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Comicon! Yay!


Heading off to Comicon tomorrow, I’m sooooo frazzled!  But in a good way!  I have no idea what to anticipate, but I just bought the most kick-ass sneakers from Niketown so I’m well-shod and will be comfortable.  I would link a picture but the Nike site is so horrendous to navigate it would be weeks before I got a screenshot.  I’ll try to post a picture from Comicon, haha.    I also bought myself a white paint pen as well (I got the rest of the cast silver sharpies, haha) so I’m ready to sign DVDs at a moment’s notice and have a few protein bars in my purse for any hypoglycemic moments.

I hope to be updating while I’m there.  I’m doing a lot of interviews (which I’m kinda getting tired of hearing myself do haha) and bought myself a cool little Flip Mino camera.  I’m wondering exactly how to use it, do I upload them to YouTube or Vimeo or what?  Is there anything interesting I can film to show people at all?  I might feel a little uncomfortable without a script, but we’ll see.

Also I did a podcast interview with Gamers With Jobs so check out my podcast banter starting around minute 36.  I wish you could link to a specific time in a podcast, but you can fast forward, or listen to the gaming banter leading up!  There’s a little bit of Horrible stuff and a lot of Guild stuff.   Listening to the podcast interviews I do is making me innured from hating the sound of my own voice, that’s a plus!

I hope to meet a lot of people down in San Diego, please check the Guild website for the exact hours we’re signing.  You’ll probably see a lot of us wandering around the Con as well, I plan of getting several autographs myself from fantasy authors! 🙂

  • Felicia, Pat Rothfuss was whining on his blog about not getting to meet you at Comicon. Can you save him a Guild DVD and sign it for him? He’s gross when he gets in one of these moods. :o)

  • TheDudeAbides

    Sounds like a good time. Have fun!

  • Dani

    I listened to the Gamers With Jobs podcast today and loved it! It was very funny! Even though I didn’t understand a lot of the gamming stuff! =P

    About the interesting things to film… well… it depends… interesting for you, for us, or both? Because for us, I’m sure some videos with The Guild cast and Dr. Horrible cast would make a lot of people happy. You can make one asking Joss: ‘So, Joss, why do you always write these strong female characters?’. I’m sure you’ll have a funny answer and an equally funny video. And you can always do one asking Nathan what the hammer is.

    More interesting for you, might be do some videos with you favorite’s authors that will be there.

    Oh, and I still think you should sneak the camera into the screening room to film the standing ovation. =D

    But that’s just what I’d consider interesting… I’m sure you’ll find something nice to film! =]

    Anyway, have fun!

  • Gobias

    I have to say, I am a little depressed that I live in the mid-west and can’t make it to comicon. Up until today I think I have seen you in a couple things, but with the Dr. Horrible explosion followed by your appearance on GWJ, it led me to this website and The Guild (plus an appearance on Retarded Policeman). I can’t remember the last time I laughed quite so hard. The scene where Vork is gaming while cooking bacon – outstanding.

    I wish I could make it there for an autographed copy, but either way you won me over and I will be pre-ordering soon.

  • Kirk

    Comicon is going to be insane. All of those people running around then throw in some coffee to top off the whole day. Have fun!

    I think you should make a video record of what you look like when you realize that you sold all of the Season 1 DVDs that you brought.


  • Yes, thankfully I live in SD & Comic-con brings the cool people to us!! I hope to see you there!! I need to buy a DVD to be signed.

  • I’ll be there Friday but sadly I think I’ll be missing the Dr. Horrible panel and going to the Ghostbusters VG panel. I can’t believe they scheduled the TWO panels I really want to go to 15 minutes apart from eachother. Hopefully you and the rest of the Dr. Horrible cast will be around later during the con.

  • Hope you have a good time at comicon, lets see some candid awkward video of you while you are there not having any idea what to say.

    Maybe you should pre-write dialogue for you to use while youre randomly being filmed

  • aug

    There is lots to take video of – it was crazy Wed night. The costumes, the displays, etc etc etc
    Hoping to get some video for the forum boardies this week also!

  • Joel

    Well Felicia,
    Make it a point to just enjoy yourself at ComicCon, even though it’ll be daunting at first with the sea of people from what I’ve seen and heard.

    This is the one time I really, really want to go to SDCC, and it’s all because of you, and everyone else who made Dr. Horrible what it is, and the giant hit that it is.

    Have a blast!


  • b!X

    Got bump to first class on plane, from queen to king at hotel, and scored sweet art at Con.

  • Have a great time! Sounds like you are prepared, so now you just have to have fun! Enjoy every second (please do this for me… I’m so envious that you will be there…I’ve wanted to go to Comicon for so long but have never gotten the chance! *le sigh* I’ll just live vicariously through you for the experience until I can get down there myself, one day. 😀 Have fun and good luck!

  • Sascha

    Have fun at ComicCon. I wished I will be able to get you to sign my future Dr. Horrible DVD at some point. 😀

  • b!X

    I bought my The Guild DVD.

  • Brad

    I just listened to the podcast, and 10 year old me totally wants to hang out with 10 year old you 🙂 Have fun at Comic-Con, I hope its (pleasantly) memorable.

  • Pointy

    You should join the rest of us in enjoying the sound of your voice 🙂

  • Leah

    Hey Felicia,

    I went to the Dr. Horrible Panel last Friday and It was sooo awesome. It was so cool that everyone answered my question of “what was your favorite joss ‘verse moment” it meant a lot and I loved all of the silly comments. I hope you enjoyed Comic Con and will be there next year. Also I would like to thank you and the others of Dr. Horrible for stopping in and watching the first every showing of Dr. Horrible with your fans. It was my first time watching and every since I say it I’ve been watching it online. You all sing sooooo amazing and was sad about the death scene but was very good in the giving emotional sense. Thanks again and The Guild is awesome.


  • samatwitch

    Hi, Felicia,

    Thanks for all the enjoyment you’ve given me – from Vi on BtVS to Penny on “Dr. Horrible”, with all the episodes of “The Guild” in between. As requested when I was getting your autograph on the DVD at the California Browncoats table, I have posted my pictures of you on The Guild Flickr site. Everyone loves the one of you posing in the Sails Pavilion!

    BTW, I have watched the DVD episodes (nice to see them one after another instead of having to wait weeks in between – we really are becoming a society of instant gratification, aren’t we?) and all the bonus features. Still have the commentaries to watch though, so I will savour those later. I’m looking forward to Season 2.


  • Fault

    Dear Felicia,
    You are made of awesome, in many important ways. So much so that I wish to tell you in person. So if you wish to holiday in Australia, and still like going to Cons, please combine the two, as it’ll make your Aussie fans very happy. There would be many WoW gamers attending to talk game with, some of whom cosplay their characters. (Not me though, I’m the Captain Planet cosplayer who can’t stand still).

    Thankyou for openly being a girl gamer, sometimes I feel there aren’t enough of us around.

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