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The last few days I’ve been working madly to come up with a logo for my short film. Like everything entailed in this project, it’s much easier said than done. It’s amazing how much we take for granted in this world, how much work it takes to make all the things that adorn our lives that goes unappreciated. Well, master logo makers of the Universe, I salute you.

I thought that using a free font found on the web would be a simple starting point for me. Little did I realize that an abyss of deadly web surfing was in store for me. Google “Free Font” and see what I mean. For a design junkie like me, every single font I stumble on is a new revelation. “Wow, I never thought to make a (insert letter) like that, I should definitely download this.” I think I inflated my font count by at least 500. Each individually downloaded. No joke. The breadth of choice is staggering, as you can see from the above images, catering to every whim you never knew you had (or want). It got to the point where I was like, “Wow! I will totally need that rope font if I have to make a Western-style theme web page for a small unknown boy’s birthday!” and “I don’t make my friends enough Hanukkah cards, I NEED THAT DREIDEL FONT!” It was a frenzy.

And what was I left with at the end? A dizzying array of choice that has left me paralyzed, unable to make a decision. Add the color choice and filters to the logo mix, and we…might never have a logo. Comic Sans anyone? And if anyone can think of a use for that flasher font, please offer it up. Sometime during the last few days I thought it was downloadable. Ugh.

I think I’ll include links to the best sites I found because…I want to ruin someone else’s life.

  • Fonts are quite addicting!
    Dreidel font? *ears perk up*

  • Josh

    Hmm, I think I could come up with a few good uses for a flasher font, but I think I’ll save that discussion for a more appropriate forum.

    Honestly, what doesn’t say “Come watch me!” more than doing your title completely in hieroglyphics. Bring them in with a little ‘Whisky Tango Foxtrot’ action.

  • Thad

    I like the disabled ones. As a disabled American I like that symbol. I think you should use that one.

  • Ben

    I’d like to suggest Wingdings but I doubt the rest of your cast/crew would appreciate it.

    If you had to summarize the film in two or three words, what would they be? That should help you choose. Funny movie? Make it a silly script. Dark comedy? Make it large gothic style letters. Softcore Porn? Send me a copy! Um, I mean, go with curvy sensual letters. That sort of thing…at least that’s my 2 cents.

  • Stefan

    You got my sympathy – those decisions are never easy, and the more fonts you get, the harder it will be. Been there myself (not for a logo, but a website). And the fun really just starts when it comes to things like color, placement, the actuall wording and stuff like that. But hey.. you’ll get it done.

    And don’t make the mistake of getting a programm to do your own fonts – It will only cost time. Much of it..

  • Ben, that was a really good suggestion. I thought of three adjectives to describe it and I narrowed it down to the best option. I found a pretty good font that balances comedy with a more…antiquated look. Don’t want to give too much away of my plot, which will hopefully be forthcoming in the next few weeks. I worked really hard to add some pizazz to it, even though inner bevel might be overused. 🙂 I had to keep in mind how it would look on a YouTube-sized screen, which didn’t occur to me until after I’d done a whole mock-up of something different that was not even squintably readable at that size. But, finally I have a tentatively finished product. yay!

    Now…onto the theme song. Ugh.

  • Ben

    Umm, that was Stefan that made the helpful suggestions. Me, I was going to suggest using the flasher font as a coversheet for a realy twisted fanfic.
    I can sympathize with the choice delema. Several years ago I decided that having a bunch of astronomical pictures for my screensaver slide show would be just the thing. Several thousand deep space photos of galaxies and nebulae later, I’m still collecting from dozens of sites and my slide show just never seems to repeat.


  • Ben

    So who’s this impostor??? I didn’t write the above post…!

    Not only that but it’s not every day that a Hollywood celeb tells me I had a good suggestion. Well, maybe every other day.

    Can I go out on a limb and make a music suggestion as well? Based on the tiny amount of information we have about your film, I’m thinking something along the lines of the soundtrack from Woody Allen’s movie Banana’s by Marvin Hamlish. If you haven’t seen it, you need to see it asap. Maybe one of the funniest films of all time. The specific music is from the scene where Woody is making overtures to the sexy South American rebel.

    Can’t wait to see the final product Felicia.

    Ben (The real Ben!)

    (I’m guessing these shenanigans are the reason most websites make you register to submit posts! Maybe that’s another project for our tireless host)

  • Ben S

    Okay, there’s two of us named Ben. You can call me Ben S and the ‘real’ one can keep using his name. Sorry about the confusion.
    As for helpful suggestions, I usually pitch in with “is it plugged in?”, “is it turned on?”, and as a last resort, “I think you need whack it with a bigger hammer.”

    Ben S

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