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Bui Brothers Photo Shoot


Recently I had the desire to get some photos done that weren’t as “sell-y” as my normal headshots. The Bui Brothers are very connected to the web community, so of course they’re the first people I turned to! And I’m SO happy with how they turned out. Definitely showed me off in a different way than I normally do (even though taking pictures is NOT my favorite thing!) The brothers made me totally comfortable and my makeup looked great and @bonny helped out so much as well. Thank you so much @lanbui and @vubui, and to @pauldateh for doing the music for the behind-the-scenes video(weird to be referring to everyone by Twitter handle, hehe). I was so surprised about the video, it turned out so well!

Go to their website to see other photos from the shoot, and I’ll be uploading some to Flickr as soon as I get a break in Guild Season 3 prep!

  • The Bui Brothers links go to some sort of domain parking website…

  • Dak

    wow… your gorgeous

  • The photos are great, but how could they not be? I especially liked the on/off switch and the lascivious librarian. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Fixed those links, sad someone is camping their name 🙁

    • I always hesitate to expound on how beautiful a smart woman is because I don’t want them to feel like I’m objectifying them and think that I view that as the only thing that matters and with you I don’t want to look like a drooling fanboy as well.

      That said…

      “hamana-hamana-hamana” Seriously though…Wow, these pictures (and you) are so beautiful and you have to possess the single most contagious smile in the galaxy (not sucking up, I mean that). I was in a stressed out mood when I arrived at this page but the scene in the video where you are turning your smile on and off made it impossible to keep a frown on my face, so for that I thank you!”

      I can’t wait for Season 3 and Thanks again for putting a smile on my face 🙂

  • I wish that I could look that good in my pictures.

  • Xavi

    Gorgeous photos! The “naughty librarian” shots are definitely a different side of you; I think Giles would approve. 🙂 Also, who would have thought red & orange eyeshadow could look so glamorous? I love the music in the video. Great collaboration all around!

  • Dani

    Amazing pics!
    And great video!
    On/off switch was the best! =P

  • They really do a great job. Awesome pics and you personality comes through in the behind the scenes video. Looking great, see you at Comicon this summer?

  • Kelly

    I love that bookshelf! I so want to see a photo tour of this house. I love everything, from the bright colors to the cat mask.

  • dandelion

    the librarian shots? Hilarious! in a good way.
    you look gorgeous 🙂

  • Wow, these look incredibly good. I really like the colors (the green of the grass, your red hair etc.) and that you didn’t make this typical poses. You look great, Felicia, and you are right the make up is very good.

  • The video was awesome! I never would’ve thought a photo shoot could be so tiring but it looks like y’all were working all day long. The pics are simply gorgeous.

  • You really shine in those pictures, Felicia. There’s more than a pretty woman in those shots; I think they capture your smarts and sense of humor. Kudos all around!

  • Ben

    Its about time you showed your sexier side. When Maxim comes knocking, are you going to answer?

    Your pics are smokin!

  • Very cute pics! I think the library shot is my favorite.

  • Q

    Very cool and classy to boot.

  • Is that your own actual bookshelf? If so, I am SO jealous.

  • What the hell… I JUST recently finished my own photo shoot and those were the EXACT outfits and poses I used!!!!

    Uncool Day! My lascivious librarian would have been great!

    Otherwise, great job!

  • I would DIE to see Edgar do those same shots…especially the sexy one on the bed.

    You look gorge, obvs but mostly I hate you for your pretty green bookshelves and the pretty room they live in.



  • Ste.Soma

    edgar needs to be bottled and sold in the condiment section.

    felicia: ive met my [faint] quota for the day, thanks.

    le sigh

  • Sarah

    Oh man. I must say, I am jealous of your bookshelves.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!

  • Oh, Sunkist. Because all orange soda should be caffeinated (but sadly isn’t). I strongly approve of your choice of energy drink, Felicia.

    *now is craving Sunkist*

  • Joseph

    Hey Miss Felicia, the pictures came out great. I do photography and i think they were excellent! (Of course you make it easy 🙂

  • Fabien

    Cute pics and fun video.

    Kisses from France.

  • Is all the books yoours…?

  • Felicia, it looks like you had a fun time! The photos turned out great.

    Also.. I know you read a lot, so is that your library?! I absolutely love the librarian one. 🙂

  • Great video, yet again. You’re quite photogenic and the results of the shoot are amazing. Very well done by all involved.

  • Kien

    Amazing Shots!

    Much love..

  • Loving these Bui Brothers photos of you, to the point that I’m going to tweet about it.

  • a7ndrew

    I didn’t really know what beauty was until I saw that video.

  • @bitsybecca

    I want your library. When I’m a rich and famous actress (yeah right)…. Great shots!

    You seem to be a real human being and not a plastic celebrity. Thanks for keepin’ it real. And for alerting the world that there are, in fact, not only female gamers, but attractive ones at that.


  • Did that Work?

  • Marc Windsor

    Hi, Felicia you looked amazingly beautiful in these photos. Just giving my support and can’t wait for season 3 of the guild.

  • You are so incredibly beautiful

  • Felicia,
    just became a fan! Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy-Celebrate


    A fellow Univ of Texas alumni

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