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Blog is Broken


I’m having issues with the blog after an auto update to the NOT latest version of WordPress. I am working on getting it fixed over the weekend.   Sorry! 😀

  • ok i totally fell in love with you from watching the guild…and then i read your cast thing on the guild website and found out you’re famous. Defeat.

  • Dan

    I have a hammer. Would that help?

  • S o m a

    i is not mad. has cheetoz.

    am happy

  • Andrew

    *kicks Blog*

    Did that help?

  • OMG Andrew, you fixed it, LOL.

  • b!X

    I have a hammer.

    Boo! Hiss! Down with Captain Hammer!

  • Great work on Dr. Horrible! Can’t wait for the rest!

  • opps!

  • Fixing this site now, I’m in the FTP program right now 🙂

  • To the not latest version? Yeah – probably SQL issues then.

    G’luck – I had an issue with the last update where it wouldn’t let me log – had to reinstall backed up databases (thank you dreamhost for backing them up) and then RE-update them at the /wp-admin/upgrade.php – FINALLY worked.

    G’luck with the NEW update! 😀

  • I think it all boils down to what you want to use your web page to accomplish. After five years, I’m still struggling to figure out the thesis of my own blog, but I’m certain that Twitter wouldn’t be a substitute for it. I write about the events that are going on in my life and value the fact that, years from now, I will be able to go back and reread (and relive) the memories associated with them. 140-character Twitters, with all the acronyms they’d surely contain (rofl, ttfn!) would be a rather painful form of nostalgia.

    On the other hand, using Twitter to communicate with a fan base sounds like a very good use of its short form communiqués. The inherent brevity will likely result in more updates and more updates will probably keep your fans tuned in. We all know how fickle and A.D.D. the internet makes us.

    That said, my personal preference is to continue subscribing to your blog, not your Twitter stream. Even if I’m only able to read one entry per week (or month!), I value your thoughtful, reflective writing; something Twitter has in very short supply.

  • Euphobic Optimist

    I have become a fan of yours from the guild and now Dr Horrible! I cant wait to see you in more things ;)!

  • Euphobic Optimist

    Ack BtW if you did not already know … Darkfall Beta testing soon!!!! If you … ya know wanna get addicted to another MMORPG. All I gotta say Mounted COMBAT + Tanks + Ships you can control <3 ~!

  • I’m in yer ftp, tweakin yer code. lawlz


    I hope you get it fixed soon, you’re supposed to be vegging on Fallout 3, fantasy novels and napping. Not squinting at code written in an alien language. 😀

  • That’s the thing with the world wide interweb, and computers in general, they have a tendency to misbehave.
    A friend of mine’s been trying Joomla, it looks pretty nice. Then again, I thought that about Mambo, and it was far too slow for my little site…

  • hope it’s fixed soon.
    until then, merry christmas~

  • farfly

    Only this url is broken. I think Edgar is working on fixing it. If you want the real blog, go to:

  • Uct41I flHsdt83Nncfooi61t

  • That’s easy for you to say, Margo…

  • No worries…

  • nazeer

    i am not comment for this moment

  • We’re here…but feel free to start up a Xanga account as a back-up.

  • Please fix soon!!!

  • Very bad game! The implements have been detaching all time and disappearing.

  • I simply could not go away your website before suggesting that I actually loved the standard info an individual supply on your guests? Is going to be back incessantly in order to check out new posts

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  • Unpack
    the particular storage area containers properly.

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