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Crossing the Street


I had a day off this weekend from shooting Supernatural, and I was walking around downtown Vancouver on Saturday, sampling all the artisan coffee I could get my throat around. At one point I saw a pair of guys walking towards me wearing gamer shirts. Black short-sleeved, one Halo and one Call of Duty.

Now in my life up until this point, that kind of outfit has meant one thing: Potential comrades. I love games, I love gaming. If it’s Friday night, I’m not out hanging at a club, I’m diving into a new game I downloaded on Steam. And I am blessed with the fact that my career is largely built upon that love, which I channeled into fiction so many years ago with “The Guild”. If there’s anything I’m proud of in this world, it’s the fact that I’ve had people come up to me on the street and at conventions over the years to tell me that they feel confident to call themselves a gamer because of my work, where before they were ashamed. Hearing that kind of stuff has kept me going, against the mainstream, against all odds.

So seeing another gamer on the street used to be an auto-smile opportunity, or an entry into a conversation starting with, “Hey, dude! I love that game too!” Me and that stranger automatically had something in common: A love for something unconventional. Outsiders in arms. We had an auto-stepping stone to hurtle over human-introduction-awkwardness, into talking about something we loved together. Instant connection!

But for the first time maybe in my life, on that Saturday afternoon, I walked towards that pair of gamers and I didn’t smile. I didn’t say hello. In fact, I crossed the street so I wouldn’t walk by them. Because after all the years of gamer love and inclusiveness, something had changed in me. A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt.

I went home and was totally, utterly depressed.

I have not said many public things about Gamer Gate. I have tried to leave it alone, aside from a few @ replies on Twitter that journalists have decided to use in their articles, siding me against the hashtag. Why have I remained mostly silent?

Self-protection and fear.

I have been through a lot in my years on the internet. I have encountered a small fraction of the attacks from people like the ones who currently represent the worst of this “movement”. In the past, I worked through it alone because I felt shining a light on their words gave them exactly what they wanted: Attention and credibility. To say that their attacks and contempt didn’t set me back creatively would be a lie, but overall I got through the twists and turns, emotionally battered, but alright. My philosophy has always been, “Exist and represent yourself the way you want to exist as a woman who loves games, not as a reflection of what other people think or want of you. You will change minds by BEING. Show, don’t tell.” The attacks I experienced over the years were NOTHING compared to people who are the victims of these attacks now, but I still thought early on during the Gamer Gate phenomenon, “These trolls will dissipate into the night like they always do, it will be fine.”

But they have not dissipated. And because of the frightening emotions and actions attached to what has happened over the last month, the events are sure to have a long-lasting affect on gaming as a culture. The fact that it has affected me, to the point where I decided to cross the street last weekend away from those gamers, was heartbreaking. Because I realized my silence on the issue was not motivated by some grand strategy, but out of fear that the issue has created about speaking out.

I have been terrified of inviting a deluge of abusive and condescending tweets into my timeline. I did one simple @ reply to one of the main victims several weeks back, and got a flood of things I simply couldn’t stand to read directed at me. I had to log offline for a few days until it went away. I have tried to retweet a few of the articles I’ve seen dissecting the issue in support, but personally I am terrified to be doxxed for even typing the words “Gamer Gate”. I have had stalkers and restraining orders issued in the past, I have had people show up on my doorstep when my personal information was HARD to get. To have my location revealed to the world would give a entry point for any mentally ill person who has fixated on me, and allow them to show up and make good on the kind of threats I’ve received that make me paranoid to walk around a convention alone. I haven’t been able to stomach the risk of being afraid to get out of my car in my own driveway because I’ve expressed an opinion that someone on the internet didn’t agree with.


I have allowed a handful of anonymous people censor me. They have forced me, out of fear, into seeing myself a potential victim.

And that makes me loathe not THEM, but MYSELF.

So I write this to urge any person, male or female, who now has the impulse to do what I did, to walk away from something they loved before, to NOT.

Don’t let other people drive you away from gaming.

Games are beautiful, they are creative, they are worlds to immerse yourself in. They are art. And they are worth fighting for, even if the atmosphere is ugly right now. A small minority are putting up barbed wire walls between us who love games. And that is sad. Because odds are 99% certain that those guys on the street who I avoided would have been awesome to talk to. I realize that letting the actions of a few hateful people influence my behavior is the absolutely worst thing I could do in life. And not an example I want to set, ever.

So to myself and to everyone else who operates out of love not vengeance: Don’t abandon games. Don’t cross the street. Gaming needs you. To create, to play, to connect.

To represent.

I know this entry will probably draw contempt from people in the Gamer Gate movement. Something to scorn, something to rile them up against me and everything I’ve ever made. Especially, and most hurtfully, to mock my vulnerability. I just have one thing to say to you who do that: I’m genuinely sorry you are so angry.

I have lived a large part of my life ruled by negative emotions, mainly fear and anxiety. From my experience of working through those issues, I have this to say: Steeping yourself in the emotions that you’re surrounding yourself with, of hatred and bile and contempt, is ultimately not destructive to others like you want it to be. It’s destructive to yourself.

I know it feels good to belong to a group, to feel righteous in belonging to a cause, but causing fear and pushing people away from gaming is not the way to go about doing it. Think through the repercussions of your actions and the people you are aligning yourself with. And think honestly about whether your actions are genuinely going to change gaming life for the better. Or whether they’re just going to make someone cross the street away from you. And away from something, ironically, that we both love.

  • Alexis Ettner

    You are wonderful.

  • madth3

    Well said.

  • Rob

    It’s sad that this even needs to be written in 2014.

  • David

    Thank you for this.

  • outerspaceguy

    I wasn’t even aware of GamerGate. I like your message, though.

    (unrelated and random aside: this blog page is completely blank when I view it in the Apple OS X.10 Safari [Version 8.0 (10600.1.25)]; still works great in Firefox on OS X.10 )

  • Peter

    I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but all your work seems to come from such an authentic place. Especially this. Thank you, you rock.

  • Jotaux

    I would suggest just acting like you always do. Gamergate isn’t going to go apeshit on you just because you are a women, they might refute your points, but that will be based on the merits of the argument.

    In my opinion this panic and fear does not fall on gamergate but the gaming media. I have never met people as inclusive as gamers.

    • thr33phas3

      Did you miss that they already did just that?

  • Celticindian

    So phenomenally well said and beautifully written.

  • ducme

    She nailed it, well said.

  • Erthwjim

    Those guys across the street were your comrades still, I think the problem would be you’re giving too much thought to what the media is saying, and unfortunately they’re very one-sided. Yes people have been harassed and doxxed and threatened, and it’s horrible, but you have to realize that it only takes one individual to harass or dox or threaten, and those individuals only represent themselves. The vast majority of people are not going to do that and still want to game with you.

    • totesamalewinkwink

      She’s already been doxxed. The thing she wrote about being afraid of happening, has happened.

      Saying “not all men” or “not all male gamers” is not actually helpful. Because enough male gamers are stalkers, harassers, and enjoy sending threats of rape and death that the entire pool of ‘male gamer’ is tainted. One of you is enough to make me change my usernames and gender online in order to avoid having to suffer the same sort of harassment.

      Police your ‘brothers’, males. They’re making you all look bad.

      • Erthwjim

        Apparently you don’t follow the gamergate hashtag well and must be getting your info from a biased source, because most people on twitter that use the gamergate hashtag are actually against harassment and report it when it happens from either side, which it does, and that’s not to say it justifies the harassment that comes from gamergate, but in both the gg and anti-gg side, the harassment is a minority, but the gg side doesn’t partake in such stereotyping and therefore does not group everyone into one label based on the minority of people in that group.

      • Chris OKennon

        How do you think that works? How have all males suddenly become an organized group capable of policing each other? Are the annoying feminists to attack anyone – male or female – who disagree with their beliefs representative of all women? Should females be policing their “sisters?”

        That sort of thinking is what is keeping this silliness going. Everyone assumes that an attack on them must be from “their enemy” as a group. When it’s usually from an asshat that speaks for only themselves. It is ridiculous to think that a jerk can be part of a group only by a single trait that matches people with that same trait. If a redhead insults you, should you hate all redheads? Or people who wear the shoes they wore? Or from the country they were from?

      • Reggie Anderson

        “Because enough male gamers are stalkers, harassers, and enjoy sending threats of rape and death that the entire pool of ‘male gamer’ is tainted.”

        By this logic does this mean that you would judge all Muslims as “Tainted” because of Isis?

        Or by this logic does this mean you would judge all African-americans as “Hoods” because of a few “Gang-bangers?”

        Or by this logic are you saying that all Germans are Nazi’s because some germans in history were nazis?

        Be careful with what you say and be very sure that it is what you want to say going forward because I am going to say this quite plainly… If you reveal yourself to be a closet bigot of any kind you will have removed your right to demand to be listened to by any reasonable individual.

    • Randy Divinski

      Translation: Just because one of my gaming “journalist ethics forever” buddies doxxes you and threatens to rape you, doesn’t mean I want to. He probably won’t actually do it, so it’s not like I am going to stop gaming with him, or tell him he’s wrong or anything. No, I am going to form a group around him so he can continue to make threats in anonymity. But I am not responsible for his behavior. I am a great paragon of “ethics” but I take responsibility for NOTHING.

      • Meg

        However, your silence condones the behavior.

      • Erthwjim

        Not even sure what to say here. First, stop drinking the koolaid. 2nd, have you heard of individuals? People do act on their own, I know this is foreign to many of the anti-gg crowd, but the voice of one does not reflect the voice of many on the gg side. 3rd, the media gives the trolls a shield, not gamergate. I’m not sure if you realize how trolls work, but they want people to react, and the bigger the reaction the better it is for them. Most people in the media know this, yet they keep giving trolls their voices. In fact the media takes a few trolls and exaggerates them into an army of trolls, giving those trolls even more power than they already had. They’re taking the voice of one out of the voice of thousands and amplifying it. You’d know this if you actually did some research yourself instead of relying on your favorite mainstream media gaming site. Gamergate actually calls out people who harass and dox and send death threats and reports them to their respective sites as needed and law enforcement if possible. Heck, gamergate even went as far as finding out who one of the harassers of Anita Sarkeesian was, a Brazilian clickbait journalist.

  • Jacob

    You are friggin’ super duper!

  • Friendly Joe

    There are good and bad people in any group, be it gamers as a whole, or GamerGate itself. The bad can sometimes overshadow the good because they are very loud, and that is sad.

    I reflect on the actions of most of the people I know in the movement, men and women of all types, and they are by and large, working towards good. Writing to advertisers to protest hateful comments made by bloggers. Raising money so a woman can get her game made. Supporting an anti-bullying charity. Giving women and minorities of #NotYourShield a voice to talk back against people who claim to be speaking *for* them.

    The end goal at the heart of GamerGate, is a healthier games media, more diversity in both identities represented and a diversity of *ideas* welcome in games and more people feeling safe to enjoy games.
    I stand by those ideals and I condemn the harassment of anyone who is either for, against or neutral to GamerGate.

    The good people of GamerGate want the harassers, be they part of GamerGate or random trolls, caught and punished. Not because it makes GamerGate look bad but because it is the right thing to do.

    Teams of people who both support and oppose the movement, patrol the Twitter hashtag 24/7 working together, reporting and recording abusive individuals. They can’t catch everyone, sadly. People in GamerGate have been handing information on the harassers over to the authorities, including the FBI and are doing whatever else they can.

    If you cannot agree with GamerGate’s aims or methods, at least know good people are actively fighting the bad. We are all still gamers who love games. I do not hope to change your mind, only to ask that you can keep it open.

    • Reggie Anderson

      I can confirm most of what’s said here as I have seen it myself.

      The link to see the “GamerGate Harassment Patrol” in action is here:

      I see so many articles decrying the gamer gate people and the scandal involved and there is good cause to be concerned because I see hostility coming mostly from those opposed to the “Gaters” (that said, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that there is harassment coming from the “Gaters” side as well however given that there have been links suggesting third-party trolls trying to prolong the drama, it does make one question how much of this hostility is legitimate and how much of it is manufactured “For the lulz.”)

      That and given most of the criticism of the “Gamer gate” movement itself seems to come from sites that are being targeted by the boycotts themselves, it does bring into question the legitimacy of their claims that it is only a “hate movement.”

      Felicia is a smart-cookie. Chances are she is able to see through the spin. That all being said, given she is a very high profile twitter user with a strong social media presence, this measured blog itself is probably a wise move at this point.

      Be safe, Felicia. And I hope you remember your love of gaming through all of this.

      • beef

        I’m sort of confused why you talk about the gamergate people being *less* hostile than those who oppose them… like, I wouldn’t call the rape threats, death threads, and literally threatening a school shooting from people in your movement unfair “spin”.

        • Jesse

          It’s because these people are full of shit. They put their best faces on for posts like these and think because they can write a polite post with correct grammar that somehow makes the rape and murder threats less serious.

          Gamergate was literally started by a guy lying about his ex-girlfriend and posting a bunch of private info about her on the internet. Sexist. End of story. Their movement is, quite honestly, the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen come out of the gaming community – and unfortunately we have a lot of pathetic stuff. Fortunately however, with the presence of fantastic feminist and progressive game developers and critics and blogs and gamers that pre-date Gamergate, there’s already been a FAR stronger and more well developed movement to improve games and the gaming community. In fact, I’d argue that the very people Gamergate is attacking (yes, attacking, not critiquing) are some of the most important people in the gaming world today because they’re actually doing exactly what Gamergate claims they want: critiquing the flaws and biases in the video game world and/or creating unique and authentic games. Depression Quest is still one of the best games I’ve played in the last couple years.

          • Ratumlan

            I can tell you guys are angry about gamergate, and I certainly won’t get involved in telling you whether you should or shouldn’t, but do you really feel this is the best place to play the blame game? I think Felicia Day just did her best NOT to pick sides, not to attack gamergate as a whole, but to focus on what matters most, that this whole thing has people ending up afraid to speak up. On both sides.

          • beef

            Naw bro, she’s not saying that both “sides” are making people afraid to speak up. She didn’t make a post worrying that anti-gamergate people will doxx her. It’s not a matter of “both sides” being bad, it’s a matter of gamergate & associates needing to grow the heck up and stop sending death threats to women who dare to disagree with them.

          • Reggie Anderson

            And do you have evidence that says that all of the people involved in gamer gate approve and condone the doxxing and harassment of Ms. Day?

            Or are you basing your judgement on assumptions and reinforcing it with emotive pleas?

          • Randy Divinski

            Not every member of the KKK burns a cross or lynches the target of their harrassment. But when you join that group, you condone (and become responsible for) that behavior — doubly so when you attempt to justify it, run interference on its behalf, and downplay its seriousness.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            GGers let this happen; if they were responsible, they would try and build something out of this, with composure, respect for all part, and be intelligible. GG looks like a big shadowy, tentacully being with no clear purpose.

          • Ratumlan

            Yes, that certainly is at the heart of the matter, only I do not think we’ll achieve this by shouting down anyone who even remotely shows compassion for someone associated with gamer gate. And that certainly is happening, a lot. The best way to convince someone to be a decent person is being a decent person yourself, particularly when it’s hard and when you feel like punching someone who obviously deserves a good punching. But sure, I’ll yield that I may have read more into her post than what she actually is saying. I still think my reading of her text is consistent, but obviously I can’t prove it either way and it’s not my place in any case.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            she picked a side, the OTHER side of the street. if you cannot see this is a critic of GG, you are delusional.

          • Reggie Anderson

            I feel you are reading into this a little too much. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and refresh yourself.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            yeah, sure, she’s afraid of gamers because of GG. So I read little too much in it, sure. The very moment, people behind GG begins organizing SERIOUSLY, and 1) appoint 1 or a finite and definite number of people to represent them, 2) set up a website or whatever so that anyone can link up to it when you want to protect themselves from “fake” GGers that allegedly harass SJWs, and 3) stop use the straw man tactics to defend yourself by a pathetic “no, this is not GG, these are *choose a someone to blame*”, I’ll take a step back and maybe “refresh” myself.

            But right now, GG is only what you show us, a bunch of racists, criminals (yes Doxxing is a crime you criminals), bullies, misogynists douchebags that can’t clearly and precisely define their “goal” aside from “Ethics in gaming journalism”.

            Can you at least put some “Ethics in GamerGate” ? because posting personal infos and addresses so that mental freaks can go and terrorize other people is, guess what ?, UNETHICAL,

            Oh, and never forget you were set up by a mentally-ill whiner (Eron Gjoni) who could not bear the fact a woman would not think he is the greatest man in her life, who posted an unethical (in the form) and false (as in full of lies) post to get the worst band of gamers to harass and doxx her. This is the behaviour of a grown-up, balanced, young man. Yeah. And ethical. go talk to your mirror. Whatever you may think it is, it is NOT.

          • RD20

   I’m just saying its on both sides just not being covered by main gaming sites since they kind of have a vested interest in GG dying.

          • Jesse

            My impersonation of people like Ratumlan:

            Hello internet friend! In an effort to recruit people to my bat shit crazy 4chan movement I will use polite words and phrases. I would never dare to tell whether you should be mad about rape and murder, I mean, really you need to form your own opinion about these totally neutral things. Additionally, even though Felicia Day explicitly only referenced threats from Gamergate supporters, I’m just going to straight up lie with my friendly words to make my lie more believable and delude myself – and you, potential recruit! – into thinking both sides are really to blame.

            Because, really, who can blame someone for threatening women? I mean, they dared to post an opinion on a topic! I know the last time I read a negative review of Transformed 19: Battlebot edition featuring Adam West I called in terrorist threats to a school too! Again, who can really say if that’s a “bad” or “good” choice in this grey world. Don’t be a sheeple! And if you’re interested feel free to message me!

          • Ratumlan

            Hello Jesse.
            Sorry to have to tell you this, but you are wrong. I am not a member of “gamer gate”, I am certainly not trying to draw people to 4chan, and I do not feel violence against women is a neutral topic. Which is, incidentally, also not what I suggested in my post. But really, that is neither here nor there, because you obviously have a different impression of me and why would you believe me if I said you are wrong. That’s not how it works. So anyway.

            I just read Felicia’s blog post again, and you are right. She only explicitly mentions threats from gamer gate supporters. She certainly sides against those who make these threats, obviously, who wouldn’t. Maybe she does side against gamer gate as a whole, I don’t know, but at least to me that doesn’t seem to be what her text is about. Instead, what she focusses on in her piece is what this whole clusterfuck is doing to us as a community, that the actions of a few are drawing up barbed wires between people who could instead have a good time talking about Mass Effect or Lords of Waterdeep.

            Take you and me. You certainly seem angry about the misogynist arseholes who make people like Felicia afraid to talk. Me, I’ve recently spent an hour in front of a friend’s house after we got a call that her boyfriend was about to get violent, so the other girls brought me along in case they couldn’t calm him down and needed someone who wouldn’t go down after the first punch. Something tells me that if we met in person, our stance on violence against women would not be the issue. Yet here we are in the comments section of someone we both seem to like, and you are telling me I am a liar trying to rally people for ruining the lives of women, and something about terrorism and school shootings that I have to admit I didn’t fully comprehend but which certainly didn’t read like a compliment. Prompted by my trying to say ‘take a step back and think if hurling abuse is really the way to go here’. Sure, maybe I could’ve said that better. But yes, basically, someone you don’t know shows signs that he’s not fully on your side, and off come the gloves.

            That’s not good, not for me, not for you, not for anyone. Or do you really think that the gamer gate trolls are going to go away if you just shout them down loud enough? That’s not how it works, not in my experience, and I’ve been there before. It will not stop the trolls, they thrive on the abuse, throwing up a stink that makes people feel bad is what they are all about. It will not convince those with wobbly opinions, those who feel like something good might be salvaged from gamer gate once we get rid of the misogynist shitheads. Getting painted with the same brush as somebody you despise doesn’t make you more eager to listen to arguments. As for the victims of gamer gate trolls, sure, maybe a few of them will feel better if you stand next to them and cuss your mouth off, but somehow I doubt Felicia is that kind of person. The blind rage I see with many people in the anti-gamer gate movement does not rally people to a good cause, it drives them away. Because nobody really likes to stand next to someone who’ll punch anyone who looks at them the wrong way.

            So, in a nutshell, what I was thinking of when I wrote my first comment was not that it’s ok to feel fine about abusing women, but I was thinking about the last lines in Felicia’s post. “Think honestly about whether your actions are genuinely going to change gaming life for the better. Or whether they’re juzst going to make someone cross the street away from you. And away from something, ironically, that we both love.”

            Also, for future reference, you’re thinking of impression, not impersonation. Sorry.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            Neat then, that the utter majority of threats were about rape or murder against women.

          • Guest


          • Ratumlan

            Your point being what?

          • Mathieu Segaud

            apparently that you are dumb as fuck “Threatening to kill a woman is not worse than threatening to kill a man. Both happens, both shouldn’t.” you trying to hide these misogynistic attacks as something else make me vomit.

          • Ratumlan

            What can I say? I don’t see where I am trying to hide anything. I’m saying that the problem with violence against women is not that it is violence against women, but that it is violence period. Apparently, that is not enough for you, and it makes you angry that I don’t agree and it makes you think I have some hidden agenda and that makes you sick, and it really doesn’t matter that you are wrong, because for all intents and purposes, in your world I am one of those idiots who make you angry. I don’t know what I can do about that, no matter how much I regret being the occasion for such anger. Dear gamer gaters, please don’t threaten women, it’s a fucked up thing to do. Does that help? Probably not, obviously just another lie. Please try and enjoy the weekend, anyway.

        • Reggie Anderson

          Read this archived link from a forum where third-party trolls acknowledge taking part in the claims of gun shootings and other threats.

          It does seem clear to me that this, while it does not invalidate the claims made against the gamer gate groups in their totality per-se, does bring into question the sincerity of the claims made against them that “they are at fault.”

          This is not a time for emotive pleas or claims, this is a time when logic and reason are most needed because as you can tell from the blog post, people are getting very legitimately scared of this and emotions will cloud one’s reason (this is a long known fact that has been studied for decades if not centuries.)

          • Ratumlan


    • Viridian

      As part of GamerGate, what things do you want to see accomplished as a result of the movement? “Healthier games media” sounds like a worthy goal, but I’m curious to what specific concrete changes you’re hoping to have happen. I’m also curious what your thoughts are on why so many hateful, abusive people are associated with your movement. Why are you involved with it?

      You can probably guess that I’m anti-GamerGate (I’m a woman, I’m inclined to run the hell away from groups that attack us), but you seem like a pretty reasonable person and I appreciate work to push back against harassment, so I’m genuinely interested if you want to share.

      • Friendly Joe

        Overall, a lot of people have expressed wanting a greater level of transparency with games journalists. If you’re friends with the person who made the game you’re reviewing or have donated money to them, that should be disclosed in the review. If a game publisher gives the reviewer a new tablet or takes them out to dinner, that should be disclosed also.

        Some websites adopted or changed policies to do so as a result of GamerGate, but many have not. These are short term goals.

        A recent thing happen where youtube reviewers were asked to sign a contract in order to get advanced copies of a game, but only if the review was positive, covered all the specific points marketing wanted them to and the review was approved by marketing before published. That may not have been brought to public except for GamerGate happening.

        A more long term goal I’ve heard talked about is the creation of a formal Consumer Interest Group for games that could receive and vet complaints. But nobody is exactly sure how to go about forming it.

        Additionally, it was suggested that a ‘People’s Choice’ style awards festival for indie games be created to give exposure to developers who would not ordinarily get noticed.

        I support these efforts, but I’m not beholden to the hashtag or GamerGate itself. I feel there’s a lot of good people trying to create good change, but they’re struggling just to be heard over the trolls.

        I’m not above criticizing GamerGate; I feel they’re not doing themselves a service fighting PR wars instead of creating tight, concrete plans of action to accomplish their goals. It’s a diffused consumer revolt with no clear leaders. That’s a blessing and a curse since anyone can claim to be in GG and cause trouble for amusement or by simply being misguided, but at the same time remains fluid and adaptable. The opposite of ‘organized chaos’; chaotic organization, if you will.

        I’d like to note however, GamerGate isn’t just men. A lot of women support it. They’ve received threats as well from people opposing GG or trolls. I’d suggest googling the “HuffPost Live: 3 Strong Women Of #GamerGate” interview or the many ‘Women of GamerGate’ streams to hear what they have to say in their own words.

        I personally try to spend my time engaging with the views of people on both ‘sides’ trying to build bridges. I want to see things resolved because the scandal really is making people afraid and I rather everyone go back to playing games instead of fighting over them.

        • Hinotori

          You sound sincere, but no matter how compassionate or thoughtful you try to be with your words, the GamerGate disaster cannot rise above its origins. As others have pointed out, and I’m sure you already know, it started from a vomitous revenge fantasy come to life. I actually feel bad for Gjoni, all things considered, but what happened afterwards was driven entirely by a misogynistic agenda, and you cannot ignore that. I find it ironic that you mentioned #NotYourShield, which was specifically designed to be EXACTLY WHAT IT SAID IT WASN’T.

          I don’t deny that some people may have legitimately embraced it after the fact, but everything about the “movement’s” conception was steeped in deception and hate from the beginning.

          If you truly believe in making the changes you said you want, and I don’t disagree with you, then you should do it separately from the movement entirely. It’s tainted. It cannot be untainted. That’s the problem with hate; it corrupts and stains and cannot be easily undone. The people who’ve been harmed by it will carry that harm long past the good intentions you claim to have. Find another way. Find a different path to get what you want that wasn’t built on the bad faith of others.

          • Sasha

            > it started from a vomitous revenge fantasy come to life. I actually feel bad for Gjoni, all things considered, but what happened afterwards was driven entirely by a misogynistic agenda

            Your image link in no way whatsoever does anything to support a single word you write.

            Similarly, Quinn’s claim in the Tweet is not supported by the discussion in the image.

            There’s nothing objectionable or even untoward whatsoever about that (public) conversation. A few people in IRC, at least two of them non-white, talking about the NYS hashtag campaign…what is this supposed to prove exactly?

        • thr33phas3

          Trying to bully the websites into changing their policies and content to suit your desires doesn’t seem to mesh well with a desire for “transparency.” Sorry.

  • Jorge

    I like to think the threat is the very few hidden among the many… But any of the chat in ANY game I play is filled with such careless hate and vitriol that I’ve been forced to withdraw from all but a few online communities. I feel so alone in my decency.

    • Ratumlan

      Don’t worry. There are plenty of fine people out here, particularly in our subculture. Right now there is a lot of hate in the air, but it will go away. Hatred is blind and consumes, compassion is bright and nourishing, and a lot more resilient than people give it credit for. Sounds like wishful thinking, but I’m utterly convinced it is not.

      • super390

        The last time democracy fell, it took 2200 years to make a comeback. I’m not putting any more faith in compassion.

  • Reggie Anderson

    I do not hold you in any ill light because of your fears. This is a very ugly scandal.

    I hope you will remember the love of gaming in your heart of hearts. They truly are an art form and it is deplorable that you have been made to hold such fears.

    Be true to you and be safe.

  • RudimentaryDiode

    Felicia, I consider myself a part of the #GamerGate movement.

    I’m also someone who has been deeply inspired by you in the past, because of your portrayal that being nervous and awkward and geeky is okay and nothing to be ashamed of. This post was profoundly beautiful and inspirational and I thank you for it.

    Much of the movement hates any form of harassment, doxxing or even name-calling. I wish that (other) prominent females in the gaming industry had spoken up, and acknowledged all sides of the issue instead of allowing this to turn into a knee jerk war. When some gamers were legitimately upset about the major breach of trust Journalists had made, they were accused of being sexist and being exactly like the extremists. A dialogue has needed to be held for a long time regarding how gaming journalism works and how to increase trust between both journalists and gamers. The fault is on both ends, with many gamers feeling entitled (and making it easy for reviewers to dismiss them) and many journalists not being as forthcoming and professional as they could have been. I also think if more apologies had gone around (instead of everyone going on the defensive) in the beginning, the trolls would have quickly been chased out and this would all be a memory.

    I don’t blame you for not speaking up. I don’t think I would have either. I’ve avoided the issue for a very long time, only just recently joining in, because I did not want to attract attention to myself from either side. A few week ago I had said something mildly sympathetic towards the GG crowd and found myself barraged by accusations of not actually being a woman, being told to show photographic evidence that I was a woman, being accused of having internalized misogyny, being told I didn’t really care about games… It really sucked.

    I don’t like that gamers are hating each other instead of talking to each other. I don’t like that everyone is focused on what’s different instead of what we have in common. Most of all, I hate that there are people out there who lack respect and think it’s okay to doxx anyone they disagree with. I hate feeling betrayed by all the news articles telling me that “gamers were dead” because even though I did agree that there was sexism going on, I identify as the very gamers they were declaring “over.”

    I’m so sorry that you have felt afraid, powerless, and unable to speak up with your own personal beliefs and views on the matter. Your opinions have been very important to the community as a whole.

    To be honest, I think everyone could learn a lesson from you. Everyone on both sides.

    I hope you have a good day.

    • Bernd Kilga

      > Everyone on both sides.

      Got a question for you: What change would be needed to please either side? Can you answer this for me?

      • Kate Galey

        What I want is what I’ve wanted for a long time before GG ever reared its ugly head: for women in gaming to be allowed to develop, write, and even critique games without facing rape and death threats. I want to be able to talk about feminism and games without being called a “feminazi” and being told to kill myself. I want to be able to ask for games which represent me without being told that I’m ruining gaming.

        From what I understand, they would like games journalists to stop publishing things they disagree with.

    • moshpitsoccermom

      Thank you for a lovely comment. I feel much the same as you, but without the nervous anxiety 🙂 Thanks for having the guts to post this.

    • Matt Fasnacht

      I support what this guy is saying. But also, I feel like if someone who associated with GG is promoting harassment, we don’t want them associating with GG anymore. That isn’t the point, sexism isn’t the point and neither is making anyone feel unwelcome.

      • beef

        Except they stiill are, and will, associate with GG. What then?

        • Ratumlan

          Well, that’s the heart of the issue, isn’t it?
          People seem upset with game journalism and want a proper conversation about it.
          I’m neither here nor there on this, I simply don’t follow game journalism closely enough to have an opinion. What I can say is that from all I can see, #gamergate has started out as a cover for misogynistic bile, and only afterwards has picked up people who genuinely want to talk about game journalism. Now, it’d be great to see those people drive off the nutjobs and haters and turn this into a clean, constructive debate. Only, I don’t know that this is possible, at least not as #gamergate, that hashtag seems burned to me. One side will remember #gamergate as those weeks and months when they were threatened over who they were, another side will remember it as a time when they were threatened over what they were trying to talk about and who they were associated with. Sadly, it’s not as easy as forming a new hashtag, it really is quite enough to say anything about game journalism these days and boom goes the dynamite.

      • Robert Ernest Richter

        Actually, all evidence suggests that sexism is the point and has always been the point. If you want to agitate for ethics in game journalism (which isn’t defined as “covering the things I like the way I want”) or whatever, you should find another banner to do it under.

    • Randy Divinski

      It’s insane that an obsession of some arcane aspect of “gaming journalism” is being elevated to some high ”liberty or death” principle that justifies bullying, threats, doxxing [Felicia got doxxed for posting this thoughtful article, by the way] — another form of intimidation. GG is quickly devolving into this community’s version of ISIS, a virtual terrorist organization. Not interested in discussing ideas, only interested in threatening not only anyone who disagrees with their “viewpoint” but also anyone who disagrees with their violent methods.

      Shame on anyone so self-involved that they feel some childish point about “gaming journalism” is worth threatening and harassing people over. And double shame on anyone trotting out the lame “I hear someone ‘on the other side’ once made a hurtful criticism of someone I almost know once, so death threats are OK with me.” Seriously. Grow up.

    • Robert Ernest Richter

      Claiming membership in the Gater “movement” while professing to hate harassment is like flying a confederate flag and professing to hate racism. You can probably argue yourself into a worldview where that seems consistent, but that worldview is limited to you and other people who are doing the same thing.

      Everyone else sees a hateful hypocrite. No matter what you say.

      So maybe stop flying the flag. You don’t need it and it’s not helping.

      • super390

        Flying the Confederate flag while professing to hate racism has been a huge winner for the American conservative movement since 1980. We’ve so mainstreamed this agenda that now governors talk secession, and legislators plan to make Christianity the official state religion and annul the 13th & 14th Amendment in the name of liberty. That was always the plan, to legitimize a war against the 20th century.

        Gamers were bound to grow up into yet another faction of white men who covet guns and supremacy, ready to rule future America as a tiny minority under the true power of a nearly all-white, all-male oligarchy by organizing to harass egalitarians into silence. It worked in our South for centuries and in feudal Europe for millenia – places the Right is far too nostalgic about. They will relentlessly bully is in our workplaces, our schools, our blogs, until we accept that the Old Ways are God’s immutable demand.

        This will be the rest of our lives, a shadow war by the dead hand of the past. Until there is a real war.

  • crashtestbonnie

    FWIW, I would’ve crossed the street as well, whether the guys had been in gamer shirts or business suits. The world is not as safe out there as we all want to pretend it is and women have to be on constant alert in ways men do not. It is sad and it is a fact. Frankly, the Internet is getting scarier than real life. I’m glad to finally hear you weigh in on this. Whether you ever intended to be or not, you are an important role model for all women doing what they love in arenas where they are still, in 2014, not always welcomed with open arms.

  • ReysonTheNoble

    As a GamerGate supporter, I would like to apologize for any harassment you may have received on Twitter. We are, for the most part, not a hateful movement. We make an effort to report any harassment we see, no matter who it is happening to. I’m personally a big fan of your work, and value your input on the issue regardless of what stance you take. That being said, there will always be trolls on the internet, and they will always say awful things, to visible women in particular, but by and large they are just words. I think someone so loved by the gaming community as you has a very low chance of being doxxed by a gamer, but I think being careful is always a good option.

    • Bernd Kilga

      > and they will always say awful things, to visible women in particular, but by and large they are just words

      Translation: Women will always have it shitty, nothing I can do.

      Well, I’m not going to accept that and neither should you!

    • totesamalewinkwink

      Ms. Day’s personal information has already been published online. Within an hour of her posting this, she was doxxed by supporters of GamerGate.

      At this point, it’s fairly obvious that to support GamerGate is to support the harassment and abuse of women online. NotAllMen and NotAllMaleGamers, obviously. But enough of them to make the entire pool toxic.

      • RD20

        and GG supporters are actively trying to figure out who did it when is the last time anti GG did that when someone on the GG side was doxxed by them just wondering.

  • Dominic McDonnell

    Felica you are awesome, don’t stop.

  • Jon

    Thank you for writing this, Felicia. We don’t know each other, but I am saddened to hear about what happened to you. I want to say that it makes me sad, too, because I am so inspired by what you’ve managed to achieve by pursuing your interests and passions. I’m in the middle of a massive life upheaval – a complete change of professional and personal direction. And to be honest, I draw a lot of courage from thinking about what you, and people like Wil Wheaton, have done to make your passions your livelihood. So, at the risk of being really maudlin, it hurts a bit to think about you feeling that you had to turn away from what you love.

    And you shouldn’t have to. No one should have to. This GamerGate stuff is awful. And for what it’s worth, for every silent a@@hat out there, I really believe there are five more geeks who are with you. I know I am. Especially when you write with such courage. Good luck out there, and take care of yourself!

  • Jesse

    I love this post, it’s dead on 100% correct.

    And to all the GamerGate supporters in the comments: give it up. There is no GamerGate movement, it’s a joke. The “integrity in gaming” issue was started cuz a mentally ill ex boyfriend is a misogynistic piece of shit who needs medication and lied about his ex girlfriend. There is no issue – GamerGate has been sexist since the beginning and that will never change, it’s a buncha horse shit, has no goal, no points to make, literally absolutely not important in any way. Give it up.

    • Greg Yeager

      ^this. There never has been integrity in gaming journalism. I grew up reading Nintendo Power magazine about Nintendo by Nintendo. It was unapologetic advertising. Who cares?

      • thr33phas3

        And “gaming journalism” has never had a huge audience, either. Claiming to be concerned about “objectivity” and “ethics” in an already-well-known-to-be-corrupt field with a small readership sounds like a great example of a “luxury grievance” from here – a non-issue that only someone in a position of privilege could claim to care about.

      • Jesse

        haha true about Nintendo Power. God it was so much worse back then, now that I think about it, it’s extra funny that people are claiming to be so upset about it now.

        If people want better games jounralism…then become game journalists. This isn’t politics where if a politician lies about something people actually get hurt. They’re video game reviews, if you don’t like the reviews don’t read them – they’re just someone’s opinion. I don’t read any of those crappy movie reviews in magazines, I just see a movie and decide if I like it, and I’ll read reviews from writers/friends I trust. It’s seriously not a big deal, and if you DO care about it then fine, make your own game review blog. Or make your own game – it’s easier than ever!

    • Heather Fox

      A good example of this is that people were very quick to hate on Zoe, send her, her friends and family threats, and try (and succeed) to ruin her life – BUT, if they felt so passionate about the whole thing, why did they not do the same to the male journalists she supposedly slept with? Surely it takes two to tango. And the journalists were the ones writing the articles, why didn’t they go after all of them with the same intensity? Why didn’t they threaten them and attempt to ruin their lives?

      • Jesse

        Probly cuz the people who started the rumor knew it was a lie and just wanted to attack Zoe Quinn 🙁

        People gotta realize prejudice and bigotry and stereotypes aren’t kept alive by the extremists – they’re kept alive the masses in the middle who don’t take a stand and just float by. It is totally true Gamergate is supported by many people and a small % have resorted to threats. But that’s the thing: wtf are the rest doing? Why is it so easy for them to believe a woman sleeps around and fits into a stereotype without questioning it at all? Why do they get so much angrier at a woman critiquing something than a man? Why do they insist on taking at face value, rumors and lies about women that have been consistently been proven wrong? These people aren’t horrible people, they’re just foolish and ignorant average humans who, instead of taking the time to step back and really listen and look at their decisions, are just going with the flow. And the general cultural flow in the world we live in is, unfortunately, horribly sexist, racist, homophobic, self involved, etc.

        to quote MLK Jr. on this:

        “First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely
        disappointed with the white moderate…who is more devoted to “order” than to
        justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a
        positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says “I
        agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can’t agree with your methods
        of direct action;” who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable
        for another man’s freedom…

        Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than
        absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is
        much more bewildering than outright rejection.”

    • Duncan

      What a sweeping generalization full of toxic spite that tries to balance the scales of hate by being like some loudmouth GamerGater, but on the opposite side. What makes you think that ex-bf was lying or that he’s mentally ill? Do you know both of them personally? I doubt it. You’re very quick to deal with labels and judgment, which doesn’t make you any better than those who accused her of whoring around for better reviews. You’re pretty much the same.

      • Mathieu Segaud

        I don’t say he lied about the cheating. He lied about the reason why she cheated on him: Depression Quest was never reviewed on Kotaku as he claimed it was, so the fact that she bought a good review with her ass is purely and simply a lie.
        And someone who discloses his and her private life, conversations, to write a long rant about a woman in PUBLIC, to humiliate her, to smear her is nothing but mentally ill.

        • thewizardninja

          Which is funny, because Eron never claimed such a thing. It was other people that made the connections between Grayson and Zoe after reading his blog post, which was actually meant to be a detailing of all the horrendous emotional abuse Zoe drenched him in during their relationship, the cheating only being a small part of the bigger picture. Are you trying to say that victims of abuse should keep silent about said abuse out of respect for their abuser? Maybe you should actually read the blog post instead of judging what are obviously second or third hand accounts.

  • Izaleu

    Rock on, Felicia. <3

  • Celene Swiftshadow

    I don’t know what Gamer Gate is, I read this on tumblr and wanted to comment so bad. The words have left my mind, alas. As a gamer, it hurts to read this… But knowing, I’m not the only one that has avoided other gamers on the street is both a hurt and a relief. I’m sorry you have been put through this, but thank you for pushing on through all of this and becoming my role model.

  • Greg Yeager

    I’m a white male gamer and a feminist. Minutes ago I felt ashamed of that “gamer” label, even though it’s the label that I’ve identified with more than any other all my life. Thank you for writing this!

  • Draxsis

    It is truly sad to hear that you’ve had to have these kinds of experiences, Felicia.

    I don’t de-cloak often to comment on anything but I think there is something for both sides of the discussion to take away from your story. And to take note that there are third parties reveling in the chaos they are creating, playing one side off the other throughout this whole ordeal. A perfect example of this is the troll accounts intentionally spreading fear, outright lies and deliberately misleading tweets regarding the fatal attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and attempting to lay the blame at the feet of gamers, suggesting the shooter was wearing #gamergate clothing. This behavior is reprehensible and should be condemned by both sides. I personally think this is an example of this type of third party trolling, intentionally baiting one side, knowing the other will respond. In this case, I actually think these people should be identified and prosecuted if any laws exist to do so. They intentionally used an actual life and death situation to spread chaos and fan the flames of gg vs. anti-gg.

    I think it is important to acknowledge that the online abuse, doxxing and flame wars is far from one sided. There is ample evidence to show that elements of both sides have engaged in very dangerous and unproductive actions.

    Personally, I’ve tried to stay out of the social advocacy debate of the gamergate controversy. I openly admit that I think the games media needs to be open, transparent and if corruption or nepotism exists in the industry it needs to be exposed and confronted and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. As consumers, gamers deserve no less than an honest and professional media that represents us and has our interests at heart and does not see us as a resource to be exploited to maximum profit.

    That’s why it is so hard to watch the gaming community be decimated by media outlet after media outlet (new, mainstream and social) piling on telling us we’re outcasts, subhumans or people to be despised. That we don’t matter, aren’t wanted, don’t deserve to have a voice and our identity needs to die. This is far from a civil approach.

    Are there elements of the gaming community I wish were different? Absolutely. Personally, I won’t go near a game like a moba or an online shooter based on the personal experiences I’ve had with them. (Hint: they were almost always bad). Do I wish people would be kinder and more understanding? Absolutely. No rational person wouldn’t. But I also cannot support blaming the entire gaming community for its faults or calling for it to be destroyed. I’d like to see a community open to all. I personally don’t care who or what you are. If you’ve made a great game, I want to play it.

    My heart goes out to you, Felicia, that you feel like you live in a world of fear. I’ve been there. No one deserves it. I think your message is a good one, that people need to think about what they are doing but I also think that message needs to be heard by all sides involved. Please try to recognize that there are people on each side pushing an agenda and attempting to control the narrative and elements in the middle and on the fringe feeding off the chaos. Please do not paint us all with one brush, no matter what color of paint you decide to dip it in.

    There are gamers out there who just want to love games and gamers again. We’d like to play with you.

  • Marik Kurney

    This kind of thing breaks my heart. I only play World of Warcraft but my son-in-law and daughter play other games many of them tabletop now. That you could be scared because of a few apparently very sad individuals seems horrible to me. I am not the person to say ‘why can’t we all get along?’ because I believe that to be an impossibility. But wouldn’t the world be a nicer, richer place if we could be excited by the possibilities our ‘not getting along’ can bring to the table. There is so much we can learn from each other, not the least being how to allow our differences and learn from each other. I am sorry you had to feel that fear. I think it diminishes us all. Stay strong in your joy of gaming, maybe just maybe things will get better.

  • Hinotori

    Thank you for saying something, for saying it with such honesty, and for saying it so WELL.

  • Ratumlan

    Hey Felicia, this seems like a good moment to tell you how much I enjoy what you do. Thank you for speaking up, this is by far one of the most nuanced comments I’ve seen on this matter. I really hope this turns out alright for you. I wish I could do something to drive away the haters so you and others like you don’t have to worry about speaking up in front of the wrong people, but I suspect you wouldn’t want me to even if I could. So suffice to say, please know that here is someone who shares your view on this. We’ll be OK.

    • totesamalewinkwink

      She was doxxed within an hour of posting this.

      • Arto Pekkanen

        And the doxxing was published where and by whom? And for what purpose?

  • Earl Tower

    This article was like a punch in the gut for me. I had not paid much attention to the whole controversy. Various gamer friends had mentioned the whole gamergate issue in casual conversation over the last few months, but it was only of idle curiosity to me in passing. In my household, it is the son and wife who are the heavy gamers. My own gaming is more residual to them, and a childhood grown up playing idle console games on the Atari, a few college era computer games, and overly complex war games from the Avalon Hill era. I exist at the fringe of the hobby in general, and it has never been a lifestyle for me.

    I do consider myself a fan of Ms Day’s work. My wife pointed out Felicity Day’s videos for the Guild years ago, and I find them to be amusing and an a truthful parody of the online gamer’s lifestyle. Her willingness to take such an independent road as an actress and creative talent were refreshing to see. It showed where the Internet Era of the Computer Age could truly take the private citizen in the Free World. It is the living dream that so many great science fiction authors predicted decades ago.

    To see such a talented person show such fear saddens me. There are parts of the world I have visited where women are treated little better than chattel, and even if they had any rights it was still little better than medieval in context. My main solace in dealing with such cultures was the thought that in my culture and civilization we had learned better. We had started to actually appreciate and empower the other half of the human race, so long suppressed. I thought that we had our issues and still a long road to go, yet we had made such great progress. Then to read the personal account above is enough to make a man weep with sorrow. The road I thought so well traveled, has barely begun to be traversed.

  • cdR

    Felicia, you don’t write much on this blog, but when you do it is a good read (and thanks for not spamming our feed 🙂 ).
    We all hope this whole crap will end soon, anonymous hordes of cowards making cowards out of us are not doing any good to anybody.
    On a side note, I think that people who want a healthier gaming journalism/industry – that is, the “honnest” part of this gamergate thingy – ought to rally behind an other, less tainted, name.

    • Derrick

      The thing is, that has already been tried: That’s how the GamerGate hashtag started, actually. If I remember right, it started out as the #fiveguysburgersandfries (not sure if that’s the right phrase or not) then to #quinnspiracy, and then eventually to #GamerGate. Point is, it wouldn’t matter how many times it’s changed, people will still shout “You’re all misongynists!” as deflection to everything anyone from the pro side says. There’s no real dialogue taken place and those from both sides are either not trying or getting drowned out by the very vocal third actors: Trolls. It’s devolved into a shit-flinging contest with no prize at the end; a victory at this point will be completely pyrrhic until some actual progress is made. And that may take some time . . .

      And Felicia, it is saddening to hear your experience. Do not let fear rule over you, that’s what the media wants. While the fight is between the likes of Polygon, Gamasutra and upset gamers feeling betrayed with blanket accusations and such, the larger media, MSNBC, CNN, and others do not have a side except their own. It is far easier for them to sell a story with buzzwords and hate over facts and reality. Fear sells, hate sells, and gamers have been the target for their fear-mongering for years. And it’ll likely not stop for a few more.

      You are a gamer. Every gamer is a comrade, a friend, a brother, a sister. Those who spout very hateful, uncalled for things are self-centered trolls, no exceptions. Don’t let lies misinform, as just avoiding those gamers allows the larger media’s fear-mongering to grow. To win.

      Fight fear with love. Love thy fellow gamer; ignore thy hater. It’s the only way for this growing monster – this “culture of fear” – to end. It’s happened to many others before; movies, rock music, we’re just the newest kid on the block to be bullied.

      So . . . Game on, sister. =)

      P.S. To those reading this, I’m not sure if it was entirely coherent so apologies. It is very late where I’m at. XD

      • Hinotori

        Oh my god. It’s bad enough that pro-GamerGate people come out here to whitewash the “movement” on a blog post written by someone TRAUMATIZED BY THAT VERY MOVEMENT, but you take the cake for misdirection and bullshit.

        GamerGate was started as a smear campaign against Zoe Quinn, a female gamer, because a jaded ex-boyfriend wanted the world to know how much he was hurt. The #fiveguysburgersandfries is a direct reference to a joke from his blog post. Likewise #quinnspiracy was a follow-up designed to tarnish Quinn’s reputation. And now we have GamerGate, the latest incarnation of a campaign that, from the beginning, was designed to destroy prominent female figures in the game industry.

        It’s absolutely astonishing to me that you’re trying to repaint this as Gamers vs the Media, as if it were the MEDIA that’s stalking Felicia, showing up on her doorstop, or sending her vile, harassing messages. As if it’s the MEDIA that’s sending death threats, rape threats, and bomb threats. As if it’s the MEDIA that’s trying to silence any woman who has the courage, my god, to actually express a fucking opinion! The MEDIA isn’t what’s keeping Felicia from getting out of her car. It’s YOU. Your false equivalency, so blatant that it has to be deliberate, is such spineless, misdirecting bullshit.

  • Clare

    I can’t get over how angry the whole situation has made me, and normally I’m pretty relaxed.

    My brother got me into games when I was younger, and then I developed a love for it on my own. I don’t play every game, but the ones I do play I’ve sunk more than a 100 hours in each, across multiple platforms.

    Whenever I played online, I’d never let people know I was a girl. A few times, when I’d played with the same group for a while and we’d started to become pretty friendly, it would come up, and as soon as it was known I was in fact a human female, the whole dynamic changed. I was constantly plagued by insults, threats and harassment, demands for pictures of boobs etc. I had to block a lot of people and eventually just refused to ever play with other people again. I still don’t now.

    The whole gamer gate debacle, and now one of my absolute heroes being scared enough to cross the street because of a tshirt? (I don’t blame you though, I never had to go as far as a restraining order!). It’s ridiculous. Reading this, I more definitively realised that I’d isolated myself from something that always used to make me happy, and stopped doing something I loved, because of a bunch of misogynistic pricks with more decibels in their voices than cells in their brains.

    So I’m gonna dig out my tshirts, wear them proud, and challenge anyone who tries to threaten or harass me. We don’t know each other Ms Day, and I doubt I’ll ever be lucky enough to meet you, but you’ve inspired me to kick ass and take names.

    • Heather Fox

      I know exactly what you mean about the dynamic completely changing once you reveal that you’re a woman or girl. Everything changes, all of a sudden you’re being asked for tits or GTO, “go make me a sandwich”, I’ve even had guys tell me that they’re going to show up at my doorstep and rape me, murder me, etc. I have to mute everyone as soon as I get into a COD lobby because of it, or just be in a party of hand-picked, decent friends to avoid talking to random people because I just don’t want to hear the crap. But I would personally LOVE not having to do that. I love talking to people as long as they’re decent human beings.

      And for that, I’m probably not going to stop muting people in lobbies. I have had enough of listening to it. I have enough stresses in my life to deal with. But that’s exactly why commend you for wanting to challenge anyone who harasses you.

      And the sad thing is that I don’t know when, or if, it’s ever going to get better. I honestly don’t see it ever getting better, and GamerGate is only making it worse. It’s teaching impressionable minds that it’s OK to do it.

    • RD20

      Gamergate is not about harassing woman the majority of doxxing ect on both sides is being done GNAA who are essentially trolls who take things way the hell to far. I encourage you to take a look at as well as other related sites I hope you don’t make up your mind about gg based on the actions of a few trolls. We are about ethics in journalism so far we have gotten 75% or so of the adverts pulled from gawker and the vast majority from gamesutra. I encourage you to look at tech raptor’s coverage or take a look at David Pakman interviews with both anti and pro gg people in particular with Total Biscut.

      Trust me most guys want nothing more then to able to sit down with a girl and play games we hate hiding our hobbies in order to not get laughed at on dates, in fact we welcome pretty much everyone the more gamers the better. The great thing about gaming if there is something you want that isn’t out currently you can make that game you can use rpg maker you can use construct ect, seriously I want all this done I want to go back to just playing video games. I also don’t want to be thought of as a misogynistic ass for defending one of the things that has made my life bearable namely video games.

      • Robert Ernest Richter

        Gamergate is about harassing women. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or misinformed.

        • RD20

          It’s amazing that I can write paragraphs yet all people against gamer gate can say is no you are wrong. I can point to the face we actually found the person who harassed Sarkesian and passed the info onto her and the FBI. Since she has not given the go ahead the FBI can’t do anything due to them living in Brazil. The vast majority of doxxing has been carried on by GNAA most of the rest has been done by people such as Zoe Quinn who doxxed The Fine Young Capatilists and employed underhanded methods to attempt to make their indiegogo campaign fail. I’m not sure as to your definition of a feminist but mine wouldn’t include someone who would sabotage a game jam for females trying to enter the industry. Please do some research become informed upon the topic.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            You can write all the paragraphs you want. That doesn’t make you less wrong.

            So are you lying? Or are you misinformed?

          • RD20

            neither, the sad thing is knowyourememe is actually currently more accurate than wikipedia. Also if we are such horrible people and completely incorrect why is gamasutra down to two advertisers rps down to none and gawker actually losing money. Why have companies such as BWM Mercedes and Intel as well as others all pulled ads it couldn’t possibly be because there are major ethics issues at play could it. Why was techraptor’s hosting pulled for daring to write a moderate article examining #gamergate as a whole because it sure as hell wasn’t us. I seriously suggest you do some actual research rather than simply parroting what the MSM is saying.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            MSM. That’s great. Conspiracy theory much?

            I’m not seeing where you think that managing to drive Gawker out of business for disagreeing with you would somehow salvage your reputation. That’s actually not cool.

            Knowyourmeme’s page is disgustingly favorable, but doesn’t differ in great detail from what I’d learned. Is it because of that unsubtle and decided pro-Gater slant that you think it’s more accurate?

          • RD20

            I’m not using a conspiracy theory at all I assume people in MSM asked colleagues in the game journalism industry what they thought of this as the first step of doing research. That is a standard first step; what I don’t think is that they went beyond it and simply took sources at their word rather then digging. I suggest watching the david pakman series of gg interviews with both pro and anti if you actually wish to learn more.

            “GamerGate refers to the online backlash against perceived breaches of journalistic integrity on video game news sites”; this is the first line of the know your meme site so you agree then that it is about ethics correct.

        • this_is_my_humble_opinion

          Robert Ernest Richter is harassing women and spouting crap to cover it up. Don’t believe his lies.

          Here, how did that argument work for you?

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            That’s not an argument. It’s what’s called a claim and offered without evidence it can be dismissed without evidence.

            As to ‘my’ claim, you might think that the same would be true, but it happens it’s just common knowledge.

            You should get out more.

          • this_is_my_humble_opinion

            Mmm… nope. The same “offered without evidence” applied to your claim as well. “Just common knowledge” is yet another fallacy used when people can’t provide proper evidence for their claims

            But you’re a harassers of women so obviously we shouldn’t count on anything you say.

  • René Simonsen

    Wait.. Shooting Supernatural? Are you returning for another episode? HELL YEAH! Charlie is one of my favourite characters in the series, and every time she’s back, I hope it’s for a more permanent role 😀

  • Mike

    In a lot of ways, the GamerGate (henceforth referred to as “GG”) controversy reminds me of the #NotAllMen / #YesAllWomen hastag “war” that occurred earlier this year.

    No, not all supporters of GG are raging misogynists intent on holding women hostage until “their” culture goes back to portraying women as objects to be used and thrown away at will.

    But yes, all women prominent in gaming culture – and even some, or many, prominent men – are targets for the GG “movement” as an entity. And that’s on all GG supporters – all of them. There’s no free pass because “hey, I only support GG because I demand ethics in gaming journalism!” There’s no free pass because “hey, *I* am not a misogynist!” All supporters are part owners of the whole movement – good (if there is any), bad (of which there’s plenty), and everything in between.

    It bothers me is that someday, I might be that guy walking down the street in a gamer t-shirt, only to be avoided by someone whose work I’ve respected for years because she’s afraid I might be a misogynistic jerk. It should bother all of us that we might find ourselves in that situation.

    • RD20

      Would you then agree that all the anti GG people are responsible for prominent non antagonistic members of the GG movement getting doxxed and threatened with murder as well there are sites basically devoted to covering the harassment of GG people since the mainstream media is ignoring it. Some of this includes Brianna Wu using images of autistic children to represent gamers insulting an autistic person’s writing and capping that off by saying she wasn’t a woman and was merely a man using a female’s picture to gain sympathy.

      Can look through it if you want there are definite nut jobs on both sides of the movement you simply aren’t hearing about them from the mainstream media.

      • Ratumlan

        Personally I do think that’s the case, yes. Not responsible in the full sense of the word, no, because the prime responsibility for your actions obviously lies with you, not somebody else. But yes, I do feel pro-GG and anti-GG folks (for lack of better terms) share just the same responsibility to not stand idly by while their ‘comrades’ hurl threats and abuse. That’s just not how you treat other people, period. But obviously, that’s an easy thing to say as long as you don’t find yourself in the line of fire of a mob, particularly if it’s the mob you’re presently a part of. I really, genuinely think that as horrible as these weeks and months are, the worst thing we can do is to keep stoking the fire by shouting each other down. It’s not helping anyone, least of all women, or game journalism, or gamers. That’s why I am so impressed with Felicia Day’s text, because she doesn’t say fuck those idiots, but asks people to not act on all the anguish but on the ability for compassion most of us share deep down. At least, that’s how I read her last paragraphs.

        • RD20

          I agree but the thing is the entire GG shitstorm is really about two things journalistic ethics primarily and secondly censorship on sites that were considered safe havens for free expression such as reddit and 4 chan. It didn’t actually get big until the 12 plus gamers are dead articles and the censorship on reddit and 4 chan. Ironically by trying to shut down discussion they really pissed people off; honestly the ZQ thing would have blown over in a week if not for the actions that people who would be considered anti GG took.

          Also GG does not stand idly by there are in fact people who basically just take time to track down harassers who are using the GG hash and report them and their actions to twitter. There are people currently working to figure out who doxxed Felicia Day is it enough no but its pretty much all that can be done without breaking laws. If we have to break those kind of laws we become just as bad as those doing it in the first place.

          I do appreciate actually being able to have a civil conversation with someone on the topic that doesn’t devolve though. Thank you.

          • Ratumlan

            Well, I guess the core issue with any movement is that you only have very limited control over what it ends up standing for. For many people. GG is about what you said, but there also is a very pervasive narrative that GG is steeped in misogynistic bile. And the problem with that is that such narratives are to some extent self-reinforcing. Sure, it helps to have people who actually do threaten others, particularly if they keep making those threats. But once people are afraid, it doesn’t matter that much anymore how numerous and serious those threats actually are. After a certain point, it is enough to remember what happened to others, and that you might be next. And that’s not even entirely irrational, because well, you actually might be next, there’s no way to tell. At that point, for all intents and purposes the movement actually does stand for anger and misery. Not to those inside the movement who try their best to weed out the idiots, but absolutely so to people outside the movement, for whom the movement represents what they are afraid of. And unfortunately that narrative is perfectly valid, particularly when talking about fear and oppression. Or, in a less roundabout manner of speaking, what something stands for isn’t so much determined by what it is meant to stand for, but what others think it stands for.

            Now, the big question of course is whether you can change this perception. Maybe GG can, I don’t know. It would be, at the very least, very hard, because the negative narrative is so pervasive and in fact accurate to some extent, even if it is not the whole story. Personally I suspect that things like this largely depend on coincidence. Maybe all it takes is one well-written article enough people can get behind to turn this around. In the meantime, it certainly doesn’t hurt to do what can be done to reign in the haters and trolls. At the end of the day, most of this is rather academic in any case. We do have a problem with how women are treated in and by the gaming industry, it seems to me like we’ve made good progress, but right now it also feels like we might be taking two steps back again. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, and try to be decent human beings in the meantime.

            As for censorship: Apparently, not a good idea after all. Who would have thought.
            Also, far too late for me to be talking about this. I’m rambling.

      • Mike

        As a matter of fact, no. I wouldn’t agree that all anti-GG folks are responsible for each other. I say that fully understanding that you’re likely to respond only to that sentence, and not to anything else I say, but I’m going to explain my stance anyway.

        Put simply, whatever veneer of validity GG might have had at the beginning has been completely washed away by the all the sewage spewed forth in its name. As a result, any supporters instantly lose their credibility upon invoking “GG.” Maybe there was originally a valid reason behind it – personally, I doubt it; the whole thing reads like a furious, arrogant ex-boyfriend getting back at someone who cheated on him while pretending to do so under the guise of “ethics,” and I haven’t found a non-partisan source that was able to conclusively prove an ethical breach – but that message has been lost amidst all of the vitriol.

        When you stand up to be counted for something, you take on the mantle of everything that “thing” stands for – good or bad. The same is not true of those who oppose you. That may sound like a double-standard, but it’s true nonetheless. (Personally, I think this is why so many people only want to donate anonymously to political campaigns / parties / races; they don’t actually want to stand up and be counted. But this is a major sort of digression.)

        None of this is to say that those who threaten bodily harm are right to do so, by any means; I’m just as “anti” the folks who resort to such tactics who are anti-GG as I am “anti” the folks who are pro-GG who resort to them. The difference is this: You who invoke GG as your rasison-d’etre are invoking something that has come to symbolize misogyny, whatever your actual intent. Those of us who are anti-GG aren’t invoking anything in particular.

        • RD20

          Yeah I’m going to disagree with you I can tell by your posts I won’t change your mind so I won’t attempt a pointless argument; but you should think about the hypocrisy inherent in your statement.

        • RD20

          btw just to add to this approximately .5% of the tweets towards LWu have been negative over 95% have been neutral or positive this is using the GG hashtag.

        • JordanM

          You really summed up what’s been turning around in my brain for the last couple of days in several fragmented jigsaw pieces. Thank you for finishing the puzzle.

          The problem with any movement, and especially with a movement as susceptible to instantaneous mutation (ie. anything online), is it’s proclivity to stray from its original target of discourse. Yes, GG started out as a conversation about journalistic entity.

          However, it’s been derailed. Not by the design of those who originally started the conversation, maybe. But nevertheless, it has been hijacked – and to align yourself to the movement now requires a cognizance of everything it’s mandate has *come* to represent. Which may or may not be completely different from its original purpose.

          In the same way the swastika has come to represent dictatorial oppression, the moniker “#gamergate” has been hijacked to represent misogynistic motives. It’s not fair, totally, I grant that – but again, the nature of movements. What a movement *becomes* has less to do with it’s ideology than its *potential ideology* in the hands of those willing to subvert it.

          …. fuck me, right?

  • GS Talbert

    It’s got nothing to do with games and everything to do with lies and the lying liars who tell them. I can understand how to you, gaming is a meaningless term to describe a meaningless activity. I certainly will not argue with you on that one. What I will take up with you is the idea that there is a middle ground between a truth and a lie. That’s disgusting, that anyone would ask people to cross the street and embrace an unrepentant lies is, by my lights, disgusting if not downright evil.

    Lovely prose btw.

  • Thanks for sharing this Felicia. I have been so baffled and disgusted about the whole thing these past few weeks. It’s crazy that people like you who only bring positivity and creativity to the community need to fear repercussions for just speaking your mind. As a fellow (female) gamer, I do hope the gamer community will get through this stronger and more inclusive, maybe we’ll look back on this and actually see a turning point; I sincerely hope so!

  • Jeff Deason

    We’re a strange breed aren’t we? Gamers, I mean. We’ll unify together to bring down Jack Thompson. We’ll donate millions of dollars to Child’s Play. We’ll build arenas to play LoL in and broadcast it like a primetime sporting event, complete with advertisements, announcers, the works.

    We’ve acquired the mainstream cache and recognition that we all desired as we toiled away too much of our youth playing Final Fantasy under the skeptical hooded eyes of our parents, who weren’t sure quite what to make of our preferred method of entertainment.

    And now, people too young to understand, and assholes too hateful to care what it means to be part of a community and a culture are afraid that women are ‘stealing their identity as a gamer’? Laughable. Gaming is not your exclusive toy, to hide away for those that don’t meet your deluded criteria as a ‘gamer’.

    Anyone who reads this that considers themselves as part of the GamerGate movement, take this advice: learn how to become friends with girls. And no, not friends with the expectation that it might become romantic, that’s not friendship it’s just an unrequited obsession. Pass them the controller, give them the rulebook when they ask for it. Treat them like a person; like a friend. Once you make a genuine friend, come back and tell me how you feel about GamerGate.

    I for one love your work, Felica. The Guild was hilarious, Tabletop is the reason I have a wall of board games now, and Spellslingers is the reason I have gotten back into Magic after 20 years (damn you G&S, my poor wallet!), and the thought that you might even consider stopping to produce your artwork because our community makes you feel unsafe is awful. Keep up the good work and the good spirits.

    P.S. Chris Kluwe says it better than I can:

    • RD20

      Gamer gate is still not about harassing women or protecting “male games” its about journalistic ethics unfortunately some nutjobs have latched onto the hashtag and are twisting it.

      • Jeff Deason

        For near 20 years, game review journalism has taken game advertiser money in return for inflated review scores, prior to that the industry printed reviews of their own games. There was little to no coverage or conversation of those improprieties within the industry.

        This Gamer Gate movement has been around for 3 months, starting with an inaccurate attack on Zoe Quinn’s fidelity, and has continued with vitriolic attacks and threats against women in the industry and individuals that stick up for those women.

        Zero attention has been paid to actual game journalism integrity unless it involves a woman. You’ve simply deluded yourself into believing that Gamer Gate is something that it is not, or you are willfully ignorant.

        • Ratumlan

          Would have been a great comment, except for that last sentence.

        • RD20

          Incorrect sigh the ZQ situation lit a powderkeg but it wasn’t the blog post that lit it. The entire reason GG got huge was the immediate censoring on reddit 4 chan and other sites that were basically considered safe; as well as the 12 plus articles in a 16 hour span on how gamers were dead. That is when GG got huge due to censorship and lack of journalist ethics both of which are the primary goals of the movement.

          I realize its huff post but it’s a show basically with some of the main supporters of GG who believe it or not are not lunatics. Watch it or not but you are incorrect.

          • Jon Strayer

            One mistake is in thinking gamer gate is huge. It’s a tempest in a tea pot. If it wasn’t for the loathsome tactics used by the less mature members it wouldn’t even be notices.

          • RD20

            You should really do some more research so far we have gotten 75% of gawkers advertiser’s to pull out as well as the vast majority of gamesutra’s. People are actually starting to realize that what is being portrayed in MSM is not strictly accurate in this case or really accurate at all. I would encourage you to look up the David Pakman show for the last week he has been doing interviews with both sides the Total Biscut/Cynical Brit one in particular is quite interesting.

            The sub Kotaku in Action received 12.5 million hits in the month of October after being started up in september following the censorship strikes on reddit and 4chan. Everytime that one of the LWs is on MSM we get another major spike because frankly they are not very convincing in interviews and people decide to dig deeper to find out what gg is all about. I would highly encourage you to do your own research take a look at the KotakuinAction board on reddit, or even the /gg/ board on 8 chan. In the later case though be aware it is chan so there will occasionally be images and words that are nfsw. Take a look at #GamerGate Harassment Patrol.

            The thing is the whole ZQ situation wasn’t the actual catalyst it was the censoring and the dozen or so gamers are dead articles in a 2 day span that cited pretty much the exact same “sources”. In other words it was the Streisand Effect.

      • clm

        Latched onto and twisted? Hardly. Those nutjobs are the origin, driving force, and loudest voices of the hashtag. If anyone’s latched on, it’s the well-meaning folks who’ve been suckered in by the “ethics” line. Without the “nutjobs” the tag would fizzle out within a week and that’s why GamerGate as a whole can’t and won’t ever get rid of them.

        • RD20

          Not really no the vast majority of stuff even before the hashtag has been about gaming journalism it why 12 plus sites released the gamers are dead articles in a 12 hour span to attempt to stem the tide.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            This is not a credible complaint.

            There is no conspiracy.

            Everyone released “gamers are dead” articles at the same time because everyone saw the same thing at the same time: you assholes.

          • RD20

            Yes articles citing the exact same sources show no evidence whatsoever of collusion neither does the gamejournopro email group or the emails that were exchanged in and that have been revealed, which included talking about blacklisting a journalist from the industry, as well as talking about how to minimize the damage from ethical breechs being found out.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            You’re being sarcastic, but sarcastic-you is right. None of that is evidence of collusion, corruption, or any kind of ethical breech.

            So, you got anything else?

          • RD20

            A lot. Au Kotaku covered up the 40k compromised ea accounts. Also had a staff member writing about sim city while married to ea pr director with no disclosure. There have been writers writing about games while living with people or in a romantic relationship again no disclosure. When the whole ZQ thing happened there were people on the GJP list talking about buying her a gift again its a massive COI, and a breach of ethics.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            Funny how nobody ever talks about these things on the #gamergate hashtag, though, isn’t it?

          • RD20

            Uh yes we do we have talked about it extensively we have talked about the shadows of mordor debacle in fact TB broke it long before Kotaku or any other so called journalism site. Anti GG is the one who keeps dragging talk back to the LWs. Look at the front page of KiA half the topics are basically just telling people to keep mailing advertisers. This is a consumer revolt it is not a movement.

      • Painting with Pixels

        Exactly and it’s muddied and tainted the whole enterprise. You know what they say about good intentions…

        • RD20

          One would have to argue the same for anti gg by this point wouldn’t they? Considering the doxxing and swatting of kingofpol, and Cern’s fiance, and just doxxing in general of IA TB Milo Boogie. Not the mention the whole knife and syringe job. If you are only going to judge a movement by its worst people I would consider swatting higher than just threats.

          • thr33phas3

            Hate to bust your conspiracy theory, but there is no “anti gg” – it’s just ordinary people reacting negatively to the things that constitute Gamergate. Victim-blaming, mobbing, and misogyny are bad enough, and when combined with things like doxxing and death and rape threats (not to mention “no-true-Scotsman” attempts to dodge responsibility), well, you’ve got the whole package. That there never seems to be sufficient evidence that “anti gg” actually did anything to you is just the cherry on top. (Police reports, anyone?)

          • RD20

            There is no conspiracy theory at least not on the side of gg hate to bust open your narrative but we already figured out who doxxed anita as well as sent most of the threats. The evidence was sent to both her and the FBI but he lives in brazil so she has to give the okay to do something about it international laws ect. So you should mention that to her I’m sure she has zero reason for not putting the FBI on his tail after all.

            The amazing thing is with all that time committing misogny threats and doxxing we have found time to get numerous advertisers to pull from gawker gamasutra and others since they are the actual focus of the movement not the LWs. We also raised over 70k for a feminist game jam that ZQ got shut down originally. Lets not forget the ethics policies that are now on escapist and polygon as well as soon to be added to ign. BTW if you haven’t figured it out yet you should look up #GamerGate Harassment Patrol we are doing everything we can to police those claiming to share our goals, and we are not a misogynistic movement that some would want you to believe. I suggest doing your own research not just taking the word of others.

            The BBC is preparing to run an article after talking with pro GG people. Kotaku in Action had over 12.5 million hits in this month alone. We aren’t going away until there are actual ethics in gaming journalism. That is our focus we have no reason to harass the LWs they are not the focus and never have been. The whole ZQ situation would have blown over in literally a week if a 25k post thread on reddit didn’t get bombed along with 4 chan and the gamers are dead articles. People really need to learn about the Streisand Effect it has happened more then enough lately.

            Finally to deny that Cern had false police reports filed against him as well as KingofPol being swatted is absurd they are both verified and you can verify them as well if you doubt me. Cern is in fact taking the person who filed a false report against him as well as doxxing him and his fiance to court and there is strong evidence that ZQ knew about this and supported this. You may want to take a good hard look at the anti gg narrative because it is starting to unravel.

            Edit: I forgot if you want to look up and verify the 70k figure look up The Fine Young Capitalists, we also raised over 12k for anti bullying for the remarks of gawker’s Sam Biddle but that is a whole different donation drive.

          • Jeff Deason

            RD20 I’ve flagged your post as inappropriate because it contains a lot of factually inaccurate information. At first I thought maybe you had just hitched your wagon to the wrong horse, but now I think you’re actually a victim of a propaganda campaign.

          • RD20

            Please point out what is factually incorrect and bother to verify with sources which are not biased. GG has raised separate donations of 70k and 12k. Anita ws doxxed by a Brazilian click bait journo. Cern had false police reports against him filed by a pre med student who is honestly a little bit crazy. I can go on as I said do research I have done a lot in the past month, the vast majority of doxxing quite likely from both sides honestly comes from GNAA and the journo people who just want to see the world burn or are doing it for “the lulz”

          • thr33phas3

            You do realize that there’s effectively nobody who cares about “gaming journalism,” right? Much less what GG thinks should be in it, in terms of “ethics.”

            If the LWs are not the focus, why do you continue to harass them all, to this day?

            And what is this about “amounts raised”? Do you think that GG raising money for something will somehow change how they originated, and what they still really stand for?

            There’s no “anti gg narrative” – in fact, there’s effectively no “anti gg”. It’s just ordinary folks reacting to what GG is doing. (Have you ever wondered why “SJWs” seem to appear wherever you look?)

            As @jeffdeason:disqus pointed out, you have lots of misinformation and disinformation in your post. You might want to dig further into what is actually going on in GG – currently you’re serving as one of their “Useful Idiots”:

          • RD20

            You should read the wikipedia talk page. Also you are citing wikipedia as a source and when the subject has been heavily astroturfed that is just beyond amusing. I suggest you do your own research because I can guarantee I have done far more on the subject then you have. Also SJWs actually don’t appear everywhere I look and are in fact a very small portion of people I know out of every 1000 maybe 10 are sjws they are just extremely loud. They also tend to be rich and white such as Wu AS and AL and Mc for that matter. You should also look up silverstring while you are at it.

            Everything I have posted so far has been factual period. Please cite specific instances where I have been incorrect. You should also look up the whole atheism+ debacle while you are at it.

            Also it is rather curious that as of now it has been at least 2 plus weeks since giving the name of the person sending death threats to both AS and the FBI. Since then she has blocked the person who sent her the info and done nothing about it, as she needs to give the FBI the okay due to him living in Brazil.

        • RD20

          I made a fairly long reply to thr33phas3 where I believe I made a fairly coherent argument about what gg is actually about and what we have done. I don’t want to just copy paste it but feel free to look at it.

      • Robert Ernest Richter

        That might be believable if it hadn’t started as a harassment campaign against a woman for daring to exist or if there were any actual complaints about journalistic ethics involved.

        Sadly, neither is true.

        • RD20

          Except it didn’t it was an item of interest when it was revealed that ZQ had relations with Grayson while he was covering her game and he was in fact thanked in the contributor section. It didn’t kick into high gear until censoring of topics discussing the ethical implications of it which were bombed off of both twitter and 4 chan one being a 25k comment thread on /games.

          Also if we are such awful people why is it we have raised over 100k for charity while the primary faces of anti gg just spam their patreon accounts? I’m just curious.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            Yeah, except that never actually happened. Grayson never reviewed Depression Quest.

            But I suppose that troublesome fact isn’t important.

            Strip away that transparent cover and what’s left?

          • RD20

            A review is not necessary to display a COI he was in the thanks section of the game he also reported on it.

          • Robert Ernest Richter

            He did not report on it. That claim is simply false and you should really stop repeating it. But as your entire argument goes away then, I suppose you won’t.

            The “Special Thanks” section of the game credits mean — well, they mean crap, unless you know specifically why they’re there.

            And yeah, unless he actually gave the “favorable coverage” she was alleged of seeking (again, he didn’t,) there’s no possibility of a conflict of interest. She could have scooped out his brains and replaced them with an AI system of her own design and there would be no conflict of interest.

          • RD20

            Not false the article about the steam green lit games mentioned 3 by name and had exactly one screenshot which was from dq this is out of 50 games that were green lit in that section. He also covered her failed game jam and gave coverage for her rebel jam that will happen at some point in the future. Either way this is not about ZQ it is about the pervasive corruption in the journalism industry.

    • Jonathan Warr

      Did you get a chance to try a cup at Revolver? Great Coffee.

      I’m sorry that you had this experience, it’s awful. I feel worse however for the two guys who missed an opportunity to chat with such a great ambassador to gaming culture.

      Do me a favor, stay on the same side of the road going forward. The culture needs you, and it needs more of us to stand up for ambassadors like yourself.

      If anything, I hope you at least enjoy a good cup during your stay.

    • Painting with Pixels

      Nicely said. Gaming is changing and at a rapid pace. I think people are just resistant to change and rather than tackling that change, are lashing out at whatever targets they can find. We really need to shift the conversation towards gaming issues and leave the personal harassment out.

  • rsanchez1

    I’ve never felt comfortable being called a gamer, and it will always be shameful to me because I’ve always associated “gamer” with the 12 year old punks who spew unending obscenities on xbox live. Now those punks have grown up and make death threats. This was never surprising or shocking, this is what the gaming “community” is. It’s not a community anyone should want to be a part of. The community is a lie.

    The only good experience with video games is getting together with friends or classmates for a night of smash bros. Besides that, it’s all hate.

  • Scott

    Never heard of “Gamer Gate” before this, but found it has it’s own wiki page. This pretty much summed it up for me.. “A number of commentators have argued that the #GamerGate movement had the potential to raise important issues in gaming journalism, but that the wave of misogynistic harassment and abuse associated with the hashtag had poisoned the well, making it impossible to separate honest criticism from sexist trolling”

    I’ll go back to my bubble now and enjoy only playing games with my friends since I would just ratter not deal with the trolls and asshats. Keep rocking Felicia and ignore the trolls!

  • Aries7

    For all real gamers out there Felcia, keep doing what you are doing, we are with you. And may the trolls be banished and starved back into their reclusive shadowy caves.

  • Robin

    Hi Felicia,

    I don’t know if this will reach you, but I don’t know how else to reach you, so I’ll just write this here.

    I’ve known about you and your work sort of tangentially for a few years now, and I’ll admit I never really struck out to check it out. I still feel the need to write this response, because you wrote this at exactly the moment I needed it.

    I’m winding down my final year of university soon, and I’m hoping to start my career in User Interface/Experience design for video-games when I graduate. Aside from all of the stress and anxiety from my personal life, I’ve been dealing with a lot of fear relating to this field. As a trans woman, I’m genuinely anxious that just being even marginally related to games development is going to open up my life to harassment.

    I’ve been thinking and rethinking about whether or not this is the career path I really want to take – but I keep coming at the same point: I want to make games more fun, more interesting, more engaging through interaction. Games provide a unique opportunity to affect narrative and really experiment on the boundaries of interaction design that websites just don’t provide… But do I really want to open my life to the toxicity I’ve seen from the community over the past few years? Do I really want to endure the potential of these threats? Is it really worth it?

    This post has reminded me of why it is worth it. I’m nearing tears, writing this, but still. I want to see what can be done in the coming years, I want to be a part of that. I’m still scared and anxious about the threats and hatred, but people and writings like you and yours have and will continue to remind me of why I should endure and keep on.

    Thank you,

  • Will Dover

    What happened with you after this article is shameful and cowardly. Do not let this junk silence you or make you afraid.

  • Will Dover

    Again, well said.

  • Erc

    As a big fan. It saddens me that you would buy into the media rhetoric. The women, men, people of all colors and sexualites of #gamergate got pushed around and dehumanized. Now that they push back, it must all be them. It truly is a sad day when people we’ve looked up to turn their backs on us. That’s you. You’ve turned your back on us. I don’t even want to watch a show I love anymore.

    • Hinotori

      A woman tells you how she’s suffered actual harm, not figurative, hypothetical harm, but actual harassment, and you categorize this as “media rhetoric.” It’s not a TALKING POINT for her; it’s something that’s actually happening right now. And you’re going to fucking GUILT TRIP her for it? Seriously?

      How do you do that, in good conscience? How do you try to turn this around and make it about you when there are REAL victims right in front of you, telling you exactly what’s happening to them in plain terms? How do you ignore that and then try to throw dirt on them, telling them it’s their fault? How?

      • Erc

        It’s not a talking point for me when my fiance’ gets calls from anti- gamergate. The exact same thing is happening to both sides. Keep closing your eyes and fighting for authoritarian media outlets. Keep supporting people that have actively supported bullying us to get what they want.

        “How do you do that in good conscience?” you ask? I do it because I believe in not being pushed around and made fun of just because I have a hobby. I do it because my own fiance’ has been smeared and attacked with “actual harassment. Get over yourself.

        • Hinotori

          So, you honestly believe that the harassment and threats of violence have been equal on “both sides.” Felicia Day gets doxxed within minutes of posting this, Brianna Wu gets driven from her home, a school gets closed because someone threatens to shoot people because Sarkeesian is going to give a talk there. I mean, these aren’t just allegations; these are verifiable things that have happened.

          You believe that these are all things the “anti-GGers” are also doing with the same frequency and intensity.


          Okay, fine. I mean, that’s laughably devoid of reality and contrary to every bit of evidence available, but okay. Let’s jump down that hole for a minute.

          You cite the harassment of your fiance as being the reason you’re guilt-tripping Felicia Day for “turning her back” on… who? You? Why, did Felicia Day do this to your fiance? I mean, at the very worst, isn’t she doing exactly what you claim you’re doing? You simultaneously criticize her for “turning her back” on everyone in GG who isn’t a horrible human being while turning your back on her after she’s endured horrible harassment… and not just any harassment! Harassment that happened literally hours before your latest post! Isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy?

          • Jingo

            You’re right, it’s not equal. Pro-GGers have been hit a lot harder with real consequences such as job loss. How many anti-GGers do you know that have lost their jobs?

          • Randy Divinski

            If McDonald’s laid them off, maybe Burger King is hiring. P.S. If you are making threats against people, you deserve to lose your job. Not that I believe a word of it.

          • Maatix

            For reference: The school wasn’t closed, and Sarkeesian was told BY the school that while they could not keep the guns off the campus, there was no threat to her nor anyone else’s safety and they would ensure of that. Sarkeesian herself played up the narrative that she cancelled the event because she feared for her safety. The school did not close whatsoever.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            STUPID maatix spotted here !!! If you can’t screen people for carrying guns you can’t ensure safety on anyone. Utah is not a safe place to be, by law. This is just ridiculous at this point…

          • Maatix

            Another person who can’t read.

            “they could not keep guns off the campus” =/= “We cannot screen people for carrying guns”

            Anyone who entered the event would be searched for weapons still. Sarkeesian cancelled the event for a misguided fear that people weren’t going to be screened. She played up the narrative that it’s because the school was dangerous.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            I can read, thank you, but seems like you cannot understand what concealed-carry law means: in Utah, cops can’t screen anyone for guns. People have the right to go where they want with a gun, as long as it is concealed. That’s what the cops told Sarkeesian: per the concealed-carry law, we, policemen, cannot screen people with concealed guns. If you think it’s enough to ensure safety for a public gathering while threats of mass killing during said gathering have been issued, you’re just plainly stupid.

          • Maatix

            Another person who can’t read, I see.

            “Could not keep the guns off the campus” does not mean “could not screen people for carrying guns”

            They said they were taking the necessary precautions for everyone’s safety. Meaning: If you’re going to the event, they’re going to make sure you’re not about to shoot the place up.

          • Erc

            Who doxxed Felicia Day? Answer me that. Nobody knows but at least gamergate is actively searching for that person. The points you’re making are proof you’re not even bothering to hear the other side. Tell me who is doxxing these people? We don’t know. But you seem to. Why is it that you seem to know this when no one else does?

            There is an entire list of people in gamergate that are actively being protected. “I mean, these aren’t just allegations; these are verifiable things that have happened.”

            And to be frank, all these things you’re claiming gamergate has done nobody knows who has done them. The only thing we know is that the people opposing gamergate aren’t searching for these people and the people in gamergate are and have found some and have turned them into the police. Verifiable fact.

            I do criticize her for turning her back on gamers because she has.

            This is just you jumping to some weird conclusion that I frankly didn’t link. I don’t even get how you got to it.
            “You cite the harassment of your fiance as being the reason you’re guilt-tripping Felicia Day for “turning her back” on… who?”

            She turned her back on us. We are still actively looking for the people responsible. That is not turning your back on anyone. No longer wishing to be a fan of someone who has turned her back on us a whole lot different.

            You’ve jumped to so many preconceived conclusions it’s “laughably devoid of reality and contrary to every bit of evidence.”

          • RD20

   It is on both sides whether it is equal or not is debatable Wu was also one of the ones doing the harassment towards GGs including calling an autistic women a man hiding behind a woman’s profile pic. There is crap going on on both sides of the wall.

        • Randy Divinski

          I call BS on “Erc” — I don’t believe a word of it. Just a troll blowing smoke on behalf of some truly twisted and pathetic characters.

          • Erc

            Why are the people against GG such angry, hate driven people?

          • Arto Pekkanen

            I ask this myself every day … :

      • Erc

        Also, gamergate condemns the doxxing of Day and is actively searching for who it is. That is something anti- gamergate hasn’t done for the “actual harassment” it’s levying at us.

        • Mathieu Segaud

          WOOOT ? were you threatened to be raped ? to be killed ? you are pathetic…

          • Erc

            Like I said, my fiance’ was and there a multiple other people. Thank you for calling me pathetic because my wife was harassed. How ironic of you.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            Fair enough. I’ll try and keep my composure and be sensible: you claim there are ethical problems in gaming journalism, so do I. However, GG has been targeting independent games and game creators that sometimes are crowdfunded by journalists who happen to be citizens too. So GG asks for full disclosure on and from ,said journalists. Yeah Hooray. Guess what ? That’s pathetic and you know exactly why. These games at best will be purchased a thousand times and that’s for the best games. Meanwhile, year long big game companies as EA, or Blizzard will heavily sponsor big conferences where you (not you specifically but most of GG) will gregariously applause some host that will present you the next gen game: “Touch the boobies” and you will be ecstatic while he says “and what’s genious about this new game, is that you can ACTUALLY touch the boobies”. Truth be told, the host is a famous game journalist, heavily paid to said whatever shit about that game from EA labs. That is unethical journalism. But no, you won’t call on him, because you see, you can touch the boobies… Oh and you will leave the con (this is such a good name for such an ethical event) your bag full of goodies from whatever game companies were there to sell you their shit. And you know what, that is unethical, but good PR on you.

            That’s why GG is viewed as dishonest out of GG: GG points a vague issue in gaming (not just journalism), but then they fail to see the real issues. And target invisible actors that DO NOT matter, while big money still fill their desire of big boobies… I call this ridiculous. It’s been 30 years since gaming was born, and always big business bought journalists because they are advertisers not journalists. Then independent journalism, with internet, rises, and GGers target them with ethical issues while big business while fake big name journalists stuff them all year long with their good PR campaign…

            Oh, and by the way, sorry if your wife has been harassed, this is sick behaviour from all part.

          • Erc

            Do even the slightest bit of research. And try getting some info from a source other than the people GG are going after. Thank you.

          • Mathieu Segaud

            ok. will do. but don’t complain about people thinking you are pathetic while you call on unethical journalism with “independent” games and reviewing platforms whereas you’ve been fed by the industry couple GamingCompanies-GamingJournals for 25 years with PR crap to the brim and have been very content about it.

          • Erc

            Thank you. Independent games has nothing to do with it. So your point is that we start to see a media outlet we love start to show signs of unethical and/or paid off writing that we aren’t allowed to speak up because we had previously enjoyed them? Do you really believe that?

          • Mathieu Segaud

            no, I believe that allowing to be paid off for decades then suddenly go apeshit about “unethical advertise^W^Xjournalism” because one female game creator cheated on her bf to get good reviews (which is a lie from the part of the bf) is full of many odory things…

          • Erc

            “Depression Quest” had credited a couple of the people she was accused of sleeping with. After it went viral it was discovered that they were removed. While not proof in and of itself, it says a lot.

            Not knowing what was happening and then finding out is completely different than what you’re suggesting.

          • Erc

            Screen shots to help you along that yes only show smoke and no fire but you know the quote.


          • Erc, the misogynist crowd has been doxxing and harassing women, which is exactly what we’ve been condemning. Now, according to you, your fiancée/wife was also harassed. Rather than YOU being harassed. Surely an anti-misogynist group would have chosen to harass you yourself rather than her. A group that chose to harass her instead is far more likely to be misogynist… in short, the same group that has been harassing all these other women.

          • Erc

            I have come to believe this also after watching what’s happening. They don’t seem to have a “side” like so many anti-gamergate people would like them to though.

  • Jingo

    You’re letting people that don’t even represent 1% of the #GamerGate movement control you, Felicia. They’re trolls who use the movement’s name for their own selfish purposes. There’s nothing wrong with what you said about these individuals and I don’t doubt your experiences are real, but I have a problem with you basically demonizing the #GamerGate movement in the process without properly informing yourself. There are plenty of pro #GamerGate people who have faced similar harassment and realistic death threats. In some cases, those people have lost their jobs because harassers called them at work and spread their “hatred” to their bosses. Please look at all sides of the issue.

    This is a good place to start:

    • thr33phas3

      I keep hearing about GG folk who have received “harassment” and “death threats” from this nebulous “anti-GG” – but I’ve never seen any proof of it, or that the GG people who received it did anything about it. Did they go to the police? Is there a police report?

      (And yes, this is basically the same rhetoric that your side threw at Sarkeesian, Wu, and Quinn when they received threats. Sounds different when your side is the target, doesn’t it?)

  • Hazel

    Felicia, You are a goddess and have every right to speak your mind about whatever you choose and no-one deserves to be terrorised for being a female who loves gaming or to feel afraid of smiling at people who you feel might be interested in the same things you are, I’m female and have been a gamer for more than half my life, and I say bollocks to the gamer gate pillocks, I can’t believe that such behaviour is even happening since women got rid of the chains keeping them in the kitchen a long time ago now, sorry for the rant but this makes me quite sad and angry. Keep doing what you do because your fabulous and a positive role model to many people x

  • Sam Iredale

    I’ve always enjoyed your work. And I just wanted to leave a note of support in light of recent events.

    To echo the opines of others on the thread, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that these discussions are even necessary in this age, and especially within a community such as the gamer community. This is an embarassment.

  • Guest

    I never post to comments, but I’m making an exception because I want to support you. This post is brilliant, and it makes me respect you even more than I already did (which was a lot). I know you’re getting a lot of scary flack for this post, and I am so very sorry that your bravery and authenticity is being met with such hatred. But I hope you can also feel the wave of support behind you from the rest of us. Hopefully, it helps to balance out the scary haters somewhat. As has been previously stated, you rock.

  • Amber

    Being a long time gamer, I’ve become thick skinned. I remember reading about Gamer Gate in the news and thinking trolls will be trolls…then stopped reading about it. I won’t say I know much about the topic.

    However, I know quite a bit about being a female gamer and the stigma associated with it. I don’t go out of my way to let people know I’m a female, but I don’t hide it either. People have commented on why I use my real name as a handle and how I’m just asking for trouble by doing so…I do it because I LOVE to prove them wrong.

    I’m unconcerned with how women are portrayed in games. I don’t care. Abuse? I see males getting verbally abused quite often as well. I’m just trying to have a good time. Games are how I do that.

    Every once in a while people will threaten to find and hurt me and what not. I never took it seriously. I own guns (and a frostmourne lol) and know how to use them.

  • Unknown8246

    Thanks for promoting the stigma of mental illness in the media. At least you were sensitive enough to not use the word crazy.

    Unfortunately language isn’t nearly as offensive as attitudes.

    I’m sorry all of this is happening to you and others. No one should live in fear. You have reason to be afraid, but making mental illness a part of that equation is ignorant and misinformed.

  • some guy

    Not going to bother writing a long post on this… just consider this.
    Who benefits from anonymously harassing an admired female figure in the gaming community?
    Have we got any sort of proof that this was #gamergate folks? it seems a little too convenient to me

    • Who ‘benefits’ from any act of bigotry?
      — Presumably those who share that species of bigotry.
      What species of bigotry is associated with #gamergate?
      — Misogyny.

  • laura sina

    Thank you.

  • Marco

    So at the top, you talk about how you have always seen gaming as a way of making new friends and a point of common ground. In the past few months, gamer identity has been stigmatized by the media as a group of hateful harassers and misogynists. Since you do not mention any previous altercations with gamers trying to exclude you from the hobby which would be relevant to mention here, I must assume that you have not been excluded from the hobby.. This means your own experience is in conflict with the narrative that Game journalists have been spinning. Can I ask why you believe them over your own eyes?

    #gamergate has never and will never doxx and harass people. Gamergate will not apologize for the actions of unaffiliated anonymous trolls and false flags.

    • Hinotori
      • Jingo

        That is not how that fallacy works. There are TRUE #GGers that speak proudly and publicly and are praised by other TRUE #GGers for their efforts. We have and will continue to call out the people who misuse our tag for malicious purposes when we identify them.

        • Mathieu Segaud

          Who is we ? organize yourself clearly and precisely (leaders, not shadowy figures) and then you will be seen seriously…

          • Arto Pekkanen

            We as in anyone. #GamerGate can never have a single organization or leadership, and it does not need one. People who speak for the majority of gamers in #GamerGate are recognized by the majority of gamers. Characters that are not relevant will be ignored.

        • thr33phas3

          Unfortunately that’s *precisely* how that fallacy works. “No true #gamergate member would ever have doxxed or harassed anyone! They’re just an ‘unaffilliated anonymous troll’!” (The “false flag” stuff isn’t even worth addressing.)

    • Randy Divinski

      No, “gamer identity” has not been stigmatized — a mob of socially-inept miscreants is trying to get away with borish behavior by claiming “gamers will be gamers” and crying “persecution” when they get called on their idiocy. NO ONE is “stigmatizing” you — YOU REALLY ARE THAT AWFUL. Crawl off into your man-cave with your twisted buddies and call each other whatever names you choose — just stop trolling and leave everyone else alone.

      • Arto Pekkanen

        🙁 Your poisonous reply makes further discussion impossible. Who are you trying to convince?

  • William Boivin

    Well Spoken!

  • MikeH

    How could anyone not love Codex? I don’t get the gamers gate deal…most of the gamers I hang out with love their fellow lady gamers. I married mine! Namaste Lady Codex, may the forces of gamers gate become confused and riddled with dementia on the way to your twitter feed.

  • Kichwas

    As a “person of color” I made the decision a few months back, before
    this whole ‘gamergate’ fiasco came about – to leave gaming… because
    much like the sexism, the racism is out of control among a certain
    element. I’ve just gotten too tired of dealing with constant comments,
    jokes, etc. Mostly when they “didn’t know” I wasn’t white… Once they
    did know – the reaction is social isolation. Suddenly I become the
    guildie who is not told about a time change, or a new member is pushed
    into my slot, or conversations happen around me, etc…
    And I get the “we’re sorry you were offended by our racial joke” comments as the usual “nopology”.

    don’t make the other threats… maybe in part because one stereotype they
    tend to have is that I’m more violent than them… That may benefit me
    in this regard, but its quite negative in most others…

    is a hate movement, pure and simple. It wraps itself up in ‘ethics’
    claims, and then fails to pursue those with an even hand across all
    lines. Ethics isn’t the real target. Those who think they are supporting
    gamergate because of ethics – that may be your intent, but its not your
    result. You cannot selectively help the ‘non-hate’ parts of a
    hate-movement without also resulting in “aid to the enemy”.

    you want to talk about journalistic ethics… you’re just going to have
    to wait until gamergate is gone… and then approach the ethics things
    from a very very different angle.

  • Guest

    May you find the strength to letting these people to ruin something you love.

  • Esteban Siravegna

    May you find the strength by to not let these idiots to ruin something you love.
    All the best.

  • CancerousCain

    “So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” ~~:Franklin D. Roosevelt:~~

  • daelf2004

    This whole gamergate disaster saddens me deeply as a female and a gamer. While some of the “GG” community may have good intentions their voices can’t be heard because of the active members of their groups committing heinous actions against women. If they really do believe there is something wrong with the journalism community surrounding games they need to find their own separate cause because GamerGate is a very poor representation…its origins can’t be denied or covered up that’s the funny thing about the internet.
    I think your the bomb for speaking up Felicia. Anyone that can’t see the reason in your post has their head in the sand. You’re a true gamer and a badass member of the community.

    • some guy

      what do you mean by its origins?

      • Mathieu Segaud

        Eron Gjoni and his lies about Zoe Quinn: DQ was NEVER reviewed on Kotaku, which throws away his theory about the reason of cheating on him. At this point, this is not our business. But if you say it is, you’re just a misogynist. The origins of this shitstorm is just a sad man that can’t fathom why his gf would want to leave her and so blame her. take the hint man, this is not a reason to throw a tantrum on the internets…

  • Maatix

    Felicia, let me start off by saying: I am truly sorry you got doxxed. I am. I love your work. I am a huge fan. In no way, shape or form am I going to defend the action of the person who did it under the banner of Gamergate. I am truly sorry. I know that will not take back the actions of the other person, but nothing will, and I am truly, honestly sorry about what happened.

    But that will not stop me from supporting Gamergate.

    The feelings you’re experiencing now, supposedly because of Gamergate… Why did you not experience them before? Because there was no label to put them to? These events are not new. People have been getting harassed since the dawn of time. Women have been treated as ‘lesser’ by gamers since games were a thing. Why now, do you feel people will harass you? Because there’s a label for the harassers, which is not only not a label for the harassers, but in reality not a label for anyone?

    Gamergate is not a label. ‘Gamergaters’ are not a thing. Gamergate is a movement. It is a movement for transparent journalism. That’s it. The actions of those supporting it do not change this goal. The actions of those against it do not change this goal. Anything said in support of/against it does. not. change. this. goal.

    I understand why you would blame people in support of Gamergate for what happened. But I do hope you can realize that Gamergate has nothing to do with hating women, and that these attacks are not a part of the movement. I have drawn many similarities between Feminism and Gamergate – For example, extreme feminists attack men and insist on belittling men, rather than striving for equality. Does that mean that the entire feminism movement needs to be shut down, because a select few feminists do NOT strive for equality, but dominance? Men have been physically harmed, mutilated, KILLED over feminism – Does that destroy the goal of Feminism?

    Of course not. Because the actions of a select few do NOT influence the whole. And so long as the movement’s goal remains, so too shall the movement itself.

    Not going into the fact that none of the allegations against Gamergate have been proven to be anything other than anonymous users who may or may not support Gamergate and it’s ideals – Yes, even the dox against you – I am genuinely curious why Gamergate is your target of fear. Would Gamergate not also benefit you? I mean – As a gamer myself, I would like to be able to read a review of a game and not wonder if the person writing it is only saying it to keep their job, or not ruin their friendships. I would like to think any gamer feels the same way.

    I wish you best of luck.

  • Golden Age Project

    Felicia, we love you. We adore you. We admire you. Please, please, PLEASE, do not let the trolling of a few tweeks who can’t get a girl for themselves tear down your confidence. I know this is scary, but please remember – there are far more of us who would support you to the end of time than wish to tear you down. Don’t give up the fight – you would be missed terribly.

  • Kir

    Amazingly spoken. Thank you Felicia.

  • some girl

    With all this other stuff happening in the world right now, this post clearly shouldn’t be as brave as it is.

  • Aaron Baker

    This was a very thoughtful and moving post. Thank you for sharing. Also, there’s an army of nerds out here who are in your corner.

  • Boom!

    So should we change gamergate into another name because it seems it has been hijacked and associated with misogyny?

    I will still stand here with many other females and males, there is massive corruption in gaming journalism and we need to fight it. This thing has been brewing many years, only recently has the Zoe spark lit the revolutionary fire. We will not take this. A revolution is at hand.

    Get your gaming mouses and ergonomic controllers! It is time to show the world the truth. NO MORE CORRUPTION!

  • Kyle Toering

    It’s so sad someone like you can’t feel safe. Continue doing what you are doing as your voice is needed.

  • Dave

    Why would I ever hate someone for honest and kind commentary, even if I disagree with their perception on this whole mess? Evil people are doing evil things under the cover of righteousness and the protection of perceived anonymity, and they wear whatever uniform suits their twisted mindset at the time. I’m sorry you were doxxed and harassed; anyone who did that is scumbag regardless of their affiliation. You don’t know me; I’m just another random fan who watched the Guild and who enjoys games, but I am a gamer, and I do feel affiliated with some aspects of Gamergate. I don’t even post much about it, I don’t twitter stuff, and I try to generally go on with just voting with my wallet. But I wanted to say that you should never be afraid for being honest and kind. Much respect, even if I might disagree with your perceptions of Gamergate.

  • Patrick

    As an aging gamer of 35, it saddens me so much to hear of the negative emotions and experience you’re having to go through. I discovered your work through the The Guild, which I discovered through my fondness for gaming and WOW (which I am so fortunate to share with my wife). An article referring to gamergate and you was the first thing I’d heard about the issue itself, and I’m depressed now myself after catching up on wikipedia on it.

    Not that I’ve buried my head to these issues. I’ve known about them for ages, having grown up on BBSs, Prodigy, and Netscape. The presence of maliciousness in the anonymous online world has always surprised me but on the same coin I’ve never tolerated it. After all, who would tolerate such language spoken to another human being said face to face, right in front of them?

    Right now, I’m afraid to dig deeper and find the statistics on the this. I’m sure they’re miserable. But the mere fact that it exists, no matter how overwhelming it may seem or how insignificant a fraction of the population it is (or isn’t), is reason alone to fight against it.

    Everyone must speak out. Speak out within your own communities. Speak out in your guilds, your tribes, your clubs, you corporations, your teams. Don’t be silent when someone’s hurting another human being. Trolls, misogynists, homophobes, racists, and their ilk only exist and thrive when and where we let them (I’m looking at you 4chan). Everyone can be a leader in their sphere of influence and a voice of reason and humanity.

    Thank you for putting your voice out there Felicity. Take this comment as a small token of support from just 2 more gamers who are on your side. Screw the trolls.

    • RD20

      Wikipedia is highly biased in its reporting on this matter and if you read the talk page is at war with itself on this matter I would suggest doing your own research if you actually want to learn about it. Approximately 5% of the tweets towards any negative person are positive 90% or more are neutral the remainder being positive. There are sick bastards yes but people are pushing them to forefront to attempt to silence the discussions on ethics and censorship.

      The reality is the whole ZQ mess would have blown over in a week except the primary areas of free expression reddit and 4chan were censored by high level mods including shadow bans and a mass deletion of a 35k comment threat on reddit. This was immediately followed by the gamers are dead articles which reeked of collusion that is when gamergate started.

      We have done everything possible since to completely ignore ZQ AS BW except for figuring out who was doing threats towards them and doxxing them and others and forwarding that information to the proper authorities. What we have focused on is getting advertisers to pull money from corrupt institutions such as Gawker which is a tabloid site and the major source of the 10 lists ect and has been known for leaking nude photos and other such embarrassments. The BBC is apparently going to be running an article this week talking with some of the more well known people of gamergate I would suggest reading that once it comes out. David Pakman has also done a series of interviews.that are quite informative on the issue.

      The main reason I replied to you is there flat out have not been unbiased mainstream sources available and frankly it sucks to be called a misogynistic neanderthal when your only crime is loving games.

      • super390

        Maybe the games you love are what’s misogynistic and Neanderthal. Making a fantasy female character do all the butchery does not make you a supporter of equal rights for actual women.

        • RD20

          Uh how to put this no. Even the games which AS says typify misogyny you kill a hell of a lot more men than women in fact in games like hitman you actually receive score deductions for killing innocents. Also what was wrong with chauvinistic at least the spelling actually makes sense unlike the current buzz word. I am an equalist I don’t support trampling over the right of women for men OR vice versa. Now how about addressing the actual point of #gamergate which is to actually bring some ethics into game journalism.

          Other question if we hate women so much why did we did we figure out who harassed AS and forward that information to both her and the FBI, wouldn’t we just let the slime keep doing what he is doing I mean if we actually hated women. I mean personally that would appear to be a very stupid thing to do.

  • Like & Agree. 😀

  • David

    You certainly are the kind of people (plural intended) we do believe in. As a gamer, as a human being, I support you, feel my hug and be brave.

  • kylem1701

    I would have crossed the street from those guys because I’m embarrassed to be a nerd. The concept of nerd is changing over night because of these gamergate shit bags. It’s not a label I want to be IDed with anymore.

    • Reggie Anderson

      If you think that after reading this flog-post that the propagation of more anger and hatefulness is what Ms. Day would appreciate then I have to ask if you even bothered to read the flog-post at all.

  • Christopher Robinson

    I wish this modern trend of being abusive and hateful online would end. We get the point already! You can say nasty, cruel, hateful, destructive things and no one can stop you…Try being decent for a change. I have to deal with enough negativity in the real wold, and I don’t have the patience to put up with this behavior any more. Felicia Day is one of the coolest representatives of the gaming community, and I could not agree with her more. Don’t let the small minded and ignorant stop you from doing the things you love, and don’t let them change the person you are. Good on you Miss Day…and as a huge Supernatural fan, I would like to say Charlie is my FREAKING HERO!

  • Jonathan Day

    I don’t know if you read the comments, but you can add me to the list of people who support you and reject abuse. I have never tolerated such attitudes (and the attitudes are as toxic as the actions) and am beginning to wonder if it’s some defect on the Y chromosome (it’s almost always male nerds who cause the problems, and female actresses – Janet Fielding being a good example – who get the flak).

    I have no idea which Vancouver you’re in, but I’d be happy to put cash on a card for coffee purposes. You can’t drink away the problems of the world, but you can at least get to feel refreshed and recognized.

  • Nikki

    Thank you, Felicia, for speaking up. I don’t blame you at all for being afraid – in the same situation, I know I would. But I think the best way to help the women who’ve been hurt is to let them know that they are not alone.

  • Allea Wolfe

    Never been here before, but wanted to say that I hope you’re ok and for the little part I serve of the world, I think you’re right and brave for speaking out to protect the others who have been wrongfully targeted. Your safety should not be at risk and it saddens me that it is.

    You’re work has cheered me up when I was alone and needed something to smile at and I can’t stand that it is the popularity of the things I love that you’ve created that has put you in danger.

    Just wanted to leave a positive message, don’t know if you’ll read it, but it can at least be in the support pile 🙂

    Keep being awesome and stay safe!

  • Jennifer Howell

    Thank you for your bravery, your peacefulness, and your class in the face of the kind of vitriol and fear-mongering that have been in the air for some time now. As to people still intent on claiming the “gamergate” identity, I would ask them, honestly, what is more important: railing against one possible infraction of journalistic ethics in a field of journalism riddled with many other breaches of journalistic ethics (when these ethics only involve reviews in the first place, not, like reporting on politics or war or anything life-threatening), or the safety, well-being and freedom of speech of one half of the human race? Gamergate was started with an air of misogyny in singling out an instance of ethical violation that conveniently involved a female to attack, it has continued to single out women, it is a tainted movement. If you want ethics in journalism, if that’s what you actually want, take a journalism course and start writing and stop reading publications you disagree with. If you want women to have freedom, peace and well-being divorce yourself from gamergate or, at minimum, loudly condemn this kind of behavior within that community (and I don’t mean by saying “it’s not all of us, it’s just one or two people”, I mean by saying to other gamergaters, “This kind of sexism and vitriol and violent speech is unacceptable, stop it.”)

  • KuchikiSentou

    I wonder what she said that caused all this humbug.

  • brandi

    A lot of people love you, Miss Felicia. I look up to you. You seem like a good person, your smart, and your passionate about awesome geeky things. And Jared Padalecki has picked you up 😉 Keep fighting the crazies.

  • Jerome Saincantin

    It took courage to post this, and once again I want to salute you for it. Regardless of anything else, denouncing bullying of any kind is always a brave action.
    I’ve long been a fan of your work as an actress, a writer, an entrepreneur. I am also a fan of you, woman and person, for what you just did. Know, again, that for what it’s worth in the face of such relentless hatred, many people are with you, stand by you – by all those harassed so – against these despicable cowards. I’m one of them.

    As for those here who attack or defend ‘GamerGate’… Because of how it all started and the cowardly nature of the early attacks – all on women, all beyond despicable – I must confess that my heart leans towards the anti-GG side. I understand – am willing to accept – that genuinely good people might have come together around the issue of gaming journalism corruption. Unfortunately, they seem to have hitched their wagon, no matter how squeaky clean and righteous it is, behind a rather toxic engine.
    I understand why they’re bristling when anyone decries their movement – but acknowledging that toxic nature would go a much longer way towards defusing problems than making dramatic claims that Miss Day (or anyone else in a similar situation) betrayed or abandoned them.

    Similarly, however, indescriminate condemnation of all people flying the Gamer Gate banner, their generic dismissal as ‘all creeps’ isn’t helping. There’s nothing excusable about the behaviour of the trolls, but refusing to acknowledge that the situation is a tad more complicated than that is shortsighted. And if there’s bullying and threatening going their way, it needs to stop too.

    I don’t know. So much of this could be avoided, or at least mitigated, if people of good will on both sides kept their heads and didn’t let the trolls attitude contaminate their reactions…
    Note that I’m talking about posting and debating here – not the perfectly understandable reactions to personal threats.

    Note also that none of this is directed at Miss Day. I saw nothing in her well crafted post that was in any way guilty of blanketing anyone – quite the contrary in fact.

  • RD20

    The annoying thing is gamer gate isn’t about that at all it’s about one simple thing journalistic ethics unfortunately this being buried due to a few wackjobs and the fact that majority of gaming press has a vested interest in causing #gg to be percieved as misogynistic nutjobs. I’m sorry that you feel this way but honestly this is not what the movement is about in the slightest. It is about returning ethics to gaming journalism that have been absent for far to long.

    Unfortunately some wackjobs have co-opted the name while they spread their stupidity and frankly vile ways. Most gamers have literally zero issues with girls in gaming I have raided in multiple top 50 wow guilds with female players and in Wildstar also with female players. It was an issue exactly once one of the main dps in the guild was being an absolute creeper and wouldn’t leave certain girls alone and he ended up kicked and that was the end of it. The vast majority of people have no wish to push perspective gamers away and will quite happily play with anyone we just want ethics to return to the journalists who tell whether we should spend hard earned wages on a game. There have been horrible things done on both sides of the issue doxing getting people fired ect, at this point I wish we could just get back to playing games. Unfortunately it isn’t going to end even once the issue of ethics is finally settled one way or another these spiteful people will simply attach themselves to another movement and continue their harassment on both sides of another issue twisting it so that it once again is about something it truely isn’t. There are seriously messed up people in the world but don’t let that stop you from gaming.

  • btruong728

    I realize that there are a bunch of people here in support of you so let’s add another one anyway.

    I cannot believe this type of crap would happen to someone like you. From all the things that I’ve watched and read about you, you really aren’t the type of person that deserves something like this. This has really got out of hand and the gamergate trolls should really only target those who deserve it. You being empathetic should not be a reason to be a target. I honestly hope that you get back to your normal self sooner than later and I hope those who have threatened you and did what they did to you somehow receive that same karma back to them and hope they realize what they did was wrong.

    Please continue to be yourself and just know there are many who support what you did.

  • Selina Leavitt

    Your words are an inspiration to own the fear and to use it constructively. Thank you.

  • Jugador

    You have a strength that has drawn tens of thousands of people together in their admiration and respect for you and the respect you allow them to feel in themselves.
    No matter what the medium, after a certain popularity tipping point, there will always be detractors, sexists, racists, fearmongers, and just plain haters who think they can vent their feeblemindedness to a larger audience.
    We of The Good, 😉 , can never let them in, or they win.
    I know the last thing you’d want is for your blog to be used to wage war or give credence to these cretins but I just had to say how sad the world is when someone with such a beautiful soul is made to feel unwelcome in it.
    Just keep doing what you do.
    Just keep being you.

  • DisqusThrower

    Gamergate supporters obsess about corruption and ethics yet NEVER address game software PIRACY.

    Imagine if 90% of all Ipads made were stolen 48 hours after initial release. Then imagine that the same thieves had the balls to complain about iCloud not providing enough security for their torrentedpirated videos and whatnot’s.

    “No true Gamegater would ever pirate!” Rinse and repeat.

  • Michael Scoates

    This article was RT’d into my twitter feed, just want to say thanks for writing it and keep up the great work. I’ve always loved the games industry and the culture surrounding it, to many gamers you’re a very important part of that culture because you have that rare talent of being able to express things in unique ways which the rest of us can’t. The pen will always be mightier than the sword in this part of our culture, obviously stick with the harpoon for werewolves when you get back to the funner bits of our culture. Maybe a silver tipped pen might work there too? 🙂

  • moto hellogoto

    I love that you have brought this out into the open. It’s very brave of you and I wish you the best!

  • Christopher Wells

    Thank you for your courage, Felicia. To quote Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz, “Those who cower forget how to stand and, and in time, can only crawl.”

  • Willow

    I didn’t even know this was going on, despite being a female gamer myself (I stay off Twitter). Seriously, what the hell is wrong with people?! Thank you for speaking out about this.

  • Valentina Rosa

    I absolutely agree with you, I believe games to be an extremely important part of my life, and yes I am a girl, and I don’t give a fuck. Thank you so much for saying such wise words. I have to add something though: You are not alone. I don’t know you and I am not even in the same country as you, but games are something we share, hence, we are connected! Thanks, and I am here for you fellow gamer! 😀

  • Dresden Parker

    Ms. Day, you are an inspiration. Though you try not to get entrenched in the controversies of the day, you have been made a beacon of hope and light to those of us who had been picked on and bullied in younger years that didn’t feel we could love what we do without judgement. You are now the “accessible celebrity” that people can more relate to through your love of games, culture and style… through your choices of work than through your love of money, fame and glamour. Your fame is that you represent us and all we can hope to achieve, your glamour comes from standing up against the rising tides despite the fears. You may’ve been inadvertently swept up in controversy but be assured in the fact that we support you. We have your back, so that hopefully you can continue to support us in our endeavors. My hope someday is that you can muster the strength again to stay on the side of the street because you and your Guild-ies’ views on gaming, humor, acceptance… It is that breath of fresh air we need in order to change people’s minds. To some of us, you and your friends are the Masters of Gaming (and culture’s) Renaissance; the unintended, but wholly necessary torch bearers. May your light guide us and your magic missile attack the darkness.

  • I actually saw you on Granville St. that day while doing errands. I wanted to say “hey! I love your stuff! you rock”. You looked like you wanted to be left alone and I’m a rather tall bald man and figured I might be intimidating so I didn’t say anything. Just know that there are men-folk like me who are hyper-aware of and against the culture and the ‘air’ created by people masking their insecurities, who really want everyone to feel welcome. Let’s fight the trolls and the misogynists together. Keep up the great work! — A fan

  • Kratos Greyghost

    Great article Ms. Day much support. I can’t lie I have never really supported any main stream actors who said they like gaming because it always seemed like a ploy but I can see and understand your plight on this. I am sorry for the craziness. The reasoning behind this “movement” is weird as more obvious and egregious things have happens on a larger scale for years. I hope #GamesEthics takes off so there may be a legit conversation had about the past conflicts of interests in games journalism to maybe improve it with out all this pitch fork mob craziness. Until then I am sorry and feel terrible for all the people getting their lives destroyed over petty bs. Either way you have my support.

  • CharlottefromtheBronx

    Ever since you joined Buffy in its last season, you have maintained such a great presence and I have heard nothing but kind words about you. I am sending you protective energy and sharing your post as much as I can. As a 55 year-young with little to no resources there was never much time or opportunity for gaming in my life. But when I was a senior in high school in 1977, my friend and I would walk around the neighborhood and create characters and stories from the Hardy Boys to Star wars and then make up our own characters and stories. And if I had known that that was what gaming was all about, I would have joined much sooner. As it is now, inspired by you, I will join in with both feet and in a retro black swimsuit. Thanks. You’re the best.

  • dino

    So so sorry to read how this has affected you personally. Anonymity has given these sad people a way to feel powerful. Why do a few always poison the many? You have my support!! Ayatollah-of-gamerrolla!!

  • r@ndumb d000d

    Nothing profound to say except how sorry I am that the woman behind such likable characters from Supernatural and The Guild has to watch out for her safety over death and rape threats. What the hell is wrong with some people? Don’t get discouraged and don’t let these a** holes steal your joy. Humanity is 1% psychos and 99% decent folks. I love your acting! Keep it up!

  • Kenneth

    I’d take a bullet and more for you any day, Felicia.

    This whole gamergate thing become an echoing chamber for like-minded people, for both sides. The people who should be listening to this are not, and the people who are, already feel the same way you do. The less close minded game lovers, like you, me and apparently everyone who has commented here, already understands and have established our opinions on the subject. We are WITH YOU. Every step of the way.

    But the close minded people are out there, are not listening, and will not ever listen. Putting a target board on yourself is admirable, but nothing more than an outlet to vent their endless frustrations on. It will not dent their extremist ideologies, so you should not put yourself needlessly in harm’s way. I’m not asking you to put your pride down, and I’m not asking you to hide, but just be more concerned about yourself.

    As innocent as this post was, i’m sure it has caused nothing but trouble for you. So don’t stir and wake the trolls. They bite hard. Instead, just do what you HAVE been doing. Spread the love, and the message will be sent. We have all heard you, and we know how you feel. It is not your job to be our voice. It is not your job to stand up for the rest of the community who embraces games. It’s your job to be you.

    Be your own voice, like you’ve always been. We see your light, and we’re following in your wake.

    Cheer up, and rock on.:)

  • Kenet

    I live in Poland, have 32 years on my neck, beautiful wife, job my passion for games and photography. I doubt someone could make me stop playing games. Games are one of many form of entertainment. Every one who wants should be able to enjoy them, create them, talk about them. Persons behind those threats can’t be considered as gamers or even normal people. They are narrow minded, frustrated individuals / kids.

  • Tom Malmborg

    I’m heartbroken that this is actually happening. We need to organize ourselves as a community so we can make a viable stand. A list of unethical behaviors is a good place to start.

    If anyone needs help I volunteer(as tribute)

  • Designadrug

    Look, I don’t want to derail all this wonderful discussion on the cultural phenomenon that is Gamergate but I think you are all missing the *most* important point that Felicia made in her post:
    “I had a day off this weekend from shooting Supernatural…”
    OMG more episodes with Felicia! Sqwee!

  • Turtle

    I’m a girl gamer too and a friend told me of this gamer gate mess a couple of weeks ago. I love the gaming world but what happened to you for speaking of your fears is unbelievable. Your a beacon for girl gamers to step forward in a world where the stereotype says we shouldn’t. By being attacked I cant help but want to speak out in protest.

    It’s disgusting the way the gaming community changed in just one month. I hope we reach the tipping point soon where girls are welcomed to the gaming world without stigma.

    Saying that there are so many male gamers who don’t feel the same way. I married the man I met through my xbox last year and many men who have behaved well to girl gamers have also married thier gamer friends. I’m sure you, like me, have plenty of guy gamers you trust, keep your faith in them as the others start to see the error in thier ways. In the meantime many people support you.

  • Guest

    Take care XOXO a big fan of ur work

  • Ming

    Felicia, I applaud you for taking this stand. Given recent events, do not let those attacks on your character get to you.

    As a Canadian, I want to let you know that you are always welcome here, and as a Lower Mainlander, I hope you can continue to enjoy being in Greater Vancouver. (Aside from the Rain)

  • William Floyd

    Felicia, It saddens me to hear the distress and self doubt you are going through because of the despicable actions of these few, unenlightened individuals.

    While I am not as hard core a gamer as you are, for many years, gaming has been a source of stress relief for me. When I see you and Wil on tabletop, for me, it is like hanging out with dear friends.

    Don’t let these idiots scare you. Don’t give them power over you. You are a talented, intelligent, beautiful person. The world is certainly a better place for having you in it.

    Know that you have more friends and supporters out in this world who have your back. Stupidity rarely wins the day.

  • Tired of this sh*t

    There are irrational, delusional people everywhere. They exist among all people. They exist among feminists, they exist among female game developers, they exist among women, just as much as they exist among gamers, the gaming community, or any other group, be it crab fishermen or circus clowns.

    The gaming community isn’t immune to crazy people, or people who hate or dislike women, but it also isn’t a group where those people exist more than anywhere else.

    Felicia, I think you need to do some growing up. If it came to you as a surprise that there might be some among the gaming community who are crazy, delusional, and send death threats and all that other bullshit, then you’ve been walking around with blinders on. Gamers aren’t exempt from having those people among their ranks.

    However, if you allow this militant feminist propaganda bullshit affect you so much, that you become prejudiced against all gamers, and start judging all gamers because of the actions of a handful of people, then how exactly are you any better than any racist or bigot out there? Because you have an irrational fear for your life? I’m sure many a racist and many a bigot has an irrational fear for their lives.

    Seriously. Yes, some people have sent some death threats, and spewed some heinous bullshit online. So what? It’s not like it’s never happened before. Would you like me to dig up a few videos of gamers being SWATted? Yeah, that’s actually calling the SWAT on someone, while they’re innocently playing some game with their friends. Those people were random gamers, and not women, mind you.

    I’ve played games ever since there were games and I could get my hands on one. We even used to have a version of Pong at our home. I’m sick and fucking tired of the fact that games and gamers are now unfairly under attack, and being targeted, all thanks to a few very vocal militant feminist loonies. Go after the people who actually do bad things, and leave us gamers alone.

    • super390

      She’s had an entire life to judge what men are like, while you’ve had the privilege of being oblivious to your own behavior. Maybe the militant feminist propaganda bullshit matched her observations more than the only alternative narrative, the hardworking white male Christian-as-victim bullshit does. If, say, 1 out of 7 American women report being the victim of rape, would you consider that as a basis for women having to be far more cautious then men, or would you just accuse the women of lying?

      And only a very sick society would consider death threats to be a normal, manly form of communication.

  • Felicia. I can see how such events in the on-line gaming world could knock anyone back who still maintains a sense of moral decency in their heart. Let’s face the real truth curdling the gamer-milk here: Guys are dicks. No matter what age they are, there always seems to be some testosterone-fuelled Moron spoiling for a fight; either inside,or outside of their chosen Gaming experience.
    The competitive urge that drives them to this behaviour is a hangover from our cave-man ancestry. It also is partly responsible for most of the world’s ills today. The intimidation aspect of #Gamergate is a tactic used by all who seek an advantage over equally driven competitors. No matter what sex they are. The only people who would subscribe to this mode of competitive behaviour are those who feel threatened by others they *fear* are more accomplished players,or skilled adversaries. So use such tactics to virtually guarantee their opponants are at a disadvantage from the start. Effectively, it’s cheating. But then again, there’s always been that hard-core of Gamers who never think twice about using cheating as a tactic to win since ,well, forever! (Hence the need for online anti-cheat filters and similar stuff).
    You don’t have anything to fear by standing up for your position. Social Networks exist to give partially invisible people the chance to be interact with others they’ll never meet in real-life. And if you don’t enjoy the virtual company of a certain group of individuals online, you have the tools at your disposal to find other like-minded characters to bond with over the pure love of gaming. And to block those who exist only to cause misery and pain to others.
    Don’t cross the road anymore. Smile your devastating smile at anybody you like. It’s *their* loss if they don’t reciprocate in-kind.Not yours.
    & if your path crosses with anyone determined to be a Dick? Challenge them to a competitive game of whatever takes your fancy. And use your own-not inconsiderable experience to school them.
    Looking forward to your next appearance in “Supernatural”.

  • Bill

    Felicia Day. I respect you a great deal. You are a wonderful actor. I have something to say to you. And please, I beg you, don’t dismiss my message because I come from the opposite side of this debate.

    I don’t know what you have been through; reading through your post, it sounds awful, the sort of thing I know would hurt me to the bone.
    But I just have to say (and this is hard, I’m sorry) I consider myself a supporter of #gamergate. And before I go any further, I wanted to say, the things that people who comport themselves as part of #gamergate did to you, were WRONG. They were so exactly in opposition to the real goals of the movement. I don’t want to hurt anyone doing this. I am not a troll. I only want truth out of lies.
    Because, the game journalists who are spreading this story that #gamergate is all about harassment, they’re the liars. They need to learn a lesson just as much as the people who doxxed your info just because you spoke out against it. They have been in collusion to push their ideas for a long time, as the gamejournospro mailing list demonstrated, and they need to learn that they can’t bully us.
    Ms. Day, I don’t really know whether you’ll even read this. But if you do, I want you to know that, whatever you choose to do, I support your choice, because when you made a choice some people saw as the wrong one, they tried to punish you for it. And that’s not right. But, please, know that not all of us are like that. Not all of us want to rule by force. Some of us just want the lying to stop.

    • Mathieu Segaud

      is this a lie ? or is the GG community letting gross misogynists moderate the only responsible front for GG ? this is getting ridiculous. I see many of GGers are not of that bunch. But whatever you say, the very fact that you let such shitty human beings be the moderators for what could be the only chance for GG to appear as legit as possible is appalling. maybe you don’t care about appearances, but “people” do and you have to fix this if you want to be taken seriously.
      When moderators that have the mission to prevent any doxxing, any harassing, any injurious behaviour are ones that commit to being amateurs of crimes, machism , pro woman slavery, this appears not as a sincere move from GGers, but, as always, just a front to hide the real facts: GG doesn’t like women as human beings.

      please take care of this, try and be legit, and you will be seen as legit.

  • Corey P

    It is well known that a negative minority of any large group will attempt to dominate any discussion on most any topic. All anyone needs to do is read a comment thread on any major website to have their faith in humanity shaken.
    It bears repeating that the silent majority does usually not share those types of sentiments.
    That said, I think it is sometimes necessary to say it aloud: THESE @$$HOLES DO NOT IN ANY WAY SPEAK FOR ME!!!
    Ms. Day, I stand firmly behind you in your endeavors. I support your creative voice. I greatly admire that you have had the courage to CREATE something (several somethings, actually) and put it on display for the world to see. It speaks to your strengths, not just as a woman, but also as a person.
    I probably straddle the line somewhere between a casual and a hardcore gamer, but I have seen the types of discussions that anonymous interactions bring out. I have never heard of the GamerGate movement before a couple of days ago. To be honest, I do not actually know what it’s actually about, but I call on their silent majority to stand up to the bullies. Show the rest of us that these few do not actually speak for you. Do not let your movement become associated with these atrocious sentiments.
    Now, since I want to end on a POSITIVE note:
    Now that Age of Ultron is almost out, can you and Joss, Nate and Neil PLEASE do another Dr. Horrible? I realize that you died, but that can be worked around. Possibly a prequel? Maybe you didn’t actually die?
    Best Wishes,

    • Corey, the endings of Dr. Horrible and Serenity broke my heart too, but don’t expect Joss to undo them because of that; this was the intended effect.

      Dr. Horrible was a tragedy, the creation of a villain, and Penny’s death was the seal which forever closed him off from the chance of redeeming love and a normal emotional life, as the final words indicate: “♪ and I won’t feel ♪ – a thing.”

  • Dave Het

    So you reacted to male gamers in real life in fear and ran away from them because of what some people said online, rather than treating people as they are in real life. Your best friend could be trolling you and other people online. Judging real-life gamers as haters without even looking them in the eye is not being able to separate fantasy and reality and is succumbing to fear and stigma; no wonder you went home depressed, you acted like a child and undercut both yourself and your compatriots. This was a reaction in fear and hatred, judging people you don’t know. That’s why people would be pissed at you. Online is one thing; real life is another.

    • super390

      Why is the burden always on the woman to risk herself on the multifarious evils of men?

  • Dave Het

    If you’re going to run away, you might as well stop going to conventions, because most of the males there are random gamers you don’t know, just like those two men. You run away in fear, you’re not even giving them a chance. People are not exactly the same in real life they are online, and the last two random gamers you smiled at and chatted with could have been people who flamed you last year or yesterday, and may go flame and harass you tomorrow. Real life is not online. Get above the trolls’ level and stop judging and putting people in the same basket.

  • Dave Het

    You know, my sister crosses the road when she sees two guys who look like they might mug her or rape her, Felicia crosses the road when she sees two guys who might make a comment about her online. Both are judgemental, but only one has something to fear.

    Hopefully you don’t prevent this from showing because my last two comments don’t, and I hope you’re not trying to craft a dialogue to get a certain outcome, because that’s manipulative, and I hope you’re above the trolls.

    • Acrannymint

      Given some of the responses, I think her fears are the same as your sister’s.

      • Dave Het

        These trolls don’t mug and rape women on the street; they sit behind their keyboard trolling. Felicia was unnecessarily judgemental and stupid for running away from a few gamers, who don’t do this shit in the real world. There’s a difference between that and anonymity on the internet, where you can speak the deepest trench of your mind with no worry and forget about it 2 seconds later. Her best friends could be the biggest misogynists online without her even knowing it. You don’t know, because it’s anonymous and you don’t have to talk in real life the way you do online. No wonder she cried. She subverted herself. What a wimpy, non-adult way to behave in real life. Who cares if some anonymous troll trashes her online, it means nothing.

      • Dave Het

        My sister was afraid of getting mugged, beaten, or raped. Felicia’s afraid some gamer she talks to might make sexist comments online. My guess is some of these trolls know her and are friends with her. It’s one thing to sit behind your keyboard typing whatever crap popped into your mind, it’s another to interact with someone in real life, and the more benefit of the doubt she would have given those two gamers, the better they would have felt about her and less likely they would have posted something nasty online. Trolling anonymously with a keyboard is one thing, interacting in real life matters most, and she could have took the torch on that one, instead she ran away in fear and doused it with her tears.

        • super390

          Guys who look like they might mug or rape you = black?
          Guys who look like they might be the sort to call you a whore or a feminazi online but will be perfectly polite in “real” life = white?
          Wow, I didn’t know that was the justification for white supremacy. Okay.

          • Dave Het

            When did I mention race? That’s your assertion, racist.

  • Painting with Pixels

    It’s a sad situation and a terrible look at the gaming community. I think games are being more recognised as art now and with that comes change. And with change comes resistance. I think discussion is good and I think the intentions of gamer gate started more or less altruistically, but in the end, I think the people involved really need to take a long hard look at themselves and try to understand that gaming in essence is experimentation. Gaming is creativity. To harass people is to spit in the face of what gaming is all about.

  • Silvercloak

    Thank you. I want this whole gamergate crap done with. It’s BS and we need to all drop this political crap and go outside and play, have fun and play games again. It’s as simple as this. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and respect and just have fun. If you can’t do that – you don’t belong in the republic of gamerdom.

  • On behalf of all gamers and geeks globally: We apologize! Looking forward to winning that trust back!!!

  • Sean Bradshaw

    The absolutely most discouraging thing is that for the longest time, being a guy who was a gamer meant being a social outcast, who pretty much had little chance of meeting a beautiful woman, and an absolutely astronomical chance of getting to actually know that woman. Then we were approaching a panacea of change, where gamers, girls and boys alike were accepted, and could get along, and have a life of shared enjoyment over their passion… just when this whole problem appeared, and for absolutely no good reason. The people who are continuing these actions are hurting themselves and all other men in gaming who might have had a chance to meet their counterpart, their Unicorn. But now if girls are hiding from gamer guys, and those socially inept gamer guys are going to avoid those gamer girls because they don’t want to scare them across the street, where will the future of gaming be? Felicia and all gamer girls, some of us guys still have your backs, and I personally hate that this issue has continued. It needs to stop, and we need to have some inclusion. There’s a lot of room in the world for different games, you aren’t going to miss out on Halo 27 because there’s some mobile casual gamers, there will still be a Call of Duty 46, and there will still be a Madden 2035. Get over yourselves, get off social media, and go play a game.

  • I’m almost crying because I feel the same way. Destiny just came out and I love watching my fiance play it as I try to get some shinies in Pokemon X and, well, since Destiny is the biggest thing out now, tons of people are wearing merch in my college but. . . . Ever since this Gamer Gate incident, I’m so afraid to even tell people, “Hey, what’s your Vanguard level?” or anything. . . I get scared when I’m by myself, waiting for the bus, and there’s a guy standing there wearing gamer merch and all I can think is, “Is he one of them?”

    I’ve been harassed repeatedly on games from MMOs to games on Steam by men whom I known and people who just felt like terrorizing me. I felt I had overcome what power they had over me only to witness the abuse, hate, and horror spewing from Gamer Gate’s threads.

    I am so sorry they doxxed you. You’re an amazing woman, a true symbol of how us nerdy chicks kick ass and chew gum. You really inspire me, honestly.

  • Kate Galey

    I can’t stand how women in gaming are being treated. I don’t think any of us with any online presence have escaped the terrible feeling of being threatened, called horrific names, told to kill ourselves just for having the audacity to be female in the gaming world. I love games, I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember, but there is so much wrong with gaming culture. I’ve given up on the gaming community so many times, but I keep coming back for my sisters who are under attack. GG is a line in the sand. We shall not be moved.

  • Glenn Woodbury

    This blows the big wazoo. I don’t game, it bores me; still it’s beyond the pale that these immature f-boys should make you feel fear. As Calvin wants to be an honorary tiger, there are days when I want to be an honorary woman.

  • sfhldl

    You are so awesome Felicia. <3

  • Potato

    Hey I’m just a guy who’s a gamer but not much involved in gaming culture. I think you’re great and I hope you keep on doing your thing and people leave you be. Best wishes for your future projects.

  • Anwyn

    Don´t know where to start,….may with that I apologise for my bad english:)
    I was a gamer since I could get my hands on a C64 and an Atari. Since then I always prefered to play at PC, but I played a lot of games on every available consoles too.
    In 2010 I had an accident and was forced to stay at home for a couple of weeks. I was a bit bored and searched at BSN about Mass Effect and DAO.
    To make it short I found there really wonderful friends I will never want to miss in my life. I found there my beloved and amazing girlfriend ( who is such a much better gamer than I am XD ).
    She introduced me to Geek and Sundry and all the great stuff there, because of her I became a huge fan of yours and all the great people you are working with.
    I found a lot of really weird cretins at BSN and diverse Game Forums, they all behave like the scum of humanity and I never understood why.
    I mean we all love games, it is what we love to do the most, it is our hobby and it is what connects us. That doesn´t mean we all should be friends and have the same opinion about things, but it should mean something and make us smile to find and see others being happy with what we love as well.
    It is about sharing the experience, the joy, the anger and the happiness we get from gamesand the most it is about respect to others.
    I´m so sorry that you have to go through this and I´m so sorry that you have to experience this, but you are not alone, we all appreciate what you have done and what you do for gamers. We all stand by your side and we will have your back.
    Stay as awesome as you are, don´t let them get control of your life and the great person you are.

    (a proud female gamer)

  • Nicol

    after ignoring everything GamerGate I got thrown into some of it, and this post lifted my spirit again.

    (P:S as a mental ill person, your use of the word kinda bug me, know you didn’t mean any harm)

  • Pete C.

    I have ambivalent feelings about this… It warms my heart to see so many kind hearted, good natured people in once place supporting and reassuring an amazing woman. It also hurts my soul to hear about/see the kind of abuse that people communicate. Mike (down there a few posts) made a fantastic point: Not all GG supporters are misogynistic assholes motivated by hate or sexism, but that doesn’t mean that we (I happen to have been a very vocal supporter of ethics in game journalism) should ignore the ones who are. I can’t stand by and “wash my hands” of them. This entire debate should have never gone as far as it has. If equality in gaming can come from this, then there will be a silver lining, but as it stands, it’s simply a VERY dark storm cloud. Regardless of your perspective, we are all gamers, and most of us are human beings (I have my doubts at times). How could we band together so strongly in the early nineties, but enable the worst to come out now? I suppose times change, but humanity does not. What I’m trying to convey here is that NO person should have to fear retribution for speaking their mind, or supporting their preference, but hate is not a preference… it’s a poison that threatens to taint every single one of us. Thank you all for your beautiful words, and thank you, Felicia Day, for sparking an intelligent, civil discussion on the matter. We support YOU, the sincere, awesome person you are.

  • Quanah

    We love you Felicia! We stand behind you! Please, never give up. You have a powerful voice in our community and a beautiful mind. Here’s wishing you the best.

  • Robert Ernest Richter

    GamerGate long ago crossed the Moral Event Horizon.

    I didn’t realize there was another line for them to cross until they broke Felicia Day.

    Stay strong, Felicia. They’re an unpopular minority, and we still love you.

  • Ben (Broken)

    Just want to clarify is this obsessed stalker person was affiliated with #GamerGate. There’s a third party of trolls called the GNAA who stir trouble on both sides to bait people into fighting each other. Though I’m sure there are other trolling groups too outside of that.

    AS a gamer I like you Felicia. I applaud your work making The Guild and like you for various other things you’ve contributed to stuff I grew up enjoying. (Heck,even remember your Buffy cameo back in the day!)

    But as a gamer I don’t really have time to look up your personal info and read every single blog post you write. As you know,gaming takes time. That and most men attracted to you know you’re married already. Only a sick obsessed stalker would have the OCD necessary to gather all your data and cyber-stalk you. Could he be a gamer too? Maybe. But he might not be a gamer at all.

    Do you just assume any malicious trolling comes from #Gamergate? Well let me be the first to say I do not think your friend Joss Whedon calling us “KlanDayCare” (Even though we have ethically diverse men and women that are pro gamergate) is a good step at negotiation. I’d almost call “that” trolling too.

    All #Gamergate wanted was for developers to have creative freedom without “muh feelz” censorship and for games journalism to have a code of ethics minus the nepotism and cronyism. When the movement began we would have been giddy at a mere apology but instead 11 games journalism sites declared us dead in unison and kept saying gamers were women hating “misogynerds” worse than Isis. The tag #Notyourshield was made to prove not everyone in the movement was a cis white dude- bro,that gamers are in fact wonderfully varied in culture,sexuality,gender,and color. (By the way, Jason Miller, a black man, lost his job for being associated with gamergate. But eh,let’s not even acknowledge that,right?)

    Felicia,you once claimed you were that shy awkward nerd growing up yet you have the gall to turn around and spit on the very people who supported you. And if you think only anti-GGers were your fans then you need a reality check. GGers are lgbts,minorities,women,men,nerds,geeks,gamers,veterans,the disabled, and everyone in-between. We are the people who “got” the jokes in The Guild and the people who empathized with many of those characters. Yet here you are spurning us.

    Do you honestly think the mainstream media reports honestly about everything,that they never slant the truth,or present things from a very warped perspective? If so you need to wake up and maybe venture beyond your pristine sky palace every once in awhile. Celebrities should not be so ignorant and disconnected with the real world. But I guess all that “privilege” can easily go to your head,right?

    As mad as I am I hope you come around someday but I guess it’s easier to just be swept in in the current of “the in crowd” while safe from the truth and other poisoned devils! Please prove me wrong,Felicia!

    • super390

      She was spurning men, not GGers. But the idea that GGers think gaming journalism is more important than the oppression of women – often with the women’s acquiescence! – and thus that makes us libertarian, “diverse” GGers morally equivalent to all the evil femi-nazis and the giant liberal media conspiracy, is right out of the Frank Luntz right-wing framing playbook. This is about the fact that any woman has to fear having dealings with any man for the reasons she discussed, and now Felicia has to treat Gamer males as thought they might be Typical males. And that is why we have a feminist movement and why, maybe, we need some affirmative action instead of the libertarian fantasy that an ever-more unequal socioeconomic system will produce social equality if the victims would just shut up.

      • Aamer Kastoff

        Felicia stated that she walked across the street because; “A small voice of doubt in my brain now suspected that those guys and I might not be comrades after all. That they might not greet me with reflected friendliness, but contempt.”

        Felicia Day admittedly made multiple assumptions about two human beings she new nothing about based solely on the shirts both people were wearing which had games on them and the fact they were both male.

        1.) The first and worst assumption which has no basis is: They are men so they are bad. This is blatant sexism and is usually the province of “Extremists Feminists.”
        2.) The second assumption is that wearing a shirt with a video game on it automatically means the individual is a “Gamer.”
        3.) The third assumption is that even if they were a “Gamer” they would be hostile towards her because she is a female.
        4.) The fourth assumption is they would even pay attention to a random person walking by them.
        5.) The fifth assumption is they would know she is a celebrity.

        Those are just five immediate assumptions she made apparently within seconds about two complete strangers. By definition what Felicia Day admitted to was both sexism and prejudice. What should be staggering to readers of her post is that Felicia Day admitted to sexism and prejudice and instead of being called out on it their are a significant number of people defending her obvious and admitted sexism and prejudice.

        I happen to be a fan of “The Guild” as well as “Table Top” and some of the other content on Geek and Sundry. Being a fan of her work does not mean I have to be blind to bad behavior and bad choices on Felicia day’s part. I am happy she stated that 99% of people are awesome, however that does not make her or anyone else’s sexism and prejudice OK, nor should anyone be defending such behavior.

  • Enemby

    Great post.

  • panzi

    I thought this comment thread needs more positive and encouraging comments. I’m currently ill so I can’t think of anything better than:

    Keep up your work! Don’t let immature idiots discourage you! I really love watching Co-Optitude and your streams. I just wish the streams would not be so late for us Europeans so we could watch them live and participate in the chat. 🙂

  • J.Mason Smith

    Hello Dutchess U Dont Know Me Nor I You, However I Respect Your Work & Even Though You Have Moderate Celebrity; In Personal Life Anonymity Is Paramount. If You Are 1/2 As Kool As Your Personas’ I Wouldn’t Mind Striking Up Friendship As I’m Not A Fan Or Some Crazy Ass Coming Out The Woodwork. I’m Only A Fan Of People I Actually Know! As I Dig Ur Style & Have Like Interests I Think If Ur Ever Busy Schedule Can Accomodate We Should talk! Let Me Know!Hansen
    Aaron Joseph Raziel Hansen

  • ” Because odds are 99% certain that those guys on the street who I avoided would have been
    awesome to talk to. I realize that letting the actions of a few hateful
    people influence my behavior is the absolutely worst thing I could do in
    life. And not an example I want to set, ever.”

    So you say this but then still continue to treat gamergate as a hatemob because some people said some mean things? I dunno man sounds like you’re setting that example to a lot of very disgruntled people. You speak in the article as if it’s a solid as cement fact that gamergate is all trolls, this is factually incorrect. But ofc I’ll be called a misogynistic hater if I disagree with you because it’s all about including people in playing video games right? Would love to play video games nowadays weren’t either horribly sequels or reboots of franchises that have lots of old fans, what did the devs do? That took a massive dump on their core fans in order to pander to new players and get bigger sales and in the end they lose on their bet. The only ones that haven’t suffered massively from this are the companies that could afford to essentially bribe journalists into being a glorified marketing branch that neatly gets around FTC regulations through publisher pressure and favours these reviews are nothing more than huge glorified adds that aren’t disclosed to the reader. The reader then thinks “well nearly every game reviewer says game X is gonna be amazing I guess I’ll buy it” only to then find out they were lied to and game x isn’t amazing it’s actually mediocre at best but it’s still got all the production value of a AAA title. The consumer realizes that what he bought was a terrible game, a pretty terrible game, but still a terrible game.

    Gamergate is mainly a group of traditional gamers that are tired of seeing the industry get away with anti consumer business practices and are tired of the yellow journalists protecting those practices. Gamergate has mainly focussed itself at the 2 biggest aggressors and the people that call themselves ‘professionals’ while acting like children on twitter, and while it’s certainly not the heart of the problem. It’s done more to fix the problem than most people who have taken a backseat to this whole thing have done in their whole lifetime. This hobby is a great hobby, it’s a hobby for everyone. But it’s also a multimilliondollar industry. And as always those are rife with corruption. What really surprises me about gamergate is how many idiots are swalling the propaganda that it’s a hate campaign. Especially if they then follow it up by spouting bile on twitter and when their claims that they embarrassingly made because they swallowed a bunch of outright clear as crystal lies are debunked they retreat into their little echo chambers to refill up on propaganda to at least prove to the fucking idiot that just made a fool of him/herself that they were right all along because it’s really really really hard for people to admit that they’re wrong nowadays. (imo you have an education system that overly fixates on mistakes and penalties/scores to thank for that)

    So really, are you REALLY going to seriously state that gamergate is only a bunch of trolls? Cause anyone that takes even a few seconds to look at the actual movement knows that’s not true.

    • super390

      “…in order to pander to new players and get bigger sales…”
      This wouldn’t happen to mean selling more games to women, does it?

      Is that what the femi-nazi game reviewer conspiracy hysteria is about? Pressuring big media to NOT broaden its base to non-gamer women the way the Christians have pressured the media not to let female characters have abortions or use “Jesus” as a swear word?

      Jesus, you sound just like the old white comics fanboys who hate Ms. Marvel, the best comic book the Big Two have going right now, because of course stories about Pakistani-American teenage girls can contribute nothing useful to an “art form” consisting of a zillion Batman titles, or trashing your own existing characters because Fox owns their movie rights instead of Disney.

      Because in their hearts, women and non-whites and gays and Moslems haven’t earned the privilege of being shown as the masked masters of even a fictional America, as opposed to you-know-who.

    • Aamer Kastoff

      Gamer Gate started very clear and concise, here are some actual facts.

      Proven Facts:
      1.) Trusted Game Reviewers from Trusted Game Magazines/Web Sites were in fact paid or bribed in other ways to lie about the games they reviewed.

      2.) Intimate relationships between a few reviewers/writers from Trusted Game Magazine/Web Sites and a few Game Developers did occur which is an understood “Conflict of interest.”

      3.) When the story broke about these facts, instead of coming clean about them, apologizing for them, or correcting these mistakes in any way, the female and male reviewers/developers instantly accused the (rightfully outraged) customer base as misogynists and women-haters despite a significant amount of women being in the outraged group. This took many by complete surprise as the vast majority of consumers only care about the corruption issue.

      4.) The Game Magazines/Websites immediately started using there own platforms as well as their media connections such television news to circumvent the story of corruption and turn it in to a false story of ‘Gamer Identity Loss” and “Misogynist Terrorists” and other such drivel.

      5.) Claims were made of Massive online hate campaigns aimed at the women involved in the corrupt behavior on twitter. In reality (According to Twitter, Newsweek, and Brandwatch) less than 10% of all tweets were “offensive.” A far cry from the claims made by the people involved in the corrupt behavior. Many celebrities, organizations, and even charities receive vastly more “hate” on twitter than these corrupt reviewers and developers.

      6.) Certain celebrities (Felicia Day not being one) came out making comments about these “Awful Gamer guys” and openly chastised the rightfully angered gamers who paid big money for new release games based on the lies told by the corrupt reviewers. This of course is the sort of thing many celebrities (just like everyone else) do, they see something assume it must be true, do no research and start running their mouths.

      In conclusion, A group of people in both the game developer and the gaming magazine/website communities lied, bribed, coerced, and then manufactured a false problem to cover their own corruption. They should be in politics not gaming. The women and men who jumped on the bandwagon of hating white male gamers should be ashamed for taking no time to properly research the facts and what went on.

      Common sense should also dictate that one comment out of a hundred does not comprise the whole of a group of people. The internet is rife with fake account, sock puppet accounts, duplicate accounts and anyone of any sex, nationality, race, creed, color, etc. can go on and post pretending to be anyone. Blaming a large group of people for the actions of a few is the very thing that many of you are mad about someone else doing.

  • super390

    Firstly, calling a movie or game reviewer a “journalist” is insulting. Real journalists risk their lives to find out facts that actually effect the ability of every person on the planet to live in safety and health. And yes, journalists are biased. But you can always take your stupid game back for a refund.

    Secondly, Ms. Day did not come to this conclusion solely due to GamerGate. Here is a post from 3 months ago about gender oppression in the field:

    Finally, the treatment of women as human beings is about 3 billion times more important than game reviews. As in 3 billion life-or-death situations versus zero life-or-death situations. Every time GG defenders say that they are being unfairly drowned out by a conspiracy of feminists and the death-threateners are really feminists trying to smear them, they are saying that their issue is at least morally equivalent to feminism (us white Christian men are oppressed too!), if not superior (because they’re liars!).

    I’m sick of “we’re women and blacks and gays too!” If not a single GG supporter will acknowledge that gender violence is overwhelmingly men versus women (thus making anonymous threats against women equally more credible than threats against men), then you’re saying this inequality is normal and not a serious topic.

    One out of seven American women are either the victims of rape, or they’re liars. That’s the difference between threats of violence against women and defenders of women’s rights, and any claim that “both sides are to blame!”

  • The Sensible Nerdfighter

    Guys, there are 2 rules I have followed through my entire life so far, and they can help us get through this.
    1. Don’t listen to trolls, or value their comments
    2. If in doubt, talk to someone, and take a risk
    3. DFTBA
    I know I said 2 rules, and that is because the first is near impossible to follow. Saying nasty comments don’t hurt is like saying some guy in the street calling you an idiot doesn’t hurt – BULLSHIT. The only way to stop the trolls is to take away their reason for doing this. They do it because: a) others do it, and b) they like seeing people get angry on Twitter. Reason a) diminishes over time, and all a longer lasting troll epidemic does, is tell us that they also do it with reason b). They don’t listen to the logical arguments, not because they don’t understand it, but because they stick by their view, to maintain a reputation. If we don’t listen to them, or respond in an angry way, they stop, and life returns to normal.

    Thank you for reading this, and DFTBA

    P.S. Felicia, you should be in Tabletop more.

    • Thank you for making me look up DFTBA! I will try to remember to not forget to be awesome 🙂

  • I think what it all comes down to is that people need to learn to follow Wheaton’s Law. I have tried repeatedly to have conversations about this whole GamerGate issue and every single time I have been met with nothing but hostility and rage. A lot of people from GamerGate say that the people doing all of the harassing and sending threats do not represent most people from the group and that’s fine. However the fact that I have never been able to find a single person willing discuss it without hostility doesn’t help your case from my point of view.

  • Kitty Abyss

    Felicia, You are awesome, keep doing what you do and giving hope to people like me. I’m 32 and just a few years ago began to realize that I am not alone, I’m a gamer as are my sister and two daughters.

  • Michelle

    I don’t know if you will read this but I feel compelled to let you know that you and your work has affected my life in countless positive ways, one of which was getting me into gaming in the first place. It truly saddens me to hear about all of the negative emotion that people seem to feel they have a right to direct at you simply because they disagree with you or your ideas. I really don’t know how to deal with these people, how to get them to find better ways to deal with their emotions and get their message across. I don’t know if it’s a problem that can be solved. I have always made it a point in life to (as my father always taught me) focus on what I can control. I can’t control what other people say or do to you or others but I can put forward my own positive message in the hope that it can in some way counteract the negative ones.

    So here goes: You have made a difference to my life. You have made it better.

    And I hope that knowing that might make these people a little easier to deal with.

  • Triple-D

    Thanks Felicia. Well said, keep it real!

  • Aamer Kastoff

    When people such as Anita Sarkesian use lies, obfuscation, and the worst kind of “Pop Psychology” to manufacture problems that don’t exist merely for their own financial gain, fame, or both it creates major issues. Unlike Sarkesian and a handful of others like her, I have actual real degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science, as well as two decades of experience in these fields. I am amazed that so many have been taken in by these “Con-Artists.” I learned about Sarkesian when she appeared on a Ted’s talk and I was shocked by the absolute absence of any scientific basis for her claims.

    It took me roughly fifteen minutes online to find out she had no expertise in the fields she was claiming to be an expert, she had none of the relevant education, and she had absolutely no scientific research to back up her claims. She has yet to do any actual scientific research in to the claims she made in her crowd fund-raising. To date she has mostly raised hundreds of thousands for herself and appeared on a number of shows claiming to be a victim on par with the “Jews in Nazi Germany” (her words not mine), any attempt to critique her or point out actual facts has been met with screams of “Female oppression” or “Victim Denial” by Skarseian and many of her blind supporters. Skarsian will not even debate the topic or take questions she does not Previously agree to answer. She has a carefully crafted “show” meant to make her money, not surprising since her goal in college was to become rich and famous. Skarsian moved from Canada to California and she earned a BA in Communication while looking in to becoming an actor of working in television.

    Studies and polls performed across the United States consistently show that men, not women are the ones who are most likely to be treated in a sexist way. Even many main stream women’s magazines and feminist groups are reporting the same findings.

    Basically if the person shouting about a problem has no education in the proper area and the person shouting is asking for millions in money that seemingly goes to no one but themselves you really should question them, their claims and their honesty.

    • “men, not women are the ones who are most likely to be treated in a sexist way.”

      Right, it’s “men, not women” who are subjected to catcalls by the opposite sex as they walk down public sidewalks, and made to feel like sex objects; it’s one in seven “men, not women” who get raped; it’s “men, not women” who hit the glass ceiling at their companies and can advance no further; it’s “men, not women” who get 70 cents or so to the dollar of their opposite-sex counterpart’s earnings. How could we all have gotten that wrong?!

  • concerned

    I have actually been a fan for some time. I was actually trying to find a way to ask someone who does the type of things you do to make a video on the dangers of posting videos online from legal to other. I have a young cousin who wants to do streaming and youtube and I don’t discourage from having an interest, but when trying to put the other side to it, it falls on deaf ears. I just want my cousin to have a well rounded view not just the oh I can be on the Internet type view. You have a bigger voice and aspect than I do. Thank you for even reading this post.

  • Dear Felicia, I just spent a few weeks debating a related issue on Wired (Kathy Sierra’s “Trouble at the Koolaid Point”, about her doxxing by a neo-Nazi harasser who has since become a hacker cause celebré); it’s amazing how fiercely the harasser gets defended, while his victim gets accused of being the one with malice etc., in a complete moral inversion of the situation. I have no patience with such propagandists.

    My wife and I have been your devoted fans from Buffy and Dr. Horrible and Supernatural (how can you bear to leave Oz?!), and I was among the first 100 players of D&D (my dorm neighbor’s brother helped write it) — so I feel deeply this rift in the gaming community, and I am bloody furious at the troglodytes who have harassed you and other women for your honest opinions and your gender. This is misogyny, nothing less, whatever surface justifications may be offered.

    (That last, BTW, is what puts the lie to the claim that both sides equally have doxxed and harassed women — the misogynists and the anti-misogynists alike? Riiiiiighhht!)

    • Aamer Kastoff

      I read the thread “Trouble at the Koolaid Point,” I had great trouble finding anyone who was defending a “Harasser” but I did find the majority you were replying to, were only defending anti-censorship of the internet. That is a far cry from defending a cyber-stalker. Based on your response to one of my posts below you seem to be somewhat reactionary without taking the time to consider another persons point of view or what they are actually trying to communicate.

      I am not attacking you only pointing out that perhaps you are not considering what others are communicating and at least in my case you ignored facts and became sarcastic in your response. Defending free speech and an uncensored internet is a far cry from defending a stalker, yet you somehow confused the two repeatedly.

      An interesting point to that specific case is that it was one woman (From New Zealand) harassing another woman (In New York, USA) via online threats. Cyber stalking or cyber bulling is not the province of men alone in fact women and girls have the edge in this area.

      Now perhaps on to more kind things, D&D is awesome and I would have loved to been one of the first players however I probably was closer to the three hundred thousandth player. We use D&D and games a lot in for therapy and in teaching.

      • “the majority you were replying to, were only defending anti-censorship of the internet.”

        Actually, no, while that was an issue Ron Maimon ranted about, no-one either in the article nor in the thread was arguing for censorship of the net, so that’s a red-herring topic. The article was about a male cyberstalker, and one major comment-thread spawned off a comment proffering another article about another stalker (on- and off-line) — that being the New Zealand woman. In neither case was “censorship of the net” suggested as a cure for the stalking, by either of the stalking victims.

        • Aamer Kastoff

          Nothing in my post need correction. Your attempt at “rewriting” my post is disturbing and leads me to believe you did not actually read my post or perhaps you are trying to get others to ignore the facts I presented.

          As to the article “Trouble at the Koolaid Point,” that article is about an American woman being “cyber-stalked” by a New Zealand woman. The thread you referenced was directly about that article and you were arguing for censorship of the internet on that thread (anyone can go read your posts unless you have edited them). Many people on that thread were simply arguing against censorship of the internet and you were arguing for censorship of the internet.

          You then implied anyone who was disagreeing with your views had something against women or were defending cyber-stalking and you made there, as you have here, unfounded claims backed by no evidence or fact.

          I am simply pointing to existing threads, facts, evidence, and your own written words. I have no malice towards you, however I will not allow my words to be rewritten and twisted to suit another’s agenda.

          • “As to the article ‘Trouble at the Koolaid Point,’ that article is about an American woman being ‘cyber-stalked’ by a New Zealand woman.”

            Clearly you just did not read that article by Kathy Sierra, which was about her harassment by Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer — the bearded guy in the big mug-shot photo at the top of the page.

            Melissa Anelli’s story of being stalked (both on- AND offline) by a New Zealand woman is told in a comment in that thread, which includes a link to the NPR article “Fed Up With Harassment, Author Reveals Her Cyberstalker”.

            This exemplifies how little grasp you have of the facts and issues involved.

          • “Your attempt at ‘rewriting’ my post….”

            I did no such thing. I quoted a snippet and replied to that portion.

            “… you were arguing for censorship of the internet on that thread….”

            Baloney.   Quote me doing so, even once, with a link to the comment.

            “I am simply pointing to existing threads, facts, evidence, and your own written words.”

            Not yet you aren’t.   Link to a comment of mine arguing for net-censorship.

            “… I will not allow my words to be rewritten and twisted….”

            And while we’re at it, where have I “rewritten and twisted” your words and attributed them to you? In this paragraph I’ve quoted “rewritten and twisted” (twice now), but to have quoted those words isn’t to have “rewritten and twisted” them.

  • shotoclone

    I’m gonna tell you about what happened to me today.
    I was in a supermarket (in a hurry) and bumped into one of the employees there. Inconsiderately, i didn’t look and said…”sorry man”, only to look up and see a woman. I immediately apologized, and did so over & over again until i turned blue in the face. Shes said it was quiet alright, but she probably noticed how nerved i was by the whole situation, and mentioned ” I like your backpack”. My backpack has drawings of mario brothers, zelda ect… And then we both knew…we both love video games.

    It was an honest moment. We let our interest out just sit out there, raw and open for the world to see. I give her a little bit of history on teh art work, gushed over my love of those games…and we enjoyed that moment.

    Heres my theory…you should NEVER be afraid to openly profess what you love. Worst case senario, they make fun of you behind your back. So what… No big deal ! People do that anyway ! Best case….you make their day. Why ? You are FELICIA DAY ! Who wouldn’t want Felicia Day to talk viedo-games with them ? They are guys… i dont think they would mind an easy conversation, with a lovely and knowledgeable red-head…who happens to be creator of the guild.

    This stuff is heavy with gamer-gate. Don’t let it spoil your fun ! Get out there, live ! Don’t let them win.
    Sadly, i walked away from vidoe-games (atleast modern videogames) because of xboxlive/online, and all that ramped racism/sexsim online.

    Im not what you would consider the “average male gamer”. Im large, bald, bearded, and i workout. Please dont cross the street if you see me.I already get that with “normal” people. I wont have anyone left, if you guys start to back out too. I am very friendly, and love to talk about my retro videogame art.

    Take care, and i hope this story was of some use.

  • Tim

    Its terrible really that we all just can’t be free and game without harassment. Can’t we all get along,and play nicely?

  • EJ

    You are wonderful, and your work is wonderful. I support your every endeavor.

  • Figurative Leigh Cheri

    You are amazing. ilu.

  • Samuel Cinq-Mars

    Well that was…a lot.

    I don’t really know where to start. Are you trying to say that people blow this thing out of proportion so much that, soon, wearing gaming related clothes or, even worse, being a man who wear these clothes will cause people to avoid you like you are a mugger or a rapist? That is very nice for the videogames enthusiats who don’t associate and neither participate with Gamergate.

    I talk as such a person. I can agree with them when they say gaming journalism is corrput because absolutely everything is corrupt, especially journalism and other similar information media where information can be bought and twisted, but as someone who does not associate with the people at gamergate and the harrassment they perpetrate, I take insult to this kind of reaction. For a while I’ve been hearing this whole debacle over “Not every gamer” because, somehow, some people get angry when you want to distance yourself from crazy ass basement dwellers who never got laid and have mommy issues, according to some people, we should shoulder the burden of every crazy person who commit foul acts in our group of enthusiast. “Yes, all gamers” is what they say. If a few people harrass women, we are all guilty of harrasment. Well no. I have never harrassed anyone, I have never raped, I have always tried to be as respectful and well-mannered as I can with everyone. I will not accept to be associated with sexist people on the guise that I am, also, a gaming enthusiast.

    Don’t get me wrng, I perfectly understand this reaction. It’s natural that, after hearing so many spooks stories or being victim of harrassment by gamers to be cautious of anyone who remotely looks like one. I’m not trying to shame you for your reaction. I perfectly understand it, which is why I am angry. When is this going to stop? When I say this, I mean that on both hands. When are pseudo social-activists going to stop pressurizing people into change? when are these pseudo libertarian going to stop pushing their agenda on everyone and, in return, when are the sexually repressed women abusers going to stop taking this as an opportunity to attack any woman who is part of their “group” of enthusiasts? Because of this, everyone is seeing the bad picture here and people like you fall victim to the cross-fire.

    Again, I want to make sure that this is clear, I am not criticizing you in any way or criticizing your behavior. Seeing you cross the street to avoid me because I am, for example, wearing a Zelda item of clothing, would deeply insult me, but I wouldn’t hold it against you, but this angers me because the issue in itself has reached a level that is out of control. People are so separated by these babies shouting at one another that the regular enthusiasts are caught in the cross-fire and suffer from stray bullets. Enough is enough I say!

    This is the problem with the “gamer” identity. I never understood the need to identify with gaming or “gamers”. I am a huge nerd, I play videogames since I am 4 years old, own dozens of systems and hundreds of games, I watch Anime, read Manga and comicbooks, I love that shit and absolutely don’t hide about it either, but I don’t label myself a “nerd”, I’m not a “gamer” because those hobbies and interests don’t define my personality, they don’t define me. The same way wearing a Led Zeppelin shirt and owning every album wouldn’t make me a “musicer” This is part of the whole that makes me, but it is not me. Maybe the fact the “gamer” fad has become an actual identity has become one of the problem in itself. Personally, I’m just a regular dude who works 40 hours a week to pay the bills and spend in things that I enjoy including videogames and the such and if I wear a videogames T-shirt, I don’t do it to express the fact that I am part of the “gamer” group, I wear it because I like the shirt and, obviously, like the games/series it’s based on, nothing more than that, if you are a fellow fan, come to me to talk if you want, but that doesn’t mean we are part of a clan or something. This has gone out of hand.

    Finally, I think nobody is a “gamer”, actually. I don’t think anyone who identify as a gamer IS a “gamer” because playing games and liking nerd things isn’t and shouldn’t be an identity. You are a person, a unique individual like every single person in the world and something in you makes who you are and makes you how beautiful you are, but it isn’t because you like Batman or Halo is what I’m trying to get at. I feel like we should stop obsessing over this image of a “gamer” which is starting to become so rotten that even remotely publically enjoying a videogame could get you pepper-sprayed in a near future. Drop this gamer identity and be who you are. Playing games, liking comics and fellow nerds IS, without a doubt, part of that, but it should never be the whole.

    That way, maybe we can, finally, separate from this senseless mediatized fight between mentally insane people who want to prove a point.

  • Joe

    Thanks for your level of self-reflection. It’s easy to see oneself as independent person who gives a damn about what everybody else says. This person must be very lonely indeed. It’s a completely different thing to realize how much one is personally dependent on the community that surrounds you. It’s so easy to forget that a lot of synergy reflects positive on you as a person. Especially if you decide to share your work with a large community.

    I believe that this interactive community is reaching an interesting dimension. On the one hand it’s amazing that your ideas and work can be shared all over the world. On the other hand anonymity and trolling from people that are generally unhappy about something. There is no fear of consequence for negative behaviour except the ever growing ignore list.

    This is a new form of communication unprecedented in the past and hard to place in our society.

    The points I’m trying to make is, that we don’t know were the path of connected community is leading us. The Gamers are a subcommunity of these new connected community and is figuring out where in our society it’s place is.

    How do you review a game? Can you compare it with review of a book or movie .. Perhaps .. .what are the “rules” of a good review? Number of like?

    What is the appropriate way to interact with a person in this community. I read the blog entry and thought that it spoke to me. Is it okay to replay although I never met the author. … For me the comment section was an invite … but there is no right or wrong on what to do … just my interpretation.

    The Wikipage about Etiquette in technology is so short compared to the development the whole community is going through. Wonderful artist like the author found there place and are doing an amazing job in entertaining people like me. I’m glad that such a place exists and hope that it can be the creative playground for people with the right intensions.
    How can we protect people who decide to use the new media for the benefit of most of us.
    The thing that comes to mind is be grateful. Speak out and applaud the hard work. Thanks for doing what you do. To entertain to bring smiles to our faces and just general joy.
    The second thing that comes to mind is … don’t feed the trolls … even if the frustrate you to no end. There are days it might work … on other days they’ll get their feast.
    I hope that our connected society will be the basic for good times to come. To create the possibility to learn new ideas and views that otherwise would be lost.
    Most of all I hope that the author of this blog won’t have to change the side of the street because she knows that her work is respected in the community. The feeling of security is so important for good atmosphere … especially in a creative environment and I hope for more work and thoughts because they are so often spot on and amazing.
    All the best from oversea.

  • Someone

    I’m not a gamer, but I’m a female nerd and I love this. I love your authenticity and openness–it’s just what people need (those dealing with Gamer Gate as well as other parts of life that your advice applies to). Thank you!

  • Barrrf

    I had no idea what Gamer Gate was until someone posted your profile pic on Imgur with an explanation and a link to your Tumbler sight. Before I read your blog, I did some researching. Then I read your post. Then I wondered how we got to this point as a society where people cant be free to walk around not being scared of what might happen. How people can seemingly get pleasure from someone elses fear. I suppose realistically speaking, the human race has always been that way – the only difference is now we have a different media in which to perform this debauchery. And the results of our actions are instant. Its shameful at best.
    However we will grow and change is yet to be seen but I have to believe we will only get better. If we don’t have hope, what do we have? Good luck to you. Good luck to your future. It will work out in the end, it always does.

  • Chloe

    Great article, Felicia! I totally agree with you; no one should ever be criticized for what they are passionate about. Hopefully this message will spread and stop hateful people from breaking apart the gaming community.

  • D-Dub

    I happened to be watching Kubrick’s masterful “Paths To Glory” last night and in it, Kirk Douglas declared the infamous line, “There are times when I am ashamed to be a member of the human race and this is one such occasion.” I found that quote to be markedly resonant on reading this insightful post, which again illustrates perhaps your innate and intuitive understanding of those subjects which make up your wonderful art. It saddens me greatly, to see so much drifting from what I keep trying to convince myself is a slow trudge towards more enlightened attitudes, yet it was heartening to see you still holding aloft a reserve of hope. It’s probably easier to paint them as the work of charlatans and cretins, idiots of the worst sort, but despite the seeming foolishness of looking for logic in a place seemingly bereft of it, we can at least attempt to detect some basis and by that, I do not mean the stupidity of the ostensible reason, that being “ethics” in gaming “journalism”. Gaming “journalism” is irrelevant to the vast majority of the population, whether they buy video games or not. It’s such as small sub-sector, it’s like decrying that Pro Wrestling Illustrated was fixed and the automatic and natural reaction would then be: “Yes. And?” Real journalism itself is largely devoid of ethics and is frankly a much larger problem, why get hung up on gaming “journalism”. Right, it’s pap and nonsense and those with working brains promptly dismiss it as obfuscation.

    No, what we see here is a erosion of the former societal more, being that of the gamers as an outcast sect, who were regularly jeered, picked on, snubbed, punked and otherwise dismissed as sub-human having the roles reversed, but still being stuck in the mode of that sort of second-class citizenry, sort of like when Keitel asked Clooney in “From Dusk To Dawn” if he was so much a loser that he couldn’t tell when he’d already won. Those geeks, back when the word had more negative connotations tied to it, would be chosen last at anything requiring athletic skill, which itself was a sort of mask and effigy for the masquerade, which was then taking the place of choosing a mate. So, the geeks couldn’t get the physically attractive women. Now, we see a lot of women in that geek world and all of a sudden, the girls are attainable…except women themselves, dead sick and tired of being the world’s doormats for centuries, are the ones standing up and saying, yet again, from the perspective of those geeks, that they, indeed, are not attainable. Without getting into the bitter disappointment and crushing blows to esteem and how this projects itself through the device of internet anonymity, what is at heart here is the age-old programming of humankind and what they’re wanting is for women to have no choice in the matter. They, the young geek lions, have supplanted the old athlete lions and now want the spoils, which includes the womankind, irrespective of any choice by the female in the matter.

    This represents yet another shift of humanity from the beast origins to hopefully that of a thinking organism, but unlike the pre-computer years, when we had the cool logic of Mr. Spock as a litmus test to help guide the way, in current years there is nothing but the person themselves to temper their behavior. In this world, immaturity is condoned and encouraged and the continued objectification of women is greatly desired. By this same logic, “historical accuracy” would then be used as a reason to discourage adding female characters as full knights in a medieval game…unless they had gigantic stiff and barely concealed breasts, of course. The repellant, abhorrent and illegal practice of invading someone’s privacy (and if the threats are to be believed, their privates) is sickening and should not be allowed by anyone who is in a position to end it and it defeats the argument if the arguer has to resort to threats of sexual violence in an attempt to “win” a point. Can you imagine diplomats, at any level, trying to use such a device? College Humor, a while back, did some very funny videos comparing a board meeting and funeral to internet forums. I hope they or someone equal to the task creates a video along those lines, which would do well to point up the inherent absurdity, though even that cannot hope to touch the outrageousness of it.

    The end game, naturally, is what to do. A long time ago, back when racism (still alive and well) was the hot word, I made it a point to do what I could to stop it in my respective corner of the world, wherever that happened to be. My banner had the words “it doesn’t matter” on it (also echoed by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, though his path was far more uphill) and I flew the flag high. In those years, I’ve been the only face of not only my race, but also of my gender at times, in a crowd full of other nationalities and I’ve found racism there, too. The “whites” of the world certainly do not have that respective market cornered and I was frequently the victim of it. Being white male gave me no special powers or any advantage at all. I grew up poor as well and found the only thing that really mattered was hard work, your word and your honor. I would say this to all of the females currently on the firing line of this imbecilic and unfair crusade: As belittled as I was during some of those times, as unpleasant as it was, I cannot imagine how much more unbearably worse your situation must be, yet it seems like you’re going to keep going, as I did. I hope you do. The world will miss you much more than any of them and you’re more needed. The world always needs good art and creators and intelligence and temperance, now more than ever. I stand with you.

  • Jonathan Vasgar

    Don’t let haters get you down. You are amazing.

  • Chuddox

    I absolutely cannot fathom the fear, and distress people express about others –words-. I don’t know why this is. Really. If someone says something to me that’s not nice, so what? Why should I care? Are they going to show up at my house to settle it? I hope for their sake they don’t. If someone wants to publish my information, and personal details, so what? All they are doing is saving someone else the 20 bucks for an online background check. If I’m playing a game, and someone calls me the “Worst Effing PoS player ever” I say “probably true” People troll, they threaten, and generally act like jerks while hiding behind anonymity. I guess GamerGate doesn’t shock, surprise, or offend me in the least because my expectations of human behavior aren’t exactly high. Obviously if someone breaks the law, hold them accountable. Personally I’ve never been overly concerned with years worth of rape threats, death threats, and “I hope you die from (insert: Fire/Cancer/Drowning/Wild Dogs/etc)”.

    I know Miss Day has been the subject of some very nasty dialogue, but these people are not a reflection of “normal” gaming society, which consequently doesn’t care what particular set of sex organs you have since they aren’t operating your controller/keyboard. If they are, well, that’s some sort of special achievement in and of itself.

    Ms. Day: Stop worrying about what these people say. You might think it is hard, because popularity is part and parcel to what you do. The people that view your work will like and support you (or not), not because of what some angry disenfranchised internet troll says, but because you believe in what you do, and put the effort in to show it. Don’t fear them, they aren’t worth it, and until someone shows up in your driveway to harass you, don’t worry about that either. You are empowering these people without them even having to do anything. If someone –does- show up, well I recommend making it a very big mistake for them.

  • Russ Powers

    I’m sorry that you have to go through such things… The internet and gaming world should be a place for us all to coexist with eachother without bias or discrimination. A place where we all should feel comfortable sharing our opinions and not have to wory about being attacked verbally or physically for those opinions. unfortunately, not everyone sees it the same way…

  • Linn

    First of all many of the comments are beautiful stories about basically: “Wow Felicia Day you’re so awesome, you go girl!”. And I love that! (I haven’t read through all the comments but there’s probably some hate in there too, but there’s also a lot of love and one should always soak oneself in the good comments, let them rain over you like the first spring rain or like when you’re in the shower and the water has just the right temperature).
    Second of all I wanted to also say “you go girl”. Because you do. You really do. I’m actually not a gamer, but loved the guild and the other things at geek and saundry because you don’t just say “it’s okey/it’s cool to be a gamer” you also say “nerds and geeks are cool”(and I’m a bit of a nerd/geek-I haven’t found a good definition on the words and what the differences is but I love books, I love knowledge,I love tv-series) and I really understands what is so cool about gaming and why people do it (if it werent a priority of time and money and, maybe especially, other interests maybe I would have jumped on the gametrain (probably actually rather than maybe)).
    Also it feels like you just do your thing/do what you want and that individuality and strength is so inspiring.
    A fan of yours

  • Will

    Yeah I totally know what you mean. Like when I see a muslim I cross the street because he might blow me up! I’m sure muslims will be upset at me over that comment. I’m sorry, not that I said it, but that you’re angry over it.

  • nuttygamerguy

    Over a year later and I still come here to read this every once in a while. A while back my wife and I came up with a symbol that everyone could use to show they are Not one of those people. So if you see this floating around on someones person or online, smile! ^^

  • I hadn’t been up to date on this whole issue, but some troll on Youtube mentioned you “crossing the street” on one of the MST3K videos so I decided to find out what it was about.
    I feel like I haven’t entirely sorted out where I stand with regard to all this. The harassment and threats experienced by the people targeted by “Gamer Gate” is absolutely reprehensible. (damnit, who names themselves after Watergate of all things?) The group is trying to escape association with those extremists and to some degree I sympathize with the message of the “legitimate face” of the group. That, to me, is the complicated part. I believe strongly in freedom of expression, and in very absolute terms. But I also feel a growing sense of responsibility, the need to be receptive toward the needs of other people, which is tough when it’s someone whose needs you can’t personally identify with.
    But in the face of this atmosphere of hatred and the real dangers involved you chose to take a stand. I appreciate that. Thank you.

  • I must say A round of applause for this.

  • sigh

    all these years later, I still hate this damn post so much.
    despite all the bold talk about ‘gamers’ 99% of us didn’t give crap about any of this GG nonsense. We just rolled our eyes and said oh good, it’s those guys *sigh*
    then things began to get more hysterical, and a hobby I’ve loved for more than 3 decades was smeared as automatically toxic. And in the middle of it all, you dropped this piece of fainting-couch nonsense, throwing under the bus the community that had shown you so much love and support. And for what? some nonsense that got attention for like, a year? some crap that the vast majority of the world didn’t care about or even know about … except for what they saw reported on it, which all tended to be Toxic and Death Threats and Sexism, because that gets eyeballs.
    Someone supposedly so steeped in internet and gaming culture, and you felt the need to crap on everyone who enjoys the hobby because there is only a 99% chance they’re not a rapist or killer or something? come on. You talk about a small minority putting up barbed wire fences in the same post that you talk about being scared of two goofballs in CoD t-shirts. ‘Don’t let other people drive you away from gaming’, you say, as you narrate a tale of Evil Gamers Destroyed My Life.
    The whole ridiculous GG thing was never about games. On one hand were the professional victims like Sarkeesian, and on the other were the professional grievance holders. In the middle were that 99% of us that didn’t want any part of it and viewed the whole thing with contempt. But thanks to nonsense like this, years later we are still treated as if we are Those People. Meanwhile, your pal Anita raked in a fortune using stolen Let’s Play footage to offer shallow criticisms and outright lies about this hobby you apparently love so much. So thanks for that.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Ardid 9

    Its even sadder this is still needed on 2018.

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