.5 or 4th edition with the cool character builder?

  • Jason M. Bryant

    Funny she should mention Torchwood. The producer and writer of that show, Russel T. Davies, is talking to FOX about doing an American version. Maybe Felicia should audition for it.

  • Patrick D. McBain

    I can’t help but laugh at seeing this.

    I don’t frequent your website very often, but I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I first saw you on House. After that episode, I discovered The Guild, and now my friends have made a habit of informing me every time you grace whatever show with your presence… it’s actually quite funny.

    Anyway, loved the performance, love your work.

    Time to end it here before it get’s creepy!

    – Pat

  • I totally saved this in my reader until after I watched the episode. I have to admit I got weepy. Maybe it’s that I knew it would be the end of the Dollhouse, maybe it was how much I truly adored the characters (I love Mr. Whedon’s ability to create complex characters and I had a hard time seeing Topher die 🙁 ), maybe it’s just that it’s nearly 2am and I’m exhausted. Either way, it was a wonderful episode and you did an amazing job. Keep up the good work, lady.


  • Lorax

    You would make a great Doctors companion! Would you be a rose tyler, martha jones, or a donna? I am excited/nervous about this new doctor, David Tennant was so perfect 🙂

  • Nandi

    I think you would make a great Dr. Who, actually. That would be one way to stir things up and leave the David Tennant legacy intact–love the concept anyway.

  • Ren

    Just wanted to add some kindly applause to your performance in what has been dubbed “the (unfortunately) best show on Television” – I got a very pleasant ‘everyman’ (everywoman? everyperson? Eh.) vibe from your character, which helped transition me as a viewer into what might have otherwise have potentially come across as an awkward modern Twilight Zone episode.

    I agree with the rest – it was a bittersweet episode, and not just due to the events which transpired in the series finale, but because Joss in so Josslike a manner as I could have possibly imagined wrapped this story up into a fairly airtight bundle. This one’s damn near sealed for freshness.

    Looking forward to hanging with you and the rest of the Guild crew this March at the ECCC (I’m on staff, so it’ll be my job to ensure you folks have as pleasant and satisfying a time as possible)!

  • Zorba the Geek

    Just another comment to say “Great work and Thanks!” You were awesome (as was the whole cast and crew) in the finale and it was beautifully realised. I felt that implying all the stories they never got to tell was a very clever way to tie up the plots *and* give a nod to the fans that a bunch of stuff had happened, while keeping within the time limits. However, if there is an hour of deleted scenes on the DVD, I won’t be complaining! :oP

    As an English girl, I would LOVE to see you in Dr Who or UK Torchwood or anything else. Although if you are on US Torchwood, that’ll be another show for me to find…somehow…ahem. Basically; more you on our screens please!

    @Lorax – I’ve been having this argument with my brother for weeks now (having recently re-watched the entire ‘new’ Dr Who from the beginning) Christopher Eccleston was a better Doctor than David Tennant. I love DT but I just think that CE brought more to it. Particularly emotion. I know most people disagree with me, but having watched it all, I prefer CE to DT any day. DT seems to a) either get over, or repress stuff too quickly, and b) go racing into his adventures headlong. CE seemed to have more feeling in every situation. Hope the new one is a bit less gung ho and a bit more emotive. Sorry for off topic!

  • R@100

    Just one thing to that BBC SF series 🙂
    We want for next Doctor´s companion or even better 12th Doctor 🙂
    everyone from Torchwood Sôvä nad S?ním and Torchwood Praha (Slovak and Czech TW 🙂 ) want´s you to be in TARDIS.

  • Jason

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer so many question and provide behind the scenes insight about the show. I think the “table scene” you mentioned as your favorite was perhaps the best of the finale, certainly the most fitting. It was a signature Whedon moment, reminiscent of Firefly’s dining room and even Buffy’s library and later den. As a viewer, is just seems that Joss Whedon has a way of putting great dialog in the hands of superb actors and then just letting the energy bounce around the room in a way that’s uniquely special.

  • Matthew See

    First of all I love Felicia.

    I am very delighted that she has said here that she would like to appear in British sci fi series like Torchwood, Doctor Who etc.

    As a long time Doctor Who fan I will be very ecstatic if she does get to appear in the Whoniverse.

  • Tish Smith

    I so loved you in both eps and am so sad about the end of Dollhouse. You would be awesome in UK sci-fi, I hope you get to do something! You are amazing <3

  • Jazz Lucidian


    Sorry it took me so long to actually getting around to commenting here. Thanks for posting this up! I honestly had no idea what Dollhouse was until you mentioned it here. Course, then I had to go look it up. It’s kinda hard to find full episodes so it looks like I’ll be downloading the whole thing later, but it’ll be totally worth it.

    I gotta say, I was a bit disappointed with Paul’s death. It seemed far too anti-climatic for his character. = / The Mag/Kilo thing was highly amusing though. Zone’s reaction was perfect, thinking of Tech before Girl.

    I bet you get sick of reading these sometimes, huh? On that note, thanks again, I’ll definitely be looking into the rest of the series!

  • reat info.I like all your post.I will keep visiting this blog very often.
    It is good to see you verbalise from the heart and your clarity on this important subject can be easily observed. Thanks again!

  • Nice performance there, got some real talent…

  • I really loved that movie. I watched dollhose and think you’re really hot and awesome!

  • spanish alphabet characters,

    • I’ve been trying to intlntionaley focus more on soaking up the simple moments this week. Taking longer to snuggle and cuddle and look into their eyes. Laughing and loving these precious little ones who are quickly growing up. Rejoicing in their successes. Encouraging them in their difficulties. And most of all, just reminding myself that my to-do list can always wait until tomorrow.

  • I have worked my way through all of the seasons and am itching for more!

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