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Changing Stuff around…


The blog will be in various states of disarray as I mess around with plugins and different themes today. If anyone catches something they really like/dislike, feel free to post here. Also, post any requests that would make life easier like, “Wow, that color makes me want to puke, change it now, lady!” Actually, don’t post that. I’m trying to get some more user-friendly plugins activated, so suggestions are welcome.Thanks for your patience!

  • Im tired. I need Super Paper Mario. I’ll finish this tomorrow 🙂

  • I can’t stop. Must stop messing around with this…

  • Stupid IE.

  • Ok there are several things not working as of now, most of all, why is that stupid grey color to the left of me when I can’t find that color anywhere in the style sheet anymore. And the plugins are not working properly, but all these things I will fix tomorrow. Super Paper Mario, here I come!

  • Michael

    Hmm, I can tell you from my own experience, it’s not fun when you are openly mocked by the style sheet. It’s almost as if it had some sort of personal vendetta going on.

    But I have to say that I do like the 3-column layout. 🙂 Have a good night!

  • Thanks Michael! I appreciate someone else feeling my pain. Turns out I forgot to recolor one of the graphics, so it wasn’t a stylesheet problem at all. It was a USER ERROR. Whoops.
    I’m glad you like the layout though! I looked long and hard for a template that looked fun but not too busy. Sometimes 3 column can be too messy, but I’m not throwing a lot of content to fill it, just simple navigation stuff. I was getting annoyed there was no link back to the blog front page from articles. It was peeving me out.

    I’m a little on the fence about my picture on there, but my brother took it while he was visiting me last week, and I’m happy my hair looked halfway decent, so I slapped it on there. With a little Doris Day Vaseline filter for no apparent reason other than “I can”. LOL

  • Stefan

    First of all: yeah, IE is pretty stupid.. Try a comment at the start of the page (*before* the DOCTYPE definition); it is only a workaround, but.. it works. Although I guess the whole drama could be explained by to much width (that is, the total displayed width); on which element.. well, debugging is so much fun. So yeah, stylesheets are sometime a pretty good reason to throw the whole PC out of the window; however they can be incredibly usefull.
    As for the layout as such.. thumbs up, I like it.
    And somehow the reason for the image filter feels familiar…

  • Thad

    I like the new blog site. It’s very good.

  • It seems to be working now in IE. I should check Safari on my new Mac 😉 I’m glad you guys like the layout. I really like this Digital Pop 1.0 WordPress theme. It was relatively easy to manipulate and the layout is clean. It even came with a twitter link (Which I think is weird so I took it off 🙂

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