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Wanted to link this interview I did at Comics Alliance because I talk a lot about the comic and process of writing it, but also talk a little bit about format and how media might be changing in the next few years. A snippet:

I drive down the street in LA, and the Borders closed down, all the newsstands closed down. With all these tablets coming out, it’s such an interesting time, and over the next year or two years we’re going to see a huge shift in people consuming everything on a screen, and there’s going to be no barrier to how people tell a story.

It seems like there is a huge convergence happening in the way we’re going to get our video, games, and books/magazines/comics.Β  With Consoles moving into cable (see this NYT article about Xbox), and magazines moving to the new Apple/HP/Asus/Etc Brand tablets, I think that we’re going to see some really interesting melding of all types of entertainment in the next several years.

They are also holding a contest for a signed comic as well, links are at the top of the interview!

  • Nice! Can’t wait to get my dirty little mits on this comic. Congrats!

  • Loves Bitch

    (Tried to post this before, but for some reason it isn’t showing)
    I am looking forward to the comic. I already know I will be buying all issues of any Guild comics put out. I have noticed though, from the pages I have seen, when the characters avatars are shown in the game, Vork is bald like his real life counterpart. When they first met in real life on the web show, they said they never invisioned Vork as being bald, so I would assume his avatar was not bald. Of course maybe the pictures in the comic are not an exact representation of their avatars.

  • Dani

    Can’t wait for the Comic! (though I will have to… wait, I mean… shipping and all. =P)
    Anyway, really enjoyed the interview!

    About comics going digital, I agree 100% with something Scott Allie said in the latest SlayAlive Q&A:

    “It WILL affect how we sell our books, for sure. I’m not looking forward to it, because I’m old fashioned and love books as objectβ€”I take a lot of pride and interest in how a book looks and feels in your hand, so I don’t look forward to the day when this is all digital, but I believe it’ll come sooner than later.”

    I read comics online, but it’s not the same. I miss the feel of the paper in my hands, and the turning pages thing. I still find it very weird to read comics (or books) online… but I guess there’s no way to avoid it.

  • Matt F.

    Books are ink on paper, you godless heathens.

  • I can’t wait for the comic! I’m here in Portland, home of DarkHorse. I could go tell them to work faster, if you want….. And yes, I am starting to embrace the screen instead of paper. It’s hard, but I gave up my 8-track tape player (jk) so why not paper versions of books and comics?

  • Jason

    Looks like an interesting concept Felicia.

    I don’t agree with you though with the format of comics and the digital path in particular.

    I’m no ludite by any stretch of the imagination but i think that certain formats need to stay true to their roots.

    Look to the LP as an example.

    As soon as the CD format became popular everybody started proclaiming the death of the LP, and to an extent they were right.

    However look what has happened recently, there has been a great resurgance in LP sales and demand. Not just as retro throwback but as an alternative to the less natural CD recordings.

    However web based series like what you have created for the guild are perfect for the digital world.

    I hope this experiment goes well for you though πŸ™‚

    Try not to do too many things at once, we don’t want you to burn out!!!!!!

  • Dan

    In the past few years I’ve shied away from buying comics as I used to when I was younger, but I’ll definitely be on the look out for this miniseries when they launch.
    Any plans on coming up here to Portland so I can get a copy signed personally? Ha ha. ;D

  • Matt F.

    Isaac Asimov wrote an essay detailing all the ways in which a book – ink on paper, powered by sunlight – was one of the most perfectly efficient methods possible of storing and transferring information from one person to several people. It was a good read.

  • Loves Bitch

    I agree that books will never be replaced entirely by digital media. Web series are really increasing now along with television shows online. There is nothing lost from watching shows online as opposed to on the television. While there are gains, such as watching when you want, and pausing when you want. Shows are really only experienced by viewing them. Books on the other hand have weight, pages that you can feel in your hand and even (as Giles said) a smell. You can immerse yourself in the experience in ways that you cannot reading on your computer. You can’t curl up on the couch with your computer and read it. Even if you have a laptop you can’t read in the same positions that you can with a book. Try lying on your back and holding the computer above you as you read. 8 tracks have been replaced with cds and mp3s because the basic act of listening to music isn’t changed, there are increased benefits without losing any of the original concepts. Same with dvds replacing vhs. You get the benefits of less storage space needed, menu options, commentary etc. without loosing any of the same sensations you have by watching it on vhs. With digital books you get some different benefits but at the same time lose some of the sensations that books offer.

    • Convoy2010

      I got to agree with you on this man. A hard copy of any book is a much more satisfying way to enjoy them in my opinion.
      Although the kindle does have one benefit that is very important to me. It is a better means of storing your books when you have very little space to put things. I drive an 18 wheeler for a living and there is nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day hauling freight than curling up in the sleeper bunk with a good book. But it is no longer posable for me to bring all the books i would like to read with me in there phisical format. I just don’t have the room. That is the major reason why i am relucktantly, concidering an ereader.

  • Markus

    think its a natural evolutionary next stage for how we recieve written media. CD’s and MP3’s have allowed us to enjoy music on a much more varied and mobile level but they havent phased out vinyl by any means. It will be the same with eReaders. I think its a huge attraction to be able to relax on a sofa, train or beach and have access to thousands of books and newspapers in a small digital palmtop. I have heard that the screens on these emulate a printed page very well and some even offer classic books as free downloads which is fantastic.

    I would be interested to read if anyone has weighed up the environmental costs of manufacturing and running an eReader Vs the paper and printing of a the equivalent amount of books.

    I intend on getting an eReader even though I like ‘rescuing’ an unwanted 2nd hand book which would otherwise be left to gather dust; and to also have the ability to lend these to friends.

    That said, I am still getting multiple copies of The Guild comic (different covers you see) πŸ™‚

  • ISGC

    It will be a sad day indeed when print and paper are obsolete. Left for only official documentation and tours at gettysburg πŸ™ I wonder if people realize how temporary that makes our civilizations…
    on the note about the comic, it seems great! though I am a bit skeptical. The cover art was not done by the author (presumably) and that’s my red flag for comics. But I’ll bite, this time, and we’ll see how it turns out.

    Also i thought it was quite ironic how you are talking about internet replacing books yet you are putting so much time and effort into a comic. But of coarse the soul of comics must live on, if not for gain ten for pure pleasure.

  • Absolutely. Everything is changing so fast and the quicker the information can get delivered, the more in demand it will be. That’s why instant entertainment is so popular. People love instant gratification but good quality is also essential (probably after instant gratitication, but of course that depends on values).

  • You are so right. I am eagerly awaiting the apple tablet. It is a chance for all publishers to publish content, you own the rights for, in different languages and all countries in the world. You don’t have to wait till someone picks up the rights from you to publish it in his country, you just do it yourself, digitally.

    The possibilities are endless for publishers. Though, bookstores, newsstands and distributors of books and newspapers might encounter the other side of the coin.

    We will see, rather sooner than later.


    • Dani

      “You don’t have to wait till someone picks up the rights from you to publish it in his country, you just do it yourself, digitally.”

      Uhm… that sounds really interesting! Haven’t thought about it like that.

  • Dan

    I also wanted to quickly suggest, albeit a bit late, Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”. It’s a great read, densely packed with interesting history and information about the medium. I learned a lot from it and hopefully it will help you out with any future comic book related endeavors. πŸ™‚

  • I’m really excited about the comics and look forward to getting my copy/ies.

    On the other topic, make no mistake, I love my Kindle but there will always be something about the feel of a book in the hand not to mention the lack of distribution issues (still loads of books in the Kindle store not in the UK), batteries running out at an inopportune moment and so on.

    There will always be hard copies, I don’t believe that electronic media will ever completely replace the paper book but it will allow writers to access an audience far more directly in much the same way as the interwebs has made writers of people that otherwise would never have found a voice. Even now there are books on the Kindle store that never even went through the whole publishing rigmarole and I think that’s an amazing thing.

  • Philip

    The comic seems like it will be amazing. You really are hitting every form of media. I’ve always had a love for comics, and I’m glad that you have decided to extend your writing talents to this venue. The only choice is which cover do I like better…:)

    However, on the topic of literature going digital I feel a little unsure. I’m pretty sure that’s where it will be headed, but I still hope that it doesn’t completely wipe out the moments of opening a kids first book in the future. If my kids end up never experiencing looking through a library just because they can find it online…well that’s sad. The smell of books is one of my first loves as a child, and I hope that isn’t taken away. Also, I’ve read comics online, and it just feels odd compared to having the art between your fingers.

    I’m sure once the comic is released it will be a hit. Just like opening The Guild as a web series where more people are bound to understand it and enjoy it, comic geeks will definitely fall in love.

    Also, totally random, but I felt like everyone should check this link out.

    It’s a simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer. Each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute. Basically an awesome music creator that can waste your time if you wish to do so πŸ™‚

  • Loves Bitch

    Tried to post this multiple times over the last few days. Hopefully it will post this time.

    • Loves Bitch

      I am sure the comic will sell well, especially to fans of The Guild,

      • Loves Bitch

        but there will likely be comic book fans who don’t know of The Guild or

  • Loves Bitch

    Apparently I can only post in short sentences, so my post is broken up.

    • Loves Bitch

      or only heard of it in passing, who may pick it up because it looks

    • Loves Bitch

      who may pick it up because it looks interesting and that could bring them to The Guild episodes online and/or to buy the dvds. The more fields you tap into, the more you can increase the audience/customers of all of them.

  • DustPuppy

    I’m not sure where to put this since it doesn’t actually have anything to do with this post, but i just noticed a spelling mistake in the first paragraph on your homepage introduction.

    “I’m active on any number of social networking sites, especially Twitter, so just click the links on the boom of this homepage to reach my various profiles!”

    I don’t remember it being wrong before or maybe I just never read it properly.

  • Jason Smith

    I do find the ideas like netflix interesting, being able to stream movies and such, but for people like me, it doesn’t really matter because the majourity doesn’t have captioning. More than likely probably almost half or so, of the audience has to have some hearing assistance. I’m hoping this changes as well.

  • Tony P

    Well, after reading some initial lowdown on the iPad, I don’t think it’s the death of paper just yet. I do have to wonder though if comics do go to a completely digital format if it will change the actual artistry. Think how CGI put a huge blow to the cel animation business.

  • James B

    I know a few great coffeehouses in, and around Manhattan. Perhaps you would go a good 3,000 miles out of your way for a great cup of coffee? πŸ™‚

  • Hi Felicia!

    My friends and I are very excited to see you at Emerald City Comic Con in March! We were wondering though, will you have photos for The Guild that we can get signed? We’re stumped on where else we could find good Guild photos…and don’t want to be unprepared!



  • We will definitely have Photos to sign (and if you pay to have a photo with us I personally don’t charge extra to sign that. Most people do but I don’t feel like it’s right πŸ™‚ ) We won’t have DVDs to sign since it’s far and too much for us to carry though. Cya there!

  • Will you be releasing an electronic preview of the comic once this kicks off? The artwork looks fantastic, and I’m really impressed by the coloring. But I’d like to get an inkling for the layout and the dialog. It would also give me something worth linking from my blog. ^^

    • Joe

      Felicia posted a link on her twitter account:

      I thought it’s pretty sad beginning to the back story for Cyd Sherman actually. I think I’ve always kind of feel sorry for the character, but the comics makes me feel like that even more.

      And another thing: Felicia seems to be pretty chipper in her videos, interviews, public appearances these days, but I wonder if Felicia has a dark and moody side to her real life that she doesn’t show for her to write a back story for Cyd like that. I’m guessing it’s very likely.

      lastly, the name for that puke-y diarrhea drug was quite apropos. Did you had to google to make sure it’s not taken yet? πŸ™‚

  • It’s a simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer. Each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute. Basically an awesome music creator that can waste your time if you wish to do so πŸ™‚

  • JOhn

    Im so glad I found your blog page….

    I saw your Avatar music video and I had to know more …

    Yes I think you look amazing while singing on your bed of golden treasure…

    And then I discovered your Web show series ….which is as endearing as a show can be…

    I genuinely like your show and all of the actors… I am so glad your show just does it right… I am very happy about it.

    I will come back to your webpage from time to time and I’ll buy your comics when they come out ….

    meanwhile To remark on the commentary about electronic books versus paper books…. First check out the ebook for Popular mechanics and Discover magazine the electronic magazines are so amazing that that an average person IQ would go up by 5 points after reading just one …. Paperbooks are comfortabI hope le and not at all BUSY … comfort reading maybe…?

    and lastly I hope you make an apple app that goes straight to your webpage and maybe is interactive…. so you could push a message to your fans if you were to say show up at Dragon Con in Atlanta Ga. ( Nudge nudge.. wink wink say no more….)

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