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Also…Brave MySpace for me? :)


We uploaded The Guild to MySpace today.  It took me 2 hours to create the skin on the site, and it’s not because it was complex, it’s because that site was programmed by lobotomized chimp-babies.  It truly gouges my eyeballs out, but if any of you use it, please take a gander over there and be friends with The Guild and rate the video (thumbs up of course 😉 )  Oh and post a bulletin if you want to make your friends watch it too.  Yes, make them watch it!   You can also try to friend me, but you’ll only be doing it for my thumbnail because I never check it because, well, I believe my attitude towards MySpace is clear.   Also I accidentally set my age to 12 when I started the page, and I can’t change it for the public to view it, DOH!   So just invite me and I’ll approve you.

Because of doing emails for The Guild I’ve also started facebook and twitter and pownce accounts.  And then there’s and digg and…how are you supposed to keep up with all these social sites!??! Does anyone really check all of them every day?  My God!

  • Michael

    Hi Felicia!

    I caught your MySpace and added a friend request. There’s not too much on mine; I usually use it as a redirector to my LJ.

    I’ll add the link to Watching the Guild as well. Hope you’re having a good evening. 🙂

  • David

    My friends from graduate school kept harassing me to sign up for myspace via phone and in person tormenting until I finally caved but this was back in 2003. I did not know this crazy, craptacular thing would live this long or become some sort of crazed pod person meeting place.

  • Frigid

    Facebook was always a better alternative to myspace in my opinion, less spam etc…

  • Nice layout, Felicia, but it could be better. I don’t have that many friends, actually 5 including Tom and none of them would be happy to see my buletin, nevertheless I surely need your thumbnail on my page.

  • Samantha

    I have a MySpace but it’s just a name, no page. Eventually, when I make a Facebook, I’ll friend you on there.

    And I’m not sure how people keep up with this stuff. Especially the people who have hundreds of friends on each site. How do you read all that? Or, more importantly, how do you read all that when it’s all written, “OMG i lyke soo didnt evn! y did she say dat OMG”?

  • chris

    ha, myspace.

    I told myself for a very long time I would never create a myspace, I treated it as another social fad that almost everyone seems to get caught in. I eventually caved in after my friends kept telling me to ‘add them’. Now I’m hooked, its actually a great site and good way to keep in touch and get messages around/share photos etc etc. Although I’m not up to date with this ‘facebook’ thing, I can about handle digg and delicious….

    ah well. I’ve added The Guild to my list. Have a good day 🙂

  • Thanks you guys, I like the fact that there’s a universal hatred for MySpace, brings us all together, LOL.

  • Edgar

    Yeah… I’ve gotten used to the spam friend invites from fake sites, but now because I report them, I am getting spammed by MySpace themselves… I logged in to find pages of messages saying they have “removed the content in question”…

    I question whether I should report THEM.

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