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Comic-Con 2010!


I will try to list all the amazing things that happened this weekend briefly, but honestly, it would take a novel. So I’ll skim the highlights day by day. I literally slept 14 hours last night, all the stress and rush from the Convention put me in a coma…but in a GOOD WAY! πŸ™‚

Drove down to San Diego early in the morning because we had to set up our booth. Had banners and DVDs and posters in the car, along with 12 pairs of shoes (half of which I didn’t wear, but I was comforted by the fact that I had them with me :D) Took several hours to get everything arranged for the booth, extra table and chairs (thanks @egspoony for scamming about a dozen chairs for us, and a backstage pass somehow!) After the booth was set up, I rushed back to the hotel to get dressed, and then ran BACK to the convention center to do a preview night signing from 6-8pm. Then Jeff and Sandeep and I went to perform with our improv group @hammerimprov at 9pm. The whole group was there, @brookseguin, @alexalbrecht, @tonyjanning and @taraperry! We had a great night, and Jeff Lewis playing a character called “Butters Johnson” will forever stick in my mind. If you’re in LA, be sure to follow us on Twitter and come see us perform, we do it pretty much every month and it’s a blast!

Our morning 11-1pm signing was PACKED! We had our booth facing a major door this year, so literally the lines were so long we had to turn people away towards the end, I’m sorry guys! πŸ™ Mid-day I ran over to do a photo shoot for EW and interview with Ausellio, then back to the booth for more signings and some interviews. That night we had a great birthday cast dinner because Sandeep and Robin and Jeff all celebrated birthdays recently, so that was a nice evening within the storm of the con.

BUSY! Signings, then my panel “Girls Gone Geek”, an amazing panel with inspiring women, including Marni Noxon. I feel like that panel could have been an hour longer, I forgot I was actually ON it a few points because I was so interested in hearing what the other panelists had to say! Then I went to meet the Sprint/Xbox sweepstakes winner for a little Guild party, screened some secret episodes with the winner, Shawn, then rushed back to the convention center at 11:00pm to intro the premiere of the RED Syfy movie trailer. So excited for people to see it, I hadn’t seen the trailer beforehand, so that was exciting! Here it is embedded for your pleasure!

PANEL DAY! Omg I was so nervous. While waiting for our time, we hung out in the green room back stage, and saw the whole cast of Community. Strangely enough, Kim and Jeff knew Joel McHale from ACME theatre, and I knew Danny Pudi from a pilot we did years back, so it was a weird reunion of sorts. (And I saw Chevy Chase from afar, that was a thrill!)

Our panel started pretty much on time, Kim went on stage and introed Episode 3 preview. And, during the episode THIS appeared:

Original art by Greg Aronowitz

The sound of the crowd laughing made me soooo happy! This is my favorite gag of the season, and I can’t wait until all of you see the episode on August 3rd to know exactly what I’m talking about, hehe! FARK has already done some funny mashups (and typical internet comments, lol).

Then Kim and Sean brought us on stage! The whole cast arranged to wear a custom Squid Hat (a-la Episode 1 Season 4) from Obey My Brain and we walked out to over 2000 people cheering. Um, that was AMAZING GUYS! I announced that everyone in the audience was getting a button with Wil and my faces on it from the painting. It was the most expensive piece of promotion/advertising we’d ever done for the show, but the thrill of giving it away and how funny the buttons looked on people’s lanyards was the best reward ever!

Then we previewed the music video. I will write more about that tomorrow when it comes out on Xbox/MSN/Zune (it will be on iTunes/YouTube in a week). Suffice it to say, there was a very warm reception to the video! Sean and Kim co-directed and they did an amazing job! We also did Q&A, announced that Guild Avatar skins are coming to Xbox Live later this year, and I slipped in that I’ll be doing a big guest arc on EUREKA with Wil Wheaton later this season! So excited to work on that show, it’s one of my favorites!!

After another signing I RAN to the Eureka panel to announce officially I was joining the cast for a recurring part later this season. I was so relieved the audience cheered because I had an anxiety dream the night before that no one would know who I was when I walked out. I wake up in cold sweats with neurotic thoughts like this a lot, actually. πŸ™‚ After that I ran to Dark Horse to do a signing with Joss and Jed and Maurissa and Zack for the limited edition DOLLHOUSE comic poster, available if you pre-order the DVD set. The colors are BEAUTIFUL in the poster, so it was a neat, unexpected Comicon experience, I didn’t know I was on the cover until a few days before the con! NEAT!

Saturday night I went to the awesome SyFy/EW party with my penguin purse Penguin Purse!, and then danced until 3:30 am at Zachary Levi’s (Chuck) NERD party. My feet still hurt, but favorite party night I’ve ever had! Ran into Michele Boyd (Riley) there randomly, shows how small this world is!

11-1pm we had our last Guild signing. Posters of the “Team Cawkes” painting were flying off the table, which is amazing, and it was neat that Greg Aranowitz, the artist, was there to sign them too. See what a funny whim of an idea gets you? On someone’s wall, haha! After that I FINALLY got to walk the Con floor and buy a non-virtual edition of Carcassone, some comics and I ran into @nerdist and @paulandstorm on the floor. We took turns photo bombing each other as we walked around, hehe.

After that we had to break down the booth and I drove home! Whew. After a year of prep, this was an amazing 5 days. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Now…it’s back to work to get more stuff to show for next year!

  • Sarah Banana

    The Girls Gone Geek panel was AMAZING to say the least. It was super inspiring for someone like me trying to get into the industry. I’m so grateful there are such strong women in this industry that are willing to share their experiences. I completely agree that panel could have gone on for at least another hour!

  • Holy smokes! You must be superhuman to have handled a schedule like that. I saw you hurrying through the lobby on Friday and didn’t dare accost you because I knew how busy you must be. Thanks for blogging about your week. : )

  • Garrett

    I wish I could’ve been there, sounds like you had a blast! Keep up the awesome work, meeting you in Phoenix was the greatest moment of my life!

  • Great to meet you and the cast! The panel was entertaining, can’t wait to see people’s reactions to the music video. Thanks for coming out!

  • Silviaz

    Thanks for recapping for us non-goers, I can’t wait for the video, and the rest of the season, and Red, and Eureka, and the comics..
    You are one busy woman! Thanks for the effort that goes into it all : D

    BTW, here’s the pic from EW (yours comes after Seth Green, so lots of redhead Buffy goodness :)),,20399642_20404512_77,00.html

    • that picture is terrible, wtf did they pick that one for? lesson learned: if the photographer says cover your face up, don’t. haha.

      • Doesn’t matter. You still look gorgeous. πŸ™‚

        Congrats on all the success! I can only wish you more.

      • Silviaz

        I found it quite cute : )

      • Brandon

        I think it makes you look like some kind of supervillin in that picture.

  • The trailer was great. But all I can think about is how cold you were doing shooting;).

  • Steve

    wow.. such as awesome adventure.. there should be a season of the Guild where they go to comic con… that would be pretty cool to see…

  • I can’t believe I walked into Comic-Con in 1998 cause I happened to be in San Diego and there was nothing else going on. How things have changed. I think the Guild trying to organize a trip to a Con would be sweet. Room bookings, panel choices, costumes. I may write the episode and act it out with my fish.

    What? Like you don’t dress up fish? Pfft.

    Nice post, btw.

  • Zak

    Awesome, I finally know the name of your improv group. I see many youtube clips in my near future…

  • me

    Geez! Those werewolves are puppets!

    • me

      not an insult. just thought it was funny. i will def be seeing that. πŸ™‚

  • YEAH… Those are NOT THE EFFECTS that will be in the final movie. LOL!

  • Julie

    Thank you so much for the buttons of that amazing piece of artwork!! It’s my favorite button and I have many plans to wear it again and again. The panel was definitely one of the best and you came across as such an awesome person. I hope I get to be there again next year!

  • Soma

    that is a fantastic dollhouse cover..

    those buttons are R I D I C U L O U S L Y awesome.

    im eager to see you on Eureka! im lovin’ the time-travel/catch22 plot-line:


    kudos on another successful run of SDCC!


  • It was great getting to meet you all! I was at your booth on Thursday around 5, and you already looked so tired! I wish I could have gone to the Guild panel, I really need to get a mutli-day pass next year.

  • All this, and she plays Carcasonne as well πŸ™‚

    I picked up my copy in a Dutch toy store ’cause i thought the game picture on the back looked cool – couldn’t read a word of the descriptive text, and had to resort to googling the rules so we could play, but SO worth it. Enjoy the game!

  • Felicia PLEASE don’t re-roll horde when Cataclysm comes out! <3 all your posts and Tweets thanks for all the updates! Red heads unite!

  • Brandon

    All this coverage of the Guild at SDCC gets me even more anxious for Gencon!

  • Brandon

    Awesome purse BTW.

  • My Comic-Con was full of Felicia joy. I got my limited edition Spires of Dragonor poster signed. The Girls Gone Geek panel was excellent. That collection of amazing women deserved more than one hour to talk about their experiences. The Guild panel was loads of fun, and “Game On!” was worth all the time I spent in the #attfail zone that was the Indigo Ballroom. We are lucky to have someone as dedicated to her fans as you are.

    Thank you for everything you do for us. I look forward to what is coming next.

  • Jon Kennedy

    Brandon’s right, purse… AWESOME! I am looking forward to RED, and so jealous of the squid hats. (want one. ? )But… love your show; I never really was a WOW fan. I knew it changed lives but not to what degree. Love your work in many other shows. I have to let you know you’ve changed my gaming life. Going to next year’s comic-con, it will be my fist time, just because of you, your “baby”, and all the cast. Hope to see you there. πŸ™‚

    P.S. would you think you’ll have time for a gift from me next year, for The Guild as a whole?

    From Everyone’s Favorite Dead Knight! (Jon Kennedy)

  • Thanks for recap. That’s a hell of a lot of stuff to cram into 5 days. Those are the sorts of things I might spread over a lifetime…if I was very fortunate πŸ™‚

    Red looks fantastic, any idea when it will be screening in the UK?

    As for the painting, it looks like the sort of cover they’d put on the kind of books you like. It’s a masterpiece πŸ™‚

    Any idea when the Guild graphic novel will be released?

    I’ll ask this one more time, any chance of the Guild coming over the UK for a convention appearance? The convention scene in the UK is pretty poor generally but will no doubt be given a major jumpstart by your appearing here with the other guildies. Please do think about it (I said I would ask one more time…I’ll probably ask again πŸ™‚

  • Wow that sounds like an awesome few days!! I’ve been following your tweets (and those of Kiala and Nathan Fillion) for the duration of the con with interest and quite a huge dose of jealousy as well =p Congrats on the success of the guild panel etc, I’m really pleased things are going well because that means us fans get the guarantee of continued new material!

    And omg.. Codex & Fawkes poster.. if that was on the cover of a highland hunk romance novel you’d HAVE to read the actual book rather than the Kindle version =p

  • Enjoyed the recap – thank you very much. Hope to make it to Comic-Con some day.
    Congrats on the Eureka gig! Oh and thanks for writing the comics prequal to The Guild. Enjoyed it much. @JohnNWFS

  • Music video is great — one of my kids started doing Zaboo moves. But I can’t get it to stream HD on MSN. It starts fine but craps out. Not good for full-screen.

    BTW, Whitney has a mugshot of you two over at Pop Candy ( Looks like you have the demon eyes going on…

  • Zach L

    I love the music video. Techo one year and Bollywood the next, what will you think of next?

  • The Guild is great. Keep up all the good work!

  • Rachel

    The Guild panel was awesome and the only reason I sat in the Indigo Ballroom all day Saturday. =) And I definitely loved the Cawkes button. My friends got the poster… I’m interested to find out where they decide to hang it in their apartment. I suggested over their bed but they didn’t seem too keen on that. πŸ˜‰

    Hopefully I’ll be seeing you again next month at Fan Expo!

  • It was great meeting all of you. Glad to hear you have a great Comic-Con. Hope you enjoy the F. Paul Wilson book. πŸ™‚

  • Bleyddyn

    Major highlights:

    Getting my arm signed by Vince, Michele and Felicia (totally Vince’s fault).
    Getting to ask a question at the Guild panel, and not completely screwing it up. I did have to do a few breathing exercises while waiting in the Q&A line.
    Actually, the entire panel was awesome.
    As was the Castle panel on Sunday.
    Volunteering at the Browncoat booth, as always.
    Girl Geeks Exist panel with a huge lineup, and a singing intro by Marian Call.

    Minor lowlights:
    Not getting into the Joss Whedon panel after waiting in line for two hours.
    The Sanctuary panel was more than a bit disappointing.
    Having my tiny swiss-army knife taken away by ‘security’ at Wootstock, then not being able to get it back because there was no one there when I left.
    Not getting Kim Evey’s autograph on my DVD.
    Only getting to see Michele Boyd the one (short) time.

  • It all sounds awesome. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for us fans! I can’t wait to see you and the rest of the Guild at Gen Con next week. You are the best! πŸ™‚

  • Valkem

    Saw the shocker question. Are you really that innocent, or just that great an actress?
    Love you’re work, and you seem to really be making a name for yourself. I hope it continues, good luck.

  • Comic-Con sounded so amazing! I will see YOU next year when I’m on my honeymoon to Comic-Con 2011.

  • Eli

    I wish I could be in an episode of the guild. =/

  • ESD

    Can you comment on my comment Mrs. Day? It would mean the world to me.

  • Colleen

    Fanfic for The Guild/ Felicia Day!!

  • you are good. you have done a good job. although not in details, i could catch the brief content. thanks for your effort.

  • This is a great point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you bring up where the most important thing will be working in honest good faith.

  • Satu

    Hi Felicia!

    Are you going to the San Diego Comic-Con this year? I’m contemplating a trip over but finding it hard to get information about awesome people (Whedon’s, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris etc etc) attending. If you’ll be there it will be enough reason for me to fly over from Australia πŸ™‚

    Much Love Xx

  • 6502

    Link to syfy vid is showing yecch ghost hunters

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