The Official Website of Felicia Day
  • edgar

    I like it! Needs some red though 😉

  • Snit

    The Dr. Horrible photo is serving as a link to your authentication screen – not sure that you intended that 🙂

  • Who is playing the dazzling beam of light? You?

  • edgar

    Seems like Felicia posted this one on her way out or something… I changed the link to the Dr. Horrible website and added a title since it seemed so bare up there…

    Felicia, feel free to make changes at your leisure… it IS your blog after all… 😉

  • I have no idea what it really represents and yet I still love it. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • Plebeian! Isn’t it quite obvious? Neil Patrick Harris plays the disfigured cauliflower-like title character. He emerges from his crysalis of tilty erections to discover that Felicia’s character has fastened an extra-terrestrial rave glowstick to his trousers, causing him to radiate a dense halo of thermonuclear energy from his behind.

    Also, ’tis a jaunty musical.

    I guess you have to be a bigshot Hollywood insider like me to have access to the dense symbolism in the poster. I believe that there may also be actors involved in the production, who can, or at least do, sing.

    Bonus insight: The epic film Titanic is about some sort of water vessel.

    [What a great poster. I suppose I shouldn’t have expected less.]

  • edgar

    This is more obviously a story about a scientist that tries saving a captain of a space ship, but instead gets hit by a massive alpha radiation wave from an exploding alpha bomb that turns him blue any time he or anyone around breaks into a song…

    Unfortunately his girlfriend, played by our Felicia Day, has musical turrets (she randomly breaks into song and dance, usually about cursing sailors…) How very unlucky!

  • b!X

    If you’re not freaked out enough, try making it your desktop background, set “stretch to fill”.

  • LOL thanks Edgar, web guru of The Flog. Never make blog posts before coffee, running out door, note to self.

    Actually, you guys, I play the pair of breasts on Neil’s head. 🙁 CGI work is hell.

  • b!X

    Point of order: Technically they are, for some reason, NIPPLELESS breasts. I’m sure that must have some plot relevance.

  • s o m a
  • Can’t wait to see this 🙂

  • I do no t think I have met anyone who knows as much about this subject as you do. You are truly well informed and very intelligent.

  • Isn’t that Barney from How i Met your Mother? I can’t recall his real name, but you should know who i mean…

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  • wow, great post. thanks

  • The freeze ray takes a few seconds to warm up during which time Dr. Horrible is vulnerable.

  • The hand-held remote control for driving a vehicle worked better than the freeze ray.

  • Gotta say – pretty cool!

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