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I’ve decided to turn the phrase “stressed beyond belief” to “coping with a wealth of opportunities”.  That sounds so much more positive and lovely! 🙂  I haven’t had time to blog in a few weeks, time has passed so fast it’s unimaginable that I just took that trip to New Media Expo and now I’m packing my bags for PAX in Seattle!  So crazy! Seeing a Twitter by Jenwriter tonight about how she was looking forward to a blog entry by me was what spurred me to write, so thanks Jen!  I can’t guarantee quality, but I can deliver quantity ONE BLOG ENTRY! 🙂

I have been totally overwhelmed this past week.  So overwhelmed I haven’t even had a chance to TOUCH a video game, gasp!  Not only did I have to juggle an unexpected commercial job (shooting from 7pm to 7am for two days in a row!) but I’ve been scrambling  to get Guild Season 2 jump started.  It was an executive decision by me and my producer Kim Evey to start planning to shoot at least a few episodes by end of September.  I looked at the calendar a few weeks ago and was like, “It’s been WAY too long, I’m not waiting anymore. We have to shoot!”  And with that, we started getting ready for pre-production.  We have been waiting all summer to meet the right funding partner to enable us to shoot and pay people.  Unfortunately, people are slow to let go of their money, haha.  Not to say we haven’t gotten offers, but none of them has felt right to me yet.  The New Media landscape is so crazy right now, and every deal is different and has it’s advantages and disadvantages.  Kim and I decided a while ago to try and retain the rights to our show, and that has definitely ruled out some avenues of funding, but we know the right opportunity will present itself in time, we just have to keep plugging away.  We still have a few interesting possibilities looming on the horizon, but now we’re working with a set goal to shoot in September no matter what and it makes me feel so empowered to have that line drawn in the sand.   The lesson I’ve learning the last year or so is that waiting on other people to solve my problems is never going to accomplish anything and I just had to remind myself of that to get the ball rolling.

Not having the script totally done has been the main stress because it takes me long uninterrupted blocks of time to write.  I’m also developing a script with at the same time that is also fun, but another time-block-requirerer.  The challenge for me is somehow letting emails and other correspondence  go rather than automatically responding and spending 3-4 hours a day on messaging, which has been the case the past 3 weeks or so.   Video Game Addict => Email addict anyone?

I saw an interesting article on Tim Street’s Blog the other day about Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV.  He has a clever way of dealing with emails:  He send people a link to this video:

I love it because he’s so polite and he obviously cares that people take time out to contact him but he simply can’t respond very quickly and he wants people to know that.  I don’t get nearly as much mail as him, but to make time to finish this script AND get everything else done in my life, ruthless triage must be done, at least for the next 4 weeks.  I missed a dear friend’s baby shower due to Comicon and utter chaos, and it was kind of a wake-up call.  I think I may be copying Senor Vaynerchuk! 🙂

I’m proud to say that the effort to delegate is now a goal of mine for the next month.  We put a post on the Guild website last week asking for volunteers for the show and had to take it down again the next day due to the overwhelming response!  All THOSE emails have ironically taken a lot of hours to deal with and respond to, haha, but now we have a great group of people we know we can call on to help us, and as for set PA’s:  We could staff a Michael Bay film with the # of volunteers on the list!!!  Thank you all who offered their time and services, it means so much to us.

Anyway, enough whining about how hard my life is!  I’m leaving tomorrow for Seattle, and if you’re at Penny Arcade Expo please stop by and meet me and Zaboo and Kim Evey my producing partner!  We’ll be selling and signing DVDs and screening the first season of The Guild on the big screen, yay!!  Check out The Guild site for details on signings and the Friday night screening!

I leave you with an interview I did with Pop17.  It was quite fun and was done at New Media Expo!

  • Stiles

    awesome! I can’t wait for the epic season premiere. And I wish I could get a signed Guild DVD, but I don’t live in Seattle, I live in Austin :(. Maybe at SXSW?

  • Gary is a great guy! You missed meeting him by one day at NME. And I love the interview of you with Sarah Austin! I marked it as a favorite on Viddler. 🙂

    Have a safe trip to Seattle! I’m heading on vacation tomorrow too. So excited!

  • I took it as a good sign that you’ve not been blogging because your Twitter feed has been enough to know that you are busy busy busy. It’s great that you have so many volunteers and you can be sure that if the necessity to be near LA was lifted, your inbox would have exploded! The time taken to go through them will be saved further down the line several times over.

    Knowing that you’re working on Season 2 is great. I have my Season 1 DVD (beautifully signed – thank you!) and I’ve had lots of fun watching it and all the yummy extras. The funding will resolve itself I’m sure and going ahead with filming is surely the right decision.

    Have fun in Seattle, hope the live feed to DragonCon goes well without any technofear and looking forward to seeing you in my house in House. 🙂

  • Dani

    That pic is really you? O.o
    Looking very diferent from now! Very cute… ^^ …but different. Not that your not cute nowadays, you are. Oh God, I’ll just shut up.

    Anyway great interview.

    And I don’t have anything helpful to say about what you posted. Just that I’m sure you’ll find the right way to handle everything! =]

  • If anyone has a right to be busy, it’s you. Everything that pours out from you I expect to be of some quality. Who cares how long it takes to actually pour?

    Pour as slowly as you want, Felica. We’ll always be thirsty for more.

  • souped

    It’s nice to see another post, but nicer to see that you’re happily working.

    Keep it up!

  • Just don’t burn out. Force yourself to take SOME time — even if only a very small amount — to decompress, to breathe, and to reboot.

    I’ve yet to see anything you’ve done that hasn’t been awesome. You do GREAT work. Just remember to take some time out for YOU too.

    That being said, I’m glad you’re busy! Better than the alternative! 🙂

  • John

    Busy is good. Busy and doing what you want to do? Much, much better.

    I think the funding decision was the right one, for what it’s worth. Keep the property your own and make it work on your terms. I started to draft a message to discuss it with you, but realized that I probably don’t have enough cash handy and…had no !@#$in’ clue how these things work. (But if that somehow interested you, I assume that WordPress shows you my e-mail address.) Of course, I wouldn’t be averse to seeing the return of the donation button, though, seeing as how I didn’t find The Guild until Dr. Horrible pointed the way.

    If I can suggest a couple of things to lighten the load: Autoresponders with useful answers and an expected response time for major categories are the key to the universe. A virtual assistant to pre-delete or compile less-useful mail is well worth the money, and their contracts usually include non-disclosure; insist on someone with good English phone skills, because otherwise you won’t understand their e-mails, either. And follow Erik’s advice. You have no idea how hard it is to pick bits of exploded actress/writer/producer/gamer/innovator/twitterer…er out of the carpet. OK, neither do I, but that’s hardly the point.

    Oh, and as long as I’m mothering, wear a sweater, eat your vegetables, and brush the hair out of your face. Not at the same time, though.

  • Finally found the time to watch Dr. Horrible on Hulu last night. Watched the first act and then watched it again, because I had to drag my wife in to see it too. Have to say what happened to Penny at the end of act 3 made my jaw drop. Hope you get to work with NPH again in the future!

    It’s really neat to see your work after reading your blog for so long. Promise I’ll find the time to catch up on the guild soon. I’ve only seen an episode or two. With a 2 year old and 2 month old in the house, Blue’s Clues seems to be the only thing I watch these days.

    Wish I could get out to PAX. I’m a big Guild Wars player and ArenaNet is supposed to have a booth with lots of goodies. You’ll just have to have fun in my place, don’t work yourself too hard.

  • CCF

    Stiles- me too! It’d be great if you could come to an Austin event like SXSW Felicia! 😀

  • This year I had the choice of going to Dragoncon, or PAX. Given the half-assery that seems to surround the Dragoncon planning (they didn’t put me on any panels) and the fact that I’ll be missing you at PAX, I think it’s pretty clear that I made the wrong choice.

    I hear you about the e-mail addiction. Some days I spend 6 hours a day just corresponding, and, like you, I prefer to do my writing in big chunks. It’s hard to get worthwhile progress made when you’re trying to squeeze it in in 15 minute dribs and drabs.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re coping with a wealth of possibilities. If you never need someone to read a draft or use as a sounding board, feel free to tap me.


  • I’m glad I spurred you on to write a blog post! Sounds like you’ve been extremely busy lately.

    Looking forward to the new season of the Guild. Good luck with the rest of the script writing. I’m the same way. I need to sit down and spend several hours when I’m writing. Otherwise, I can’t produce anything worthwhile.

    Have fun at PAX!

  • stm

    I hope you managed to squeeze a little time out to watch the Obama acceptance speech tonight…

    Best wishes…

  • J

    See you at pax!


  • Finally, someone on my “Blogs I Read” list on my blog decided to post. haha. Thanks!

    And, if only my friends would help me quit Warcraft cold turkey…but all those bastards are bigger addicts than I am.

  • Jerome

    This is probably way out of my league but contact me regarding the funding.

  • Did you realize that you are the 53rd top followed person on Twitter?? I know amazing.

  • korkster (Korki)

    Nice interview, Felicia. I smell funny in the truth! 🙂

    Ah, sorry, that was lame. Been a long week. But right with you on the amazingness of how much can get done when you’re NOT on the internet. 😛

    Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend!

  • Pointy

    That was two blogs in one!

    1. Glad you are holding out for control of your creative work, woman! One of the most inspiring things about the New Media, The Guild, and you is seizing the opportunity to make something that is entirely your vision and entirely awesome. Your life is incredibly hectic now, but in the five minutes you set aside during the day to breathe, you must notice that this is because you have succeeded fantastically — the great work you’ve created and gotten out to the world has made people realize you can do great work for them.

    That’s the obvious, marketing aspect. Less obviously, the fact that you run your own show (literally and metaphorically) inspires respect. Especially among people who wouldn’t want to admit that.

    Also, I’m thinking Codex is a kinda important, since she is able to transform “time wasting” online socializing skills into solutions to offline problems. Good character!

    2. There’s no way you can answer all your e-mail. You’re obviously a considerate, thoughtful person, but you owe your fans your best work, not e-correspondence. IMHO.

  • nice to see a new blog up. Good luck with the preproduction stuff for the guild and have fun at PAX, thats one convention i really wish i could get to.

  • So, are you sick of the simpering fan-boys worshipping at your altar and telling you how amazing you are yet?

    Well, tough cookies, Naughty Fairy. Get used to it–It will only continue with The Guild and Dr. Horrible gaining more and more interest (and Legend of Neil and HOUSE and whatever else you do).

    Which leads me to my simpering and worshiping:

    Dood. You are awesome. The work is amazing. And you have, as they say, exploded. What you lose in anonymity you will gain in the ability to get your work seen–and only you will be able to decide how much of each you need. And as to answering us, your fans, take heart. I think most rational people understand how busy you (and Sandeep and everyone) are and cannot wait to see what you are cooking up. Those of us who have gotten to meet you in person don’t expect you to remember us out of the hundreds or thousands you have met recently, nor do we expect you to answer our emails or comments immediately. If you even make the ATTEMPT, we will be amazed and honored. Just make good stuff, and we will keep on being your fans.

    Have a good time at PAX, secure some cash–and bring on new Guild seasons, which will hopefully at some point include a skirmish between The Guild and some Tabletop Gamers. Watch out for the Throwing Dice of Death!


  • I would so love it if The Guild clashed with some Euro-gamers, of which I consider myself a part of. Ever since Agricola came out I though, man, is this whole culture ripe for parody.

    Much like MMORPG with The Guild.

    Hey, I play Euro-style boardgames at least three times a month and I think it’s ridiculous sometimes just how much I play and how much I spend every week on games. $67 for a copy of Agricola that most people had to wait six months to get between ordering and delivery?

    If that isn’t ripe for ridicule then I don’t know what is.

  • Officewhore

    I am SO bummed I missed PAX in Seattle this year. I so much wanted to meet you, or at least be in the same general vicinity as you. ;P My friend Dom got a great pic with you though! 🙂 Completely jealous!

    – Jym

  • Definitely appreciate all the work. Really would like to see more of you in Dr Horrible somehow, but anxiously awaiting season 2 of the guild! I would have loved to volunteer too, but well, I’m on the east coast, haha.

    And for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet, Felicia@PAX singing for Jonathan Coulton:

  • LupinMaru

    Felicia, after this years PAX can we finally all agree that you are rightfully Queen of the Geeks. Who better to lead the Geek community? style, grace, wit, and you can make Joss Whedon and Wil Wheaton do your bidding! mua-ha-ha…

  • Felicia!

    It was really great meeting you at PAX! Thanks for being so nice and dedicated to your fans! I love the guild and couldn’t be happier with my DVD. Keep up the great work!


  • PS: I hope you had a good time at PAX too and got some time off to relax/unwind. Sounds like you’ve been terribly busy, but I guess that’s a good thing. Take care!

  • Jason Petersen

    Didn’t realize you were so busy (though I should have guessed)! I missed getting to see you at PAX (slept too late Sunday after the LONG concert), but now I feel slightly guilty for sleeping in. I take it you were there (I think I saw you behind the curtains during the Minibosses’ set, though I’m not sure). Keep up the good work (and tell that damn Whedon kid to stop killing my favorite characters… Can’t I just get one happy ending?)

    Good job on stage with Jonathan. A very nice surprise.

  • Katie

    Hey, it was great to meet you at PAX. Thanks for being such a sweetheart at your booth. I’m totally bummed I missed you at the JC concert, but equally happy that I got into the Guild screening. It was so fun to watch it with a crowd. I’m used to watching just by myself at the computer and it was so great to have tons of people laughing all around. Plus we felt all special being the first audience viewing and all. PAX wouldn’t have been as fun without you guys. Thank you so much 🙂 [nice impersonal colon]

  • You ABSOLUTELY need to post about getting Bad Horsed at PAX…


  • Congrats on all the recent opportunities! I find the busier I am the more efficient I become at getting things accomplished…although it sounds like you are crazy busy, it sounds like you’re getting a lot accomplished (or set in motion). Keep smiling! 😀

  • Dane Pitchford

    Hey, there! It was awesome seeing you and Sandeep at PAX, and thanks so much for the autographs. Sorry to hear that you hadn’t been able to take a look at Wrath of the Lich King yet when I’d talked to you, but trust me when I say it was awesome. I know how hectic things can be (perhaps not on the same level, heh, but I do know hectic), and I hope things go well for you with the next season of the Guild. 🙂

  • Moriarty70

    I like that, “wealth of opportunities”.

    It sounds much more fun to say “I’m coping with a wealth of opportunities and I’m going to f****** kill somebody.

  • Definitely agree that the busier you get, the better you sort your time out!

    Spotted you’d looked at Chrome (isn’t it quick and clutter-free 🙂 ), but you should have a look at Ubiquity if you haven’t – I think the connections it provides are going to be great for speeding up stuff on the web…

    Can’t wait for the next season of the Guild – hope the ‘wealth of opportunities’ keep coming for you!

  • Rados?aw

    I love YOU !!!! You’re The Best

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