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  • Jason

    Haha, good times.

  • Mia

    Bad mood? Oh noes 🙁 I hope this may cheer you up?

  • SomaSwordSaint


    in nightmare..

    nobody cares

  • SomaSwordSaint
  • Ben S II

    The same thing happened with candy bars. Over the years they’ve shrunk in size followed some months later with a price hike.
    Toilet paper has fewer sheets on a roll than it did years ago and yet it appears larger–fluffier=air and looser winding. It’s advertised as a “new, more convenient size”.
    And have you noticed that what used to be a one pound bag of coffee is often only 12 or 14 ounces?
    It’s all in the name of progress. LOL

  • stm

    Was that the guy I saw complaining at the Golden Corral? Perhaps…

    This is a link that is silly, but the second or third time through I can’t help but hum or sing the song:

    Mia: The part I like best is when the chicken appears out of nowhere…
    It also makes me think that I should go as a character from Tron for Halloween next year. Might be timely if the sequel to Tron officially gets the greenlight.

  • LOL omg, that Trevor cartoon is so addictive! At first I was like, “What?” then it got under my skin and I watched it at least 4 times without noticing that it was on a loop, HAHAA! Thanks for that link. The internet one…scarred my eyes a bit, but was also good 🙂

  • Carl

    600 lbs of men with 12 oz of sausage between them…..

    No wonder they’re unhappy!

  • I might go to my next Fancy Dress party as Magical Trevor. Sadly I can’t hear about the sausages yet, as I’m convalescing at my parents’ and their computer was built by Charles Babbage.

  • Ben

    I wish all I had to complain about was the size of my breakfast sausage…but that was good for a chuckle. Thanks!

    And by the way, does anyone know who this hardcore picketer is? 🙂

  • Courtney

    hahaha… I find it funny that just a few pics away, there are photos of women in lingerie picketing. Can just guess who the media were covering.

  • Steve

    If you need cheering up maybe we should bring back a little…

  • OMG, what a freak finding of my face in a Flickr account!!!! Jeez, I need to comb the hair maybe if I’m gonna be uploaded to the internets 🙂 I was there though! PROOF!

    And Viking Kittens, so long ago, but the best callback meme in a while!

    Also, isn’t it strange I’m holding a little box of nerds…. :O

  • William George Ferguson

    Just indulging in pure research of course, but I see that your photo has more viewings currently than any of the photos of the Naked News girls, even more than the cute little girl with the violin.

  • stm

    Sure…this post was buried long ago…
    But another video that has been making the rounds the last couple months:

    Not “Magical Trevor” addictive (though I’m glad you and others are now sucked into singing the MT song)…but hopefully it brings a smile.

    And Paul…it goes without saying that any Magical Trevor costumes need to be posted in the forum. :^)

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