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Back! Relaxed! Ugh…emails…..


We had a very nice weekend away at a little cabin-y retreat north of Santa Barbara. It was great to see trees and escape from the internet and TV even if our cabin did smell a little like skunk 🙂 There were a lot of families with lots of kids there, so waking up to piercing 6 year old voices wasn’t the BEST thing ever, but they had a cappuccino machine at the store at the bottom of the hill, so it was all good 🙂 The place was upscale, but people brought tents and stuff, and cooked over BBQ grills outside their cabins. It was sweet. We were over it and ready to escape in exactly the right amount of time.

I brought 3 1/2 books with me and ended up reading them all around 5pm yesterday, so then I did a marathon session of Puzzle Quest on my DS lite. I wish that game had different puzzles to play vs. different mobs, but, oh well. It’s no Puzzle Pirate (OMG, DS Puzzle Pirate, drool!) I’ll make a separate post about the books later, so I can include the (infamously bad) cover art.

Anyway, I get back, log on, and have about 15000 invites from a myriad of social networking sites. It’s out of control, my friends. What is PARTICULARLY annoying is all the Facebook apps that people want me to install so we can see if we both love the LOTR movies. I swear, if I installed every one of the ones people sent me, I would have 150 different boxes on my Facebook page. And I thought MySpace gave me sensory overload.

So, I’ve decided that, although I’d love to know how compatible I am with people regarding food favorites(not), I’m going to decline installing more Facebook apps. Also, I’ve given myself a 24 hour deadline to drop either Twitter or Pownce. They are redundant, and I basically post the same things on them, so what’s the point, right? Maybe when I get a cooler cellphone that I can update from the road, I’ll dedicate more time to these things, but honestly, if people are interested in the kind of oatbran I’m eating…it’s Kashi, btw 😀

Oh, and I was fooling around with my laptop camera while I was away (no internet, remember?) and I wanted to share this picture with you. I am addicted to Intelligentsia coffee, and this is me with an empty bag of espresso:

Do I need to go to rehab?

  • Michael

    You took half a book? How exactly does one do that? 😀

  • Paul

    Very carefully and with scissors, one imagines. 😀

    Cute picture, Felicia.

    (Speaking of LOTR, I am now officially a Shadows of Agnmar junkie. ::sigh:: What have you wrought, Professor Tolkien??)

  • kev

    Hey, Felicia! I saw the episode you did on “Monk” for the first time this past weekend and thought to myself, “that’s the girl from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” A quick check on IMDB revealed your name, which revealed your official site, which revealed your blog. If finding people is always this easy, I think I could make a heck of a private detective…

    Anyway, very cool blog!

  • Samantha

    I’m glad your weekend was fun! And that you timed your departure for exactly when you would get sick of the outdoors-y life. 🙂

    Happy Labor Day! … tomorrow.

  • Dustin

    “Do I need to go to Rehab?”

    No No No 😀

  • Frigid

    “Do I need to go to rehab?”

    Yes Yes Yes.

    Felicia we have known each other for what, 2 online days now? I thought that as your friend (2 online days) I should let you know…you have a problem, I hate the person you become when you drink coffee. I feel like coffee has destroyed our friendship (2 online days).

    Please seek help

  • Samantha

    Felicia, don’t listen to Frigid! I like you better when you’re on the coffee. You’re so much more FUN, you’re so much more RELAXED. And all the cool kids are doing it, you know?

  • I know Frigid is my only “real true” friend in this matter, but I need to reject him now so I can have a heartfelt reunion with him later, after my horrible addiction drives me to sleeping behind a Starbucks eating their used grounds. For now, Coffee is Kewlest! Samantha, let’s just go eat whole beans together, crunch them RAW! 😀

    Michael, I brought a 1/2 finished book with me. No, I didn’t actually CUT it in half. That would have indeed been sacrilege. I’m about to post all my reviews now.
    And welcome kev, thanks for tracking me down! 🙂

  • Frigid

    Felicia you know I just realized when faced with the internet gender plague you assume female.Which is odd seeing as you played WOW (always assume the perky night elf hottie is a dude) I am however in fact a guy…Hehe, I think I am the second person you made that mistake with!

    I demand retribution in the form of some Felicia written fantasy and fiction!

  • Oh crap, I knew you were a guy, I did! I was aware of your Y chromosome! I need to check my posts better, but I wrote that BC (Before coffee) so I hope you understand! Edited and fixed, FOREVER! And Felicia fantasy…ugh, I have to take a nap first 🙂

  • Courtney

    Careful… Coffee’s a gateway drug. I’m pretty sure that’s how Lindsey started out.

    It’s funny. I’m doing a social networking site for work but avoid myspace/facebook/others like the plague. I feel like the marriage counselor who’s single.

    Your vacation sounded a lot more fun than mine. Spent most of the day cleaning and shopping at Threadless (all shirts $10 sale, last day! Act now!).

  • Samantha

    Wow, I’m totally heading over to Threadless. Thank you, Courtney!

    I spent my day at an outdoor mall in 250-kabillion degree weather, forgot my cell phone in a bathroom, panicked like crazy about it for several hours, and then drove an hour and a half roundtrip to go retrieve it from the woman who found it but had to wait until she got home to do anything about it. But I’m not really complaining, because it was really nice of her to do *something* with it, instead of letting it get stolen, even though that something wasn’t turning it into Lost and Found or giving it to the mall-employeed (and respectable looking) cleaning lady in there at the time.

    (Exhales.) Anyway, over to Threadless! Gotta finish shopping before meeting up with Felicia for the coffee binge.

  • Oh man, Samantha, that is a LOUSY day! I can say it, that lady was an idiot 🙂

    Definitely stopping over at Threadless, pretty much my favorite online store. Thanks for the heads up!
    I spent today watching stuff accumulated on the Tivo and I got a massage, which just made me tired, so I took a nap. After sleeping in. Ugh, brain dead!

  • Jen

    Heh. When I see that photo with the espresso bag, I see Dennis Hopper from Blue Velvet. Not that I’ve never stuck my own nose in a coffee bag and taken a little huff before…mmmmmmm coffee.

  • if you have to bail on Twitter or Pownce… don’t bail on Twitter. 🙂 i like social networking sites that really hone in on one objective… which is “What are you doing?” on Twitter (even though i don’t really answer that question when i post there). just my 2-cents.

  • Edgar

    I agree with daysies and it isn’t because I haven’t actually logged into Pownce in like a week… or that I am following you on Twitter, no, I agree with daysies because of the statements daysies made. 😉

    (successfully avoided adding a gender)

    Oh man, now I want coffee!

  • Edgar – LOL i’m a girl. 🙂 and i haven’t logged into Pownce in longer than a week.

  • Edgar

    Thanks daysies, I just didn’t want Frigid on my case for gender incorrectness… poor Felicia.

  • Blaze

    Felicia, seriously, you could never have to much coffee, I mean how else do you think I dealt with 8 hour raids 🙂 Starbucks employees are my friends and ill miss them greatly in Japan.

    Frigid I am constantly correcting people on my sex, but hey there arent many of us (female gamers) and so many people are hoping there are more lurking around the corner now more then ever. Havent you read the new report , might wanna try switching to the dark side.

  • OMG Blaze, great link! 🙂

  • Blaze

    🙂 I knew youd appreciate babe. I mean I need a reason to justify my gaming addiction right?

  • Joe

    oh god, does that stat include cyber?

  • Hello Codax (spelling),

    You don’t know me I am hopeless wow addict (Frostwhisper EU, Horde), anyways, I came accross this Flog site, in my search for any news on The Guild Episode 4, (alas, no news found, well, an interview saying you have more planned).

    Well I love the work you guys have done with the webcasts and just in the hope this is a real site and not someone impersonating you, I thought I might ask if you have any new?

    Mucho love.


  • Oh forget it I am a Flog site newb found the right pages now 😀

  • Tealeaf, a new episode should be up in a few weeks, we’re editing now! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for newbie blog writers? I’d genuinely appreciate it.

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