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Another Sketch Show and Improv Show This Weekend!


You guys,I posted the WRONG DATE for this, it’s actually TONIGHT at 10:30, so if you planned to come tomorrow, I’m sorry, it’s actually tonight 🙁 And admission is $10.00 FYI. SIGH.

If you’re in LA, this weekend you can come see some of The Guild (me and Zaboo and Jeff Lewis) doing improv, 10:30PM on FRIDAY Night!

The McCadden Place Theatre

1157 N. McCadden Place, Hollywood, CA 90038


ALSO my sketch show is at 8pm Friday and Sat night at the same place.

  • Dustin

    Is it before or after the Lady Sketch Show at 8pm on Saturday?

  • Chris

    Man, wish I could attend 🙁

  • Dustin

    Ok did you add that time or am I just blind?

  • Ben

    I’ve been to Second City a couple times but nowhere else for live improv. They asked the audience for different settings and characters and set it in motion. Is that how it works everywhere? And if so, I was wondering if anyone has shouted out, “Hellmouth!” at any of your shows???

    I imagine if they weren’t asking for settings, it might be a little creepy to just yell out, “hellmouth!” (It definitely freaks ’em out at Walmart)

  • me and Zaboo and Jeff Lewis

    I want to come up with some really snarky comment about the lack of parallelism there, but I’m too tired to deliver. So just pretend I was extremely clever, okay?

  • taboracek

    So sad I’m living on the other side of the planet, anyone willing to get me a teleport?

  • edgar

    Oh, Zaboo is going to be there? Nice, I wish I could go and see Zaboo perform… Zaboo!

    (Just doing my part in angering Zaboo by calling him by his character name instead of his real name, Zaboo McZabooerson.)

  • soma

    Mc.. McZab…

    … hmm thats neither Hindi nor Hebrew/Yiddish

  • stm

    Definitely planning a trip to Cali this year…unfortunately can’t swing it this weekend. Please keep posting the performance dates…and have fun!

  • Bryy

    If I can teach myself to drive on the highways by then, sure.

  • What? You think Zaboo has a real name? I think, sir, your internet obsession has gone one step too far…

  • Hope you have a great night, both nights. And that at no point does Rick Astley get up and sing at you. Dressed as Beaker.

  • The pinacle of improvisational theater is when you switch dates on your audience. It is called “audience participation improvisation.”

    You better have at least one bit about a time machine, where you go forward one night and bring back audience members who got the wrong date for the performance.

  • I think the last sentence hasn’t been amended. I don’t think it should still say ‘see BOTH on SAT’ . Hope it goes well, Felicia and have a blast.

  • Arthur

    Hey, it’s me, the lone Guildie who showed up tonight. Just want to say the whole situation with the times being switched around on you was indeed extremely lame, but the sketch show at 8:00 was awesome, and you and the others are indeed awesome for going to the lengths you did to make a lonely fan feel included.

    The cancellation is a total bummer, but I had an awesome time nevertheless. (Everyone, Felicia Day and her friends are awesome.) Thanks for dinner, thanks for the company, and thanks for all the awesome work you do.

  • Sounds like it would have been great fun, too bad it’s a little far for me to go 🙁

  • It’s a bit far for me, too 🙁

    It’s very disheartening when you prepare, get yourself all ready and pumped up and then no-one comes. But at least Arthur was there! Go you, Arthur! Do you realise that by being there you made a potential disaster into an intimate soiree?

    Was it recorded at all? Can we show our support by visiting it on YouTube?

  • Doh, another edit needed, damned I need to slow down and…read the blog entries! 🙂

    We’re going to start filming the sketches and improv and stuff. The stage stuff is fun, but the percentage of people who can come and make it out is so much lower than what we could reach on the net, so except for the improv, I probably won’t be doing more on-stage sketch. Must cut back somewhere!!

  • That’s sad news in one way, but totally understandable. I’m really glad you’re going to record them before you stop, though.

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