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  • Peter

    this video almost made me cry, and I come directly from the Irish-Catholic real men don’t cry belief system. this isn’t some abstract philosophical debate, its people’s lives.

  • /signed

    Thanks for posting this.

  • Signed.
    I will share with my friends and family. Thanks for posting.

  • Ken frackin’ Starr….!

    Signed, of course, and I’ll forward it to everyone I know. Maybe it’ll make some of my more backward acquaintances think twice.

  • Can’t sign for being outside the US, but… lovely vid.
    Posted on twitter and FriendFeed.

  • Ditto with Dani here, me being in Canada… but we have similar problems here.

    Thoughts are with and behind you on this one.

  • Kanon_fan82

    *Sigh* Felicia, you’re smart, good looking and a liberal… still my heart 😀

    Anyway…..I can’t sign here in Canada but my thoughts/prayers are with you+those same-sex couples whom this legislation seeks to harm……

    This is an important issue not only from the legal standpoint….but also an ethical one….if we are willing to let heterosexual couples marry regardless of whether the relationship is healthy or not, we should at least extend the same rights to homosexual couples….Passing this bill would lead only to broken hearts and families.

  • It makes me sick that people force their own agendas onto others all the while not bothering about the child who is being raised in a loving , stable partnership.

  • Urui

    I’m in Spain and I haven’t problems in signing. Maybe my postal code (47012) is the same of any US postal code.

    the best of lucks for that 18000 marriages.

  • Emily

    Signed 🙂
    How can anyone say that loving anyone (especially now with what is going on in our world) is wrong is beyond me and it is really something worth fighting for.

    <3 will prevail.

  • Signed!

    We live in the Castro about fifteen feet from Harvey Milk’s former doorstep. This gives me SO MUCH Gay Cred. Yay Gays!

    (Also, I forwarded it to the Portland Mercury)

  • Saw this a while back and totally loved it.

  • Soma+

    this vid would make Helmholtz Watson proud..

    emotioneering is shrug-worthy, imo..

    none-the-less, does this vid serve to convince the
    afro-amer/hispanic/minority/other-religious-right of cali?
    [that which is to blame for the movement of the bill… ]

    If marriage is simply left to legislation, and disambiguous from
    any psychological state of “love”.. no amount of signing will
    create enough voters to overturn the will of the voting-majority…

    this video is making its rounds in the cirlce of the one-thirds..

    its the other “two-thirds” that requires convincing..

    “right” or “wrong” this is the will of the people..

    so go out there and out-vote that majority [mormons/catholics/orthodox … ]


    • @Soma–It wasn’t “two-thirds” who voted for Prop 8….it was about 52%, after millions and millions of out-of-state dollars were pumped into the race by the Mormon Church, the religious-right Focus on Family, and others.

      And anyway, you change people’s minds one at a time, and not all changes happen overnight. Turns out that people who have at least one gay or lesbian family member/acquaintaince are a whole lot open-minded than those who don’t. (Surprise!) Maybe this video, and the effort behind it, will make some people feel that they’ve made a new acquaintance. It certainly can’t hurt.

      • Soma+


        in regards to the percentages..

        very true. i should have referred to the voting process in general.

        prop8 should never have existed… and so, i would rather see a
        document about how it is either illegal or unjust versus a video,
        that was made to appeal to my emotions. how you feel and your
        “love” for someone, in my experience, does not hold much weight
        in court. it needs to be backed with something correlating to a
        previous case of “rights” and or a similar case with that precedent.

        imo, this was backlash for a state court trying to legislate “from the bench”
        on an issue that was regulated, federally. which brought the prop.. and the voting
        and the money trail..

        as for “open-minded-ness”.. one need only look to the mormon-offshoot
        polygamist sects to find that that statement is entirely semantics. [surprise!]

        i need proof.. in the constitution or some other document that this country
        is based that prop8 is “unjust”. otherwise it stands, right or wrong.

        so as to say, it pisses me off when i see a video that just is an emotional-ploy.
        yes, that video pissed me off.. i fail to see how this is any different than what
        helmholtz watson performed in aldous huxley’s brave new world?

        this is wrong cus it makes ppl feel bad?

        i would like to think i was true neutral previously.. but this vid has
        swayed me towards the pro-side. so in my case, it has “hurt”..
        but i no longer live in cali, so my opinion is moot..

        if this is how voters are swayed.. for either side.. i hope both camps get
        everything they want.. and nothing they need.

  • Roger de Flor

    @Urui, wait a minute. 47012? That´s Fachadolid, right?
    You´re supporting the gay movement, from Fachadolid? Wow, now I´ve seen everything XD.
    (Sorry for non-spanish don´t understanding what I´m talking about, I apologize)

    Now, about the video. I´ve been reading about the propositions 8, 6 and Harvey Milk lately and it amuse me that, in some ways, the gay community in the US is worse now than in the late 70s.
    So, keep fighting people. And I mean all of you. If you really think this is serious (as it is) speak about it to other people, make them sign. It´s not that hard and, sometimes, it works.

    • Urui

      Roger, it’s said Valladolid. Let’s put black legends, topics and local quarrels aside, please. Btw, 47012 is Pajarillos (Little Birds or Sparrows in English) neighborhood, we aren’t the archetypal Valladolid inhabitants but we are Valladolid inhabitants too.

      Of course I’m supporting the gay movement (and so do my friends and family, there is a lot of people here). There’s no place for second-class citizens in any democracy now. If they have the same duties as other, they must have the same rights too.

  • Signed; to a brighter future.

    Great video. I was truly disappointed in my fellow Californians when prop 8 passed. I didn’t think stuff like this could happen anymore.

  • @Sven,

    It’s not nearly to that point yet. But it’s good to see such amazing people helping forward the movement. Thank you Felicia for posting this and bringing attention to it.

  • Leradny

    Being Californian, liberal, and against Prop 8 from the start (how exactly did that pass?!) I signed and told all my friends on Facebook to sign, too. Also, I have to give you kudos for bringing this to my attention at all, since it’s hard for me to come across petitions for gay rights in my usual random Googling.

  • Sus

    Signed. From the UK without problems.

    Thanks for posting this, Felicia. Fingers very firmly crossed, California.

  • Roger de Flor

    @Urui I Know, I know it´s Valladolid. I was just kidding. Sorry if I offended you.

    Anyway, I´m from Valencia. You can make fun of that if you want. In retaliation I mean.

    • Urui

      I was in Valencia once, nice place and nice people.

  • This part isn’t really my business, but has anybody out there considered an end-run around the issue? My understanding is that the issues involved in marriage (other than the TERM marriage, which shouldn’t really ever need anybody’s permission) are insurance benefits and status as a family member for things like hospital visits.

    Rather than try to sway a bunch of politicians who have consistently made it abundantly clear that they don’t care about any of us/you, maybe it’d be smarter to pressure specific insurance providers to accept domestic partnerships, and have a sympathetic lawyer draw up the proper paperwork to make someone functionally (if not literally) Next of Kin.

    Married, not married…who cares about what you call it? It’s really just an excuse for the government to charge you for a license anyway.

    Or am I totally missing the point?

    (Unrelated: On this form, it appears that “URL” is an abbreviation for “Universal Resource Identifier.” I know the terms are roughly interchangeable, but I found it amusing. Like all those physics acronyms that don’t match the phrase because it’s been translated into French.)

  • Maxwell


    Thank you for supporting the fight for all rights in the State of California, and in the United States.

    I am so delighted that you posted this. It just made my day.

    You are a DOLL!

  • Felicia,

    Thank you for posting this.

    My husband and I were married on October 30th, rushing to the courthouse just in case Prop 8 took the right away from us. Now that we’ve said our vows to one another, nothing can un-marry us. All they can do is take away the legal recognition and equality under the law.

    Election night was hard. The rings we had ordered weeks earlier finally arrived that day. We watched as history was made as Obama was elected president, but couldn’t fully enjoy it as we also watched the equal rights we had momentarily shared be stripped away as discrimination was written into the state constitution by a simple majority.

    How tragic.

    I’ve loved watching The Guild. You’ve made such wonderful characters come to life that your fans can feel like these people are their gaming friends. I know that’s just the illusion of great writing, acting, and direction – and congratulate you on pulling that off.

    It really means a lot to me to know that we have your support in this fight for equality. It’s like knowing that my guild mates have my back as we go up against an epic boss.

    Thanks again!
    Grey Kitten

  • QingTing

    How anyone can criminalize love in a world full of hate is beyond me.

  • Matias

    Im from Argentina! Can I sign? thanks for posting this. U rock, Felicia!!

  • Signed!

    Video broke my heart 🙁 I don’t understand why some people are so against marriage between two people who clearly love each other. It will always boggle my mind.

  • Meredith

    Thanks for posting this Miss Felicia. You’re sweet ^_^

  • antraxa

    I love that they used Fidelity by Regina Spektor. One of my favourite songs ever. I signed the letter from Spain because even though we have that issue solved over here, I thought I’d give you a hand 🙂 We shouldn’t stop fighting until every country comes to its senses.

  • asphyxiette

    I’m a little late, but I had to comment. I actually started to tear up when they showed the two couples that had been together over 40 years. That kind love love and dedication is the most beautiful thing in this world, and I can’t understand how anyone could say it’s wrong.

    My mother raised me to believe in love and beauty in every form, and to respect others, even when they tell me I’m going to hell because of my beliefs and orientation. It’s hard to smile and brush off their comments but I do, because they have the right to live in whatever way they choose. It’s mind-boggling that they try to take that same right away from their fellow human beings.

    Thank you for sharing this video, Felicia. I wish you love and happiness.

  • Brian Real

    Wait…Ken Star!? That guy!? I’m from the DC area and I thought I remembered seeing him forcibly run out of here back in ’98!

  • Brian Real

    And, wait…Independent Counsels are supposed to be non-partisan / not have a party based agenda in their actions. However, looking at Wikipedia, and Ken Starr went from the anti-Clinton stuff to working for Blackwater to trying to uphold Prop 8. Add that he ASKED to be assigned to the Clinton thing and it’s pretty clear that this guy has a distinct political agenda.

  • I read this just now so am way late… But I still wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this.

    Even though I have all the rights I can dream of (Lesbian in Amsterdam, not a big issue) it “breaks my heart” to see others deprived of those rights. When 8 passed I was so angry I flew all the way to Los Angeles to protest it, but I don’t make an impact, I’m just one in the masses.

    People like you can and that’s why I’m very gratefull for this blog entry.

    Thank you!

  • Decod1976

    Sorry Felicia, I love everything you do artistically speaking and have been singing the praises of the Guild since the get go but I am strongly opposed to gay marriage. Everyone on this post can be angry and boil it down to bigotry all they want but morality is not hateful, it’s truth.

  • lolrsk8s


    I only came across your blog recently, so I know I’m way too late to comment on this post, but I wanted to thank you for posting the video. This is an important issue that is misunderstood by too many Americans. I think it’s wonderful that you support this cause.

    What good is morality if it tells us not to love each other? I consider myself a very moral person, and my friends and teachers can tell you that I value knowledge, kindness and compassion. Does none of that count simply because I’m gay? I think the world would be a better place if we could learn to love, instead of following “morals” that are derived from old customs instead of kindness. After all, the “truth,” in social matters, is what we choose to make it. Shouldn’t we choose the truth that makes the most people happy?

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  • random0865

    Hell yeah, It was about time someone decided to purify this great country of such filth.

    Mr Starr, my hat is officialy off.

  • Michael Hawk

    I hate that this is considered a liberal opinion. When I was a kid we were taught, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Those were the conservative values that we wanted to found a nation on. What could be more in line with the “pursuit of happiness” than the ability of two adults to marry the one they love.

    We started on the right path but it seems that moral compasses are not meant for path finding.

    Religion is the ultimate double edged sword. Nothing does more good and more harm in the world today. I blame the messengers though, not the message.

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