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Rather than link a bunch of things on my Twitter and then feel guilty for constantly spamming self-involved links, I want to post a centralized list of places I’m appearing in the next several months for easy browsing and some advance warning! As with all engagements, they are subject to change if I get a big “pay the bills” acting job, so don’t hate me, I will do my best to live up to my obligations! πŸ™‚

1. To celebrate The Guild season 2 Finale tomorrow, I will be doing my first Ustream live chat from 7:30 to 8:30 pm Pacific time! I am luring various cast members and crew to my house with free pizza and hot chocolate, so whoever shows up will join me. Or it might just be me. Who knows. It is my first live chat, so please bear with any technical difficulties. I was going to use my iMac webcam, but if you guys have a better suggestion please post here, I can use any tips! πŸ™‚

2. Wednesday night, here in Los Angeles, some members of The Guild, including me, are doing an improv show! Jeff Lewis (Vork) and Sandeep Parikh (Zaboo) will be there, as well as many super funny performers.
Theatre Asylum 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038
Plenty of Street Parking, meters free after 6pm
10$ cash only at the door!
Call (323) 463-2942 for reservations!

Here’s a link to the Facebook Invite.

3. Feb 28th I will be appearing at the Browncoat booth at Wondercon in San Francisco for two signing times. Guild DVDs, Headshots, picture taking, whatever. Their table is F6/F7. I’m not sure of the times yet, but check their website for more details next week. I’m sure it will be hectic, but I love meeting people and haven’t done a convention in a while, so I’m looking forward to it.

4. SXSW in Austin! I’ll be on a panel at the interactive festival “No Budget to Low Budget” Sunday, March 15th at 10am. It should be fun, it’s a cross-over panel with the Film section of the festival, so I will be interested to see who shows up. And I am looking forward to hanging out with my family in my home town and eating pancakes and queso at Magnolia Cafe on Lake Austin Blvd, YUM!

5. Starfury Convention in Birmingham, England! Can’t wait to get out of the country, this will be a treat. April 24-26th.

6. Comicon in San Diego July 23-26th. Plans are still in process, but we should have our own booth there and I would love to have a panel or screening. Working on it πŸ™‚ At the very least, the whole cast will be there signing throughout the weekend, very cool.

7. DragonCon or PAX. Haven’t settled on which. Why oh why do they have to be on the same weekend?!?! πŸ™

There may be more added to the roster, but frankly, I have to be a bit ruthless and make time for creating new stuff, so I can’t do every convention πŸ™ An East Coast one would be great though, always open to suggestions.

  • 7. DragonCon or PAX. Haven’t settled on which. Why oh why do they have to be on the same weekend?!?!

    PAX!!! Always pick PAX! It is the superior of cons in all things geek!

    • You must go to PAX. I was there last year and didn’t know what the guild was so I looked it up after and I have kick myself every day since.

  • Bel-Rand

    Looking forward to livechat tomorow. Pizza is excellent bait.

  • iFidel

    Come to DC.

    Signed and with Love,
    Barack Obama.

  • Meg B

    If you came to the East Coast (and by East Coast I mean NYC) I might die of excitement! REALLY. I’m trying to think what I can lure you here with….do you like slush and cold weather? πŸ˜›


  • Dirac

    For the east coast…now that the NYCC is over, the next biggest one that I can think of Wizard World Philly. I would love to lie to you and say there is a great show in Boston but…there is not. Maybe an in-store appearance at New England Comics in Norwood? Not that I have any say with them, work for them or in any way have any affiliation with them…it would just be a cool location.

    Sorry but does pizza and hot chocolate really go together?


  • Hey Felicia,

    I just shot an email to the account you registered for ustream with, I can help you maximize your quality. an iMac webcam works fine, but if you have an actual camera handy that has a firewire output, that works even better! I’m definitely tuning in for this

    – Mazy

  • Looking forward to livechat too!

    And cool that you’ll go to so many Cons! Should be fun!

    I’m still depending on the Visa thing to know if I’ll be at SDCC… I’m going mad with the not-knowing yet. Hope I can go. =]

  • bmwf


  • Ohh Livechat. I might use pizza as bait too (for the kids…they are sadly past the ‘chewing on a powerstrip stage’ now…!). And The Guild now has Ustream channel – most excellent.

    Great to see you are going to be back doing Improv – will it be recorded for those of us not lucky enough to live near LA?

    SD Comic Con should be great. I’m still holding on to the idea I might be there. See you tomorrow!

    • Higlet! You MUST come!!

      Felicia! We WILL see you at SDCC! Many Buffy Between the Lines people will be there. We should do something!

  • phlebas


    Come back to your Southern roots πŸ™‚

  • Brandon

    DragonCon!!!! I may actually go if ur there. It’ll be my first Con πŸ™‚

  • Not sure if it will work on the Mac, but I have found using the Adobe Flash Media Encoder to give me much better quality than doing it straight through the Ustream flash plugin. They have instructions on the site somewhere on how to set it up. Also, if anonymous people join and want to change their name, tell them to use the /nick command ( /nick newname )..

    We have used UStream for a few of our live shows, it seems, at this point, to be the best solution.

    I’ll try to be on, sounds like fun times.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Well Felicia, we subscribe to your twitter to keep up on what you’re up to. I’m looking forward to the season finale tomorrow, and I don’t have enough money’s to make it to the conferences.

  • barrytx

    Glad you are coming to sxsw again. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to see you around. Have a great time here…and everywhere!!
    Love your tweets too πŸ™‚

  • Jon

    For your east coast fix come to I-con

  • Maggie

    DragonCon!! We’d love to have you there this year! The Firefly folks always have a blast, you can ask any of them! Plus we helped Jewel give Nathan the finger! πŸ˜‰

  • Come to MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Please.

  • Can I come to England?? I think I need out of the country too. LOL

    East coast is nice, but get near Tucson, AZ πŸ˜›

  • Whoa, someone else wants to go to England, and she lives in AZ like me. Cool!

    Have fun at all the conventions, and I can’t wait for SDCC! (That’s where I first met you last year.)

  • Maggie

    If you came to something in New York (City, or thereabouts) it would be so splendiferously awesome I might melt. No joke. (in a good way, of course.)

  • T. Perren Mitchell

    I 2nd the Wizard World Philly suggestion. I have gone most years and it has always been a blast. Plus it on my birthday weekend this year, meeting you would be a hell of a gift.

  • Quickliketheninja

    PAX! It has all the geeky fun, it’s in Seattle, AND it’s also latin for ‘peace’! Plus, you don’t want to make Tycho and Gabe cry, right?

  • loof

    Sweet, hopefully I can get out of work early enough to see the improv thing wed night.

    Oh and I’m also voting for PAX.
    1. It’s awesome
    2. I’ll actually be there.

  • CrimsonJester

    Try something new and come to the Emerald Con in Seattle the first part of April. It is getting bigger but could use the help to become more.

  • Hey Felicia! Not sure if you got my message regarding Joey’s video, not sure if you’ll get this one either, but I’ll say it once again- THANK YOU. Imagine a nuclear explosion- that was my mind blowing.

    Anyway- Wizard World in Philly always draws a pretty big crowd, especially because you get those of us in NJ and PA to show, as well as a good helping of Maryland and NYC folk as well. And your presence and that of The Guild is guaranteed to bring out a crowd.

    Talk to ya soon!

    Your Tireless East Coast Promoter,

  • Katie C.

    PAX!! What, with the Bad-Horsing around, and the Being Groomed by Tycho, combining your powers of awesome with JoCo, and all of the new, fun, free GAMES!!

    PAX loves you, and we will miss you if you’re not there! πŸ™‚

  • Kathryn

    My vote’d be PAX, mostly ’cause I’m dying to go, but I say come to Canada! There’s a whole ‘nother country that loves you, and The Guild, and Dr.Horrible, and everything! FanExpo, August 22nd-24th, it’d be way more awesome with a little Felicia Day!!!!

  • You actually want to come to Birmingham?! You are a far braver woman than I Miss Day.

    As for one thing I’m not a woman.

    But if a Brummie accent appeals then that makes you oddly brave/kooky in a way I cannot match. Though I think York is a much preferable destination to visit when in the United Queendom, it is ultimatley up to you where you toddle off to once over here. Hope you have fun!

  • The choice between PAX and DragonCon, it’s is that kind of conundrum that Chartered Private Jets and Limousines were meant to unravel. In other words, be an insane “Jet Setter” and do both! Here’s wishing a level of Insane Success upon you and the Guild, that makes outlandish ideas like Chartered Jets seem reasonable.

  • That’s all well and good, but when are you next in the UK?

    By the way, it’s good to find you again – I used to access the blog through, but it seems to have lapsed.

    Unless you’ve branched out into cheap holidays and annual travel insurance, that is…

  • Come to Wizard World Philly! As another commenter was saying, you’ll get to meet a wide variety of fans from various East Coast cities.

  • Pob

    Well, neither of those is in Chicago, so I’d say… both bad. πŸ™‚

    What’s with all the east coasty… west coasty stuff? how about those of us here in the middle coast? You know, I like that… Great Lakes region people may now be knows as Mid Coast. Ok, so maybe it sounds like I’m jealous of the whole “coast” name. Not really, I just need my Felicia Day fix. πŸ™‚ You know, Chicago is a great city for improv!

  • Nick

    I cast my vote for DragonCon. I already have my tix for this year and you should show some love for the Guild fans east of the Mississippi.

  • Sarah

    So, not east coast, but what about Pacific Northwest? Emerald City Comicon is April 4th. Anyway, good luck on setting up a panel and screening at Comicon.

  • Rebecca

    If you come to the East Coast please come to Arisia. πŸ™‚

  • Come to New York Comic Con! We’d love to have you in the Big Apple!
    Can’t wait for the live show tonight!


  • Ben

    Chicago is rarely in the mix πŸ™

    Come to Chicago, we’ll take you for GOOD pizza!!!

    Chicago has Wizard World (august 6-9, 2009) which is kinda like Comic Con but with less A-list celebs. We get the Lou Ferrigno’s and Richard Kiel’s of the world but occasionally they bring in the heavy hitters. In 2002 Joss and a slew of the actors from Buffy had a panel. I think The Guild would be the hit of the show. I bet Wizard would foot the bill too if you did 2 panels…

    (btw, was that Edgar in the most recent episode? It looked like he was chillin’ at the party)

  • QingTing

    Dragon*Con! PLEASE!

  • We are in <3 with Magnolia Cafe, we go there every year for SXSW, we’ve got the t-shirts to prove it.

    Us silly Kansas boys….

  • Ben McBride

    Hey Felicia,

    How about FX in Orlando? It’s near mid to late April. But the roster there is already shaping up nicely with some good Whedonesque guests: James Marsters, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin and Julie Benz. It would be great to have you there. I unfortunately missed getting a chance to see you when you were at Comic Con last year. Just a suggestion.

  • Philip Asher

    *seconds the FX request*

  • Hey Felicia,

    If the GeekKon 08 interview was any indication, make sure to record everything for later and also be sure to test all your equipment beforehand!

    Just so you know when we did the live interview from Season 2 set everyone could see and hear you just fine, if that’s any indicator as to how your computer works with live streaming. That was Skype though, I don’t know how different Ustream is.

    Can’t be there tonight – have choir — please record things. πŸ™‚


  • lordougins

    Yes, dragoncon should be your choice!

    Last years dedicated Whedonverse crowd was well over 4 thousand and we did a giant Dr. Horrible sing along re-enactment that drew thousands.

    They had to switch to the big room, or as Nathan called it “the Browncoat room”, for most Whedon actor panels and they still had people filling up the overflow or “Stupid room”.

  • lordougins

    If you do go to Dragon con you should get someone to have a screening of “The Guild” season 1 and 2. I am sure if you showed up you could draw thousands Whedon fans into your screening after a Buffy musical or Dr. Horrible sing along. I am sure the Whedon Track coordinators would help set you up with the time slot for the ball room.

  • Drew

    Pick DragonCon!

  • Anonymous

    If someone won’t be around for the live Ustream, will there be a way to see it afterward? Like will it be taped or transcribed or something?

  • Felicia,

    It’s a shame I can’t get to the Starfury con to see you. Maybe next time you come over here!

  • Oh, please-please-please come back to PAX! We love you here in Seattle.

  • INCyr

    Come to D*Con, and then PAX East 2010 in Boston! You get both PAX, D*Con and not 1, but _2_ East coast conventions! What more could you ask for?!?!? (You know, aside from Tycho & Gabe realizing Labor Day == BAD for PAX)

  • Judging by the reactions you get, I can’t help but think that you don’t actually need a convention. I mean, really, if you post that you’re going to be in Central Park for a couple of hours rather than a convention, you’ll probably get the same turnout AND you can live out your “Enchanted” fantasies, should you have any.

    No. I don’t know how serious I am about that, either.

    But conventions out here (no disrespect to the organizers, who put in consistently heroic effort) are always cramped, awkward, and only really interesting if you can find the one guest you like but nobody else has heard of. (But, if you’re taking a survey, I-Con happens a ten minute walk and half an hour train ride from my house, and a little faster by car, so that’s where my loyalties would lie in this case, if I had them.)

  • Saya

    Dragon*Con!!!! Have pity on us poor southerners so far away from all the awesome stuff that happens on the West Coast… (Well and up north for that matter too – I can’t afford to fly for a convention, and DragonCon is thus certainly the closest – even at 5 hours driving time…)

  • John

    I have to agree with whoever said Philly. Totally! It’s right in the middle of the mid-atlantic coast. We have uh… cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. Uhm… that’s… uh… pretty much it really.

    Oh wait! I forgot the cream cheese and Amish people!
    Come visit us!

    • 1. I’m not the John I’m responding to.

      2. Is it wrong if I thought that it would be worth going to Philly only if we could lick the Liberty Bell with Neil Patrick Harris? Because I’d definitely go if that finds its way onto the agenda, somehow…hint, hint.

  • I’ll be out playing music on 6th during SXSW. Yay Austin! My home, loves it!

  • Felicia please come to Dragon*Con!!! You were at PAX last year and we had Nathan Fillion with us in Atlanta and I so wished you had been there!! I run the Whedon Universe Track and I would love to have you there and will make sure you have a great time! You are at the top of my guest request list this year!!!

    Wayne Hutchinson
    Whedon Universe Track Director

  • Jason

    MegaCon Orlando or FXConvention Orlando…Please πŸ˜‰

  • dpwac (Danielle)

    Dragon*Con! After years of badgering from geek and sci-fi friends, I will be coming, so you need to go too so I can get an autograph!
    East Coast con, you say? There’s one in my backyard that all the stars love: ShoreLeave! It’s in July so you can use it as a D*C warm up. (
    C’mon… if Jonathan Frakes and Aaron Douglas love it…. Please?

  • Oh, I do so hope that you’ll go to Dragon*Con. I certainly will attend if you’re going to be there. Please come!

  •’s still down, I guess you’re just plain old com now!

    Ah well, com’s still good πŸ™‚

  • Ya, I will work on the .net issue!! πŸ™‚ TY for the heads up!!

  • DGuest

    Come to Dragon! I’ll give you gold and horses!

    Or…you know…pictures…of gold and horses.

    Screw the gold and horses, come to dragon con!

  • Dragon*Con!!!

  • Dragon*Con! It’s only fair, you went to PAX last year. =) I promise it’s crazy insane fun.

  • Brian

    Glad to see that you have SD Comic Con on the docket for this summer. Excited to visit you and the Guild booth. As if I wasn’t already excited about Comic Con!

  • indigo


    Not East Coast but you’ve got to show some love to the gamers in the Midwest.

  • Soulic

    Go with PAX. Heck, I’m trying to see if I can squeeze in PAX before I move to Tokyo.

    As for going to an east coast con you have to go with GenCon (naturally I’m partial to it since I live in Indianapolis). If you go I’ll cook my famous lasagna for you, hehe.

  • You’re going to SXSW?! Awesome. A film I’m in called Treevenge ( about Christmas trees taking their revenge on mankind is playing there! You should definately check it out because you probably won’t have anything else to do in Austin, right?

  • Lasargo

    Yay for Austin!!!

    Boo for 10am πŸ™

  • Yuritau

    Must be PAX! Two reasons for this:

    1. That’s where I’m gonna be, every year, without fail.
    2. That’s where JoCo is gonna be (no announcement yet, but that’s the yearly trend), and you can make us all swoon again by singing Still Alive again!!

  • Morghan

    Well, as far as which one I’ve had more fun attending in the past, D*Con wins hands down. But I’ll vote with the PAX people since I’ll be there this year, makes it a lot easier to attend when it’s only a two hour drive.

  • Kathleen

    Way late on this, but I want to throw my vote in for Dragon Con. Mostly because I live in Atlanta and so that’s the Con I’ll be at! Plus it’s fun times, like Halloween but geekier πŸ™‚

  • Kevin S

    Yeah, another vote for D*C here… Come give the east some love!! I’ll personally buy you a rum barrel at Trader Vics!

  • Franklin A

    Let me add to the resounding calls for Dragon*Con! How can you go wrong with 40,000+ fans packed into three hotels for four days?? Especially when most of them are dressed in every crazy, weird, fantastic, geeky, sexy way possible? πŸ˜‰

    Come down South, where hospitality hasn’t been forgotten – we’ll show you a good time πŸ™‚

    First drink is on me!

  • Come to Farpoint in 2010 – February 12-14, 2010 in Timonium, MD (Baltimore suburbs)! We have left a message with your agent this week to inquire if you are available for an appearance.

  • Kevin

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for picking DragonCon. It was SO cool to see you in person. My friend that picks at me for being a geek is FREAKING OUT that I got your pic and autograph. I am so inspired to finish that story I was writing now!

  • Kevin

    P.S. You are 100% the inspiration for my character and my screenplay!

    I wish you all the best, Felcia!

  • Aaron

    Damnit!! I live in the UK and im a big fan. Curse my English family.
    Can anyone help me with upcoming conventions in England?

  • Keith

    I’ll be in the LA area between July 24rth and Aug 1st. I’ll just miss the comicon, but I’d love to get an autograph or get a photo together while I’m out there. Are you doing any appearances in LA during that time?

  • I love your wp web template, wherever did you down load it through?

  • Your web page doesn’t display properly on my droid – you might want to try and fix that

  • Hey, I’d like to talk to you about a convention appearance and am curious as to the best way to contact you/your agent. I have facebook-ed with Kim, and she says your con appearance go through someone else. She gave me a url, but it doesn’t go anywhere.

  • I got what you mean , regards for putting up.Woh I am happy to find this website through google. “Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.” by Noah Porter.

  • Kristi

    Please please please come to PAX! I’m cosplaying as Talis and it would make my life to get a photo with you while I’m wearing it!

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  • Paige Lyman

    If you’re looking for an East Coast con, check out Metrocon in Florida! It’s pretty great!

  • CassieTheHobbit

    Hi Felicia! You could always try Wizard World Chicago next year. I am a huge fan and I’d love to meet you there πŸ™‚

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