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A Few Videos and Announces! And a Vaginal Fantasy video!


First up, thank you SO MUCH for the support that you’ve given Geek and Sundry. It’s an uphill battle to start an online network from scratch, but I really REALLY appreciate your spreading word about the shows, and subscribing to the channel, it’s gonna be so great!
THIS SUNDAY APRIL 1rst (NO it’s not a prank) We will be doing a G+ Hangout ON AIR on the Geek and Sundry page to celebrate our launch. For 12 hours I’ll be streaming, getting guests to Hangout in, pulling YOU GUYS into talk, giving away a ton of schwag, and doing crazy activities like drawing competitions and writing a screenplay with you. YES! Our chatroom will also be up on so we’ll be interacting a lot with you there. 12 hours! YES!

Please spread word about it, and make sure to Subscribe to G&S!

ALSO Here is Vaginal Fantasy #3! We had a mishap and THIS video happened too. haha. Next book is “Iron Duke” by Meljean Brooks, April 30th! Yay!

  • Sic

    Mishaps like that one where no real damage is done are the best.

  • I’ll confess to feeling very excited about the new channel launch, all the Felicia Day creative goodness a fan could need but was afraid to ask for 🙂

    Can’t wait!

  • s0ma

    evtime veronica’s name is mention i feel the need to startup
    my NES emulator and play simon’s quest…

  • alex

    Hey Felicia–something wrong with the site!!! It appears we keep getting sent to a blogpost from 2009, each time we load the main page it sends us here…I think you have a glitch for one of your minions to address!!! Just helping out. Gonna re-post my earlier comment on this thread now…love you, love your show(s).

    • Jens H

      Haha. It must be a joke with reference to that Vaginal Fantasy Mishap.

    • alex

      Bummer that my Flog comment was moderated out of existence…I’m still taking credit for the name!!!!!

  • alex

    Hey Felicia!
    I wanted to say Hi and take FULL CREDIT (!!!) for the name “The Flog”! I doubt you still have your old website info stored somewhere (so I can backup my big claim) but back before you blew up with The Guild, I recall trading comments with you and our merry band of misfits (I wanna say Edgar and a couple others) and I implored you to call your blog, “The Flog.” Then you changed your website theme like a million times and ended up with this scary Halloweeny thing with black and white skeletons.

    Anyway, it was fun to be able to communicate with you back in the day…now I’m just a blip in the mass of craziness that is Felicia Day, the phenom. So congrats on all the success!! And the name, “The Flog” will forever be my weak-ass claim to fame!! Yes, that’s pretty weak sauce on my part. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  • John W

    You need to include this on Geek and Sundry.

  • John W

    So when are we going to be able to buy Geek & Sundry merchandise?

  • Troy from OKC

    Hi Felicia,

    I’m a big fan! I LOVE the guild and I loved you on Eureka! I’m so sad that you were killed on the show. You and Fargo made a great couple and I thought that you added a lot to the show. I hope to see more of you in the future on something more permanent. You are a great actor. I wish that I had met more fun and talented people like you when I was living in Hollywood. If that had been the case I might have stayed and put up with all of the hassle, lol.



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