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Attack of the Show


I really liked my hair and makeup this interview. Then I promptly went home and cleaned out the cat boxes. The glamour of it all.

  • I played the ice guy on Castle Crashers, too! *high five*

  • Max

    Thank you so much for sharing that! It almost made me want to try donut-infused coffee.

  • You rate way up the glamour scale, even with the cat box.

  • I have to agree that I liked your hair and make up too. My ten year old son plays Castle Crashers and he has every character and every weapon. You should look him up next time you play. He says his name is Sebahi.

  • Jason T

    Off topic, but I don’t tweet. Just wanted to say thanks for the memories you brought back for me with your ‘golden harvest’ interview. Growing up the local TV station had “Black Belt Theater” where they would play those glorious Hong Kong martial arts films late on Saturdays–golden harvest and, my personal favorite at the time, the Shaw Brothers film The Five Deadly Venoms. It was so sad when they finally broke Toad and put him in the iron maiden. And I couldn’t agree more about Big Trouble in Little China–classic! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

  • Since seeing Dr. Horrible I’ve been watching as many of your interviews as I find. I’ve also watched both seasons of The Guild. You never disappoint.

    You’ve got me curious as to what the season 3 promotion you mentioned in this vid will be.

  • Unrelated to this journal but I just wanted to thank you for posting Adustus’ surgery on your blog and other places. Also I wanted to thank you for your donation. She went in for surgery today and it was successful, though the vet believes the tumor was malignant and that the cancer may have spread to her lungs.

  • You look great! Good job!

    But, I can’t believe they spoiled the end of season 2!!! SHAME!

  • Aw Erik I’m so sorry. I donated, when I saw her little rat face I couldn’t help it.

    She’s very loved and you’re taking care of her, it’s the only thing I guess any of us could ask for through tough times. Good luck!

  • Kelly


    I work over here at The Behemoth (the folks who made Castle Crashers) and we are TOTALLY geeking out over here that you played our game! We love your work! Can we send you toys?

    The Behemoth

  • Many thanks for discussing that! It almost helped me would like to try donut-implanted coffee.

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