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So, the other day I though that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a simple sidebar ad to the Blog. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, right? And I wanted to learn how to do it for when I have my short’s website up. So, I used Google Adsense and I put in a text advertisement on the left, which looks kinda crappy, but I actually forgot I put it in since I have a Firefox plug-in to block all ads, because otherwise I would never ever open my Myspace page. That’s right, ads are good for you, but not for me 😉

Anyway, since the plain text looks sparse (even though I customized the colors), I though, “Hey, I’ll use an image one on the right side instead! They say they target my content, that might look good too!” So I plug it in and….

A total skeevy chick in a bikini popped up. TARGETED?!? Where did they get THAT from my entries?! I mean, I have no problem with advertisements. In fact, if I could put links to stuff I love, like, or or things like that, I would totally do it. But having random crap come up does not appeal to me. Especially if the girl that pops up is hotter than me, let’s be honest. Needless to say, I deleted it immediately.

So, if anyone knows a place where I could pick and choose the ads, please post me a link. Otherwise, I’ll just leave that lame Google text one on to the left because I forgot where I put the code. I’ll get around to removing it soon enough.

  • Ok, I moved it to the right, so it’s not as obviously off center, which was driving me crazy. And now it’s showing a link on how to drain your lymph nodes. Jeez Louise.

  • Haha! You know why it’s targeting your lymph nodes, don’t you Felicia? You had a blog the other day that used the words “lymph nodes” in it. So obviously if you used the words, you need lymph node draining services. The “Ugh Sick” blog also has ads for sick children and Chron’s Disease. heheheh

    The ads on this page are all about…ads.

  • Ok, it’s gone. It looked crappy and no one in their right mind would click on it, I mean, who here needs their lymph nodes drained or wants to compare themselves to Cyndi Lauper?

  • Josh

    Aye, but if you had Cyndi Lauper draining your lymph nodes, that might deserve a click.

  • I’ll try to hook you up with that Josh. LOL

  • Tim

    I don’t know if this would work for you, but I’ve never seen anything very strange or out of place on and they swear by the company that handles their advertising for them.


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