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Absolute Chaos


Horrible has melted the internet, haha. Well, this site was in shambles before, and the Horrible influx kicked it while it was down 🙂 I’m working on getting everything running again, I appreciate all your patience. We’re making the transition to, and I hope to have the site and the forums and everything fixed in the next day or so. Thanks so much for the comments etc. I’m so excited Dr. Horrible is up, I can’t wait to post more about it!

  • edgar

    Felicia, truth be told, I think this move is a very healthy one.

    I’m hoping a less stressful healthy one…

    Load times seem better!

  • Great Felicia! Of course it would take something from Joss to send the internet into a frenzied panic and then just go kaput.

    I hope you get your site back working, and I hope I get to meet you and the rest of The Guild at Comic-Con next week 🙂


  • b!X

    You do realize that you’re going to have the surreal experience of a Ballroom 20 standing ovation that Friday, yes?

  • Hi Felicia,

    There’s now a temporary link at so hopefully everyone will get their fix of Dr Horrible before long! And congratulations on Dr Horrible being number 1 in iTunes downloads for TV Episodes and Seasons! Quite a day you’ve been having….not bad for a little Internet thingy! I loved Part 1 and can’t wait for the next installment. You are wonderful and seeing Nathan Fillion acting up was so funny! And Neil Patrick Harris is mesmorising (maybe he’s using a mind-ray?!).

    Hope the transition to the new server goes well and all the best for the rest of the week – who knows what will happen next? With 2 more episodes to go, lets just hope that the Internet is able to cope!

  • Oh nice! Thanks for that Dr. Horrible link! So glad people are able to watch it again!

  • …plus you need to update Twitter etc with the new URL…

    But I really DO like your hair….:)

  • it should be forwarding right now from .net, Edgar is so kindly helping me make this place neat and tidy..ish 🙂 I have a lot of little work to do, but at least it’s almost back up and running.

  • Dom

    One of the best things you can do to stop the site dying under heavy traffic is to tweak WordPress. Temporarily turn of unnecessary plugins and use one of the cacheing plugins – wp-cache or wp-super-cache.

    And please stop melting the Internet…. it’s most inconvenient for those of us trying to work. 🙂

  • Linden

    Yayness! I’m so glad Dr. Horrible is up and running again. It was every bit as awesome as I’d hoped and then some — can’t wait to see the next two eposides!

  • the show was great. i’m glad others may view it now.

    joss’ mentioning of a musical dvd commentary extra makes me eager for the dvd release. any word on when that’ll be out?

  • Dan

    Hey…Doctor Horrible absolutely rocks, and rocks hard! You guys are doing an awesome job, although I’m a little jealous that Neil and Nate get to flirt with you in verse. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the rest of it.

  • Loved Act I! I’m actually going to try iTunes just to have it. I know this a Mac world at felicialand but I’ve been avoiding all things Apple because it’s like a cult. After a couple of American Idol iTunes, now there’s Dr. Horrible. It’s an addiction!

  • Crucially, your Feedburner link is incorrect. It links to, but should be for those who want to keep up to date on Felicia’s RSS.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dani

    Exciting week!
    With all the crashing and all! =P

    Act 1 is AMAZING!
    LOVED it!
    Your voice really surprised me! Beautiful!

    I can’t wait for the dvd! T___T

  • Yes, amazing Act I.

    I watched it several times and I am so glad I watched “How I met your mother lately” too. Now I enjoy NPH even more. Nathan is Nathan as we all know and love him, and you – sooooo sweet, adorable. :o)

  • Super Chache is in the works, I’m just trying to fix the static pages up before then, but I might not get it, so I’m gonna put it on lockdown before the next Horrible goes up tonight 🙂

  • Jeff

    Nice work with Act 1. I watched it before work this morning so I was not part of the Absolute Chaos that probably ensued with the site. So hopefully you get your act (har har) together for Act 2.

    And I have to agree with Dani, your singing was great! Let me guess, you practice on Rock Band like me? 🙂

  • How come there are no t-shirts with your picture on it? Congrats on the another successful web project.

  • ays

    you have a wonderful voice.

  • NWGaEagle


    Can’t wait for Act 2 heh … not near as awesome as The Guild so far, but it’s started out strong!

  • TheDudeAbides

    Dr. Horrible Act I is simply amazing. I’m waiting for the next two installments with bated breath…

    *turning blue*

  • aug

    yeah where are the Penny shirts?

    Edgar is the web man! He can fix everything 🙂

  • Ferralangel

    Edgar, fix the forums! PWEASE!

  • Nathan C

    Loved the first act. I am a major Joss fanboy though. But you have a really pretty voice. I hope you get better songs in the next two acts. Cant wait!

  • farfly

    Dr. Horrible, Act II is amazing. Felicia is really featured in this episode and does a magnificent job…

  • Kysira

    Felicia, you are absolutely wonderful in Doctor Horrible.
    I was wondering whether the songs are in your normal voice range because you pull them off so beautifully. I’m really enjoying it, it is better than I expected. Joss and the team really delivered. And congratulations on such a job well done.

  • Dear Felicia,

    A friend just linked me to Dr Horrible in the random way people sometimes do… way to go, girl! I should drop in here more often but then I’d not have had that nice surprise of seeing you in it.

    Yay for working with Joss Whedon again!

  • P.S.: Lovely voice, wonderfully expressive singing. *thumbs up*

  • P.S.: Lovely voice, wonderfully expressive singing and spot-on acting. *thumbs up*

  • edgar

    @Ferralangel forums should be fine now…

  • Wonderful work on Dr. Horrible. You were totally the star of Act II. Totally pwned it.

  • Josh

    Wow Felicia, I was impressed by Act 1, but you really shined in Act 2, I loved all the overlapping with you and NPH in “Brand New Day.” I love how “real” yet silly the whole thing feels.

    You rock.

  • Hey! Fan of “The Guild” here, and now Dr. Horrible! Keep up the great work! It’s a good sign when you melt the internet. 😉

  • Hi! I’m a big Guild fan (looking forward to season 2!) and have watched Dr. Horrible several times over again.

    You can really sing! Love it! When I heard your first song in Act 1 (“will you lend a helping hand” song) I thought that you would make a good Disney princess voice a la Little Mermaid or Cinderella style.

    Can’t wait to see Act 3! You’re a great actress and play a nice grounded character in the Dr. Horrible world. Bravo! :O)

  • Wow, I came to Dr. Horrible because of my fangrrlness around “Serenity,” my delight in NPH’s sleazy comedy chops in “How I Met Your Mother” (among other things)…and now I get to have a lovely braincrush on you, thanks to “Dr. Horrible.” May all kinds of great things happen to you. Lovely singing, subtle acting. It’s a great week.

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