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So, it’s early to think about Christmas gifts, I know. But when I see a gift that is universal for my sex, I think of all those poor guys out there who have a lady to buy something for and can’t figure out what to get. Your worries are over. Presenting, the Tarte Holiday Palette from Sephora. I wish I could link the flash zoom pictures, they convey the beautifulness of this gift even better.

Palette includes:
-16 brand-new eyeshadows
-16 brand-new lipglosses
-4 gel eyeliners
-4 cheek stains
-3 24/7 lip sheers
-Eyelid primer
-Eyeshadow & eyelining brushes

Picture a sheening leather lavender case, quilted on the top, and inside the most beautiful array of products I’ve seen in my short little life. It makes me want to weep. I saw it in person and bought 3 of them. Bam, Christmas shopping ova. I admit, I have a fixation on makeup palettes, they are my achilles credit card tendon, but this is an out of this world deal. This brand is usually so expensive, it’s too steep for me to even look at in the store. But this is only 52 BUCKS! IT’S LIKE $500 WORTH OF STUFF. Ok, Felicia, calm down.

I swear I’m not getting paid for this at all. I just want to alert everyone because these palettes sell out really quickly, so if you think your loved lady would enjoy it, go get it off the website. Also, they have free shipping on this thing too. Ciao!

  • Courtney

    “So, you’re saying you think I can use make-up, huh?”
    “uhh… no… i just thought you’d like…”
    “Am I not pretty enough??”
    “NO! NO! I didn’t mean that at all”
    “YOU DON’T LOVE ME!?!”
    “Curse that Felicia Day”

  • Mia

    Sephora hates me ๐Ÿ™

    $64 Canadian. And our dollar is worth more than the American dollar now. GET WITH THE PROGRAM SEPHORA! >:O

  • WTH, why don’t they adjust their prices? That shouldn’t be legal!

    And Courtney, you scare me! I can’t be responsible for a conversation like that. ๐Ÿ™ I would never think that a girl would react like that, but maybe I’m naive :O

    Even if you put a bow on it?!

    Stick with jewelry maybe, HAHA.

  • SwordSaintSoma
  • SwordSaintSoma

    *cue nip/tuck into theme music

  • SwordSaintSoma

    *intro even

  • Um…Courtney’s a guy, right?

    Oh, and it is alright to give free advertisement! You are passionate about make up like I am passionate about laser cannons. Whenever the actually come out with phaser type devices I would totally advertise it for free! But *ahem* they should (SEPHORA) should pay you!

    But I advertise “The Guild” on bulletins and I don’t get paid *ahem* j/k

  • Courtney

    Heh… believe me, I know of at least one girl that would react like that. Let’s just say guys, if you get any form of clothing for a girl, make sure you know her size and ask the counter people if they run true/small/large (stupid American Apparel sizes…).

    And now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe!

    That’s why I think the Chinese really have something going with the red envelopes with cash. No thoughts needed, no feelings hurt.

  • Courtney

    re: Umโ€ฆCourtneyโ€™s a guy, right?


  • I have a question !
    Do you make money for displaying those kind of ads on your blog ?
    Even if it’s not really one…

  • SwordSaintSoma

    hahaha.. nice reference..

    typically, the red envelopes are given by elders to
    children.. any and all.. money is never given as a gift
    -upwards-.. typically at tet [pronounced “thut”] i think my grandparents hand out tens of dozens of envelopes
    [usually with a dollar or so in them] to the kids of the
    community [vietnamese+kentucky=everybody knows
    everyone else]. its kind of offensive to pay for stuff for
    your parents, like dinner etc.. i cant treat my parents..
    they give me money and THEN i can go pay with that..
    unless i absolutely insist.. in which case i think my parents
    are a little more progressive.. it tends to do with whom
    is the more successful party and whom is supposed to
    acknowledge that.. typically the eldest or the most
    successful is supposed to “foot the bill”..

    its very pragmatic like that..

  • No, I’m not getting paid for anything on this blog. I even took the adsense column off because I liked the way the place looks without it ๐Ÿ™‚ Damn, those 23 cents I made in the 6 months prior really helped me out too!
    I was just in love with the palette. It was like an enthusiastic phone call to a girlfriend, “OMG Bloomingdale’s is having a secret sale!” stuff like that. Oh well, I forgot how jaded we all are about ads on the internet ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m thinking of claiming one of the 3 I bought as a present for myself, is that immoral? NO! I spent my quota on Mario Galaxy this morning! MUST RESIST.

  • SomaSwordSaint

    speaking of palettes. world war hulk is over.. [with some aftermaths]

    hulk officially goes red in jan08..

    she-hulk tol go pink by Easter.. ??? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Mia

    Soma, I’d like to officially state my opinion: You should come back to the forums.

  • edgar

    *Avoiding the whole makeup thing*

    There aren’t any decent comic shops around in Chicago… At least none near me… I’d like to start reading some again… Though, I do enjoy having a hard covered colored version of some series… those are best, instead of the flimsy originals.

  • Wait, what? You’re telling me you don’t have a guy (or girl) to give you one of them??? I’m not buying that for a minute. Slayer-girl got game.

    (Okay, the buffy fans among us will never be able to not see you as Vi. I’m sorry.)

  • SwordSaintSoma

    Mia: honestly, i was addicted to the forums. im trying to quit.


    i used to buy from…

    Quint Essential Comics
    2047 Bloomingdale Road
    Glendale Heights IL 60139
    (630) 894-8810

    but i think it may be too far off for you.

    i used to drive up and the owners would
    come out and gawk at my car.. the whole
    time i was inside.. there was some incident
    about trading it for a batman issue 1.. [jokingly]

    i saw snow flurries today driving back from lunch..

  • Ben


    Chicago comics is at 3200 North on Clark. My comic shop is Orbitron in Niles at Oakton and Milwaukee. If you’re out west, you can use one of the 5 Graham Crackers locations. Closer to my home in Evanston is Underground Revolution–great store with lots more than just comics. Larrys comics (which I yammered about for 5 or 6 paragraphs in the “no used bookstores” thread) is at 1219 W. Devon Ave, chicago.

    Dude–there are TONS of comic stores in the Chicago area!

  • SwordSaintSoma


    i can also be persuaded to come back..


    we all spent a weekend playing HgL..

    .. grouped

    yeh thats the ticket.. i get the book and you send me back.. yeh

  • Mia

    Hehehe… I’d love to!!

  • cirby

    Lush. Bath products. Great sure-fire gifties for the girlies.

    A handful of Bath Bombs and you’re set.

  • SomaSwordSaint


    got your HgL account yet?

    “No point in mentioning these bats, I thought. Poor bastard will see them soon enough.”

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