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Recent interview I did with Buzzine.

My favorite answer I gave from this article:

JR: My impression is that your fans and admirers are smarter than the average bear and don’t expect you to be a perfect role model who can’t be human and buy toothpaste without makeup. But being a role model in all of the capacities you’ve become a role model for (gamers, female gamers, people wanting to explore web content, etc.), is it ever more burden than honor? Can you explain what it feels like for you to be a role model?

FD: I don’t really think of myself as a role model of anything, except conveying the attitude “I’m just doing my best.” I’m not trying to be glamorous or “show up” anyone else with my successes, and I try to be the first to admit my failures. If I look crappy in a photo, well, that’s how I looked that day. The glossy “celebrity” culture that we live in kind of repulses me because it isn’t real, and yet we perceive it as real, so we can never live up to it. I just want to encourage people to find their passion and do it regardless of how great they are at it or how other people receive it.

Read the whole interview on Buzzine.

  • Rikki

    As a proud nerd and actress, I have to say that you most certainly have been an inspiration; a role model for success without loss of self. I hope that we who admire you are never a burden rather than a support system. Real>Plastic.

  • Power up, non-plastic passion people!

  • I think you are a role model 🙂 Well… for me at least. You decided to do what you love and succeeded. Be it writing, acting, producing… and you still have time for video games, violin and books. That’s a role model if I’ve ever come across one 😉

  • “your fans and admirers are smarter than the average bear”
    I like that interviewer! =P

    Great answer too. And by not trying to be glamorous and being so real, that’s the exact reason why you are a role model. Role models (at least to me) are real, hard working, and good people. Success comes after that… So yeah, you might not think so, but you are one. =D

    Liked the other questions too. Quick and fun read.

  • Karl

    Great answer, and also great work on all you’ve done… after discovering ‘The Guild’ I am totally obsessed, and also geeked out to find a smart, funny, ambitious person involved in the arts who studied math and music! (I’m a math-music double major in college, hoping to pursue a career in theatre.) Keep on keeping on! You’re a great example to us all. 🙂

  • LB

    How did you get comfortable with the idea of being a ‘celebrity’ in the first place? Seems like something that would never cease to be surreal.

  • I see you more as the anti-role model, encouraging the idea of doing what you WANT to do rather than what you SHOULD be doing. And that’s a good thing! The characters you play aren’t perfect, they’re awkward around people and they procrastinate too much, like real people, and personally I identify with that far more than your generic cut-out Hollywood celebrity.

    Plus, you give us girl geeks a good name. Which is awesome 😀

  • len

    A term that gets thrown around a lot is “authenticity”. Authenticity is when lots of animals are harmed in the making of a film and people who are shot stay dead.

    Art has to satisfy the story. Life has to satisfy itself. If you don’t want to be plastic, don’t let them hit the Press button. But at some point, you discover that you are at the center of the limelight where as Melanie Safka says, “there is nothing for the start”, and you discover that what you say or do will change many lives who have focused on you and act without regard. It’s not news to you, no doubt. Durgha becomes Kali and Shiva must lay down his own body in front of her. Outrage becomes its own reward.

    As long as you can remember your own true face, you will never fail to see him there.


  • Elm

    You had me bought out until you brought up that celeb stuff. Why would you even rate yourself as a celeb? Popular online personality yes without a doubt but not celeb caliber, at least not yet, you still got more work to do to reach that point.

  • William George Ferguson

    Elm: 250,000 followers on Twitter does really only make Felicia a popular online personality. In her other life, 14,000,000 people watching her on House (and Fox using her in the promos) tends to make Felicia a celebrity

  • I don’t rate myself as a celebrity, but people in the press seem to refer to me as that, so I try to correct them 🙂 Believe me, I’m not interested in being a celebrity, I hate that word. I just want to do good work.

  • len

    Not to speak out of turn, but I think you are one of the first real web genius storytellers. Of your time. Of your voice. Of the passion. Of the generation.

    We baby boomers can go fishin’ now.

    The genius of The Guild is you show that communications make friends and friends are real virtual or in meatspace, and ultimately, they entwine. Her shrink is wrong and she is right. Her pleasure is knowing that. And that is when real trouble starts for anyone in life. But the difference between iTunes and and MyMusic is Friends. Artists must engage their social network so they engage the zeitgeist more strongly. While the music industry whines about the model, you use it keep rights, make distribution deals and work with what the web presents you: an opportunity to become something beyond anything the hype machine can achieve: a good shepherd. You make Friends.

    And for the generation that tried to make love conquer hate and believed we didn’t have to pass on parental damage, that is a wondeful change in the business.

    Good luck to you. May you fare well

    The ghost bit is brilliant and reaches because now her virtual self abandoned her in the face of pain. Brilliant.

  • Every time I read or see an interview with you… I gain more respect for you.

    P.S. Read your Feb post about twitter, thanks for the links.

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