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"Do You Wanna Date My Avatar"


I don’t have time to do a proper blog post about it, but our video “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” is going CRAZY around the internet! #1 Music Video on iTunes, #1 mp3 on Amazon?! Really? It’s you guys supporting us that’s doing it! When I get a chance I will write some thoughts about this whole crazy experience, but for now, enjoy!! If you want to purchase/download/stream it you can do it at the following places:

Video on MSN
Video on YouTube

You can DL the video for FREE on:
Xbox Live
Zune Marketplace

To Support us, purchase the song at the following places:
Amazon MP3
iTunes Video
iTunes INTERNATIONAL mp3 to come tomorrow!

  • I love it so much! I had to share on my blog:

    Great job!

  • Awesome, Felicia! I was bummed to have missed the Guild panel at Comicon (I don’t have the Con to battle those kinds of lines) but I’m glad we’re getting to see some great stuff coming up for next season! Plus I get the best day after my birthday present ever – new episode of the Guild, August 25th!

  • this is so great ๐Ÿ™‚ I have seen that video more than hundred times, and I’m sending links to all my friends so everyone could enjoy this ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s really pleasure to watch it on HD widescreen ๐Ÿ˜€ heh
    I see this song will be the right one for Festival of Fantasy karaoke and for Sci-fi disco ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe
    aren’t you thinking about Ultrastar version of this song? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?”

    Not if your avatar is a gnome. There have to be some standards.

    Great video! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin

    I’ve been making people watch it all day. This has to be the best music video I’ve ever seen. You guys all look AWESOME in it!

  • Well done, Felicia! Now, will there be a making of video? I’d love to see the bloopers and stuff. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I agree, it would be awesome to see the making of it!

    • There will be an exclusive Xbox “Making of” video, probably will be on MSN too, I dunno what the release date is ๐Ÿ™‚ Will check into it!

  • Damion

    Felicia, I know you’ve heard this before, but I would totally date your avatar!
    Great work and Im looking forward to the new Episodes of “The Guild”! Fan since your Buffy days! Keep up the good work!

  • Mark

    Absolutely fantastic! Looking forward to season three in a few days ๐Ÿ™‚

    A bit of an aside – as both a gamer and a novice indie producer, I feel you would be a great fit for several roles in the upcoming Warcraft movie, especially with Sam Raimi at the helm now. If you went blond I could see you as Jaina Proudmore. Any thoughts of jumping to the big screen?

    • alienufo

      I heard they were casting for a dragonlance live action movie project soon. Felicia would make a perfect Tika imo.

    • Would love to get more work anywhere haha! Yes, Jaina Proudmore…ahh, so cool!

      • Mark

        Hehe, wonderful! Assuming they haven’t finished casting yet (and I haven’t heard any rumors of the sort), you’re in a really unique position. With the video surging and season three around the corner, you and the rest of The Guild cast are probably going to have one hell of a BlizzCon. You could probably talk with Chris Metzen about the movie if you wanted to. Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚

        Edit: It looks like you have some support:

      • MadelineWoe

        You’ll do fine. Pick and chose…work hard! Your face (and talents) will become a regular part of our culture, I am sure of it!

    • Jeff

      If they ever adapt Jordan’s WOT, Aviendha would be the perfect as well, lol.

  • Francesca

    I suddenly realized I was singing it under my breath while at work… *sigh* Darn it for being so super catchy. Its so much fun!

  • alienufo

    digg it if you haven’t already.

  • Sus

    It’s because it’s *such* an awesome song and vid! Haven’t stopped singing it since last night. Thanks for making this. We can has moar, plz? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • nemo

    Found this from Dorothy Surrenders’ blog, watched the music vid, LOVED IT and proceeded to watch Guild season one then had to stop because it was past one in the morning. I am now hooked, the series is brilliant. On to the next season.

  • I discovered you through Dr. Horrible and then became an instant fan of THE GUILD. This recent music video had me dying. You and your friends are ridiculously talented and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Tangentially, I am a comic book historian and writer/reviewer who has started a new web-series CRAZY SEXY GEEKS and a new radio show FORTRESS OF AWESOME. I plan on talking about THE GUILD on both programs, so just thought I’d let you know. Keep up the great work. I’m very critical of writing and dialogue and with THE GUILD I’ve never had a complaint. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • M Myers

      Doubt she has the time, but I think Felicia would make a great Crazy Sexy Geek, since she is a Crazy Sexy Geek… And by Crazy Sexy Geek, I mean ‘Crazy’ as in “An Insane amount of” ‘Sexy’ as in “Freakin Smoking HOT!” and ‘Geek’ as in “Aren’t we all…”

  • internofdoom

    True Stroy: I started watching the video, detected the use of autotune and wonderd to myself ‘why would the autotune Felcia’s voice when we know she can…’. Then I saw the ‘pop music moves’ and the pardoy clicked. I actualy DID laugh out loud (the the curious stares of my coworkers). A very well done parody, with just the right be of ironic, but subtle, bend to it.

    Also, we all knew you could sing…but Amy can dance? What next, is Jeff going to reveal he can kill yacks with mind bullets?

  • Sophie

    uploaded as my facebook status, my twitter status and favourited on youtube, all we need now is to make it avaiable on Amazon for us Brits ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Great lyrics as well i’m still searching for a t-shirt that says ‘do you wanna date my avatar?’ xP
    nice job ^_^

  • Bill

    the video is fantastic. I just found ‘the guild’ as well. I’ve ordered all the DVD’s and downloads I can to try to support these amazing efforts. I’m a big fan, thanks so much.

  • k_kuz

    OMG, that was awesome! And I saw it on the MSN front page today!

  • oll


  • Wow, great video. I can’t believe that it is so good! Maybe my expectations were too low, but I expected a funny and witty video from Felicia, but the video we got was so much more!

    Thanks for making me smile!

  • So *this* is what love feels like

  • Hey, Felicia! My friend showed me this video yesterday and I cracked up at how true it is (even if I don’t play MMOs myself). It made me want to do some fantasy art too! If you ever want me to do some scribbles for you, you can check out my site ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking forward to seeing you at Dragon*Con!

  • Stephen

    Always nice to see a fellow northern Alabamian kick some serious ass. Congrats!

  • SammyF

    Amazingly catchy tune and a great video ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way : It’s already past “tomorow”. Is the mp3 available for europeans yet?

    • It is STILL delayed, today they said, but it’s available on German and UK Amazons. Cross fingers later today it will be up!

      • SammyF

        Oh great! If it’s available on those two, it should be downloadable (is that a word?!?) from other EU countries then ๐Ÿ™‚
        Off to spend money ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It’s still not downloadable from Amazon in Slovakia ๐Ÿ™

      • Petr

        I would download the mp3, because it is fantastic and hilarious. It hit a spot making me realize I am kind of addicted to wow atm. Replayed the video in HD many times.

        Is there any way I can get the mp3 while being outside US, UK, FR and DE please? Because of item’s geographic restrictions, I cannot get it in Czech republic :o( and mp3 format is only one my car’s player know.

        Great job Felicia, it is must see for every mmo player out there and you just rock being nice to your fans :o)

  • Great to see the video still at #1 in iTunes and getting more and more exposure! Congratulations to everyone!

  • You know…I avoided this song/video for some time, as I may be one of the few people on Earth who has never nor will ever waste time on World of Warcraft…but I finally gave in, because I cannot resist anything musical and–WOW, what a great jam! Nice video, too–very easy on the eyes. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, more importantly, this is a legitimately good song: excellent lyrics (the oldskool D&D freak in me particularly loved the references to the +2 vest of invulnerability”), superb synth work and production, excellent groove. I just purchased it from Amazon so I can add it to my DJ playlist.

    If you’re ever looking for remixes, I’d be thrilled to…ummm, well, make it sound like it’d been run through a woodchipper. I probably should leave your fine work alone; it’s great just as it is!

  • This is an amazing video and the song has been stuck in my head going on two days now. I already bought the video on iTunes but it doesn’t seem like you can buy just the mp3 file from them. Is this going to be available in the future, or is the Amazon store the only place to get the song by itself?

    I can’t wait for The Guild Season 3…you and your fellow cast and crew members have been great.

  • You’re so my hero. I love The Guild and really like the video. Will be purchasing the MP3 when I get paid next week. Need to keep you making the show.

  • Jeffrey Cox

    Professor Brand swooped into the classroom and laid his shoulder bag down on his desk. Why he carried a shoulder bag with all those books, was somewhat of a mystery to his students. Well not so much as to why he carried the books and the shoulder bag, but why he was so damn odd. No one had used paper for books in 50 years, most students hadnโ€™t even seen a โ€œpaperโ€ book before being in his class. Oh there were a few well off students whoโ€™s parents had collections, but even they had only seen them through a glass case. โ€œSorry to be late, I was thinking about something and lost track of timeโ€ he said while opening his bag and pulling out his pointer. โ€œSo what did you think of the video I assigned to you last week?โ€. The class simply stared at him. โ€œYou all did watch it didnโ€™t you?โ€. Again the room was silent. Professor Brand smiled and said โ€œcomputer would you please play the video by Felicia Day please, it seems the class has been a bit busyโ€. A soft female voice emanated from all directions in the room โ€œYes of coure Dr. Brand, however I have many possible videoโ€™s. Can you be more specific?โ€. โ€œUmm yes, it was one of her earliest music videos called, โ€˜Do you want to date my avatarโ€™โ€. โ€œIf you Would please move to the left Dr. Brand, I will start the videoโ€ the voice again emanating from all points in the room. โ€œOh!โ€ฆ Yes of course, of courseโ€. Dr. Brand moved to the back corner of the room and at the front of the room where he was standing a video appeared to play in thin air.
    When the video finished the professor again asked what the students thought of the video. This time Brandon replied โ€œWell its kind of old and a little sillyโ€. โ€œYes, yes, its old and not as cool as what you all are watching todayโ€ the professor said somewhat frustrated. โ€œWhat is its significance, whhhyyy am I showing it to you?โ€. This time Kimio spoke up โ€œIsnโ€™t this one of the videoโ€™s that began a change in how we view media today?โ€. โ€œFinally, we are on the right trackโ€ exclaimed Brand. โ€œNot only is this video an example of how we view media today, but it was a part of a huge cultural paradigm shift. Imagine a world where creativity was trapped in categories and genres, and chained to the desks of big media companies. It hadnโ€™t started in this state, but it had been corralled and domesticated over many years. A good story or a great talent often went un-viewed by the populace, shot down long before it ever reached their eyes.โ€ Professor Brand had started to look off into the distance, as if he was the only one in the room. โ€œYou see this woman showed the world that those chains could be broken, that oneโ€™s creations could be put in the hands of the people without being first scrutinized for profit. She was of course very talented and quite brilliant actually, but most of all she never stopped trying. Had she, this world would be a much different place for you and I. Some might even say she helped to fuel the culture shift that gave the world back to the peopleโ€ He trailed off into silence for a moment, arms folded and looking out the window. Then with a jolt he unfolded his arms and turned saying โ€œand the rest is history as they say. Today such things are commonplace.โ€


    • Very clever…well done!

    • Leonora Tim

      That is just awesome. One day you’ll be a writer ๐Ÿ™‚
      Totally agree with these sentiments though. Spot on for this generation.

      Kindest Regards,

  • That was a great video! Loved it! Looking forward to more of the Guild. If you are ever shooting down in San Diego and are in need of a photographer drop me a line it would be a pleasure working with you all.

  • Thank you so much for making this song and video. I’ve already listened to it on repeat over 50 times now. Is there anything you CAN’T do?

    P.S. Now I’ve got 2 gift ideas for you! Eee, can’t wait 2 more weeks till the con.

  • Sarah

    My sister is still making fun of me for explaining “tank and spank” to her. On the bright side, my guild leaders tell me I look quite like my blood elf avatar. And that they’ll date me anytime, too.

  • blue92

    When are you touring with Horde Zeppelin?

  • I love this video! It’s totally hilarious! It’s awesome because geeky has never been so sexy and so fun!

    I really get a kick out of “The Guild” and can’t wait to see more… Also, I really love your violin playing, while so limited and interrupted on “The Guild”, I was totally stunned when I heard you play, I wish I could sit and listen to you play live…

    Anyways, I love your creativity and you seem like the type of person I would enjoy collaborating with… I wish you much luck and inspiration in your endeavours… I also wish you much abundance in all forms, especially happy adventures…


  • Dave

    awesome video!! Things like this put me at a complete loss for words, because on the one hand, ROTFLMAO, and on the other hand, um, *damn.* You’re like, unbelievably hot and stuff, and I’m a sucker for redheads. Between you guys and the cast of “Serenity,” I can see I’m going to have to attend ComiCon next year.

  • Jafar

    Well yeah – It’s a freakin’ awesome song!

  • A great video and satire. You all at The Guild deserve this success! I blogged about all of this, if anyone is interested.

    Looking forward to Season Three!!!

  • Jeff

    Congratulations on the single’s success! Well deserved given all your (and your cast and crew’s!) hard work, starting from Season 1. I remember when you were creating all the Season 1 DVD address labels by hand, heh.

  • You probably understand that we all think your work is amazing by now, but really i think its important to see people like you just making it that much easier for more women, gamers, geeks, comedy, fun etc to really be a a hit or accepted for who they are.
    The more social awareness that we are all just people having fun the better.

    (oh hells ya i paid to download the MP3 from Amazon… it’s too good not to)

    Gamer Gal,

  • frogfromthemud

    Congratulations. ๐Ÿ™‚ What is harder, to fight for your projects, or staying modest when you had some crazy success? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I added your blog to my MMO blogroll hope you don’t mind. I have been watching you since day one, even donated to the cause way back when.

    Making video games more mainstream I hope more and more women will get into the genre, and we see more input from them as well.

    The greatest thing I laughed at was the episode where you go head to head to a FPS girl, that was pure win.

    Well Have fun at Blizzcon, and I hope to see more of you around.

  • Sibylle

    Love the Video “Do you want to date my Avatar”. I have to say that I meet my husband on Everquest 8 years ago and I love watching “The Guild” it reminds me of the good old times.

  • I wrote a blog last night which includes my talking about “The Guild” as well as your new music video “Do you wanna date my avatar” and also the “Dirty Dirty Fairy” on the “Legen of Neil”… I hope you are ok with this! You can see it at:

  • I left a comment here last night which doesn’t seem to have gone through? ? Just in case it didn’t go through, or if it did, hopefully this repeat doesn’t annoy you; but I just wanted to say (hahah I guess this makes me a fan now eh? normally I detest taking on the role of fandome, but damn, you are one talented lady!) how much I love “The Guild”, also this music video is totally hilarious and you truly make geeky totally sexy…

    I was totally stunned when I heard you play the violin in “The Guild” and I would really love if you could find more excuses to work your violin work into the show… actually I wish I could come watch you do a violin concert…

    You are very talented; should you ever decide to come to Montreal to film an episode of “The Guild” (which I know is totally unlikely), I wish I could contribute my skills to your show…

    I wish you the best of luck, happy adventures and abundance in all forms! May you always find inspiration and lots of fun!!


  • Kevin

    Love the video, despite not really being into MMO’s, yet still knowing enough to understand pretty much all of it, as well as the series.

    Though now I have to curse somewhat as it’s got the idea into my head of sculpting a statuette of you in your character garb, sadly I haven’t sculpted before, so it’s gonna be many hours and many wasted sculpts until I do, but I assure you, I will manage it….one day at least.

  • This is constantly stuck in the heads of my guildmates and I. Pretty sure everyone got a real kick out of this. Hilarious and awesome.

    You probably don’t remember me but I recommended a dark urban fantasy novel that turned the whole dark urban fantasy romance schtick on its head with a rock star vampire, his unintentionally-created childe, and their entertainingly rocky love-hate relationship — but it was only available in PDF at the time.

    It just came out on Kindle though, and since you were kind enough to express interest in my recommendation, I thought I’d mention it. <3 Cheers.

    Yay “Master” on Kindle.

  • Josh

    I hadnt been exposed to The Guild prior to this evening. I spotted the music video at random (I forget where). I’ve had a great many laughs since I can appreciate the references at great length. Before that I was only familar with Dr Horrible. Both are fantastic.

  • Ben

    Best. Video. Ever. Well done Felicia and Guild makers.

    (I’m still waiting for a ballad on a fire escape, bathed in moonlight…after this video, something like that should be a snap!)

  • Ido

    An amazing video.Im from Israel so I can’t come to the blizzcons but i got this video from a friend.I recognized you from Buffy the vampire slayer and some other tv shows.Did you play House,as a secondary role? I watched it quite a time ago so i dont remember very well.
    The video made me watch The Guild,and as a mmorpg fan i enjoyed the series,both seasons.
    I noticed a lot of the episodes and this video too has many World Of Warcraft refrences. Is this what you based the series on?
    And one last question,what are your future plans? Any films or television shows you are going to participate in,except for the third season of The Guild?

    First time on the blog so i dont know if you answer but I hope you will ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Adriano

    Love the video and love “the guild”.

    Good job ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I absolutely love your acting talent, plus I never knew you could sing so beautifully!
    I love the video and the song, very catchy.

    P.S. I was wondering if I could create a page for you on Facebook? It would be a place for your fans to get together and discuss the topic of – none other than – you! I’d need your permission to do so, though.

  • Alan (Fruitbat)

    Highly amusing series, one that was sent to me & my wife in CA by friends in NZ.

    We’re now addicted to the Guild (her more than me) and enjoying your skills

    Geeks unite! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lee

    Awesome video, thanks guys !!!

    I can’t wait to see third season of The Guild. The last episode of second season has abolutely amazing end with great music and i can watch it over and over again…

    PS:Oh my God, Felicia is so hot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Leonora Tim

    Man! This video ROCKS. You have so much talent in this crowd. It is SO RIGHT for this time and place. Stand by for a wave of fame. The Guild will be as big as LA Law. “Hanging out in my MMO” – what a brilliant line. So well timed and placed. To stand the test of time, you guys should all agree to equally share all the profits now. Before you get too big. (That’s what the Rollig Stanes and U2 do – Yes I think you will be that big.)

    Hi, my name is Tim and I’m a geek/nerd/spazz/dork and I’m proud of it.

  • Daniel

    I heard of The Guild long ago but never watched it. Now after the video, and watching The Guild, Dr. Horrible and Legend of Neil I’m so angry with myself for not picking this up earlier. What you and your friends do is amazing! I love it, and now I’m just waiting for a chance to show it by supporting you guys (Amazon doesn’t like that I’m living outside US/UK and I couldn’t find any donation links).

  • I work in a game store. Would be so awesome if this was played on our radio haha. I wonder if I can request it…

  • Burton

    A suggestion. Put the making of video for the music video in the next DVD plus any video tidbits that Kenny recorded during the shoot. Hope we will see another music video in the future.

  • ElusiveAvenger

    Felicia, you’re pure diamond. Thx for everything u do!
    You know, u bring the light to our hearts.

  • Oz

    Anyone else think it would be a stroke of genius to have Felicia Day appear on Big Bang Theory?

    • Sarah


  • Lee

    To Oz: Yeah, that would be great! They can create a very interesting plot between Penny and Felicia and it would be good publicity for The Guild… And I think Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Rajesh will be amazed by her ^_^

  • Wstr

    For those of us on the opposite side of the pond note the MP3 is out in the UK iTunes store albeit is misfiled under the hip-hop/rap band ‘the guild’ and won’t appear alongside the video.
    It’s easy to find via search though, especially if you use the full title or add ‘felicia’.
    Here’s an extra couple of quid spent (song + video) towards -hopefully- an eventual season 4!

  • So. . . I just recently was told about The Guild, I actually viewed the music video before viewing all the episodes. I must say you’ve done an excellent job. I’m a gamer myself, and can identify with quite a few things in your series. It’s got a great sense of humor, and unlike a lot of these types of shows, I think the acting is excellent. After looking you up, I noticed you’re in quite a few of some other things I’ve enjoyed watching! I’m your newest fan. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Matthew

    Great video, I loved it!

  • Rokmal|Michael

    It’s a great music Video. I can’t stop watching that. The song is great and it looks like you have a lot of fun :). And you are a beautiful woman.

    greetings from Germany by Michael Anthony

    PS: I hope i wrote this with the right grammar. The last time i wrote something in english was 2 years ago

  • Tiffany

    i’ve been spamming this video to all of my guildies and wow friends. LOL I freaking love it. It’s fantastic! Can’t wait for the new season!

  • Franklin

    Gah. There is no “free” download of this video to PC’s. Just FYI. The Zune link only shows a preview, and the Xbox link wants me to download to my imaginary console.

  • Amy

    I saw the video from a link on and subsequently fell in love (and sent it to everyone I know) ๐Ÿ˜€

    It’s Really catchy and hilarious! Nabbed the mp3 from amazon and now it’s my official raiding music (dying repeatedly is a lot more fun when you have someone singing about dating an avatar;)

    Awesome work:)

    Amy (Astreae!)

    ps. my avatar is totally a star!

  • Cynic

    I guess it was time to play the sex card.

    Was there a meeting?

  • Eric


    You are so wonderfully talented. I first saw you in Dr. Horrible, in which I thought “Wow, she’s got a great voice and actually has acting talent? Surprising!”. And then I found out through various things you do in the gaming industry and through the production of The Guild that you’re also multiplural as well. After seeing you a few times in various places on the internet (a few interviews on youtube come to mind), I also came to realize that while you’re very talented and beautiful, you’re also very normal too.

    As an aspiring actor, this comes as a big relief. I’m so glad to see it’s possible to make it without sacrificing that sense of normality.

    I love “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”, it’s fantastic. You should show off your vocals more often, you’ve got a beautiful tone.

  • Edgar

    This song kicks ass it makes me want to play WOW again ha ha Bladezz is pimp in this vid THe Guild FTW

  • Justin


    Jokes aside, it would be cool if somehow you guys can produce a comedic album for the guild. Its obvious you guys have bundles of talent. It would be cool to hear Amy, Robin, and Vincent sing (even if they suck because that would add to the awesomeness.)

    Good luck with whatever comes your way and I’m hoping for many more season of The Guild (PLZ?).

  • Richie

    Great Video watched it alot and can’t wait for season 3 of the guild

  • Mark

    Nice song, outstanding video. Thanks. You got my $.99 from iTunes. Hopefully this will be a springboard for some great things for you.

  • Paul

    You guys are awesome! You are so creative and talented. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  • My roommate watch this video all the time, I think it could be some kind of spell or magic you’re using… Anyway I quickly fall in love with it too, so here I am to congratulate and thank you for your work. The Guild is awesome, but this song beats everything.

    ps. sorry for any mistakes in my english, greetings from Poland! Have a nice day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love The Guild and the song!

  • Crispi

    Not sure if you’ve seen this – but your music video’s been adapted into Second Life ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your stuff, and I’m a huge fan! You all look extra awesome in the video ๐Ÿ™‚

  • No idea what you mean here, sounds like you’re making a statement rather than asking a question anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ This is a parody of dance/music videos, so if you’re taking it literally, you’re reading it wrong. Thx for watching anyway!

    • Crispi

      Sorry – let me clarify: Someone took your song and made a machinima music video using Second Life avatars

      • Crispi

        PS: I wasn’t sure if that comment was in reply to my comment, but now I’m guessing it was in reply to Cynic’s. Damn cynics.

  • Rokmal|Michael

    Hi I have one question Felicia.

    When will you release The Guild Season 3 on Msn Videos? I don’t found anything in the internet (maybe i search with the wrong words?).

    greeting from Germany, by Michael Anthony

  • len

    There’s no contest that this is the first real monster music hit from the web. It is everywhere all at once. That’s either a heckuva well-executed promotion plan or it is the magic of the talent being right there in the power curve of the zeitgeist curl.

    Way to go. You’ve got nothing to prove now. Except maybe that you can do it twice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Is it being played in the dance clubs or being picked up on FM? I know it’s a parody but so was MnahMnah. When the Henson Group calls about covering it by the Muppets… hmm, that would be an Angel episode.

  • Freezermanhero

    Just saw the first season of “The Guild” on YouTube. Kinda late, I know. Great story, great characters, great stalking (*points at Zaboo*). Then I heard about this music video and I never thought it could be so cool. I mean, aside the Early Fantasy 90’s Style Hot Warrior Spunk-ish, it’s all out funny. And about the rap part, I’m waiting for Snoop Vork and Fifty Zaboo in the next one. Felicia you just made my Day. Word.

  • Felicia, this is quite an amazing video. It caused me to go back and re-watch both seasons 1 and 2 today while sitting in a hotel…congratulations, I bet I’ll hear this on the radio.


    • & Randy, listening to the show right now dunrig my morning commute and have to agree about taking your time leveling to 85. When Cataclysm first came out I was so burned out from the previous months trying to keep the guild active putting together raids and events that I just needed to take a break.I was slowly making my way through the zones. Started in Hyjal and moved to Vashj’ir to complete all of the quests and am now in Deepholm where I just dinged 84 last night. I think the past week has been the most I’ve played on my main toon in the last month.

    • 19So0j mmingmogvgdm

  • I saw that! There are some AMAZING video responses to Avatar, worth scrolling through to check them out ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eric B

      Makes me smile every time.

  • I am literally mesmerized by this video. If my girlfriend knew how much I enjoyed this video, I’d probably be sleeping on the couch tonight…

  • Steven

    My god how long does it take you to read one of those books?!!! Do you read the quest in wow? Sorry if it’s a stupid question haha. Oh and the video of vork saying he’s level 70 and your not was funny. PWN! :]

  • Brian

    Incredible. I stumbled on this video when someone posted this video on the realm forums in a joke topic. I was completely floored. First, my thoughts were how hilarious the video is being a gamer myself, and that how funny it is that so many people just won’t get it unless they are a gamer or have gone through the whole long distance relationship thing at the very least. However, the more I watched the video, the more I became really interested and excited for what you have going on here.

    There are a lot of great things going on here, from the producer capitalizing on the individual characters/actors’ strengths to each of you, especially you Felicia, being incredibly talented. You’re going to be absolutely huge one day if you choose to. You heard it here first (well probably not first).

    The thing I was most impressed with though is the amount of fun you were all having. It seemed like earlier in the video you were maybe a little nervous? Pure speculation of course. But later on when everyone started getting into it and just going balls to the walls with their characters, it really drew me in and helped make the video the viral hit it is already.

    If you don’t read my comment, that’s cool; but, it’s not every day I hear greatness in the works and this deserved 15 minutes of my time to extend my thanks and best wishes to the future.

  • Avell

    Your whole work is amazing. I’m meeting more of you with each hour today, from all The Guild episodes to Dr Horrible. It’s all so awesome, I really can’t find words to express it. I’ll keep on watching all you can bring us, Felicia. Big ups from old continent.

  • Thanks for making such a wonderfully entertaining parody and music video. It was fun trying to wrap virtual avatars around your voice and lyrics. We have many talented amateur content creators at the Machinima Artist Guild who would love to assist in any project. (I believe we could make a SL Avatar for each of the your cast). Thanks … your fan… Lowe.

    • Eric B

      I just checked out your work. Didn’t sleep much did ya? Nice work, but without ‘tha gang’ its missing the original ‘MAGIC’ LOL –maybe intercuts would be effective. I realize that you have copywrite legalities involved. Good luck on 2.0

  • Eric B

    Hey Felicia, FANTASTIC work on the video and the vocals are stellar. I really liked the way you sang the the line ‘Log off and we’ll be done’ Nice choice of phrasing vocally.
    I’m not familar with much of your work but I love how you seem open to your fans. I wish you the very best in your continued success. PEACE out girlscout.

  • Andrew B

    Sooo funny. My god. Tank and Spank, oh it kills me. Well done!

  • Lilian

    Hey Felicia, you are a genius! The Guild is so funny and this music is so epic, lol. Keep doing this great job. ;D Love ya!

  • Quentin

    Quick question, more from a music chart watcher’s point of view than anything. According to the latest info I’ve see the top digital song for the week ending Aug 23 has 211,000 downloads. I’d post the actual number counts but you have to be a Nielsen customer to get the data. The Yahoo Music Chart Watch blog does post the top number weekly which is where I get it. Anyways, the question is where do you think Avatar would fall on the chart if it was being tracked? Especially since after 10 days and the MP3 is still in the Amazon top 10.

  • Nashonte’ Hill

    hey felicia. i love the guild and its awesome! now i want a sexbox 360 haha okay and the video is amazing great idea! *thumbs up* okay please dont get freaked by this. but this is a dream i had. and you were in it…yeah sounds odd BUT it was a movie idea. check it.

    there was a girl and guy and a teacher. and 2 people with no lives
    its a funny/love movie. kinda like the guild. but the girl and the guy like eachother but they are WAAAAAAAAAy to shy about it so they hang out and become friends. the guy likes her but doesnt put the moves on her because he is shy to be turned down and the girl is the same way BUT her parents know that she likes him. so the parents think they are going out when they are not. BUT the teacher is like super HOT! teacher is like an acting teacher. just open and nice. and everytime the 2 go out for a walk they see the teacher walking up the hill on the other side of the street. like i said the guy likes the teacher and trys his luck with her.

    in the middle of this dream the girl. was upset because he liked the teacher and saw them hugging. and she ran home crying outside the whole family was talking to her. and the guy goes to her house because he saw her run off wondering whats wrong and he over hears her feelings. and he feels really really bad.
    then i woke up i mean i can make a ending BUT its hard lol if you read this maybe you can help me and we can make this movie or TV thingy or something you know??

    oh yeah and the 2 guys with no lives they are like the funny people. like theres an old guy that is a pervert! lol and the other guy is a loser and cant get a girl. both of them cant get a girlfriend. lol but they are on TV like telling this to people lol because they are just sad people

    it was like
    the girl: was you feliciaday
    the guy: was me Nashontehill
    the teacher: idk some hot woman
    old guy: was master roshi lol from dragonball!! lol but we can change that lol
    loser guy: was the guy from king of queens. not doug but his brother.

    yeah just an dream i had its awesome right?? :d please respond to this.
    or email me.

    please please help me ๐Ÿ˜€
    thanks! XD

    • Ido

      That was….Awkward.

  • Love it! Amazing voice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Alacrity Fitzhugh

    Purely amazing. A heaping ladle of awesomesauce. That song has been in my head for days now…

  • Sean

    Bully for you mademoiselle,

    I stumbled upon the Guild show today through either the NYTs or the WSJ…someone had an article today. I watched it while doing some spring cleaning (summer cleaning?)

    I realized that I recognized your face and it gave me quite a challenge to figure out how. I realized that I had seen your short performance in “The Legend of Neil”. The winsome mugging was the tip off.

    Based on the small snippet of your oeuvre, I am sure you will do quite well. I find the fact that you created this recent creative endeavor more impressive.

  • Itadaki Mouse

    Congratulations on a +1 to Awesome MV!

    It seems nobody has asked this yet, but is the music released under a Creative Commons license? I’d love to use it in fan videos, but it’s embarassing to have Youtube and others block you if it isn’t CC.

  • Kevin

    Felicia, have you seen these?

    Dr Horrible themed Cakes.

    Yummy, I just hope someone eventually does some The Guild ones too.

  • Greg Lorriman

    No wonder the video is going wild, it’s totally excellent music: much too good for an online series It does rather beg the question why the tune wasn’t sold to the music labels, but it may just well do the job of getting a l ot more guild watchers.

    • len

      “much too good for an online series”

      Huh? The Guild isn’t a second class citizen to Ugly Betty.

      ‘why the tune wasnโ€™t sold to the music labels”

      Because the labels don’t have the upper hand here. She and her crew can hold on to the rights to the hottest new song on the web.

      The labels aren’t the gatekeepers anymore. Everytime a Felicia Day comes along and proves that, things get better for the rest of us. She may be ‘short and pale’ but she’s disrupting the game and that is what gamers do best. JMO.

  • Dale

    Conveniently i was up quite early yesterday morning so i jumped on x-box live and grabbed episode 1.

    I enjoyed it, i really did, i just, i dunno maybe i need to watch it a few more times.

    Can’t wait for the rest.

  • Patty

    Oh Felicia, this video is amazing! You make me so proud to be a gamer girl!

    This song has been stuck in my head for 2 days!

  • Janeesh

    Hi, I am Janeesh

    how are you,

    video super…i like it

  • Steve

    Hey there, just wanted to say that I love you shows and video… Just recently started watching them. I’m in the Air Force stationed in Miami, everyone at work watches too… Please don’t stop making them… Xbox tag Lion76 if you ever fancy a game, I know you get a million gamertags… Thanks alot


  • Hey Felicia!

    Just wanted to shout out and say I just now found this blog, and your site. Thanks for being amazing and an all-around great person! Been keeping tabs on your work through the ‘net, which is all incredible stuff, and you’ve popped up from time to time on my XBox. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Looking forward to your special guest appearance tonight on 1 vs 100! If Chris starts taking shout outs or questions, I’ll be sure to send one in! Have fun!

  • Sharon

    Hi, I just want to say – go you! I think you’ve taken the cool parts of geekdom and blended them with real-world cool like fame and writing/acting/directing gigs – and your success motivates me to keep trying.

    I’m sure you get this all the time, but I’d love to be friends with you.

    And thanks for recommending the web hosting company where I work! I got to help some guys you did a photo shoot with fix their website.

    Your healer costume is fanastic.

  • PoorOldEdgarDerby

    I’m loving me some Maurissa Tancharoen cameo.

  • Chris

    Dear Felicia: I am sure you now realise that you and the team have created something very special here. It is so much more than a niche comedy series for online game-players: this appeals to people way outside that audience, (although it is enthusing and rather moving to see how they have embraced it.) Without wanting to get too profound, the interest and pleasure it is giving is surely because it touches people. I just love the tone, which both mocks and celebrates the characters and their interests at the same time. Doing this well is very hard to do, but when done properly, a comedy takes off and becomes, well, I guess it should be called a work of art. The video is a wonderful expression of this – it is just so “right”, which I am sure is why it is the success it is. Thanks for persevering – it is a huge pleasure to have discovered you and the team behind The Guild.

  • Stormfire

    I just wanted to chime in with a hearthy congratulations on surpassing 3 million views with this video on youtube today. In under two weeks time even. ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess those spread the word encouragements at ComicCon, Blizzard, and the Whedonesque world stoked the fires sufficiently. You totally pwned that stuntguy and his viral 500 one-shotter! ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway I’ve become a newly zaboo’d fan of “The Show” as a result of this discovery and I look forward to the rollout of season 3 in the coming months.

  • sonvar

    Finally watched the Guild after a recommendation of a friend and that stuff is hilarious. This video fits so well into the series too. Was this thought of before or after this was made?

    Anyways, can’t wait to see more of the Guild and hope to see you in other shows either online or on TV

  • Daniel

    Grettings from Sweden.

    I found out about The Guild about a week ago and i am incredibly happy that i did ^^ Youยดve done a great job and im looking forward to S3.

    Carry on Felicia and if you ever visit this land of snow and ice, be sure to give me a call ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Tim

    You’re too adorable to be real. Anyway, just thought I’d throw some karma your way. Have a great day! =)

  • Dmitriy

    Oh…I date it!

  • ClydeFrog

    Howdy Felicia!

  • ClydeFrog

    Whoops…hit enter too soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I wanted to say that this video was excellent…very sexy and funny as usual!

    Also, I was wondering if you were still attending DragonCon this weekend. I will be there on Saturday and I look forward to meeting you. I have something unusual I would love for you to sign…don’t worry, nothing weird or creepy…just something you probably have never signed before. Kindof a blast from the past ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

  • Just added an url to my DeviantArt pages in case you want to take a look.

  • MartinO


    Sorry I am so late to the party but better fashionably late than never, right? Jst wanted to add to the Kudos from everyone her. Great Video!

    I love your costume but whats with the heels? Can you imagine walking through the WoW world with those heels? That just cracks me up. I know nerd check – whatever!

    Anyway, thanks for the video you guys rock!

  • Steven

    OMG I knew you were that redhead from the SEAR’s Commercial!!!!

    • Haha, I saw that too awhile back and had to do a double-take ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • John Hogsett

    Never watched The Guild until this week. Funny stuff. I saved the Avatar video for last and really enjoyed it. Funny stuff but your voice at the end is really something else. Takes the song from funny to really good in just those few bars. Anyway, I look forward to this season. Good luck!

  • mistidawn

    Love your new Avatar vid. Isnt this so GAMING .. omg I was like how many times have you been hit on in a game.. by the gaming nerdy boys and men. haha its funny.
    cuz this is so true. Ya just log off if you dont like someone. or /ignore haha ..
    Brilliant as always whoever thought this up.
    I sure miss your old forums Felicia .. i use to post there all the time. least you have this place now.
    Now i got to go watch the new Guild video and laugh some more. Thanks Felicia and isnt Barnes n Noble ereader the best!

  • Andy

    I stumbled upon the Avatar video and then The Guild while following a friends LJ this past weekend.

    And though I usually spend my time working too much and avoiding the banal mass media I haven’t laughed this much or been so absorbed in anything (besides work) in a very long time. Your repertoire of quirky/befuddled expressions is phenomenal. The rest of The “guildies” are just a joy to watch.

    Please keep working like you (and rest rest of The Guild) aren’t getting paid. I should hope that any (well deserved) accolades or compensation won’t steer you and The Guild away from great story telling.

    Thank you so much for the treat that The Guild has become.

  • I just watched the first ep of season 3 and wow it’s so awesome!! I loooove the introduction of the ‘baddies’, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  • Keep up the good work, the video and lyrics are perfect. I just have one question for you. Does anyone in the guild really play an MMO, if so which one(s)?

  • Jack Popple

    AWESOME SONG !! great costumes felicia, i hope the guild stays as fresh and nerdy as always you rock ๐Ÿ˜€

  • haha, this video cracks me up every time. It’s tough to walk the line between dance pop and MMORPG, but you pull it off quite nicely! I heard I missed you coming to Pixar, but I hope you make it back here some time!
    Your friendly neighborhood animator,
    Austin Madison

  • Chloe

    ‘Do you wanna date my avatar?’ is very funny, love it.
    Also just watched the exclusive episode of The Dollhouse and yay Felicia Day is on it.
    Congrats on that part, you did an awesome job.

  • Robert H

    Ms. Day,

    I stumbled upon your show today and I am hooked. You and the rest of the cast are hilarious! I wish you all the best success and will be listening for other projects you are in. Good luck with the acting!



  • Majikthyz

    Hi Felicia, dunno if anyone has said this before (soooo many comments) but you really should have bitten the bullet and gone for “plus five to dexterity chest” rather than “vest”; more racy and it sort of scans better. Pretty good song but you need to amp up the innuendo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Felicia, this music video is just awesome!! You have done an amazing job and I just can’t stop watching it! I’ve posted a link on my tumblr ( and I’m passing it on to all my friends. Cant get enough of it!!

    Bring on Season 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7……….

  • red3biggs

    We need a ring tone of this~!

  • Mimi

    1) You made someone who knows basically nothing about gaming (except what I’ve learned from watching “The Guild”) crack up.

    2) You made a straight chick go “daaaaaaamn, Felicia!!”

    Nicely done!

    I have to go rewatch to see the part where Vork busts into a rap, and then pee myself laughing again.

  • awesome song, love it!! This video was my first glimpse of “The Guild” and… wow! Thank you, for the smiles, the giggles, and the fun!

  • Fittingly, a guy in my Guild Wars guild gave me the URL for “The Guild”. (Do I win an award for the most uses of the word “guild” in a sentence?) I devoured Season 2 and then went looking for more, and found this video, and you.
    I felt like a bit of an oddity as a (hot young) female programmer and gamer, but you make me want to own it and proud. Thanks, Felicia.
    (I am also deeply envious of you getting to hang with Jacqueline Carey. Her books are a whole different sort of magic… )

  • Andrew Klekamp

    I’ll date your avatar, lol. That is a funny video, the dancing was great and Sandeep or should i say Zaboo was hilarious trying to dance. I can’t wait to see the new episodes of the Guild, even though Zaboo’s character can be a little annoying and needy sometimes, he actually grows on you. Lol. Maybe Codex and Zaboo might actaully hook up somehow.

  • James

    I had heard about The Guild but (sadly) forgot about by the time it came up online. I saw this video and immediately had to go and have a 5 hr marathon of the show. After that, all I can say is: Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Also as an RPG gamer (I started when I was about 5) I certainly understand the lure of (and sometimes fall victim to) MMO, but between regular gaming, fanfiction, and RL, there just isn’t enough time. Still, watching “The Guild” makes me think it could be nice to have a local guild to play with. I may just do that now. Thanks!

  • James

    Almost forgot, how can I get my hands on those outfits you and Tink had on in the video? My girl would look so awesome in those…

  • Masada

    I keep watching and watching this video. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It makes me laugh. I see elements of myself. I see a few of my friends. Codex is just the right mix of cute, comical, and attractive. A deadlier combo is not possible. Vork is perfect. The little lip flip thing with Zaboo is comedy genius. Clara is good. Tink is good. Blade has great cut-ins. Your costumes were brilliant–whoever made them needs more plugs.

    It looked like you had a great time filming this and it is a great video.

    I hope it goes nova and starts getting radio airtime. I will look forward to spending money on your future products! You have fans in New Zealand if you ever get the chance!

    Masadaco on Twitter if you ever want a tour.

    • Please teach the rest of these internet hlooaigns how to write and research!

  • Your video is addictive.

  • Justin

    Coolest song ever! Played it more than a hundred times. Love the +5 dexterity vest line. Really catchy lyrics, hope to see more music videos of The Guild soon! Justin from Malaysia.

  • Ben

    Any chance of a non-vocal version of the track.. some people want to do karaoke with it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Scott

    Love the video! Very well done…

    I hope you have plans to do another music video!

  • naql

    Just bought the video from iTunes… it’s great! And, as for your avatar being hotter than reality by far, well, let’s just say I don’t think that is possible! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yowzah!

  • John Bartell

    Great combination of the three elements that best get people’s attention: sex, death, and money. Wonder if that was planned…

  • Silelf

    It is a fantastic video Felicia, last time I saw there were 3’900,402 hits and I bought the song in iTunes International. It made me smile so much. Thank you!

  • Why dont they let you guys do the guild on mainstream T.V.? This thing is so hyped up after a few weeks; and some T.V. shows out there arent getting the viewer base the guild does.

    Whether you think you can or can’t, your probably right ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rod

    Congratulation for such great work…it is very inspiring to see a great actress and entrepeneur achieve success with an original project that can relate to so many…as an old school D&D player to watch the series and the video brought a lot of good memories back…congratulations and gives more Guild…

  • Dmitry

    This is a best clip which I have ever seen . Felicia , you are goddess of the beauty!!!

  • I have no idea if you actually read these, but you’re starting to get people doing covers on Youtube. XD

  • So I brought this song into the dance studio where I teach and threw it in the CD player whilst we were between classes. One of my students started doing the Running Vork.

    I have never been so proud.

  • LOLOL Omg I wish I could have seen that!

  • Jordan

    I love the video and I love the song, but I’m surprised no one has commented on the musicality of this! I’m a musician, not a gamer (anymore) and a huge fan of Jed and Maurissa’s work, as well as yours. I can’t believe you got together with them again after Dr Horrible (I’m assuming) to make this! It’s pretty simply but catchy musically, but that is just what Jed does. Lets see… you’re a female gamer musician actress writer that’s actually funny! That is pretty much going against every last grain of being a regular wnoma. I love it! <3

  • Xander

    I love this song and have sent it to everyone I know, and we all keep singing it. You guys have GOT to do an instrumental version of this to download for karaoke!

  • Since my best friend introduced it to me, it has been my ear worm! So infectious. Luv it!

  • Ryoga Hibiki

    If I can’t get this song out of my head for over 4 hours should I call a hotline like with viagra?

    I am more addicted to this song than my morning coffee!!

  • Barad

    Hahaha Vork is number one he has some bad ass bastard sword moves ๐Ÿ™‚

    And codex of codex words don’t come easy for her.

    Hmm I will rather rearrange the song.

    Well I guess I wanna date you?
    Well I guess I wanna date you?

    Trying to get me to hang in MMO
    You say many places we can go
    But my warrior that isn’t me
    I am much better than he will ever be

    Look I am not stalker kind of guy
    I am maybe nerd but not nerdish shy
    I can’t be anything you want me to be
    But me is the best thing you’ll ever see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes I wanna date you?
    Damn i can’t resist
    I’ll get punched with a fist
    But I wanna date you?

    And i am not level one,
    I have 3 level 80 just for fun
    I though i will never say this, not once
    But for you i will i will play alliance.

    I am 15000 miles away
    I guess that can be flied in a day
    But can’t you see Felicia that is true
    I am doing all of this just to meet you

    Don’t you wanna date me?
    C’mon I am fine
    Contact me and i will shine
    I am not i am not a swine?

    Cool, White Human
    Looking for you
    My stats so high
    Like 1 meter and 82

    Got an uber guitar
    That you can equip
    Oh i have problems at sleep
    OMG this is more than nerdship

    I’m a sport guy based menace
    That is what people think
    But i am gamer casting pennance
    I fore sure deserve a wink?

    Check This out
    I am gonna get out
    Gonna drink some beer
    All because of this crazy feel

  • Barad


    Felicia i need to do something.

  • Barad

    Here I go.

    Well I guess I wanna date you?
    Well I guess I wanna date you?

    Trying to get me to hang in MMO
    You say many places we can go
    But my warrior that isn’t me
    I am much better than he will ever be

    Look I am not stalker kind of guy
    I am maybe nerd but not nerdish shy
    I can’t be anything you want me to be
    But me is the best thing you’ll ever see ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yes I wanna date you?
    Damn i can’t resist
    I’ll get punched with a fist
    But I wanna date you?

    And i am not level one,
    I have 3 level 80 just for fun
    I thought i will never say this not once
    But for you I will, I will play alliance

    I am 15000 miles away
    I guess that can be flied in a day
    But can’t you see Felicia that is true
    I am doing all of this just to meet you

    Don’t you wanna date me?
    Cmon I am fine
    Contact me and i will shine
    You should really date me you know?

    Cool, White Human
    Looking for you
    My stats so high
    Like 1 meter and 82

    Got an uber guitar
    That you can equip
    Oh i have problems at sleep
    OMG this is more than nerdship

    I’m a sport guy based menace
    That is what people think
    But i am gamer casting penance
    I fore sure deserve a wink?

    Check This out
    I am gonna get out
    Gonna drink some beer
    All because of this crazy feel ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Loves Bitch

    Where were the beautiful Geek Girls when I was growing up? Playing D&D used to scare the girls away.

  • Jayde

    we need a Karaoke version of this!!!! I sooo want to sing this song at the bar!!!!!

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