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Still making my way back from the whirl-windiest trip I’ve ever had! Took a 2 hour flight from NYC to North Carolina for some reason. You’d think for that much time I’d be out of this time zone already, but no, haha. I had a lot of fun, but I would definitely think twice next time I volunteer for a red-eye flight and come back 24 hours later. Living dead can’t really describe how my brain is working right now. 🙂

Why was I in New York for 1 day, you ask? Well, YouTube wanted me to fly out to New York hush-hush Thursday morning for Friday press stuff because we won the Series award. Did I post about that?! If I didn’t…we won! Yahoo Series too! We swept the online voting awards! 🙂 Thank you every person who voted, we were one of the overall TOP VOTE-GETTERS in the competition! I can’t wait to show you a picture of the trophy once I get it, it’s amazing!)

Anyway, because of the Dr. Horrible shoot (which wrapped on Thursday, late) I couldn’t fly out during the day Thursday, and the only option I had to make it out was to take the red-eye at 9:55 pm. So, I did. And realized that a human neck is not meant to bend at the angles needed for in-flight sleep.

I had brought a big full-sized pillow with me on the theory that sleep would come easily after a 13 hour work day, so it was practically the only thing in my carry on, but I foolishly didn’t factor in the crushing narrowness of the seats. Upshot, the pillow CROWDED me the whole time and marshmallowed me against the plane wall, squeezing me against the window like I was cocooned into a strait jacket. Dumb move. Frustratingly, I couldn’t stick the pillow back up in the bin, because my bag was in a whole different section of the plane, all the way in the back. The Chapparelle Middle School Orchestra, all 75 or so of them, were on board with their musical instruments shoved in the bins to go play at Carnegie Hall (Good luck little dudes!) Option I ended up with-sleeping on my tray table. I still can’t move my right shoulder.

I got to New Jersey alright, and then the fun, however foggy with sleep, began. My fellow winners and I (Tay Zonday, Potter Puppet Pals, and several others) basically hung out at Google HQ NYC all day in between on-camera and print interviews. Life could definitely be worse!

So….my next job will be at Google. 🙂 I don’t think there’s a cooler place to work, serious! Despite the ban on visitors riding scooters, in the wee morning hours we definitely zipped around the HUGE FRIKKING office complex a la Razer. This place went on FOREVER, in the middle of New York City, floors and floors worth! There are little buffet/snack stations between offices to get lattes and cereal and other snacky items, there’s Rock Band setup and a game room with ping pong and pool for leisure time, then there’s a commissary with free food, like a sushi bar and a raw “Spa Food” bar, all free to the employees! I could give birth to a Google food baby, based on all the crap ate in 12 hours. Took me back to dorm days! How is everyone who works there not obese!??!

To pass the time I slept on Google’s floor, rocked out on Guitar Hero (First time I ever played, pretty much kicked ass. 20 years of violin training totally set me up to own people’s faces on “What a Feeling”), and sat in a Japanese massage chair that literally got me through the day with strangely human-like kneading of my neck muscles.

And oh, yeah, the press stuff. It was great! A few interviews should be posted soon and I’ll link to them. We were all interviewed as a group mostly, and, despite the fact that Good Morning America wanted to talk to the pogo-stick riding rubix-cube solving guy instead of me(He is hella impressive, I’l admit it, and cool), I would say that going to NYC and hanging out with the YouTube folks and my fellow winners was a great, once-in-a-lifetime thing!
There’s a picture of me and Tay Zonday I’m waiting for someone to email so I can post. Back on planes now, trying to make it home. Thank god for my DS with Zelda. Can someone say totally addicted!?? Good thing I had it with me. A total lack of frontal cortex ability for doing “important” stuff was a great excuse to delve in. Yum.

I have 238 emails in my inbox, and it’s making me shudder, but things must be done! Oh ya, and that DDR video! First…must..connect…flight…

  • Dustin

    Wow Felicia. Grats on the EVERYTHING, you must be so proud of this project doing as well as it has been. I think you’ve earned plenty of reflecting time with your awards 😀

    On a side note funny you mentioned North Carolina, I just loaded a U-Haul truck full of my families crap, they’re off to live in NC. The left this morning, sooo I’m gonna have to live with you for awhile. I don’t live with them or anything but, I’m scared and there are wolves after me :<

    I’m happier than anything to have been apart of this whole thing and I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for including your fans. Much love.


  • S o M a

    you are awesome.

    what are you? size 1.. 2? [probably 00]..

    if airline seats are narrow for you babyGap’rs..
    the rest of us are in for a real treat..

    *[tay zonday]..

    seriously.. youtube, voters.. .. seriously.. ?

    DS+Zelda … [crack]

  • SNT

    Hugest congrats, Felicia – you and your guys earned it. And the Dr. Horrible/red-eye combo explains why you didn’t make it to the Paley thing (Joss was a little late in from your shooting too). Just in case you don’t know – what with all the travel/award craziness, – it was a blast.

  • farfly

    I remember from my traveling days that any flight from anywhere on the East coast, going anywhere, had to go through Charlotte, NC.

    Can’t believe the lame-o’s at GMA didn’t have you on their show.

    Have a safe trip back…

  • Virginia

    Did you happen to get the nifty DS that is gold with the triforce on it?

    Oh, and grats to everything ya’ll won, must be a pretty awesome feeling to get such recognition (and free food) ^_^

  • If you wanna work at google you SO have to check out How to be a better webmaster and search marketer by watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer with Vanessa Fox from Google Webmaster Central. You’d fit right in there, I believe. 😀

    Congratulations on the award – you guys deserve it! 🙂

  • Carl


    Once again, congratulations on receiving the [insert name of Felicia’s latest honor/award].

    (I hope you don’t mind the generic congratulatory message. You’ve been winning so many of them, that I need to use a template to keep up….)


    Feel like a giggle?

  • Jay

    Congratulations on the awards, even though im sure you’ve heard it at least 3000 times in the past two days haha.

    Zelda on DS is full of win, definitely need to get one of those.

    And about the red eye…… *shudders*

    Congratulations again, you deserve it. Ironically I quit WoW the day before I first saw the show, gave me quite a laugh.

  • Hey Jay, i don’t think you can ever quit WoW! Some things will never cease in the brain of a gameplayer, no matter how hard we try to rid it.

    Congrats Felicia! Have a safe trip back!

  • Formaldehyde

    Congratulations on another award! You must be so proud 🙂

  • Jay

    Haha Karl, im trying man, im trying. It’s so addicting……… 🙁

  • Hey Felicia, Have a safe trip back. Hope to work with you, Greg and Kim again real soon. Talk to ya later.

  • Hope you get some sleep soon 🙂 Congrats on winning everything! That is super awesome. Can’t wait for 9 & 10.

  • Brilliant 😀

    Google sounds like a geek’s paradise 🙂

  • Jen

    Wow, that’s awesome! You sweeped the web video awards! You guys definitely deserve it. Can’t wait to see the next episode.

  • Tyler

    So nifty you won, Felicia! Very happy for you and the rest of the Guild. By this time you’re already home- can’t wait to see the award 😀

  • Ben

    Are you sure you want to work for The Man? I think you might just be seduced by the free food and scooter rides. (They really had scooters? WoW that is impressive. That place sounds like the software company in Grandma’s Boy–which is one of the funniest movie ever btw)

    Forget the 9-5, keep making us laugh!

  • soma

    “samantha will be, miiiinnee!.. “

  • Congratulations.


    Gaw, it’s getting to be a habit. I might have to change my username to “congrats_to_felicia” to save time! 😀

  • Congratulations!

    I can’t think of a cast more deserving of that award – the writing and acting are both excellent, and what’s more, everything is so very… very…. true. Ok, not all of it (thankfully), but it’s not so over the top that MMORPGers can feel insulted. Actually, everyone who plays WoW and who I’ve linked The Guild videos to went “Ooooh yes, that’s exactly how it is! [insert acronym along the lines of lol, rofl etc. here]”

    So yes, grats again. We love you – in a totally non-stalkerish (nowadays referred to as “non-Zaboo”), platonic affection sort of way.

  • Not only am I embarassed that you kicked my ass in Guitar Hero, I’m even more embarassed now since you didn’t even know it was “More Than a Feeling.” Ha!

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