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I tend to love things that enable me to procrastinate.  So when iTunes requested a “Celebrity Playlist” I jumped at the opportunity!  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find room in the US store for my playlist.    Canadian iTunes DID post it, so if you’re in Canada you can click to enjoy.  Since I put like 12 hours worth of time winnowing the playlist down, I thought I’d share them here with you anyway for US and non-US alike!
EDIT: Lala doesn’t work overseas I guess, but reader Tor made the playlist on Spotify for those streaming challenged, THX Tor!
1. Take Them Down:  The Main Drag When we couldn’t afford When in Rome’s “The Promise” to end Season 2 of The Guild, I Twittered a request for music to use for the show.  Listening to over a hundred submissions, a track “Love During Wartime” jumped out at me, I couldn’t believe how great the song was for what we needed.  This song is from their new album.  Their followup does not disappoint.

2. Control:  Kid Sister
It’s pretty obvious I’m not cool, but finding this song and loving it lets me PRETEND I am.  Rap/Hip-Hop/Electronica fusion awesomeness.

3. Teflon Man:  Ghost Dog I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this, probably because I have a thing for Nordic Rock.  This track is from the band’s debut album. They’re Norwegian.  And I love them.

4.  Men in Love:  Gossip This screams groovy modern disco to me, and the lead singer’s voice is so catchy.  I definitely want to play this on Rock Band.

5. The Walls Are Coming Down:  Fanfarlo I love orchestration that’s out of the norm.  This track has standout trumpet and mandolin, and they’re used joyously.

6.  Nobody Lost Nobody Found: Cut Copy Think this style is called electropop.  I just know it makes me want to dance.

7. Dance With Me:  Nouvelle Vague New Wave song covered in Bossa Nova style?  Yes please! (Had to embed a few YouTube vids instead of streaming because I couldn’t find them in Lala, and no other service allows full stream embedding. What happened to imeem?!)

8. Hell: Tegan and Sara
I’m vaguely obsessed with this band.  I’m pretty sure if we ever met in real life we’d be best friends and go shopping together, and have tea.  And go to the spa. Now it’s awkward.

9. Aftermath:  The Southland This is the former band of Jed Whedon (Dr. Horrible, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar”)  I’m glad I hadn’t heard this before I asked him to write The Guild’s Avatar song with me, I’d probably have been too intimidated.  I love his vocals on this track in particular.  He’s ridiculously talented.

10.  100 Little Curses: Street Sweeper Social Club Sometimes I get obsessive and play a song 200 times in a row.  Like this one.  It demands to be played VERY LOUDLY.

11.  Worm Mountain: Flaming Lips Huge fan of the Flaming Lips, but combined with another one of my 2009 obsessions, MGMT, this track rules.

12.  Atman:  Rodrigo y Gabriala When I was in music school for violin, the acoustic classical guitarists would always play outside the music practice rooms in the hallways, primarily to pick up chicks.  If they had played anything like this duo, they would have been very very popular.

13.  All the Right Reasons: The Jayhawks The Jayhawks are 100% one of my favorite bands.  Every track on the album is breathtaking, the harmonies are gorgeous and romantic.  Alt country rock perfection.

14. Navy Nurse:  The Fiery Furnaces This band is strange and wonderful.  Definitely not stereotypical, but I’m completely drawn in by the fusion of sounds in this song.

15.  Re: Your Brains:  Jonathan Coulton Listing this here on the off-chance someone is not aware of the grandmaster of geeky folk.  If you can catch one of his live shows, the audience generally floods the stage walking like zombies during this number.

Hope you enjoy some of the tracks! And feel free to embed your own faves in the comments for other people to enjoy! 🙂 Also, my blog is sometimes weird about spam filtering, so if it doesn’t show up immediately I’ll be sure to approve it as quick as I can if it gets caught up!

  • Jeff

    I’m officially old. I’m sure I’ve heard some of these songs, but I can’t identify one by name and match it to the melody. Good think I’m happy being me. =)

  • Dani

    Wow, I know only 3 of all those bands!!
    Definitely gonna check it out!! (uhm, I probably should comment AFTER I listen to the songs…. anyway)

    And yey for Tegan and Sara!! I really like them! You should totally be friends with them, hehe.

  • Casto

    FYI: The 2 mentioned The Main Drag songs, along with about 10 others, will be on Rock Band via RBN when it launches. “Love During Wartime” is great.

  • Firnantok

    You are obsessed with Tegan&Sara? Me too 🙂

    I like most of the songs, great playlist!

  • John

    If you like nordic rock, check out the band named Grand Island, also Norwegian, my favorite band ever in the ever:) Best track to start with is probably Love In Decay, which is findable here:

  • Thanks for this Felicia – I’m really looking forward to listening when I’m home and can totally crank up the volume!

  • Nouvelle Vague RULES.

  • Dustin

    I will have to check out some of these bands… Thanks!

  • Must say, I love all the choices… Some more than others. Really like Rodrigo y Gabriala! Wow! Like his style. Thanks for sharing on Music Monday. 🙂

  • Kat

    /sob lala like hulu doesn’t work in australia 🙂 but thanks for the playlist i’ll check it out anyway. p.s. cut copy are from melbourne, australia where i live!!! alright!

  • Nice list. I listen to a bunch of it already. I will go check out the new ones. Here is my last 2 years best of list. (2009 & 2008

  • Tor does not work for us here in Sweden but I found most of the tracks on Spotify and made a playlist for the rest of us in Europe:

    It’s a really nice playlist and my favorite is Jonathan Coulton. I have’t heard most of the bands but I’m definitely going to check them out some more!

    • Thank you so much for your work on that, most appreciated!!

      • Tor

        You’re most welcome. Wasn’t really that much work as my copy & paste and drag & drop skills are leet. 😉

        Have been spending the night listening to Jonathan Coulton and No more kings. Many thanks for the good music tips!

      • Moominboy

        Haha! I just did the same and was about to share it. Well done, Tor!

        And indeed, great playlist. I forgot how much I like Tegan and Sara.

      • Andrew

        I have managed to include a few more tracks for UK spotifiers:

  • Michaela

    Total awesomeness! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Paul

    There’s a few good Jonathan Coulton songs on youtube. Cruel Cruel Moon is my fave. Also Paul and Storm did a JoCo tribute kinda song called Live that is super cute. You tube url is:

    I think it’s a nice love song for the madman-creation niche market that is terribly under-catered to in my mind.

  • Michaela

    Oh and have you listened the band No More Kings? Their song Zombie Me is great. Somewhat similar to Jonathan Coulton.

    • Ha, yeah, “Zombie Me” is pretty funny. I highly, highly recommend Dirt Poor Robins, which features one of the members of No More Kings and his wife.

  • Sicapent

    Really nice playlist. I didn’t know Tegan and Sara so far and their sound is really great.

  • I do love Tegan and Sara, but I’m not as into their more recent sound, even if it’s still good. I recommend their earlier, folky stuff (Under Feet Like Ours, This Business of Art) and the power-pop goodness of If It Was You.

    MGMT are good stuff. I didn’t know Jed Whedon had a band! Thanks for the link.

  • Lee

    Yeah, I LOVE Nouvelle Vague – Dance with me for about two years since i have heard this song for the first time. That voice is simply AMAZING. I listen to it almost every day in the evening. It is nice to know you like this song too 🙂 And The Main Drag – Love during wartime is one of the most beautifull songs I have ever heard. Thank you for great list.

  • Pun

    Nouvelle Vague!!! I always think of A Bande Apart whenever I hear that song! And I have a mild obsession with Tegan and Sara as well. They’re irresistible!

  • Lee

    Wooow, THE SOUTHLAND – AFTERMATH is fantastic song !!!

  • Josh

    Wow! Absolutely amazing. I really liked the one by Jed Whedon. Tegan & Sara are amazing and so are The Flaming Lips.

    To add one or two of my current favorites, check out Can’t Go Back Now- The Weepies

    and Kissing Families- Silversun Pickups

  • Sorry to break it to you Felicia but you like the Jayhawks, you ARE cool.

  • Nice list. I heart that you dig Nordic rock. About the only music I listen to is amateur techno from the tracking scene, with most coming from Norway and Finland.

  • Kimbo

    nouvelle vague and the aftermath – loving these – thanks for the list!

    here’s one for you –
    check out brooklyn sky and hello lovely

  • Jennifer

    If you fancy a different sort of Norwegian, check out Kaizers Orchestra, I’d describe them as german polka punk rock but that’s probably not accurate. What they are, is possibly the best live band I’ve ever seen, and I don’t speak more than 2 syllables of Norwegian.

  • Tony P

    Re: Your Brains over First of May and Still Alive? I’m disappointed.

  • Paul S

    I’ve only gotten a chance to listen to the first track by The Main Drag, but I absolutely loved it. Props to whoever submitted it, and to you for exposing me to it! I’m excited to check out the rest!

  • John

    Hey Felicia, another norwegian band you, or anyone else could check out, Grand Island. This track is a good start: (I tried commenting earlier, but it didn´t work for some reason) 🙂

  • Ben

    WOW! I love most of these bands. check out Metronomy (catchy music), Julian Casablancas (New Wave), Friendly Fires (good indy sorta mysuc), Grizzly Bears new album (chill relaxing sort of music) and new Vampire Weekend album.

  • Motion City Sountrack
    Stand Too Close, and I’ve heard of like 2 or three of these bands, wow…maybe I expand my horizons musically

  • PJ Mac

    HAH! So many times we Canadians have to sit and suffer because the online service is “not available” in our region. Now you know how it feels. Love the playlist! Vive la Canada!

  • I’m pretty sure every classical guitarist has sat in a hall and played to pick up the chickies. It’s the prerequisite for being a guitarist.

    • len

      On the porch between the apartments. It’s a prereq for being a guy.

  • Katie

    Yay! Your playlist from the forums is one of my absolute favorites, so I’m definitely excited about Felicia’s Mixtape 2.

  • Dan

    Nice picks Felicia. I definitely love The Walls Are Coming Down and Teflon Man. I think you should broaden out to some Rap and Hip-Hop and maybe even start to refer to yourself as The O.G. Feli D. I think you could pull it off ;D

  • Patrick D. McBain

    Partyben mashups are a blast. Apocalyptica is the craziest classical-music-rock-music-cello-playing-monsters on the planet. Pendulum is the greatest drumb and bass band in existance.

  • Christian

    Good tunes! I got a whole bunch of Fanfarlo from a friend months ago and I have yet to give it any time. But after listening to that I think it’s probably time to sit down and give them a good listen. My obsessions lately are

    Animal Collective – My favorite band. If I have to sell my soul, I will get all of their stuff on vinyl eventually. I listen to Reverend Green almost every day (

    Panda Bear – The dude from Animal Collective is pretty great on his own (

    The Black Lips – 70s style garage/punk at its finest. Noisy, catchy, fuzzy, and fun.

    Fleet Foxes – If the Beach Boys played folk during the dark ages, they’d be Fleet Foxes (

    Grizzly Bear – someone already mentioned it, but their new album is seriously great.

    Phoenix – I feel hip for being into these guys before they started blowing up recently. Pop, but really good pop.

    Joanna Newsom – Kooky chick who shreds on the harp

    Deerhunter – Just started getting into them. Kinda… progressive punk? If that’s a thing?

    Umm… I’m getting carried away. Stopping now.

  • Christian

    Oh wait! Devendra Banhart. He looks like Pirate Jesus. And he’s awesome.

  • ooh, thanks Felicia for this wicked list! Love Nouvelle Vague, have to discover some of the rest (thank you Tor for that European list!) but as a pianist I’m also wondering…what would your classical playlist look like? 😀

  • Decadent Prince


    Needs more Hawaiian Music.


    • len

      Cyril Lani Pahinui

  • xixtas

    I made a playlist of these tracks on 8 tracks, it should work anywhere in the world.

  • Happygirl

    This isn’t really related to your itunes list but if you haven’t been to the main WoW site, you should check out the picture for the new facebook WoW app there’s a strangely familiar name in it!

  • len

    Yeah, there’s that generation chasm. Nothing there for my tastes. Thanks anyway!

    But that’s the way it should be. To anyone who can’t find something for themselves today, that’s nature’s way of telling you to make your own. Pick up an axe and get to it.

  • xixtas

    Now that I’ve actually listened to the mix I like it. Much better than I expected… but it’s kind of girl-y. Three or four totally new artists for me. Nothing awful. Excellent choices with the more established artists, too. You have surprisingly good taste in music, Felicia.

  • Have you heard Sia? If so, what do ya think? And if not:

  • @xixtas…not sure why it would be a surprise that she has good taste in music given her background.

  • Philip

    You have a very diverse and enjoyable taste in music. I have heard of most of these and am very glad you included them on your list. I had never heard of The Fiery Furnaces though, but you’re right, their fusion of sounds is really intoxicating. Thank you for the interesting mix of music 🙂

  • Markus

    What a superb selection! Tons of gems in there which I would never have heard of otherwise. I think I’ve caught Kid Sister on DJ Hero but how insanely catchy is that song by Cut Copy?!?! Love it.

    As for songs that have been floating my boat lately, I would like to start with the delightful Bravery. Cut Copy remind me a little of them:

    Then a song that never fails to get me ready for a night out, Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk:

    Followed by the thumping Propane Nightmares by Pendulum:

    The epic cover of Land of Confusion by Disturbed:

    And the Kaiser Chief’s stupidly catchy Ruby (hard to choose 1 fave from this superb group):

    More indie goodness with The Automatic – Monster:

    An awesome collaboration between the Chemical Brothers and Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher – Let Forever Be:

    And then possibly the coolest guitar into (after the Stones’ Gimme Shelter), The Smiths with What Difference Does It Make:

    Followed by one of the most immaculate bands when performing live, The Corrs with Radio:
    and the haunting Only When I Sleep:

    Speaking of haunting this is the full live version of the song used for a T-Mobile advert, Mazzy Star’s: Into Dust:

    Then for some chillout I heartily recommend the sadly-no-longer-formed Sneaker Pimps with Six Underground:
    Spin Spin Sugar is also very catchy imho:

    While we’re I’m in chillout mood it would be rude not to mention Morcheeba’s The Sea:

    And then a final mention to another stunning flame-haired beauty with a stunning voice, Paloma Faith With Do You Want the Truth Or Something Beautiful:

    Sorry if this was a long and exhaustive list. Its very mainstream so you will have heard a lot of these I’m sure.
    Thanks all for sharing and listening 🙂

    Kindest regards,

    PS. There’s also the amazing I Fight Dragons. Superb fan-video here but I forget who made it for them 😛

  • Nick

    Beautiful AND a great taste in music. I think I have a little crush ;D

  • Here’s my attempt at an embed. It probably won’t work since it looks like most of these tags aren’t allowed. Shrug.

    The song is TV on the Radio’s “Family Tree.” As pathetic as it is, it always makes me tear up.

    If the embed doesn’t work, heres the link:

    If the embed works, I’ll try some more.

    • LOL. Oh well. 😉

    • Trying once more (I think I funk’d up the code–don’t ask):

  • I’d never heard the Jonathan Coulton song and now I am nodding my head along with the chorus. Just forwarded it on to several friends — thank you for perking up my evening by sharing this! 🙂

  • Todd Downing

    If you dig Jonathan Coulton, you might like nerd rock band duo Kirby Krackle: – my favorite song is “Villain Song” about a villain going through a midlife crisis.

  • Sorry, i guess embeds don’t work in my comments 🙁 Need to work on that!

  • xixtas

    @Studette… I’ve known many classically trained musicians and most of them have wretched taste in pop music. I underestimated her. What can I say? I was honestly surprised.

  • xixtas

    …as for what I’m listening to recently… I’m liking the Magnetic Fields – Realism and Hope Sandoval – Through the Devil Softly.

  • Wow great site, I have listening for few of them and love them. I know few of the bands here.

  • Taylor

    Thanks for this list, Felicia. Hadn’t heard of most of these artists, but thoroughly enjoyed most of the songs on this list I think! Been listening to Control by Kid Sister a lot now lately. That is such a fun song, can’t get enough of it! Now I wanna find more music in the same realm. Always good to discover new music, especially when it is outside genres I don’t have much experience with. Thanks again! 🙂

  • I love seeing these lists. Listened to the Jayhawks for the first time today (though I’ve seen their name around – I AM from Kansas after all), and I really like their style. I may have to invest in some of their music for my stretching routines. Thanks!! 🙂

  • Convoy2010

    Interesting tracks. I’ve never heard of any of thees bands or titles before. But then I’ve ben listening to country almost exclusively my whole life. Thanks for introducing me to some new stoughf. Not realy my taste but still good music.
    If any one out there is planing a long road trip, here are a few of my favorit country road songs. WARNING! POTENTIAL COUNTRY OVERLOAD! (side effects may include talking with a southern draw and driving an old pickup truck. lol)
    1) Roll on 18 wheeler. (2) 18 Wheels and a dozen roses. (3) Prisoner of the highway.
    4) Petterbuilt Prison. (5) Country roads. (6) East bound and down. (7) Big wheels in the moon light.

  • Milton Segura

    Those were really great songs! 🙂 btw, you should populate your profile a bit more :O

  • Susan

    I wouldn’t have thought to listen to these bands, but I really enjoyed them. Thanks!

  • Chris

    I stumbled upon “Re: Your Brains” on It’s odd what you find when you use “Weird Al” Yankovic as the basis for a personalized station. :>

  • Code Monkey

    How is it that I’ve never heard of Jonathan Coulton before? Code Monkey is so close to being my anthem, as I approach 30 years of code monkeying. Thanks Felicia, you’ve made my day again. I’m sending this to my wife, who I met at work while working for “boring manager Rob” (actually it was bloodsucking leech Rob) lo these many years ago, so I did get the pretty girl.

    How can one girl be so cute and so geeky at the same time? You rule.

  • Just got all these songs & made a “Felicia Day Playlist” grouping in iTunes. 😛

  • dave

    yes! thanks so much for introducing me to the main drag, i think i have a new favorite band.

  • James Barrios

    It’s fun. Now I can easily update my music. It will no longer a fuzz for me to search for the latest.

    – – –
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  • Fun list – thanks for posting it.

    best yoga dvd)

  • Linnea

    LOVE Fanfarlo–you have great taste! If you like their music, might I suggest you give Jens Lekman a try? He’s one of my favorites–try “You Are the Light” or “Black Cab.”

    Thanks for the list!

  • Good list, some songs I’ve never heard of.

    I definitely urge everyone to check out the Nerd Folia cover of Amazing Horse.

    Where does the lemonade come from?

  • This list is excellent. You have great taste.

  • Joe Cole and Kenny Dalglish will lead us to glory

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