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It’s the weekend! After an intense week of shooting I’m finally…er, sleeping all weekend to catch up. If you hadn’t heard about it earlier this week, I am in Canada shooting a SyFy TV movie called Red, a dark and modern adaptation of Red Riding Hood fairy tale. It’s REALLY cold up here, and Canada…is another country, haha, but I’m having a great time being a bit of a badass, so it’s fun. Here’s the first released pic from @syfymovies:

We’re doing a lot of location shooting, so the wardrobe department keeps us very bundled up. Every scene I have about 3 pairs of tights on underneath my jeans, but still my fingers get numb. I’ve never lived ANYWHERE this cold, and everyone is saying this is actually a HEAT WAVE for the area so…erm. I’m a wimp. And I appreciate LA weather better. I’ll keep posting non-spoilery pics as the shoot progresses. I’m here until the end of the month, which is the longest I’ve ever been on location. It’s a bit stressful to be away from my home this long, but like every movie shoot you make a family wherever you go, so I’m meeting tons of new people.

Canada is quite interesting. I never really thought of it as a separate country, but the minute I got all the colored money in my wallet I started feeling like a foreigner, haha. Everyone is quite friendly and laid back. It’s quite odd to see the Canadian versions of our reality shows on TV, I watched Canadian Project Runway the other day. Also, there is indeed curling on TV. Every night. Absolutely floored me.

On another note, I’ve been thinking about this blog, and Twitter, and looking at these in-between places like Posterous and Tumblr, where you post links to videos and pics and very short blogs. They make it very convenient to post on the go and from the web, a little more convenient than here on this WordPress blog. Would you be interesting in reading a more link-heavy separate blog? Or have me update more shorter one-off posts here on this blog so it’s more centralized? Social Media is in total overload right now, so adding another site seems a bit much, but at the same time the ease of use for these in-between services might make the whole experience more interactive on my part. I could also just add another separate tab to this website with a Tumblr Feed, which would keep it centralized but separate from larger web posts like this. Very interested to hear your thoughts, and how YOU are dealing with information/social-media overload!

  • Vivek Bhat

    I think you should regularly post a link to each of your new detailed WordPress blog posts on Twitter and also post the same blog content on Facebook.

  • Personally I prefer that people not post links to every blog post they write on Twitter. If I already subscribe to your feed, I’ll see that post anyway, so the tweet is just redundant.

    Tumblr is a nice service, but you already use Would you stop posting links there and put them on Tumblr instead? Having used both, I like that Tumblr lets you write a little more about a link, so you can post an excerpt of the linked article or comment on it.

  • Anne Evers

    You just happened to hit the month when all the big curling championships happen. So yes, curling every night (makes me happy!), but come mid-April it will over for the season. Enjoy it while you can!

  • When it comes to websites and social media, I think it depends on the individual and what is best for YOU. I have been overloaded trying to run multiple websites and social media profiles, but ultimately I’ve decided to just stick with only the things that are HELPING me in an easy and convenient way, without detracting or taking away from everything else.

    So I think, if you think Tumblr would be cool and convenient, go ahead and try it. As long as you find it helpful, I don’t think it would be ‘a bit much’ or take away from your main blog at all. As far as your audience, they will follow or not follow whatever they find most convenient for them.

  • I am also looking at Posterous, which is very nice because you can push your posts out to EVERYWHERE, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page and to your blog. I want to try to avoid being redundant for people (why I don’t post my Tweets to my Facebook Fan Page) but I think that pushing content out wider at once would save me time and create more in-depth interactions.

    • That said, I would probably post to Delicious AND this tumblr/Posterous blog, because delicious is my own personal collection of links I want to save. Tumblr/Posterous would provide a more easy way for people to interact about the delicious bookmark though. I’m finding Friendfeed to be pretty non-interactive for me personally nowadays, so this would be a better way to integrate the Friendfeed-type postings into my daily routine.

    • ningauble3020

      Colons are redundant. Your content is interesting.

  • First of all, thanks for social-media geekiness! I feel always a litte behind in terms of online-interaction (I didn’t even play WoW ONCE!!!) but with your suggestions I can at least try to keep up.

    I also agree to the redundancy. The ones who follow you and want really to interact (In a non-sleazy way!!! Sorry for the formulation.) in my opinion are your twitter- and facebook friends as well as having your blog rss-feeded (fed?) anyway. Your are in a position where you don’t really need to cause attention for your output.

    tumblr/posterous: I have not tried them yet but I’m pretty shure there will be ways to combine these with wordpress and back. The (near?!) future will be (if it is not already possible) that you can link your blogs like you can do with the twitter-facebook-friendfeed-messages. So I don’t really see the need to decide for one or another. But as I said, haven’t tried so I may not see some functually-benefits.

  • I had a “proper” blog and I have a tumblr, I don’t use Twitter or FB anymore – I just don’t have the time to keep up with lots of different sites. For me, tumblr is far less formal. I prefered to put in a lot of thought and time into my actual blog, compared to tumblr, which I generally post to on the spur of the moment. I really like the tumblr community, and I like it more than Twitter because you can write more, and it is easier to post photos/videos/quotes and so forth, and to interact with other people.

    If you do get a tumblr, you should look at getting Disqus – tumblr doesn’t have an in-built commenting system (rather people tend to reblog) but if you add Disqus to your account people who aren’t on tumblr can comment on posts you make.

    • ningauble3020

      Love the hair. Don’t have a clue what tumblr is. Maybe I should investigate?

  • Mike Donatello

    IMO, save the blog for more in-depth stuff, and use Twitter for your random posts (i.e., current mode, I guess). TBH, I’d like to see more of the detailed postings here, but I realize that you have a life — or are trying to — and need to balance time commitments. As far as specific platforms, I’ve pared back my use of what are “non-core” services myself, but you need to adopt whatever platforms or processes work best for you. As long as it’s not behind a paywall, I think your audience will follow.

  • Dani

    Wow, curling on tv every night?! I’ll have to move to Canada then! =P

    I’m very excited about “Red”! This pic is awesome!

    About Posterous/Tumblr/Blog… I like this blog. I like to the longer posts, and Twitter seems enough for short posts and links. But who knows, maybe Posterous or Tumblr would be cool too. A separate tab here for a Tumblr Feed sounds good. I think the best thing is to do whatever would be easier for you, and that you find easier to interact with people. =)

  • Yep, it’s a cold country and yep, it’s been a really warm winter! It’s always interesting to talk to people who’ve never experienced this kind of cold before. Also (not sure where Red is shooting… I’m guessing British Columbia) if you ever find yourself in Ontario or Quebec, you can by milk in bags. My friends from LA think this is the most bizarre concept of all time.

    Posterous is excellent! Big fan of that one it’s got some great features, but I’m not a big fan of Tumblr and I stopped using FriendFeed around the time it was bought by facebook. I dunno, but I could feel the energy just drain out of it afterwards.

    Can’t wait to catch Red!

    • Alex

      You can buy milk in bags here in BC too. And if she’s shooting here, it’s definitely not in the Fraser Valley — it’s practically summer weather here (for someone who grew up in Ontario anyway, not sure if someone from LA would agree, haha).

      • ningauble3020

        If you think about it, milk starts out in a bag (an udder). Maybe the carton thing is the weird way to buy it.

  • SO excited about Red – and you’re a champ for putting up with such chilly weather! (I live in Phoenix, so I’m used to perpetual summer days nearly 8 months straight. I feel your pain, sista!)

    When it comes to social media/networking, I’m all about centralizing. I used to be all twitchy over needing to update separate Twitter and Facebook accounts, so TweetDeck and Yoono are my saving graces. When it comes to blogging, I only have one, but I know exactly what you mean about feeling awkward using it for shorter posts. I say keep updating here (because your blog rawks!) but whatever you decide, I’ll be RSS feedin’ you. Which sounds delightfully dirty in a most geeky fashion. πŸ˜‰

  • TonyP

    There definitely a deluge of social sites. I am of the one site group.

  • Personally I’m happy to have you post whatever you want to this blog. The more services you sign on to the harder it is for me to keep up with all things Felicia. Between Twitter and this blog I can see what you’re up to work-wise and hear about it in detail on the blog. Centralised works for me.

    Having said that, if WordPress doesn’t really work for you when you’re on the move then I’ll live with having another site to sign up to/check if it means more regular blog updates.

    Can’t wait to see Red, keep the pics coming and good luck not freezing up there. It’s bloody cold!

  • Thomas

    Red sounds doubly cool; SyFy does great stuff with their movies, and the story sounds intriguing too. Can’t wait till 2011 when it airs! πŸ™‚

    Like other people here, I’ve found Tumblr to be quite a bit less formal and a more of a hybrid Twitter/Blog. One thing I have noticed is that it lets you upload all sorts of content, albeit there is no commenting system (unless you use Disqus) and the website is a bit resource-heavy and laggy (and it crashes periodically, which I find annoying).

    Just started a Posterous, so I have little to no experience with it, but it seems to be lightweight and functional. It offers tons of posting options, but the choice really depends on whether you:
    Want to save time at the risk of being redundant vs. using up a lot of time you could spend otherwise/possibly being overloaded.

    But maybe you could try both and see which one you like best? I think that would be the best course of action to take (gah, I sound like Vork).

    And, like Scarlett, I’ll be RSS’ing/following you on whatever service you choose, so do what you want! πŸ˜€

  • Well, if you’re really excited about trying additional social media, do so, since you have a knack for it, but please post a blog post to tell us how to follow what you’re doing. I hope you’re having fun with Red, Red! Stay warm.

  • Kelly

    I wouldn’t really refer to the weather we’re having in Toronto right now as a “heat wave.” Just unseasonably temperate.

  • I like reading your site. I don’t follow you on Twitter I don’t think because the last famous person I followed didn’t follow me back and I don’t want you to end up like they did. That came out wrong.

    Moving on. The site is good. I will check out Posterous, never heard of it until you just mentioned it. I’m glad the name of your SyFy movie is just “Red” and not: “Wolf Hood Revenge!”

  • Alice

    Absolute agreement about the exponential spawning of SM sites – I really don’t want to join another Ning network, no matter how cool it might be, because how many places am I going to visit in a given week? Not as many as I’m signed up on already.

    I think that shorter posts on this blog wouldn’t be a bad thing, but obv. if the blog is too cumbersome to update, shorter posts on tumblr are a better bet. I love my RSS reader, so if the tumblr activity is available in feed form, I’ll be happy, and it won’t make much difference where things are coming from. Checking on tumblr at the site (or on your page) probably won’t happen, at least not until a critical mass of people I know/follow/whatnot are active over there. See above re: oversubscribed.

    Hope that it gets warmer, and that they’ve hooked you up with those pocket-warmer things that REI sells. Those are awesome.

  • Sarag

    Hi Miss Day!

    Big fan from France here. Well not exactly, I’m currently studying in the States but I just arrived several months ago. This comment is not necessarily related to this post but it’s the only way I found to “contact” you directly.

    I discovered the guild a few months ago, absolutely loved it (if you need a young french guildie someday, don’t look anywhere else, I have acting background :P). I think you’re extremely talented. Your writing or acting is priceless. And your vocals on the mp3 are pretty sweet too, I bought this song recently, it really cracks me up.

    I’m trying to get a job somewhere in Hollywood, I am a creative marketer (no it doesn’t exist but I would say it pretty much sums it up), I do events, production, advertising,… well you get the idea. I’ve been really interested in the geek culture recently and am a big fan of cinema as well, so let’s just say you really inspire me. Hopefully I’ll find a job and get to meet you as part of it! Not easy being a foreigner in the US, nobody seems to care enough about european culture and vision enough to pay for a Visa! Boooo Hollywood.

    Wtf I am talking about me way too much! The only intent of this message was to tell you that you’re doing a great job. Keep it up.


  • Penny

    My vote: try Tumblr or Posterous and make a tab to it/them from this blog. It’d give you more flexibility in posting medium-length posts and links, and those of us who wanted to know about your moderately substantive day-to-day stuff could tune in at will. Linking to that content and not incorporating the shorter, random bits would allow the blog to maintain its personality while also giving you more flexibility to post on the go. Also, you’d be test driving some of the newer social media sites (and sharing your observations/experiences about them). What I like mostly is that you’d be using each site in the most appropriate way for your content and that site, and you’d not be forcing all those different bits of communication into one “channel.” Separate but linked social media sites lessen the chance of reader/follower/fan burnout from getting a style or quantity of content/communication the receiver doesn’t care for.

  • Milton Segura

    I like the tumblr tab idea. I’d leave the blog as it is (I like it) and use it for the longer (usually more relevant) posts, then I’d continue using Twitter for daily stuff (last-min updates, random thoughts, RTs, etc) and I’d use Tumblr for media sharing (links, images, videos, audio, etc) because it sends it to Twitter and Facebook anyways. I don’t know what Posterous is, so I dunno about that one.

    And yeah, everyone has told me we’ve had a ‘warm’ winter this time.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I’m truly sorry about the cold. In fairness though you didn’t give us any notice that you were coming. Had you done so, Canadians could have made this National “Squeeze a Cow for Felicia” Month; the extra methane released into the atmosphere would have raised temperatures, as it’s a potent greenhouse gas. Instead, the best we could manage on short notice was a poorly publicized “Eat Lots of Sausages” Week, but the methane produced was minimal.

    As for social media, it doesn’t make much difference to me, as I generally use Higlet as my Felicia Day news aggregator. (Curiously, she’s been getting a number of her recent links from me, so I’m not sure how that works)

    So I think you just should do whatever works best for you, and keeps your life simple (or at least less stupidly complex). If something like Tumblr allows that, then yes, adding a new feed in a tab on this site sounds like an excellent approach.

    • Thomas

      ” . . .National β€œSqueeze a Cow for Felicia” Month; the extra methane released into the atmosphere would have raised temperatures, as it’s a potent greenhouse gas.”

      But if you had done that, Al Gore would have made a movie about how Canada hates the polar bears.
      “An Inconvenient Truth, eh?”

  • Vincent

    I would say “Better do 1 thing good then 2 things half or more even worse”

    On the other hand, don’t make life harder for yourself then it already is. So if you are happier wit a tumblr as an extra site, so be it.

  • Robert

    Glad to read the your are enjoying the shoot. I can’t wait to learn more about the movie.

    Please keep the post centralized. It is one thing to link the post on multiple social media platforms, but it becomes a hassle for you and for your followers to have to keep track of multiple sites.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  • Jordy

    I like one address or homepage where you can get all relevant news from one person. So i will stay on this blog. But if you copy and paste it on other services, why not. Perhaps some like tumblr etc. more. But please no tumblr only news. πŸ˜‰

  • I use for short updates to just about all my locations (that can include links to pics and videos). For longer blog posts, I post directly at the blog and then maybe post the link to other social media sites using

  • Why not use Posterous to post everything to Twitter and WordPress as well? If you wanted, you could even write your longer posts that way, and every social media outlet can serve as a “central location” for the things you want to share.

    I started using Posterous recently and it’s been excellent.

  • Love the picture from “Red.” Thanks for posting it.
    I like having a central place, but it sounds like other options will be easier for you. It has got to be easy for you otherwise you won’t feel any joy in sharing with us. The tab sounds like a perfect compromise.

  • So long as they all have RSS feeds, I don’t have a problem with multiple sites. Plus Twitter, which might have RSS feeds, but that doesn’t actually make much sense, so.

  • Curling usually isn’t on TV but it is right now since it’s the Canadian National Championships which happens every year, only then do you see curling on TV unless you have specialty channels or it’s for the Olympics.

    If you are filming in Toronto and I can make your stay anymore enjoyable just let me know. Even if it’s bringing you a warm Tim Horton’s coffee on the set πŸ™‚

    Enjoy Canada Felicia, and I will look forward to seeing Red in the coming months.

  • Convoy2010

    Hi Felicia.
    Just wanted to say congratulations to you for getting the part of “Red”. They could not have picked a better person for that! It gives me something else to look forward to when it comes out. The pickture looks amazing. It is fun to see you trading in your staff for a Hand-cannon lol. Hope you are having fun and good luck in all you do.
    As for the blog post and links issue. Trouthfully I am not very savy on the teck stoughf. I can only say that what ever you choose to do should be based on what is easier and more convienient for you and will still let you have fun with it.
    Take care, and stay warm up there in Canada. (Here is a trick ilearned during my 3 years in Alaska. Wool socks are much better than cotton. Wool will keep you warm eaven if they get wet, cotton will acktualy pull the heat right out of you if it gets wet, so when possable try to avoid cotton when you can.)

  • Haha, cold in Canada? I just spent a month there for the Olympics and it is actually colder in Belgium and has snowed a lot more there too. Still, I had a blast, and the friendly and laided back Canadians really made me feel at home.
    So remember to dress in layers and enjoy it while it lasts! πŸ˜‰
    Looking forward to see the movie.

    • Phil

      Thats because B.C. is the most temperate region of canada. doesn’t go much below -1 degrees Celsius around here. the Rockies really give the shaft to the east of the country, stealing all the warm air.

    • Alex

      From one Vancouverite (on behalf of many I’m sure)… the honour was all ours/ what a great time. Glad you enjoyed it here!

  • I would rather all the links be centralized here. I am always behind on all of of my reading. Between reading, video games, and writing it is just easier to have it in one spot for me.

  • EmmBee

    As someone who spent the morning handling her social media overload by removing blogs from her bloated reader (not yours though!) I am definitely in the keep it centralized camp. The more places I have to follow things the less likely I am to keep up, and the more cross-content (e.g. Twittering links to new blog posts) the less likely I am to continue following multiple feeds that become redundant.

  • Alistair Young

    Many sympathies on the Canadian cold. As a former UKian presently basking in the much more Clement Kansas climate, I totally remember feeling your pain, and reaffirm ny commitment never to return to The Frozen North!

    On the social media front, I cope mostly by arranging for everything to crosspost everywhere, although roughly centered on Twitter and my blog, and so far as reading it goes, I aggregate everyone’s everywhere except Twitter into one ginormus RSS feed so I can get it all in one place regardless of where it’s posted, synced on iPhone and computer – so, really, I’m down with you and everyone posting wherever it’s convenient for y’all. As long as it comes through to Twitter or as RSS, anyway, as then I’ll get it wherever it is!

    (Not that I wouldn’t follow you anyway on account of, well, awesomeness, but the above would sure be convenient, belike!)

    My two cents, anyway,


  • Ena

    Keeping it centralized but not cross-posting sounds the best. On the other hand, it’s better to keep more frequent updates seperate from wordpress, because personally I would prefer to check out posterous-like feeds when I have longer time since they will accumulate till I can read them properly. My vote; adding a tab for posterous (I ignore thumblr, love posterous better πŸ˜€ ) on wp and seperating longer post from short and frequent ones.

  • Megan

    If it makes you feel any better, it’s cold here in Seattle too. We just had snow earlier last week…so you probably wouldn’t be much better off. πŸ˜‰

  • i took the weekend to fool around a bit with tumblr and posterous.

    posterous seems to be the tool, that i thought of in my other comment, i am not sure yet if i like all my stuff handled over email but i think its great for a quick post on the fly. otherwise, hasn’t wordpress an email-post function, too?!

    other functions: i’m a little “oldfashioned”(?! don’t know if that’s a good expression) but i like to keep control over the media-management, even if it takes me some more time. and besides, sending an email with 1000 pictures or my 2 hour roadmovie will take its time anyway and there is this odd thing with the email-size-limits.

    to sum it up: i’m still not quite sure in which way posterous will enhance our posting-speed that much. would really like to hear your expected working-routine.

    i’m still a wordpress-fan because of its design features. better to look good than being the fastest!

  • Alistair Young

    Actually, another view on redundancy and crossposting – redundancy, I can filter, or even better, my software can filter. I’d rather waste a few minutes handling redundancy than miss stuff, FWIW.

    Alternate perspective,


  • Exciting about being in Canada! The shoot looks pretty awesome. πŸ™‚ Personally, I’d rather it was all centralized in one place. I think I’d be unlikely to read anything extra if I had to go somewhere else to read it (oh google reader, you make reading the internet so easy!)

  • I personally love Posterous but I use it to post photos which push to my livejournal and I don’t really post links for people to read. lol! I know, not much help.

    I think keeping everything centralized here at your blog is a great idea but I do like that you push your blog to Buzz. πŸ˜‰ I too do not mind the redundancy (as Alistair) as I do follow you on Twitter as well as Buzz as well as Facebook.

  • G’day.

    I prefer blogs to the shorter social media formats.

    Also, do you mind disclosing where in Canada you are? That changes the temperature. If you’re in BC, then you’re experiencing the mildest we produce, by and large. If you’re in Quebec, then you’ll be dealing with something colder. If you’re on the East Coast or in the north of a province, then usually you’ll have cold weather, but this year has been unseasonably mild pretty much all across the country. You should come sometime when it’s actually cold. Or, you know, during the summer, when it’s nice. Maybe not LA hot, but nice.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here. Make sure you watch the “Canadian Please” music video and eat poutine before you leave.

  • Lydia

    The fun thing is, as I currently use only Chrome on my Mac, I don’t have RSS and I don’t see any new RSS updates of your blog. I actually read this posting in Buzz, which is kinda weird for me anyway, because I don’t like Buzz at all. But if it helps me stay in touch, it’s ok. If you wanna go with a tumblr blog, do it. I would follow.

  • Adr

    Why not use a wordpress plugin to create a weekly digest of your links and other info you post via twitter? This would have the advantage of compiling the information on the blog for those who might miss something (or for those few who do not use twitter.)

    This prevents introduction of additional levels of complexity for fans/followers—they can continue following you via twitter or here, and it increases information available on your cornerstone site.

  • Esk

    Hey Felicia! Sorry for the unrelated comment, but I thought I would suggest that you might include a note on your blog about the date change for your Golden Apple Comics appearance, if you wish. A while back there was a flyer on the Whedonverse site for your appearance on March 26, so I made plans to head out there that Friday and say hello. However I happened to drive past GAC the other day and noticed the sign in the window advertising for April 2. Just happenstance that I glanced over and saw it! Now my friend can’t go and he is bummed, but luckily I can still make it! ^_^ Just thought it might be a helpful thing to mention in case any readers were still planning to go on March 26.
    – Esk

  • Yay Red!
    I ADORE SyFy movies and it makes me squirmy giddy to see that you’re doing this.


  • Awesome pic! Don’t envy the coldness though.

    I like to read blogs through Google Reader and prefer to keep things as uncluttered and centralised as possible. So blogs or anyone with interesting feeds through Google Reader and then Twitter for micro blogging. I know quite a few people with the more ‘inbetweeny’ type social networking profiles but I just can’t be bothered with them.

    Personally I like whenever you update your blog, whether it’s just a few lines with a link to something you’ve done or an in-depth post like those you made about the books you read or that restaurant you visited. I’d prefer to keep up to date through your blog especially as I don’t think there is a ‘prescribed format’ for blogging, a post is no less valid just because it’s short.

  • Also, I am not sure whether you have an iPhone but there is a WordPress app for it ( – it supports self-hosted blogs) which should make blog updates just as easy & convenient as Twitter updated.

  • len

    I’ll happily wait for a considered blog post over lots of tweets. Tweets require too much re-contexting and that’s a time killer. OTOH, they have immediacy and genuineness a lot like listening to someone chatting in the next booth at an IHOP. I started dumping lists, people and topics years ago because it drained too much energy from my solo project work in the studio at home. Handling social media overload: I’m really choosy and a bit ruthless. The older I get the less I want to know and so far my relentless letting go of the other 99% of the thought-generators is working.

    So how is the ‘feel’ for the Red shoot? Siffy has such a mixed record with their homebrew productions I find myself hesitant about being excited about them even with you at the top of the cast.

  • David Ketcherside

    I’m excited to hear that we will be able to see you in something else new soon however, I really missed you presence at the emerald City Comicon. In fact, I had brought my three kids down to see you (8, 5 and 3) as they are huge Dr. Horrible fans and my daughters just love you to death. The con hadn’t announced that you wouldn’t be there and I didn’t find out until we were inline to try and find your booth.
    Are you going to be doing any other local appearances where we could say hi and get an autographed photo? If you don’t belive me just check this out.. …they sing the songs all the time (although we do a bit of editing :))

    Hope to meet you sometime soon!

  • Hey there, I definitely would be interested in following a Tumblr (or Posterous if you went that way – I use both as well as WordPress). I have found my Tumblr complements my main blog.

  • Loves Bitch

    I like the stills. The movie looks good. Just based on the pics, your character looks cool.

    Also glad to see the ‘boom of the page’ was finally fixed.

  • I am afraid of Posterous and Tumblr. Like…I’ll be denied access to them because I’m too old and not wearing the right shoes.

    Or something.

    • I am trying them both out. Tumblr has a MUCH better design sense and is sleeker and more polished, but Posterous has a great ability to push posts to various networks that you tie to it. So I can post a video and choose to send it to the Facebook Fan page, here, Twitter, or a bunch of other sites. It’s not all or nothing, each post can be sent to different places each time, which is very cool for me. Still undecided, but I’m leaning towards Posterous (which you can have update your Tumblr account too, ha).

  • Ival

    Welcome to the Great White North, Felicia. You mention our monopoly money, but what do you think about our large denomination “pocket change”? I go through at least 1 wallet a year by bursting the seams with too many “loonies” and “twonies”. It’s probably a good thing you have such a heavy belt on in that photo. On the plus side, stumbling across a vending machine in the post apocalyptic future will be much like finding pirates booty.

    • Ival

      Forgot to mention, this has been a quite mild winter by Canadian standards. I didn’t even have to take my AC out of the window to prevent drifting snow in my room this year.

  • Just discovered Felicia Day reading an article on an Italian Subtitles site.

    I still can get how I can live without Felicia works till now.

    I mean, The Guid is awesome, and I can’t wait for the RED show, so please keep us updated about this wonderful project!!!

    • Opss, I forget my post above is abolutely Off-topic, but you know… πŸ™‚

  • Personally, I’d like it all in one place like the blog. It’s just too much to keep up with everything and work a regular job.
    Maybe someday I’ll come up with a brilliant web series…
    I’m very excited about Red. It looks awesome.

  • PuffinStuff

    This should be music to SyFy’s corporate ears (and casting department): I HATE most of the cra– er, wanna-B movies they broadcast…

    …but will watch “RED” because you’re in it – and as the titular character to boot.

    Smart move, SyFY.

  • A secondary, link-intensive blog sounds like a good idea to me. A Posterous blog would be easy for me to add to my feedreader, but the Tumblr thing sounds complicated.

  • Hi Felicia!

    I, too, am REALLY excited about Red. Perfect casting, AND it seems like a really cool, natural way to adapt that particular story. Can’t wait! Also excited for The Guild comic. I looove comics, and I love that we have one more female writer to add to the club! πŸ™‚

    Secondly, thanks for mentioning Posterous. I’ve never heard of it, but from what you describe, it sounds like it works in a way that makes sense for what I need. I never understood Tumblr. I have Twitter, and I have a blog. I don’t need an in-between phase, too, and that’s what Tumblr feels like.

    As for “overload” – it’s only overload if you let it be. πŸ™‚ I mean, I certainly don’t have the demands on me that you do, so you probably need different things, but I stick with some basics – Twitter, Facebook, Digg, WordPress – and promote the HELL out of those. This way, if people want to find me, they don’t have to worry that they’re missing something elsewhere. I feel like, with you, you already have such a huge fan base, you could ONLY have a blog, and people would seek you out. Why give yourself an ulcer trying to be everywhere? I guess I just feel like anything beyond some basic social media is just useless repetition and noise. Then it stops becoming about connecting w/people and becomes about competing – like, how many networks can I be on?

    Sorry if I’m not making any sense. πŸ™‚

    Oh, one more thing. I hope you won’t ever consider giving up blogging completely. Maybe I’m a relic at 30 years old, but I actually LIKE it when people have in-depth things to say about stuff, and say it in more than 140 characters.

  • Vassili

    A few Years ago i was 4 Business in Norway and it was like -31.9Β°F cold beat this ^^
    Show sounds nice cant wait to see it πŸ˜‰
    Iam sorry about my bad english iam writing you from Greece 😑
    I cant wait till iam the next time in the Staates the weather in Miami ist far better than here.

  • Hey, there. First time commenter, long time fan…

    The third option is your best. I have seen that executed well a couple of times.
    Using something like tumblr to your sharing convenience, while still letting it flow to your normal networks via this site….
    What you could do is have an auto-posted weekly recap on your wordpress feed of the links you tumbled that week or something.

    Anyway, looking forward to “Red.”

  • Alex

    I got a good chuckle out of your description of Canada – a part of me wants to say “those are just stereotypes!”… but then I remember how true they all are, hah.

    The one thing I am curious about though is how cold is “cold” for someone who hails from LA? Temperatures across the country vary by region (here in Vancouver I could count on one hand the number of days this winter it went below freezing), which is hardly cold for someone who grew up on the East coast and dealt with -20/30 Celsius by comparison. Lucky for you, it’s actually been unseasonably warm in most areas of Canada this winter!

    If you want a pro tip from a Canuck (and an avid skiier at that), go out and get yourself a thermal under-layer… something that wicks sweat. If you overdress then go exert yourself (on set or whatever), the moisture from your skin will soak into garments made from traditional materials such as cotton and give you damp clothes, which then chills and you wind up colder then you were before! Better to go with something designed to pull moisture away from your body. Also, as someone else mentioned, take layers, and remove the ones you don’t need. πŸ˜‰

    Other then that, enjoy your time in Canada! Glad to hear you’re getting a good old-fashioned friendly Canadian experience, wherever you are. πŸ™‚ Have you been to a Tim Horton’s yet?


    PS: If Curling is too slow for you, there should be hockey on most nights too. πŸ˜‰

  • ra100

    I think that tumblr idea with separate tab on this site is great, I like more shorter news carrying some information, than longer texts. So I can read more news in shorter time and dont have to read through whole article.

  • Jamie Gray

    Not only is there Curling every night, it’s on all day. 3 Draws a day. And ther best part: I was there live πŸ™‚ Those who knock it, I dare to try it. You’ll use musles you never en knew you had!

  • Eric


    I just wanted to stop by and thank you. I had once tried acting in just a high school production, and it was interesting for what it was. Watching Dr. Horrible and seeing both you and Neil really have fun with your characters inspired me to seriously take up acting.

    Now I’m in a production of King Lear by Shakespeare, something I could never have predicted. I’ll be doing a bunch of auditions for a nearby film institute’s array of film projects. I don’t know if any of this would have happened had I never realized (through your performance) that acting and singing can really be so expressive and fun.

    You inspired me, and I owe you a great debt for that. Thank you so much!

    = )

  • Soma+

    proper two-handed pistol gripping = megaWIN

    excited for future badasseriness…



  • Will aka Ren Corvus

    Hi Felicia,

    As a Canadian I always find it bizarre to hear/read about Americans assuming Canada is just part of the U.S.A.

    Most Canadians resent such a notion but we are all just generally too nice to fess up about it. I guess I am breaking the code of silence.

    Glad you enjoy our “Monopoly Money”…lol…the artwork on our money if you look on the back of various bills is actually quite lovely.

    Anyhow, so glad you could come see us up here in Canada and do come back any time to visit or to film any other future projects…preferably during a time of year when you can experience nicer temperatures…they DO exist here…honest…lol.

    Take care and keep warm!

  • Will aka Ren Corvus

    Hi Felicia,

    It’s amazing what one posted youtube link does for someone…

    I’ve spent the past two days catching up on all the internet meme work you have done…damn you…lol….

    No its all good seriously… all because a buddy linked me the song you and your fellow Guildies did…nice job by the way. Man am I ever lame for coming into this game so late but thats to be expected from someone not in touch with the latest ‘trends’ be it internet or otherwise…and I am happy about that! Really…ok I need a chocolate chip cookie now…


    I am curently working on an independent music project myself with my brother irl…

    Nice to know you made it up our way to Canada…come back another time it does get warmer here….honest…lol.

    I’ll keep an eye out for Red.


  • Krystine

    I really like checking in here every now and then. You should keep up with this one when you can.

  • Angelo Barovier

    Welcome to Canada! Or, more precisely, Welcome to Toronto.

    I are so happys you is heres (did that make me sound foreign enough?) (or was it more like a 4-year old?). I’m glad you’re enjoying the mix between metropolitan and bohemian in our fair city. We can be arty farty, or airy fairy, or techno savvy, or modern chic, or totally hippie on the same street. We can also be a bunch of icky things, too, but I’m just gonna pretend they don’t exist. Sort of like how we pretend the rest of the country doesn’t exist.

    PS: Go to Silver Snail Comics on Queen Street. Actually, just go to Queen Street West. They built that part of the cit for you.

    Have fun storming the castle!

  • Kris

    I’m sad that you cannot make it to the Melbourne Supanova (comic con) this year – I went last year and several people cosplayed from Dr Horrible, (one of them even sang, not too shabbily).
    Anyway, Melbourne is a rockin’ coffee drinking city, so please drop by some time, you’d be well looked after.
    Love the blog, and the Guild πŸ™‚

  • Laura

    Congrats on the release of your comic book!! Can’t wait to pick up a copy to read πŸ™‚

  • Blair

    Grew up and work in Toronto, and live in Hamilton. I hope we treated you well, and thanks for the tip on Conspiracy, wasn’t sure a local shop carried your comic, nice!

    LOL as for the Curling, yah you hit us up in Brier/Worlds time. Normally you would have been inundated with hockey in Toronto, but well our team is not doing so well this year.

    Good luck at the Streamies and come back soon πŸ™‚

  • So happy you delved into this, Felicia! I’m trying to answer the same questions myself before finally re-designing my own site (Ha! I told you this back in January. Sad that it’s taken so long for me to get going.)

    Regardless, I think it’s a great idea for your main site to encompass tumblr (or posterous) AND wordpress, and just distinguish with different tabs. Though it may feel cleaner to keep the feeds totally separate, I feel like your fans will stay more connected if everything is in one place. I’ll check back to see what you end up doing πŸ™‚ Good luck!


  • Xander
  • Shiloh Strong

    Hey Felicia – loved The Guild can’t wait to see more. Super stoked for you and your well deserved success! πŸ™‚

    Not sure if you’ve heard of TED or not, but a friend passed this on to me and I thought you’d get a kick out of it:

    It’s about 20 minutes long and an argument about how to save the world with WoW.

  • I love the guild, I play lots of games myself like: WoW,left 4 dead, basicly any game that’s out there I’ve played.
    If you don’t remember me I’m a kid with glasses you saw on the set of Red and you made fun of my friend saying he was homeless because he didn’t answer your question… Made me laugh all day,by yelling it at him.
    I’m a big fan!
    Just posting to say hi.
    I would love if you could write me back.

  • Bethynyc

    Hi! Just found this and will add it to the other actor blogs I follow. Very cool about Red, and I hope the writing is as good as the casting!

  • EC


  • MrsIpstenu

    I enjoy your Tweets and the occasional blog post more than I think I’d enjoy a link-heavy thing. I’d rather hear your thoughts than see a list of links, personally. It’s one of the things that allows me the illusion that we’re totally bestest friends. πŸ˜‰ (Actually, what it does is keep reassuring me that someone whose work and style I admire also shares some/most of my viewpoints. It’s nice to know that the things I like about you extend a bit further than appearance.)

  • Biscuit

    OT: Please help does anyone know if there will be anything Buffy related at wondercon this weekend besides the screening of OMWF on sunday? My friend and I can only make it to wondercon on Saturday but we’ve never been to any kind of convention before so any input on what to expect would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hello Felicia,

    I am not sure that this is the good place to say this but: YOU ROXX !
    As a french spectator (and maybe a french geek), I loved the guild (and even more the music) and I love you, simply !

  • T

    1. SyFy photo, awesome. πŸ™‚
    2. Curling every night? Dood.
    3. I took a brief look at Tumblr and it seemed like a Social Media overload for sure. I’ll probably get sucked in though. Because I find tons of sweet articles/videos/songs and things that I wanna share, and mainly do it through FB and Twitter.
    4. I’m not usually a list maker, but it helped me put things together.

    I personally like coming to your site and reading your blog, and the things you’ve shared via links have been nifty. πŸ™‚ But maybe I’m just more about the personal and not the “Look cool link!” That and I’m following your twitter (I’m @peachroseorchid), so really…I guess I’m wondering if putting yourself all /over/ the social media network via intorwebz encourages huge stalker omgz syndrome.

    and also…

  • BumpyLumpy

    hii, i’m just posting here to say that you’re cuuute πŸ™‚

  • I used posterous for Thing-a-Day and didn’t really like it that much. I always ended up going back to edit the blog post by hand after I had emailed it and their interface was pretty rudimentary after WordPress. I think there is a way to email blog posts to wordpress as well. Then there’s postling, which I haven’t tried yet, Which is kind of a dashboard for all your social media.

    Can’t wait for Red to come out.

  • Fi

    Probably a really random place to say this but, I THINK YOU’RE AWESOME!! I loved Dr. Horrible, and I just recently started watching The Guild. Can’t wait for the next episodes! (:

  • Craig

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in this role but I’m having a hard time not seeing Codex on the ground with a gun in that photo… Love that you got picked up again for season 4.

  • Igipopp

    Hi Felicia!

    Lots of people following the Gulid in Hungary too! So maybe you come to visit us here? πŸ˜›

    Best wishes from Hungary,


  • Great Picture, Great Post! On the social media stuff I’m all in favor for this kind of stuff. There are some businesses for which it is likely to be less useful for (typically ones where people don’t feel passionately about the product) but in general it is well worth the effort.

  • Man this sounds awesome! I love a classic tale, adapted to a more realistic setting, giving it a darker edge and making the themes of the tale deep and sometimes scary, can’t wait to see it!

  • This is a great point to bring up. I offer the thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly there are questions like the one you bring up where the most important thing will be working in honest good faith.

  • I love you, Felicia! Woo hoo!

  • I am looking forward to see Red. I love sci-fi flix! I am also enjoying reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  • I couldn’t agree more. You look fab, and I have to say that sleeping those extra hours feels wonderful, but sometimes I feel guilty when I do that πŸ˜‰

    I personally would like it if you kept everything to this one blog. It’s overwhelming when there’s so much to keep track of, and adding another site just makes it more overwhelming.

  • I absolutely adore your site! You aggressive me as able-bodied as all the others actuality and your broiled PS is absolutely nice. Thank you for afflatus and accumulate up the acceptable work thanks!

  • I love the picture! And I love your shows! Cooool!!!

  • Modern red riding hood, that would be interesting to see.

    Social media can be overwhelming if one tweets a lot.

  • I love the picture!!!!

  • Social Media definitely NEEDS to be simplified, its getting ridiculous and redundant. I can’t handle it without special software myself.

  • Filming in another country, having a rocking series…seems like I need to do some serious re-evaluating. Looking forward to the release of Red, Felicia!

  • Red does sounds like an awesome SyFy I will have to keep my eye open for this one.

  • Love this article, very well written. Check out cheating wife, it’s quite funny.

  • I hadn’t really gotten into syfy until recently but since then I really can’t get enough of it. Enjoyed this article!

  • Agree with your comment about Canada…I felt the same way when I first visited.

  • Thank you for this blog. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something that’s eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, you’ve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.

  • For some reason, I don’t see the little Red Riding Hood carrying anything close to a gun :).

  • mike

    I have a cousin that could be your twin.

  • sim

    I have a bit of a thing for redheads πŸ™‚

  • Hey, Felicia

    It’s great as long as you keep doing good flicks. There’s people that accept anything and thus end up doing crappy productions.

    I loved the Dr. Horrible show, I hope you keep up the good work!!


  • Very cool post.

  • Jon

    Ha ha colored money is always a sign that you are in a excotic place.

  • Great pic and post!

  • Sam

    Can’t wait to watch Red. Love your acting πŸ™‚

  • Pam Oliver

    Love the site. Your Wikipedia page looks great too.

  • Felicia with a gun is indeed wonderful πŸ™‚

    Canada is indeed a strange place. It’s sort of like a mirror-world version of the US in a lot of ways, although in a lot of ways it’s entirely unique, especially Quebec.
    The US’s visual culture has sort of permeated the whole world.

  • Canada is pretty awesome. They’ve got some great whiskey there.

  • There’s people that accept anything and thus end up doing crappy productions.

  • Just finished watching Red…not bad move. Very Quintan Tarritino

  • Glad to hear you liked Canada! It’s a great country, but I agree with you that it gets a little too cold at times πŸ™‚

  • My son is heading to Canada later in the year and I am really jealous of all the travelling he is getting to do. That’s life though.

    Can I suggest that you think about using Amplify to get the word out more to your intermediary sites like Posterous and Tumblr. Like you my main sites are on WordPress and what I do is to use Amplify to post the information to a few social bookmarking sites and Web 2.0 sites all in one go. Most are taken care of with Amplify directly but it posts out to and that continues the process with some that are not on Amplify.

    Hope that is a good tip for you. Maybe you will not see this – so far down the comment – But here is hoping.

    Good luck

    David Allen in Spain

  • Yeah!
    I totally agree with you.
    Canada is too cold for me too.

    Robert from singapore

  • Ben

    Canada is way tooooo cold!!

  • You were great on Jimmie Fallon! I work in the film industry in Western Canada. Hope to work with you one day!

  • I am the same way when I go to Canada. It doesn’t really feel like another country until you go to spend some money πŸ™‚

  • When is Red going to be released. Sounds like an interesting twist. Can’t wait to see it…btw, you’re the best red riding hood they could have chosen!!!

  • We’ve talked about moving to Canada so many times. We’re in the UK but some of our friends have moved over and they send back some great stories of life in Canada.

  • Also saw you on Fallon, movin’ on up!

  • Great post! I like how you are taking the time to ask your fans which social media venue they would prefer to see you go more into – that is very cool! I like it when people use Twitter for “stream of consciousness” writings. You can post from your iphone and it’s short and you can create a dialog – something that a long wordpress article makes a little more difficult – and it gives you a real-time view of what the life of that person is like.

  • Thank you very much for providing some reliable suggestions on this topic. I have discovered a wide variety of honest ideas and some unreliable recommendations. Do you have any more reliable recommendations or places on the Web that I can find more detailed ideas? This would be certainly appreciated! Either way, keep up the good work!

  • You just happened to hit the month when all the big curling championships happen. So yes, curling every night (makes me happy!), but come mid-April it will over for the season. Enjoy it while you can!

  • I’m a little late here but wow, I still remember watching you in The Guild. Think I’ll do a The Guild marathon tonight. πŸ˜€

  • I just recently saw The Legend of Neil haha. The episode with the horned dragon was my favorite lol. You play an awesome fairy πŸ™‚

  • Perusing your archives and love the action shot! Think you would make a great addition to CIS or NCIS.

  • Ever thought about auditioning for the next resident evil movie? That is what the picture most reminds me of!

  • I like the valuable info you supply for your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and test again here regularly. I’m fairly sure I’ll learn many new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the next!

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