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A Few Videos and Announces! And a Vaginal Fantasy video!


First up, thank you SO MUCH for the support that you’ve given Geek and Sundry. It’s an uphill battle to start an online network from scratch, but I really REALLY appreciate your spreading word about the shows, and subscribing to the channel, it’s gonna be so great!
THIS SUNDAY APRIL 1rst (NO it’s not a prank) We will be doing a G+ Hangout ON AIR on the Geek and Sundry page to celebrate our launch. For 12 hours I’ll be streaming, getting guests to Hangout in, pulling YOU GUYS into talk, giving away a ton of schwag, and doing crazy activities like drawing competitions and writing a screenplay with you. YES! Our chatroom will also be up on so we’ll be interacting a lot with you there. 12 hours! YES!

Please spread word about it, and make sure to Subscribe to G&S!

ALSO Here is Vaginal Fantasy #3! We had a mishap and THIS video happened too. haha. Next book is “Iron Duke” by Meljean Brooks, April 30th! Yay!

Upcoming Appearances!

  • Sep 2nd - Sep 5th Atlanta, GA – DragonCon
  • Sep 17th - Sep 19th Cincinnati, OH – Cincinnati Comic Expo
  • Nov 19th - Nov 20th New Orleans, LA – Creation Supernatural
  • Jun 4th - Jun 6th Chicago, IL – Creation Supernatural

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