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Can’t help it, gotta link the whole screenshot, thanks Mike from Chicago! 🙂 So exciting! I also like the fact that after I posted on The Guild website about the iTunes upload, we got a lot of five dollar donations from people who downloaded for free but wanted to contribute. The Guild fans are fantastic 🙂

It’s been a crazy week for me, I did some ADR for “Prairie Fever” (Where you go to a studio and re-record lines from a movie that aren’t useable from the original production sound. Basically watching your face speaking a word and re-recording the word to fit your lips, weird stuff!) I had a bunch of commercial auditions (Thank goodness for commercials) and I had tons of Guild stuff. After being featured on YouTube, the correspondence flooded in and it falls on me to deal with it. I don’t mind most of it, but it’s the weird racist and offensive comments that I have to remove from the videos that really make me chuckle. I chuckle only because it’s the only thing I can do. I have a laughing reflex that is really inconvenient. It’s like when I hear a horrible story where someone’s falling off a roof or getting hit by a car (not fatally of course), It’s my “go-to” for uncomfortable situations. Awkward.

Back to the YouTube comments though. Some of the things people post…why in the world would this stuff ever occur to someone?! What’s the motivation? And I hate to generalize, but when I click on their profiles…a lot of them are 20-somethings from Norway. SERIOUS! Is flaming people a Norwegian thing or is it some joke that people do when they create a profile to flame videos? Who knows. Suffice it to say, most the day of the feature I was refreshing and removing. We got a lot of hits though! 🙂

I’m kind of sad this week because my improv theatre, The Empty Stage is shutting down due to rent increases. It’s been my “funny” home for 8 years, it was the first place I ever though “gee, I like comedy!” Also the place where Vork and Zaboo (Jeff and Sandeep) and I met. There are so many talented people there, and the atmosphere is so unlike LA; Very supportive and non-competitive. I really found my joy there. Hopefully the theatre will open somewhere else later this year, but for the interum, after the theatre closes at the end of Feb, the improv group I’m in “Being Humans” is going to try to find another place to perform. I’ll let everyone know!

I think everyone should study improv. No matter what your career, what your goals, learning to trust yourself and free your subconscious in a “playground” atmosphere is the greatest gift you can give yourself. A lot of you have expressed interest in hearing from me about acting as a profession, as an art form, as a lifestyle in Hollywood, etc. I can honestly say that I found my love of acting through improv. Before that, I was locked into what I was “supposed to do” with a line, completely in my head about what I was planning. Studying improv gave me the freedom to explore the “WHY” of the lines, and gave my subconscious a say in what I was doing; it lets me become spontaneous and helps me “own” the material.

There is nothing more wonderful than relaxing enough that you surprise yourself in improv. Something comes out of your mouth that takes YOU by surprise, and everyone around you laughs. Like last night, we created a whole scenario around something I said about “mouth-babies.” You had to be there, but it was really funny, and just a total random thing that came out of my mouth. And my fellow improvisers took it and ran with it, made it into something hysterical. It’s an incredible feeling, when you’re working right, focusing off yourself, and onto your partner. Improv teaches you on many levels to trust yourself and others. Tell me a career that wouldn’t come in handy!

And you don’t have to be funny to do it (or think you’re funny). It’s what we did as children, there’s no reason we can’t keep doing it now. 🙂 I urge you, if you ever had the impulse to act, to go check it out one of your local improv theaters. Or check out my favorite group anywhere, Improv Everywhere where they do spontaneous improv “stunts” like freeze in place for 5 minutes in the middle of Grand Central Station. Makes me wish I lived in NYC!

  • Formaldehyde

    I’ve always wanted to do improv, but I’m not quick enough, and I’m always left later thinking “I should have said X instead, it would have been so much funnier”. That’s in normal situations, I can only shudder to think what it would be like on stage.

  • Yeah! Impro is so cooool hahaha 🙂
    I love to just do crazy stuff when I’m alone. Like when I cook or clean, I start going through all kind of funny characters and make myself laugh. But I promise I’m not (totally) crazy hahaha 🙂

    Seriously I think you are right. Impro is a real great thing. It lets you be who you are and express things in a non controlled way. Feeling like you are a kid again, when we make all those stories in our head! Why do we have to always be and do things with those adult rules? Sometimes it’s fun to let go and just be creative, being in the flow of our subconscious, just like in dreams! And I’m sure that’s why sleeping is good for us, we’re free, don’t you think?

    Anyway, I think you’re great and I love your energy. Tx for making this blog! You can visit mine, I’m an artist too, I actually sent you a message on myspace to 🙂
    That’s my blog:

    Take care and tx for being who you are.
    David (aka Taho)

  • Improv is incredibly fun. And if comedy isn’t your thing (though, really, who could say it’s not?), long form improv can get you in that dramatic spirit. Occasionally it can go into melodrama, but hey, no matter what, you’re learning.

    I really do need to find some long form improv groups in my area, of course, that’ll only last me until I move to Hollywood in August.

  • Omer

    Norwegians are the most racist people around, seriously.

    Ok, I didn’t know that before but now I do, thanks Felicia!

    Funny you mention improv, I’ve been going to Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre for a while now (as an audience member, not to improvise). One time I took one of my friends who has nothing to do with the film business to a show (he works at IBM). A year later and he’s taken all five levels of improv classes. I don’t know if he’s decided if he’s going to repeat the top level class or join an improv team, but I do know he’s really enjoyed it a ton. Watching the student shows is interesting. They either do amazing or they fail miserably. 🙂

    On a side note, UCB had an awesome Comedy Death Ray show this week Patton Oswalt (my favorite), Brian Posehn, and Matt Besser were three of the six comics performing and I was asleep when reservations went up. Damn!

  • Igniferroque

    You seem like much too nice of a person to live in NYC.

    As an unrelated side note, I came across your Christmas video last week. It has done more this year to put me in the holiday spirit than the holidays themselves. I’ve been mentally singing the lyrics for the past several days.

  • Formadehyde, find a long-form improv place. Short form improv is more commonly taugh but requires that quip-thinking more. Long-Form is more about character and emotion and story, less pressure to have a laugh a second 🙂 I’m terrible at short-form, even though I’d love to be good at it!

  • Gag Halfrunt

    The Guild is getting exposure on iTunes here in the UK as well.

  • Gag Halfrunt

    There was supposed to be a thumbnail. Ack.

    Let’s try that again.

  • Mondo

    This reporter seems to be saying that almost everyone in Norway is racist, but only 150-200 of them think they are. Makes you wonder how they polled that..)

  • I’m pretty introverted and have huge public speaking anxiety, so an actor friend recommended I take an improv class to try and break my shell. They’ve always looked fun, but then you see “Whose line is it anyways?” and get pretty intimidated at actually having to do that.

  • That Norway article was really interesting, I was just making a strange generalization! 🙂
    Courtney, don’t watch “Whose Line” and have that prevent you from trying. That’s like watching Kobe Bryant and deciding never to throw a basketball 🙂

  • Improv is fun, ADR (or “looping”) really really isn’t. the worst thing (from a director’s point of view) is trying to get the same performances from the actors whilst they watch themselves. Nightmare.

  • Even

    Well, most people in Norway ISN’T racist, but in the capital and in the north you get a higher precentage of racists. In Oslo you got schools with over 90% foreign pupils and a lot of problems because of this, language etc.
    And farther to the north you got all those christian conservatives.

    But mostly there isn’t that much racism in Norway, at least not in the open. (You got the factory workers, but most of them are uneducated etc.)

  • You have christian conservatives in there? Oh … God. Yeah, we have those too. Though I’d wish they would be contained in the North.

    Felicia, I don’t know how I got to read your blog, (it’s somehow related to the great Guild), but I’m glad I did. This improv thing is starting to get to me. 🙂 Thanks.

  • Virginia

    About the uncomfortable laughing thing, I knew a chick in high school that had it so bad, she laughed hysterically on 9-11 and simply couldn’t stop. Sooooo don’t feel so bad, eh?

  • chuckley

    well i was just reading the blog and i never knew you did any form of stand up. or the the rest of the cast did. if you guy’s ever get bord and feel like taking a trip up to Wisconsin there is a great little comedy club called the skyline comedy cafe in Appleton, wi. i know so many people who love your work and i know we would fill it.

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