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Comicon Roundup


Well, it was an AMAZING Comicon!  Between Eureka, Dragon Age: Redemption, Guild, NerdHQ I had an amazing time: And realized that I can NEVER do that many things at the same time again haha.

Honestly, there’s just TOO MUCH to do and see at Comicon.  I felt especially guilty about all the people I knew who were in town and I didn’t get to spend time with them because of my hectic schedule. (Luckily I spent one night dancing with friends, as you can see from the above photo, and no,I’m not naked, haha). That’s the true wonderfulness that is fan conventions: meeting up with people you have online relationships with, making them deeper with face-to-face interactions.  So next year, half the work, twice the fun, right?!

Here’s a bunch of press coverage out the wazoo I did, all compiled for your viewing pleasure!

-Hollywood Reporter gave me a two page spread in PRINT on How a Geek Girl Made it on Her Own. Great timeline of how we did The Guild.

Time Magazine called me out as having “elfin ears” which I TOTALLY LOVED!

-Tubefilter has a great article summarizing our packed Guild panel, with our licensing announcements, etc etc.

-EW has their annual photography booth where I took a pic I can’t embed (GRR) but is here and I love it because I left that fan sticker on by accident.

Movie Web Video Interview after the Eureka panel

Daily Motion Video Interview after the Guild panel

-My friend Wil Wheaton blogged about how I saved him from aggressive autograph people.  Happened to me last year, so I was prepared with quick escape techniques.  Not cool 🙁

  • Fun week was had! The DA and Guild panel made it into some b-roll for the new Machinima show. Posting today.

  • John W

    Your Royal Highness!

  • XavanQ

    Great pic on EW. Love the sticker. LOL PS thanks for saving Wil

  • Big Don

    I know I’m not supposed to do this, but this one you can embed:

  • Awesome articles/interviews, thanks for linking them!
    I had a LOT of fun at SDCC, and it was awesome to see you again! Thank you for taking that time to talk to me for a bit, even when you were crazy busy. =)

  • Andrew Suffield

    I bet “nerd queen” wasn’t exactly where you expected to end up. That’s got to feel weird. Cool, but weird.

  • That EW pic of you is adorable. Love it. Thanks for compiling all these links for us. And good job saving a dude in distress (Wil). 😉

  • Pendragon

    Hi, you should take a look at this comic strip (about his semi-encouter with you) and read his rant, I thik that you posted his comic in the past here, but I cant remember.

    So, if you could, tell him how you feel about being portrayed in a comic strip (not once, but twice)

    Have a nice weekend.

  • Pendragon

    okay, I forgot to paste the adress.

  • I also attended SDCC last week, and I had an absolute blast. While I didn’t make it to any of your many panels (shame on me right?), I definitely wish I had. While Comic Con can be a tad overstimulating, I discovered so many amazing women who are involved in the Comic, SciFi, etc world. It was a very positive experience for me. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times, but your career is an inspiration (plus it seems like you have fun). Thanks for not only creating your own path, but also sharing it with everyone. 🙂

  • Great job saving Wil — that’s so scary.

    Please tweet a link when the Dragon Age web series goes live! I haven’t seen a firm release date mentioned (maybe there was an announcement and I missed it?) and I’m really eager to see it.

  • Francesca

    … man that looks like a brilliantly entertaining party.

  • Joe Diano

    Thanks for being so accessable at Comic Con, even during your hectic schedule at comic con. You really are there for your fans.


    Joe (Tasmania)

  • Also, this happened to you:

  • Geeko

    I can be wrong but isn’t it the same thing you tell yourself year after year when you go to comicon :)? Always “half the work, twice the fun” become “twice the work, as many fun as possible” :). But better luck next time.

  • Mac

    Is that the guy from Firefly?

  • Bullet

    Did the Blog-owner notice this? 🙂

  • Me

    Ummm… so why are you topless?

    • Flet

      Yeah, why are you topless? Not that I mind, it’s always nice to see a little side boob.

  • I too discovered that there is way too much going on during SDCC weekend. I had to do a lot more picking and choosing of things to attend that I didn’t even have time to wander the exhibit hall like I had in previous years. However, I’m really glad that Diana and I got to see you (and the rest of the cast) at the Guild booth and at the panel. Yay again for last year’s Nerdist podcast mention!

  • Ian

    Im kinda super jealous you know Nathan Fillion, though i have to admit you two are both awesome people.

  • Outrider

    There’s an easy and stress free solution to those obnoxious autograph seekers and I’m surprised Wil hasn’t thought of it, being the out of the box thinker we all know and love. When going to a Con, dress as a Ninja and use the Dim Mok death touch technique to slay any autograph seeker who dares approach you. Then bring a change of clothes and go to your panel. It’s always worked for me… And eventually word gets around.

  • JohnBigOz

    Dear Felicia Day, may I kindly ask as to why on earth do you appear to be completely shirtless with no bra or shirt?

  • that’s nice.thanks for sharing.

  • Cate Leonard

    There was an article written a long time ago that compared modern tv and movie characters to mythic/godlike figures from ancient history. The argument was that people used to sit around the night fire and feel a connection to those mythic figures, and now that we have tv and film instead of stories handed down by griots, we feel connected to them in place of “accessible” folk from lengend. The connection people feel, and the sense of entitled access, is a side effect of mass media fostering that sense of “knowing” the actor. (dang, where is that citation…)

  • watch the newet movie scarymovie5 here:

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