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Well, I survived, but barely, haha! πŸ™‚ The Guild had a fantastic time at Comicon this year. We had to turn away like 500 people from our panel (We asked for a bigger room, sorry everyone who didn’t get in!!), our music video, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” was an awesome hit, as was our season premiere episode (Wil Wheaton is our guest actor this season!), and we had a booth where we met a ton of fans face to face! Not to mention that Legend of Neil premiered there, with me returning as the dirty dirty fairy, and the 13th episode of Dollhouse I appeared in had it’s world premiere in front of thousands (it’s horrifying to see your face that big, honest).Β  I think I can say the weekend was an awesome success. πŸ™‚ Some pics below:

Although we were extremely busy with signings (we had so many, but the lines didn’t stop!) our indie show did get some press, the pinnacle of which was this article on io9 that lists me as one of the top ten hits of Comicon (wow, really?!?!) covered our panel in two different articles (One about the panel and one withΒ  MSN video interview embeds), And below is an interview I did for EW with Michael Ausiello, one of my favorite blogs:

If you compare the pics of me on Facebook and Flicker from Wed night to Sunday, you definitely can see I got more and more exhausted as the Con went on, ha!Β  It was a lot to deal with, my wonderful co-producer Kim Evey took care of a lot with the booth and logistics of signings, as did our legion of awesome volunteers.Β  Xbox was a fabulous partner who threw a really cool scavenger hunt party for 50 fans and the cast, as well as organizing getting the cast down to San Diego and printing posters, signings, interviews etc.Β  Thank you Wolf, James and Lisa, you guys are the best!Β  Also, I especially have to thank the California Browncoats for lending many a hand with the booth setup and line management, they are the awesomest group of people I’ve ever met, I love you all πŸ™‚

It was after the panel that the fatigue REALLY set it.Β  There was so much to do and so many secrets to keep by that Friday morning deadline:Β  Getting the music video finished and uploaded in time for the special Comicon Xbox codes to be implemented, getting everyone’s costumes down to the Con and getting them on and getting to the convention without ppl seeing, (Thanks to Microsoft for providing a laser-light stripper bus for transit, a video of which you can see here with Kim Evey and Greg Benson, LOL):

Guild director Sean Becker worked separately to get the Season 3 premiere episode finished in time for the panel, and Scott Allie at Dark Horse rushed to get the announcement about the Guild Comic ready too.Β  So much awesome info to coordinate, I can’t believe it came together!Β  Costumer Sarah Trost and weapons maker Greg Aronowitz especially helped by coming down and making sure our stunt appearance in-costume would happen right.Β  So many people helping this tiny indie web show, it’s overwhelming at times.

Anyway, lots to look forward to in the coming month, a few convention appearances, season premiere, music video debut, gah!Β  I want to sleep now!Β  Thank you to every person who stopped by and got a DVD or picture to support the show, it means so much to me to hear how ppl enjoy our work and how it helps inspire them to do their own creative stuff like web series or art or music.Β  Meeting fans is what gets us through all the hard work during the year behind a computers screen, so thank you!

Oh, also if you have an Xbox, reply below and I’ll give a code to the first 10 people who reply for the music video.Β  Not sure if it’s geo-locked or not, sorry. πŸ™‚

  • I had a blast at sdcc this year, to bad we couldn’t get a twitpic. πŸ™

  • Luke

    Wow, it sounds I wish I could have been up there to see both the Dollhouse and the season 3 premiere, the whole Comic Con experience sounds amazing X)!

    • Luke

      Oh, also, I have an Xbox, would love to see the video, and the “it sounds” in my previous comment wasn’t supposed to be there…

  • danny

    woooo, i have an xbox!

    • danny

      and would LOVE a key, obviously πŸ™‚ (sorry for comment floods)

  • danny

    oh, also, obviously, big fan =)

  • I have an xbox, and would love a download code. Big fan of the Guild!

  • Let me know in your comment if you want a code or not πŸ™‚ Thax for the comments!

  • I was only able to see about 5 seconds of the video πŸ™ and would love a code to get to see the rest.

    Can’t wait for season 3.

  • Dan

    I can has video code please? πŸ˜€

  • Dan

    Aw, damn. I was hoping I could edit my comment after it was posted to be more than self-serving and say how glad I am that things are going so well for you because you definitely deserve it. You and Wil Wheaton, etc, are definitely some of Us who have Made It, whatever either of those mean.

  • danny

    felicia – DO WANT CODE!

  • Mm. Back when I used to go to conventions, the highlight used to be something as exciting as Marina Sirtis telling a fan that his question was stupid. Though Michelle Forbes at least had some hilarious stories to tell those few of us who showed up to her talk, to be fair.

    But I mean, really: Season previews? Comic announcements? Music videos? Airing the “missing” episode? That’s so much better, and…sigh…three thousand miles away when I just don’t have the time anymore.

    More importantly, though, you’re getting the press you deserve. And, y’know, all that other stuff’ll get released eventually. Now I just have to wait. Patiently. A while. (Tap-tap-tap) Is it time, yet? Now?

    And no. No XBox, so no code.

    (How about now?)

  • Ace stuff! I love how the Guild (and yourself) seem to have got as much, if not more, coverage than “household name” stuff like Tron Legacy and Lost.

    Got to get myself down to Comic-Con one day. OR, if someone could go ahead and bring it to Britain, that would really make things a whole lot easier. πŸ˜‰

    Also, any of those codes left? πŸ˜€

  • Ben

    It figures that I would finally be “in time” to get the freebie download but my network is on the fritz…I missed out on that signed book to the first 10 people too (about a year ago I think). One of these days I;m going to be in the right place at the right time.

    And since you guys aren’t coming to Chicago next weekend for the big comic show (yeah, second biggest, I know, I know), how could a really big fan that’s been following (and posting on The Flog) for years now, get a signed photo? I really don’t want to go the route of ebay and pay some other person for your autograph… like you don’t have enough to do. I guess it can’t hurt to ask. Maybe down the road when you have a personal assistant, you can say, “Assistant person, go take care of that really great fan” and like magic, I’d have a beautiful signed photo to hang on my wall.

    Great job on all the cool comic-con success!

  • Aww, Felicia, you’re losing your voice in the video. Great interview though! πŸ™‚ So happy to see you and the cast again at Comic-Con. You guys were my #1 reason for going! Looking forward to seeing you in LA, Dollhouse, and the nearest laundromat! πŸ˜‰

    Here’s some photos from Comic-Con!

    Love you guys!

  • I think The Guild had a triumphant Comic-Con: it certainly seemed that way from where I was observing! You set Twitter alight during the Panel and it was an event even for those of us who couldn’t be there.

    I’m sure you must all be exhausted from the work you’ve put in, but it was so worth it! And “Do you want to date my Avatar” is a masterpiece! I laughed, gasped and was in shock by the end of it! You are all funny, sexy, dancing gods! Make sure you watch until the very end πŸ˜€

    Congratulations, Felicia! I know everyone has worked really hard, but you must be congratulated for creating it The Guild the first place. Enjoy!

  • Grraargh

    I’m glad you enjoyed it despite all the hard work and sore throat! As Worldofhiglet said, it was exciting to follow online even for those of us who couldn’t make it.

    I’m now wishing I had an Xbox even though I’m not a gamer! And seeing the behind the scenes photos for ‘Do you want to date my avatar’ has upped the feeling of expectation even more.

    Finally I’d like to thank you for creating something that has brought together so many wonderful people through the Guild community, I know meeting other Guildies is now one of the main reasons for me wanting to attend next year (along with you and the cast of course!).

  • Comic-Con was even exciting at a distance thanks to all the Guidies’ tweets. Doesn’t surprise me at all that you’d make a list of biggest buzz at the con. I remain impressed by you – how much you’ve accomplished, how down-to-earth you seem to remain, how there doesn’t seem to be a bad camera angle for you (ok…envious is more like it with that last one).

    I think everyone who works on The Guild, but you especially, is an inspiration to creators. You’ve shown what is possible outside the normal media “gated community”. With the right combo of skill, hard work, and luck, you’ve created an international phenomenon. You’ve given a lot of creators hope that their creations can find an audience.

  • Bel-Rand

    I have to agree with Higlet. The Guild defeated ComicCon without a single wipe. Impressive raiding!

    A great kickoff to what seems to be another truly great season. August 25th approaches!

  • Chris F

    Hey Felicia,

    The Guild has exploded into the almost-mainstream now — it’s incredible, all the stories from Comicon…I really wish I could have made it.
    Friend: So Chris, are you jealous that your Guild friends got to meet the Guild cast and the Whedons in real life?

    Me: A little. But I think I’m more jealous that THEY got to meet Dani F! πŸ™‚
    Just letting you know the Ausellio link above isn’t working right now.

    Higlet: you have an XBox? Lucky πŸ™‚


    PS. I found some iPhone relaxation/sleep apps in case you want them. πŸ™‚

    • Chris F

      OK 1. ausellio link looks to just have been a hiccup. All’s good now.
      2. the iphone apps all got bad reviews. Failed link. never mind.


  • I meant to ask. Why DOES Microsoft have a bus handy with a stripper pole?

    Hm. I suppose it would explain Vista.

  • Zoe

    I have an XBOX. Don’t know if you’ve already given out the 10 codes, but I’d love one!

  • Erin

    Even though I’m in the UK and couldn’t make it to Comic Con this year, I could really see how much work you all put into the weekend. I was following everyone’s twitters and Whedonesque and i09, and it really sounds like everything went amazingly smoothly (though it must have felt hectic at the time!). Hope you’re enjoying at least a little bit of rest and relaxation – you’ve earned it!

    Oh, and I’d love an xbox code if you’ve got one going spare. ; )

    • I hate to be a downer, but I’m almost certain that they are geo-restricted to the US only πŸ™

  • JoeKief

    Looks like it was an awesome time! If you still gave any xbox codes, I would be tickled pink! I’m looking forward to season three and I super excited πŸ˜€

  • len

    So do you think it’s a good idea to take a first date to a party where the first act is sacrificing your neighbor’s goat?

    Just asking.

  • Dangershoes/ Jeff E

    The Guild was my main focus for coming to the Con. Haven’t been since.. hmm.. omg! I think it’s been over 10 years.. wow!

    Anyways, it was one amazingly awesome Guild Con! Though I was very nervous at first.. and basically though the whole con when getting autographs was concerned. Meeting you all at the signing table was very cool. Your Guild booth rocked! The highlight was on Friday. I totally thought I had no chance to see the panel.. The line was soo freak’in long.. When I got to the front, it was even longer than when i started. After being let in.. I was so excited! From the awesome music vid to the killer costumes to the amazing episode… You.. the Guild truly made this Comic Con Uber Epic! for me.. and I’m sure all the Guildies that attended.. Thank you soooo much!! And thank you for the photo with you on Sunday!

    Oh! Almost forgot the Scavenger hunt party.. Very cool of XBox to do that.. I should have talked to the other guildies.. was too shy.. And then that awkward moment when i took a sip just as you said hi.. πŸ™ Anyways.. Thank you for creating such an awesome show, with the coolest cast ever!

  • man, I’ve really got to make it to SDCC one of these years sounds like an absolute blast.

    I’d love an xbox code if we haven’t hit 10 yet πŸ™‚

  • By the way, Felicia congratulations on, well pretty much everything Guild related. You’re an inspiration to independent artists everywhere πŸ™‚

    (and rather fetching in that avatar costume I might add! πŸ˜‰ )

  • GAVE ALL THE CODES out guys, hope they work, if not post here, I am tired so my typing is not good haha. You activate by pressing th ecenter button, scrolling left to the “Marketplace” tab and choosing “redeem code”. THxx all!

    • Dan

      It says ‘There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.’ I hope that’s not MS-speak for ‘you’re not cool enough to see this.’ :-/ (It’s different from ‘This is not a valid code’ — I’m well versed in not winning codes online thanks to Major Nelson)

      Thanks for the code though! (Once this works) This is (will be) awesome!

      • Hmm, weird. maybe it’s geolocked, are you in Canada or something?

        • Dan

          Well, I’m in Buffalo, so that’s almost Canada, kinda, but still firmly on US soil.

    • Same problem – I get the “There is a problem with the offer associated with this code.” error message. πŸ™

      • I will email and ask what’s up with that, it says US only on the back, shoulda read carefuller, so maybe it’s that?

        • I’m in Oregon, so I don’t think that’s the problem…

  • Thanks for the code, but I’m getting a “This code isn’t valid” message. πŸ™

    My fault for being a pesky Brit, no doubt!

  • Ehh, I’m waaaay past 10th, so no code for me I guess. Well, it probably wouldn’t be available in Hungary, so I’ll guess I’ll wait until it’s on youtube. Unless it’s geolimited there too.

    I’ll just go and rewatch The Guild S1 and S2.

  • James Bullock

    Curse all the cool appearances being in the states! I had to suffer through so many Tweets that made me so insanely green all weekend πŸ™

    Could you make up for it by sending this poor English guy a code?

  • AlanD

    Awesome job Felicia and everyone involved in rocking the Con! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the amazing stuff people were tweeting about.

    Was wondering, does anyone know anything about the G4 Legend of Neil interview depicted in the photo above in front of the Atom booth? Is it or has it been broadcast? What program? I get the G4 channel and would like to see it if possible.

  • Definitely interested in a code if you have any left – I saw them at the booth this year but was so busy talking with Greg about Retarded Policeman and Gorgeous Tiny that I neglected to pick one up. Thanks either way! Can’t wait for the new season.

  • Joe

    The Guild panel was AWESOME. The line got cut right in front of me (*balls!*), but I eventually managed to get in and sit on the third row (*score!*). Speaking of lines, it’s a shame the MSN reporter doing interviews with fans waiting in line for the Saturday signing at noon at the Xbox booth spent more time trying to be funny being douchey on camera than letting fans speak: Comic-Con 2009: Fans of Felicia Day’s The Guild [on MSN Video]

    Hope you can do a Guild event at the Alamo Drafthouse next time you’re in Austin (SXSW Interactive, maybe?). Can’t wait for Season 3!

  • korkster

    Hi Felicia,

    The Guild ROCKED SOCKS this year!

    Scavenger Hunt: the best idea EVER since fresh-baked bread
    Special Party: a BLAST of nerdy fun!
    Music Video: caught it on Xbox live- FANTABULOUS! You guys were awesome! Costumes were superb! And you hair was so pretty *encourages more curls*

    I love that song. Will it be available for iTunes/Amazon later? Could you give details on how you came up with the music video idea? (Jed did a great job directing it.)

    You definitely need a bigger room next year (hello Ballroom 20!) πŸ™‚

    Comic Book: Filled with fascination. Can’t wait to read it.

    Season 3: Can I handle much more awesomeness? Well, I’ll pretend it’s Thanksgiving- and stuff the goodness in. πŸ˜‰

    Talk about nostalgia! I remember last year when you borrowed the Browncoat booth for signings. Now you guys are rocking the joint. It’s really quite impressive to see the huge strides you’ve taken in on-line media. I’m very happy for you (and for me because I get to watch it)!

    LoN: Freakin’ funny. I think it’s refreshing to see you not as a nice girl. That fairy has flair, and she’s just a hoot to see.

    Dollhouse: You were too awesome to even discuss Epitaph One. But let me just say that I’m quite happy we’ll be seeing more of you in Season 2. Long live the apocalypse!

    Thanks for kicking some serious ass this year! I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! Can’t wait to see what’s in store this year. πŸ™‚

    • The song will be available for purchase everywhere August 17th, we had to ask for MUCHO favors and didn’t pay ourselves anything at all, put all the money onto the screen. I can’t wait to see how people like it on the web!

  • Looks like I’m 33 people to late, but if you still have one I’d love a music video code.

  • C

    Can’t wait for season 3. I have been warming up my laughter muscles in anticipation.

  • Luke

    Well, I tried the code you gave me, but got a “this is not a valid code” error. Sadness :(. I noticed that the code was only 20 characters long rather than the 25 that the redeem points section says it should be. Is the code you gave me missing some characters or am I just off my rocker?

    • Maybe, reply to my email I’ll check, I was hand entering!

      • Luke

        Ah, there we go, the new one worked. Thanks again!

  • Wow, that sounds like an awesome time. I’m looking forward to seeing you in my city for Dragon*Con πŸ˜€

    And I have an xbox, but those codes are waaaay gone :p

  • Do I get a code for getting the 50th comment? =) pweetty pleeeeaeaaasssee?

    Gratz on all the success @comicon felicia! =)

  • JalenJade

    Well I can’t get the interview at the top to play, but I’ve seen their sponsor message 3 times now!

    If you still have codes I’ll take one. πŸ˜‰ (I know I’m not in the first 10 but not everyone asked for one)

    You are taking a little time to decon (see what I did there?) before moving onto the next thing, right?

  • Luke

    well i guess its to late for the code πŸ™ But I love the show its very inspirational πŸ™‚ Keep up the gd work !

  • THe codes were glitching out yesterday but please try again! Even UK users should be able to use them so I hear πŸ™‚

    • Dan

      S-U-C-C-E-S-S, that’s the way you spell success. Thanks again! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Felicia, I was able to successfully redeem the code on the xbox website. Can’t wait to get home and watch the video! πŸ˜€

  • Dani

    I can’t possibly express how awesome it was, so I’ll just say that it was AWESOME.
    I’m so sorry you got so tired and sick… hope you are having some rest now!

  • Tony

    I have an xbox!! Can I still have a code please? :p My girlfriend has red hair… Does that help? πŸ™‚

    • Tony

      Ok.. I’ll be honest. Shes actually my ex who recently left me out of no where for no apparent reason at all outside of her wanting to be evil… So you know… In a way… You would be restoring my faith in redheads all over the world. It would be a public service in way way… But only a little because in all honesty… My opinion is really only that important to me anyways…

  • Kaung

    Aww, you sound so cute in that EW interview!

  • I just wanted to say ‘Hi’, you met my partner Megan at comic-con (she and I are both LEGO Designers) and she said you were great and really friendly. We both wanted to make the Guild panel but unfortunately ours (Brick-Journal/LEGO) was at the exact same time – and I think we may have ended up with a few of the people who couldn’t get into yours – so I must be only person glad you were in too small a room!
    Congratulations on your success at the con, and hope to meet you next time around.

  • Here are some more codes, please post if you claim them so ppl don’t waste time entering!

  • Jon

    Got the 2nd one

  • Dan

    Got #1 – cool! Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

  • heather

    well, SOMEONE got #3

  • I was curious where to find all of the great items y’all were selling at Comic-Con, like the poster/photos and all. I see that you can find some of the shirts at, but is there anywhere else that’s selling The Guild merchandise? I’ve been a fan since last year and can’t wait for S3 πŸ˜€ Only wish I had been able to attend Comic-Con to see y’all /cry! Anyway, great show and I can’t wait to see more! And hopefully jump in soon enough to get a code lol I keep logging on too late >.<;;

  • Rudy

    I was stocking facebook all morning while working and I got a two minute phone call around 11:30 by the time i was done and back to my PC all the codes were taken! Drat! πŸ™

    Felicia you Rock! The guild was partially responsible for my wife agreeing to let us upgrade our living room TV to a 46″ LCD. Thanks!

  • I might or might not have an extra code [I really do]. I wonder how I should give it out.

  • First person to answer the following question and have an Xbo360 and Live (honor system) gets it:

    What episode of The Guild do you see me and what color is my shirt? πŸ˜›

    • Terry

      Im thinking it was season two: episode 12 and your shirt was blue.

    • Rudy

      It was season 2 episode 11 and your shirt is blue. around the 54 second mark.

    • I would have accepted:

      Season 2 Episodes 11 or 12, and any variation of blue…


      “You should be on every Guild episode because you are awesome!”

      Too bad I didn’t steal more of the codes from Felicia… πŸ˜›

      • Rudy

        Thanks Edgar! You are indeed awesome, downloading as I type.

  • Rudy

    Season 2 episode 11 blue shirt!

    • This is acceptable!

  • Phil73805

    Hi Felicia, ComicCon looked awesome. Shame I couldn’t be there (I’m on the other side of the pond in the UK), been hooked on The Guild since Wil Wheaton posted a link to it on his blog. Can’t wait for season 3! All the best to you and the rest of the crew.

  • Holidill

    Seems like you were having one of those moments in life where everything seems good. Hope you were able to get some rest.

  • w00t. One of those Comic-Con pictures is mine. (The one of Felicia talking to the little girl.)

  • BAH! I’m so sad that I missed out on our princess group meeting you! Me (Tinkerbell) and Heather (Snow White) had to rush backstage to do the Masquerade that night so, we missed meeting you in costume. Such a shame. Next year, you should be our sexy Gisele! πŸ™‚

  • Ben

    Now FORBES is singing your praises?? Felicia–you are taking over the world.

    “Queen of all things digital” sounds like an appropriate title.

  • Lioness

    I was in line at 8:00 in order to make sure I got into your panel and wow was it worth it! One great thing after another.
    The scavenger hunt was a great idea and a friend and I had a lot of fun running from one end of the hall to another. Well, ok, running wasn’t exactly the right word. πŸ˜‰ Not in that crowd.
    Big thanks to Brian who patiently tried to sort out the problems that sent us to him, to the Xbox booth and back to him again. How many people eventually finished the Hunt?

  • Lisa

    I know I’m late on the bus (the stripper bus, I guess?) but I wanted to say how awesome it’s been reading all the Comic-Con updates, tweets, etc. I’m glad everything went so well and I really wish I could have been there!

    I really love the Guild costumes you guys had too! As my friend @kittylair told you on Twitter, I’m trying to recreate Codex’s for Dragon*Con this year, and was wondering if you had any info that might help me along? Or if you could put me in touch with Sarah Trost so I can ask her a few questions about the materials (like if it’s red or orange? Or more rust? I can’t tell!)? I’d be eternally grateful, and I think you’ll get a kick out of seeing our group at Dragon. πŸ˜€

  • Chris

    omg – that music video is hilarious! Must buy on iTunes!

  • Alex

    Thought you might enjoy hearing that the music video is making rounds on our (WoW) guild forums, to much fanfare. Hopefully it’ll draw even more people to the show! Personally, I enjoyed it immensely — funny, catchy tune, and the sound, singing, and design work on the costumes were all top notch. Can hardly wait for Season 3 now!

    Keep up the great work… your creativity walks hand in hand with your destiny!


  • Good for you. I have been promoting “The Guild” on my humble blog (URL above) since I loved the premise since the beginning, being a gamer and MMORPGs being one of my favorite genres. Loved the music video. That said I HATE comic con. It’s not really about Comics anymore, they should rename it Pop Culture con or something.

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