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Comicon Schedule!


Hey guys! I have an INSANE schedule again at Comicon, but Geek and Sundry is gonna be ALL OVER SAN DIEGO! Here’s the deets for me personally! I’ll be alternating appearances at our Geek and Sundry event space, the YouTube off-site event space and the ACTUAL SDCC convention floor. Yup, wearing my sneakers for sure! 🙂 Check out the Geek and Sundry blog for even MORE events with other cast members and shows!

Thursday, July 12th at Belo San Diego: 919 4th Avenue:
10am-12pm: Meet & greet with me! Come by, say hi! We’ll do breakfast to kick off the G&S event space!
4pm-5pm: Guild whole cast signing

Friday July 13th
12pm-1pm: Fun event, I’ll post deets soon! (At the YouTube Fan Lounge (Location TBD, check back for updates))
2pm-3pm: SDCC Convention Floor, Guild cast signing at Roddenberry Booth for Floppets

Saturday July 14th, SDCC Convention Center:
11am-12pm Geek and Sundry Panel, Indigo Ballroom (MAKE IT! LOTS OF FUN ANNOUNCEMENTS!)
12:30-1:30 Guild cast signing in the Autograph Area

Sunday July 15th, SDCC Convention Center:
12pm-1pm Dark Horse Guild Trade Paperback signing

  • Kevin McCrank

    I wish I could go so badly! Maybe next year… Sigh.

  • Northwind

    Wearing your sneakers? More like roller skates or blades haha

    Enjoy the fun, and best of great wishes to everyone going!

  • John W

    Man I wish I could be there! Have fun!

  • Sylvi Valyi

    I wish I could go Comicon sounds like so much fun. I wish you and Geek and Sundry were coming to Dragon con.

  • Dalci-Ray

    I’m so super excited! I’ve specifically planned a trip to SDCC to get to meet you/the guild/geek and sundry, it’s going to be amazing!

  • Steven

    Can’t wait for comic con! After vidcon left me with all kinds of amazing you are going all in at comic con I have already made a schedule to hit just about everything I want to see (kinda like zaboo, now who wants to make the seat savers) the geek and sundry VIP party has me wanting to get on that list it kinda is a bummer that some of the geeks won’t be able to go. Still waiting to hear you sing live. I really want that to happen please please please… I’ll see you around the con and panels.

  • Patty

    I’d love to see you all on Thursday! Where will the Guild cast be signing in the afternoon?

  • Pam

    Hi Felicia !!!

    I am a HUGE fan of yours!! Love all the stuff you do. I know you play lots of video games.
    Have you ever tried AION. It’s amazing. Looking forward to Guild Wars 2. Saw your
    work for that–Zojja!!! Awwww she’s so cute ! I am a writer as well, and very inspired by
    your energy and talent!! Blessings to you !

  • K.C.

    Last I checked Felicia was scheduled as a guest at Dragon*Con. Hope that hasn’t changed. Not sure if she’s bringing Geek & Sundry along; would be a missed opportunity if not.

  • Mohammed

    Won’t be making the Thurs. morning breakfast or G & S panel due to sched. conflicts. Will try to catch one of your signings. Isn’t the Guild signing Friday, not Saturday?

  • Felicia, I know it’s a bit late to offer, but if any of your staff is short on funds and looking for a free place to say in San Diego just send me a note or have him/her call me, and I’ll take care of them for you.

    My wife and I just got back from Sedona, AZ
    (just demonstrating I’m not a flake. 🙂

    Best wishes,
    Jim Walker

  • Sigh, would love to be there! would be such a cool experience. Next year hopefully, but for all those who are attending have fun!

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