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Crazy Picture!


My brother sent this link to me. When you look at the figure, which way is it turning? Clockwise or Counterclockwise?

“If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning anti-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it. ”

Link to article here. I saw it going clockwise and I can’t make it turn the other way! It’s like one of those hidden 3D pictures from like 10 years ago. I always had to struggle with making the figure pop out!

  • Courtney

    Definitely seeing it go clockwise. Can’t get it to seem even tiniest bit counter.

    Here’s another one:

    Stare at the middle and the purple dots go green and eventually disappear.

  • Kobun

    I actually able see it by looking at her ‘stationary’ foot and looking back up at the girl. You can see it if you picture the foot going the other way.

  • Victor Russia

    I don’t think any one would see it turn counter clock wise.It is definitely turning clockwise.
    P.S.: Or may be it was hard to focus on the lady since I could not take my eyes of Felicia’s picture.Such a nice smile!

  • Thanks Victor 😀
    But it said on the site that most people would see it moving counter clockwise!!! My brother got it to reverse for him. Weird. That other one was freaky too Courtney! WTF is that mind trip about?!

  • Carl

    Once I stopped looking at my favorite reference point, I got it to reverse for me. 🙂

    I first saw it spinning CW.

    Here’s how it started to spin CCW for me:

    It happened by accident. I scrolled downwards on this page, so I could read the comments. When I started to read the first comment, only the lower legs of the spinning figure were visible in my upper peripheral vision. As I began to read, the spinning figure seemed to start spinning in the opposite direction.

    So, it seems that if you engage in an unrelated cognitive task while watching the figure in your peripheral vision, then you can make it spin in a different direction. If the direction has something to do with right/left brain considerations, then I’d recommend trying to do things that are very right-brained/left-brained for you, in order to get it to switch.

  • Victor Russia

    WOW.Carl,you are 100% correct!I tried exactly what you had said and it worked!When I really try to focus on reading the whole lady goes blurry and then turns CCW!

  • Dustin

    This just isn’t fair at ALL. I can control it sometimes and then I can’t and it controls itself. I think it’s actually just switching because it’s hax.

    Lousy brain.

  • When I looked at it the first time, it was moving counterclockwise, and then I started reading your blog and it switched!!!

    How cool is that!?

  • somasaint

    im sorry.. but all i can think of is an
    alien woman stepping out of a spaceship..

    so my answer is neither.. not turning at all..
    kinding floating down.. wondering what we
    silly humans are all about..


  • The weirdest thing for me is that she started going anticlockwise – when I looked away to read the text I noticed her turning the other way out of the corner of my eye – but when I looked back she switched back to anticlockwise again!

    Try covering up one eye and looking again, though…

    Eventually I discovered the secret: focus on her moving leg passing in front of then behind her other leg. Wait a few times to get the rhythm, then when it swings back the other way picture it passing on the opposite side to the one you expect it to. (If that makes sense…) She’ll look as if she’s turning the opposite way. After a while, you can do it at will.

  • Joe

    The shadow indicates it’s going clockwise. You can only see the shadow of the lifted leg when it’s in front of her other leg. Since it’s definitely moving right to left while it’s in front, it’s clearly going clockwise.

  • Emily

    So I finally got it to turn counter-clockwise and then I couldn’t make it go back! I actually think she looks a lot more graceful going clockwise, so I tried for 15 minutes or so to make it switch back. Finally I did it by going to another page and coming back. My right brain turned back on! Hoorah and huzzah!

  • i see it as clockwise, too… i can’t make it go counter clockwise. it’s strange that it associates it with being right brain. all my life, i thought i was left brain.

  • hawkedup

    The same exact thing happened to that happened to Carl. Now I can’t make it go CCW again, though…

  • edgar

    What the hell!!! When I first saw it it was turning clockwise, then I read the blog and was like, I guess I am right-brainied… then when I looked at it again right in front of me it was turning counter clockwise…

    I seem to make it turn at will…

    oops, my brain exploded.

  • edgar

    Courtney, now I have a ring of green dots in my vision… just great, your wig should be green.

    Looks like I can make the purply dots fade and un-fade at will after a while…

    Looks like I found my Heroes power…

  • Ben

    I don’t understand how it cud possibly be going anti-clockwise. That is one crazy picture.

  • I still can’t do it. The hoe bag insists on going clockwise!

    I really hope someone doesn’t have a stroke at the keyboard because of this post.

    Would that make me legally liable? 😀

  • Ben

    It’s not going any direction. Its a moving 2 dimensional form. Your brain “fills in the blanks” so it makes sense.

    Our brains are capable of some pretty amazing things. It’s my second favorite organ.

  • Ben

    And to add a hint…the easiest way to change the rotation is to stare at the shadow of the foot of the extended leg. Dont focus on anything else. You can make is change directions fairly easily that way.

  • Jen

    I first saw CCW, then read the rest of the post. Then when I looked up again, she was spinning clockwise. What an odd feeling.

  • Ben II S

    I found that at first glance it was going CW but with a blink it was turning CCW. Then a tried to see if I could control it but could only get it to go CCW. Then I read some of the other comments.

    The secret is to concentrate on the extended foot. With a few seconds of practice I found I could get the figure to face me and swing back and forth instead of around and around.

    I primarily left handed but I do play guitar right handed and I’m somewhat ambidexterous with many other tasks.

    All in all, lots of fun.

  • First, it seemed like it turned anti-clockwise. When I looked somewhere else and back, it turned clockwise. It keeps changing. Probably means my brain is all messed up. 😀

  • Jemimus

    I can control what way I see it move by observing the way the streched out leg moves in relation to the other. I can now make it “flip” direction every 180-degree “turn” she makes, causing her to never complete a full circle. Wierd stuff.

  • Jeff

    Working with brains all day, I have to point out that his has nothing to do with left or right brain lateralization. It’s just an optical illusion that uses an an ambigious silhouette that can be seen switching either way depending on how you focus on the legs. Nice bit of (wrong) pop psychology to add to the illusion, to make it more interesting, I suppose.

  • I can see it going both ways and switch it back and forth at will…..that means I’m a super genius, right? ;-D

  • Michael

    I always start out with it going CW. If I deep focus on the reflection at the bottom, it starts going CCW.

    It seems to me, though, that looking at the reflection of the raised leg, it’s actually going CCW, putting the reflection behind. If it were going CW, you would be able to see the reflection all the way around. Thoughts?

  • Brian

    After seeing it move CCW most of the time, I started seeing it switch randomly. Eventually I figured out that if you imagine that her moving leg never goes behind the stationary leg, you can control it.

  • Chris

    If you just look at the feet for a second and focus on the leg with your peripheral vision you can switch the rotation at will.

  • Rhonda

    Yeah, I see it CW…. and I am more left-sided (I am at University studying Engineering). 😛

    Yet I totally can’t make it go CCW!

  • Damien

    gah, the idea of somehow making that go anti clockwise hurts my brain haha. ill keep trying tho :p

  • Wonder what would happen if both sides of your brain processed it at once…would she stop completely? Or…would your brain implode causing a rift in the space time fabric, simulating a black hole..also there would be kitties, and star dust for everyone.

  • Damien

    I think Frigid just figured it out!

    Using both sides of your brain = kitties!

  • Derek

    Your comment about old 3D pictures led me on the right path. If I don’t look at directly, but instead focus on a point off of a corner of it, it eventually changes. That’s how I used to find the hidden 3D pictures. That’s always worked for me. Wierd.

  • Steve

    I think it’s randomly switching directions. I covered one eye (so I would only see 2D) and it still switched directions at random.

  • Monk

    omg! I stared at that thing for half an hour!! I cant believe staring at an image can be so god damn infuriating! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

  • Monk

    ok i finally gave up and looked at each frame in image ready. Whats basically happening is the legs are swapping around…you know what i mean. I cant explain it, it just makes me so damn angry and yet I cant just stop looking at it. If my neighbors end up dead in a bloody gruesome mass homicide its your fault miss day.

  • Wow, Monk. that is dedication, to break it down like that. Please don’t go massacre people. Then the “dancing lady” would win, muhahhaha. 😀

  • Virginia

    Ok so it’s late and I’ve had about 8 cups of coffee in one go, maybe that’s what’s messing with me more than the spinning chick. But seriously, isn’t this some kind of messed up joke where you stare at it for a while but then it changes just enough to start going the other way? This is like that maze thing you get a kid to stare at, only to have it pop up as a demon face with a loud scream… only more subtle and without the scream o_O. Also I realized I kept staring at the outline of her boob instead of her legs. Perv pwnage ftw.

  • Damien

    see, the problem for me is that doesn’t a picture have to be animated a certain way. you know, to make it move you have to put so many pictures together of her going a certain way.

    how can your brain decide ‘you know what, this anti-clockwise thing just is not cutting it for me’ and change that shit up?

    felicia i think you broke my brain :

  • Jen

    Oh my gosh, this is so much fun. I can make her go CCW and CW. It’s also fun to make her stand there waving her foot back and forth without actually spinning around. Although, I can’t look directly at the picture and do that. I can only make her do that out of the corner of my eye.

  • Barb

    I started out CW, then got stuck on CCW for a bit. Now I can get it to switch at will by shifting my eyes off to the right and *forcing* the uplifted foot to turn the other way. This is crazy because I can’t stop staring at it…how am I ever going to level in WOW watching this? lol

  • Perdurabo

    focus your eyes on the shadow of the leg. when you see the shadow turning the other side then turn your eyes to the actual leg thats on the air. that should the trick.

  • Tad

    for the love of god i cannot make this woman spin counter-clockwise. i have tried everything – everything i say! *insert big dramatic sigh here*


  • HAHA Tad, join the club. Maybe I don’t have the work ethic to achieve such a lofty goal 🙂

  • Courtney


  • Dave

    Here you go. Someone drew some extra lined on it to help with the depth perception. You can watch it go both ways at the same time.

  • I first saw it going clockwise and after like 20 minutes of straining got it to spin Counter-Clockwise…HUZZAH!!! 😀 My life is now complete :p

  • BTM

    I can see it going both ways but at first it was CCW. I think the fact that it goes up and down plays into the illusion. Pretty interesting stuff.

  • Danny A

    I think you have to be drunk to see it go anti-clockwise… *giggles*

    So yeah, I only see it clockwise too.

  • Asyrt

    First I have to say, love the stuff you put up here … been a fan for awhile – finally decided to make a comment.

    Love these type of images, animations and tests. You really do have to force yourself to make it go the other direction.

    Similiar test: Close your hands real quick and let your fingers mesh together as if you were going to make a prayer. Which thumb came up on top (right or left). If it was the right, your are left brain dominant (analytical, methodical) .. if it was your left, you are right brain dominant (creative, artistic). Very few have the thumbs line up, neither overlapping .. you use each said fairly equally.

    Some also say it reveals much about how you kiss, but that is a whole other story.

  • Wow, I actually got it to go both ways! Freaky! At first I thought it was a trick and the image was actually just changing, but after reading that some people couldn’t get it to change, I realized I was wrong.

  • That was a spin out..
    I first looked it was going clockwise.
    I changed tabs. came back, it was going anti clockwise.
    Now I think its giving me motion sickness. 😛

  • Keg

    It was initially clockwise for me but then it kept changing.

    Maybe that means i’m a wizard!

  • Razielthesarafan

    well it started going clockwise at first then i started reading The comments at the bottom of the image and saw it going counterclockwise. Not sure if this ll make sense but it felt like i was seeing it through my vertical periphery lol

  • KidGoldenArm

    So I’ve discovered two ways help control your perception and thus whether it’s turning clockwise or counter-clockwise.

    Concentrate on the hand of the dancer that is slightly raised or of the leg that is raised, and then while thinking about that appendage think about your own corresponding body part.

    So if you think about your right hand when you concentrate’s on the dancer’s hand that is raised, it will allow your brain to assign left and right to both hands, and once it’s done that, it will orient the figure in 3D space and determine which direction it is turnning.

    Now to crank that control to the point that you can make the dancer no longer even turn in a circle but merely pivot back and forth that would require….

    rapid blinking.

    Yes, rapid blinking in conjunction with assignment of Left and Right to the appendages can make it much easier to control your perception of the image.

    Just a guess, but I don’t think that the results of a person’s perception of this image is pre-disposal toward left-brain or right-brain dominant. It’s probably a better indication of what handed you are.

    Wanna hear something funny? The reason I can control the figure isn’t because I’m a brainiac. It’s because I’m a dancer. LOL

    Love your blog! Please post more goodness like this!

  • I made a random search on google and this page popped up and since Felicia is totally awesome, I thought I’d voice some VERY belated suggestions to get the image to switch directions.

    I actually saw this image going counter-clockwise and had problems switching it to clockwise. Then it suddenly switched and I couldn’t get it to go back to moving counter-clockwise.

    For me, the fastest way to switch the direction of movement is to cover the rotating image with my hand, picture the figure moving in the other direction, and then remove my hand. Looking away from the image alone did not work because I could see it moving in my peripheral vision.

    Your blog is awesome, though I started reading it a year or so after this was posted. Shoulda come sooner 🙂

  • Andrei

    this thing is anoying…by the time i convince myself its going one way it just changes….when i started reading the text below it did 1 turn one way and 1 the other…makes me dizzy

  • Janetta Michelena

    I sure do miss Home Companion magazine. Any chance of it coming back ??

  • Alyssa

    I don’t see it turning at all… Is that bad?

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