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Dynamic Forces Interview


I did an interview with Dynamic Forces here about various things, wanted to spread the word!

  • soma

    “I don’t have the self-discipline.”

    that put a classic all over my face, right there.

    you dont read comics.. im cool with that….

    *looks at edgar


  • Formaldehyde

    You said that you were more of a Picard girl. Did you get to work with Patrick Stewart on the cheetos commercial? If so, how was it?

  • I love The Clientele but I almost never hear anyone else talking about them so it was a special treat to see you name drop them! (there’s more pictures of them in my flickr stream than any other band)

    (btw – thanks for The Guild it’s been a joy)

  • Take some advice from a stranger: step away from the comics. You’ve got a full life, great talent, a promising career, good friends and polyhedral dice.

    Don’t throw it all away on the labyrinthine, conflict-riddled underworld of comic-liking. You’ll never make it out. Never.

  • Ben

    Ignore Xdpaul!!! I know several people that read comics AND went on to do great things. Some even moved out of their folks basement. (obviously I’m kidding our pal Paul. Comics rule!)

    Not the reason for my post tho. Wanted to mention the new page layout is AWESOME! If Edgar is the man to give the props to, then consider them propped. Great job!

  • damaged justice

    I hear you on Myspace. Or rather, I don’t — which is what makes your doing your own blog WAY nicer (are Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite’s Myspace blogs even still readable without having your own account there?).

    Keep fighting for a sexy role — you deserve it. I’ll watch just about anything with you (as long as Uwe Boll isn’t directing!). And if Maxim doesn’t want your non-anorexic gorgeousness, they don’t deserve you 🙂

  • Congratulations on all of the current and future projects!

  • Ben has clearly gone mad, mad I tell you. Comics have caused my parent’s basement to become the pinnacle of accommodations that I may hope to achieve in my lifetime.

    I’m hoping to move out of grandma’s crawlspace by the time I start collecting social security. For now, it is dirt, darkness and occasional rainwater for sustenance for me. But at least I have the sweet, moldering pages of The Killing Joke for a pillow, a disintegrated 100-page spectacular Superman #245 from the 1970s as bedding, and a stack of X-Force #1s to burn for warmth.

    You thought a WoW addiction was bad. Wait until you are panhandling to take care of your Cover Girl fix.

  • soma

    nooooo…! not the xforce-es…

    i will gladly sacrifice all my post2003 turner/aspen stuff

  • As soon as I can save up enough money to purchase an egress, we should exchange contact info and I will get the last of my non-singed issues to you, as long as I don’t mistake the poor things for sandwiches. Again.

    Of course, until I have an egress, income remains something of a far distant shore.

  • mike

    Really like the guild..keep up the good work 🙂

  • blabla

    Oddly enough, I can’t think of a lot of good fantasy based comics. The closest I can think of is Fables, which is a favorite of mine, but it isn’t your standard sword and sorcery book, especially at the beginning. Or maybe I’m not reading widely enough.

    There’s a wide selection of online webcomics, though their quality varies. Order of the Stick is pretty good, if you’d care to take a read.

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