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So, as you guys may have seen from my amended post, I was in a frenzy of stuff last week and messed up the date of the Improv show that some of us “Guild” members are in.  So again, the improv show was LAST NIGHT.  Don’t show up tonight, because there’s no show and the area is kind of known for its transvestite prostitutes.  Tonight, however, I still have my sketch show at 8pm, same time, same place!

I was very upset with myself for posting the wrong date, kicking myself all day!  But thankfully, one alert Flogger saw the date change and made it up to the show!  Thank goodness he came for the sketch show first, because it turns out, there was no improv show at all, lol.

Arthur from Cerritos (dude, I never got your last name!) came out to support my show, I really appreciated it!  He came to the 8pm show, and said he had a fabulous time…because of course, it was funny, haha.  Since he planned on sticking around for the 10:30 (Which got moved to 11pm for some reason out of our hands), we and the rest of the improv group grabbed a bite at Doughboys around the corner from the theatre (Yummiest meal ever, except improv group member Tom had a plastic bag in his sandwich, long story)!  Sadly, there was no improv show as the scheduling was messed up (not just on my part) and we had to cancel because it was just Arthur and Sandeep’s girlfriend Leah in the audience, but we were totally ready to have a Cerritos-centered improv story for Arthur, haha.  Next time!

We will be having another improv performance April 19th in Santa Monica (FOR SURE). More info to follow, passing verification and a fact checker before I’m allowed to post it.  Anyway, thanks Arthur, it was really fun and I appreciated the support!

  • don’t get too frustrated over it 🙂
    thx for the update~

  • Have fun tonight and try not to worry about it too much. At least Arthur had a good time, and one happy fan is worth a lot!

  • Mia

    I wish I was better geographically positionned to attend. I love comedy shows ^_^

  • It utterly dumbfounds me that you can even keep up with writing the show, acting in the show, keeping the Guild website up-to-date, constantly updating your blog, etc. I tend to pride myself on being drastically behind the curb on all things in my life in need of updating, so I just wanted to quickly write this and give you a metaphorical high five, for staying on top of all that you do. Plus, I wasn’t going to be able to make it this weekend, but April 19th works for me (and I plan to drag a gaggle* of friends with me) so perhaps this was all for the best… I guess. Depending on how you look at it. *Also, “Gaggle” means a large group… technically a large group of geese. But, in this case it’s referring to people. I wouldn’t bring geese to the show. I’m from the south, I felt the word warrented an explanation*

  • I just read in an interview of yours that The Guild wants to start hitting some conventions. You should totally hit Wizard World Chicago.. the biggest Wizard World attraction yet! Obviously not as large as San Diego.. but man oh man, that would make my world if you were to show up! June 27, 28 and 29th!


    Keep up the great work!

  • Ah shoot. I was thinking of driving down for the double feature today but I guess I missed it. Highland and Santa Monica makes me think of Del Taco, huge Apple signs, Aron’s Records (RIP)… and scary prostitutes walking around in the middle of the night.

    I feel bad you ended up with an audience of two. :[ Where were all the friends and family?

    Good luck with the next shows!

  • there’s no show and the area is kind of known for its transvestite prostitutes.

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

  • I went to Felicia’s show on Saturday. Had a great time. You all should have seen the Wendy’s skit. My favorite… Wendy’s as in the burger place. Felicia was Wendy. She cussed like a sailor… so much so I thought Wendy’s sold seafood. And then I started wondering why Popeye’s doesn’t sell seafood because Popeye is a sailer, but then Long John Silvers would probably open their drive thru windows and fire a volley of canon balls at Popeye’s, but Popeye would open a can of spinach and the open a can of whoop ass. And… um… yeah. I loved the show, Felicia 🙂

  • Ray Hill

    Wow, Wayne. That was… bizarre. hehe

    The show was a blast! The Wendy’s skit really should get fleshed out and turned into a web video at some point. As should the “bottom of our resumes” sketch. And heavens help us if the same ever happens to the grandpa sketch!

    The best part of the show, though, was the dinner afterwards with the fellow fans. What a nice, funny, mentally twisted group of folks! I’ve decided I’m going to keep them. Yes, including Wayne. Even considering the Popeye’s tangent. 🙂

  • aug

    I too wonder where Felicia finds time to do everything…my theory involves either time/space dimensional shifting or evil twin from an alternate universe.

  • Binary fission is also a possibility.

  • I don’t have the wonderful abilities of Felicia Day (which are almost a Hiro-Nakamura timetravel thing, I concur) which is why I have quit several things in my life thus far (and one big commitment to a sport lately).

    Life, oh life.

  • Last Name

    I think I know the guy… his last name is Chu.

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