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110+ Resources For Creative Minds


I try to be sparing about linking posts just for the sake of linking, but sometimes a juicy nugget comes along I’d love to share with people.  The blog  Skelliwag is one I just added on my Google homepage under the column of “self-help”.  I really like it (the layout is posh!)  The articles are really well written, but this list of crazy lovely links around the internet to inspire creation was one I had to link to.

110+ Resources For Creative Minds

I hope you enjoy!  Oh, and here, look at this.  I can’t stop giggling!

  • I really enjoy the links you give. I found the ones on effiency especially fun, bookmarked them all, since I like to believe that I’m always trying to become more efficient.

  • Soma

    what a fantastic link!

    how very serendipitous…

    last week i had promised myself i would run CAD
    at a minimum of once a day to work out some stuff
    even if it was just to look over my old ideas..

    yesterday i was SO unmotivated and lacking creativity..
    i barely used my comp, except for emails and blog posts.. 😛

    but im just in a little slump.. hopefully today will be better..

    ive been getting up five to ten minutes before my alarm..
    i think its a sign..


    every night i try to add you to my HgL friendlist..
    i play every night from 5pmEST to.. 11pm-ish.. [dont look at me like that]

    i have seen anyone from here in there since the game
    released retail..


  • Soma

    EDIT: i *havent seen anyone

  • I kinda bailed on Hellgate 🙁 I don’t have the motivation to play at all, I have no idea why! I think there are a lot of design flaws that miss my target, and Mario Galaxy has been pretty distracting lately, along with Witcher.
    Sorry Soma!

  • Omer
  • Courtney

    The game is just not ready yet. There’s too many issues with bugs, design, and story. I just want to beat the game, and then come back in a few months and hopefully it’ll be better.

    The problem is, there’s a bug preventing the last boss from spawning

  • Soma

    Felicia + Courtney:

    i understand completely.. the game is SO bad at
    times.. i swear im gonna chuck my keyboard out
    my front window..

    i have been lucky mostly ‘cus i seem to miss all
    the bugs that cause people to be bummed out..

    i beat sydonai last week and have been on
    nightmare here and there..

    i dont really group much, so those type of bugs
    afflicting those people havent affected me..

    on top of that.. just like Felicia predicted.. my char
    is 10x [if not 10.5x] better than my beta char..

    i was completely sad at the loss of my loot previously,
    but recently ive obtained some stuff that just kept me

    when i took a step back, i realized i was able to fight
    lvl 38 mobs with minor effort [unless there are more
    than 3 at a time] .. grimgar is just turned 32..

    so for the time being, i really dont expect anyone to
    play as fanatically as i do, since, i am a solo’n loot whore..

    BUT.. it looks like Flagship will be attempting a monthly
    patch status that thus far has addressed the playability issues..

    did the game prematurely release.. yeh, i think everyone
    agrees.. despite the awesome halloween themed items
    etc during all hallows release.. i would have been happy
    with another month of beta playing..

    [SO long as i got to transfer *some of my loot]..


  • Mia

    What’s your in-game name, Soma? I played with Razzek and Illumin8 a bit yesterday.

  • Soma


  • Soma

    well i stayed untill 1211amEST.. [le sigh].. i work at 6am.. :

    here is Grimgar waiting [high detail] in charing for..

    .. anyone???

    [sigh x2]

  • Mia

    Don’t le sigh at me 😛

    I have a final tomorrow so I had my head in the proverbial books.

    Hey you’re all black and yellow, like a bee!

  • Soma

    “I’m studying till 9 and then going to the gym, I probably won’t be on till 11pm EST, I’ll probably play for an hour or less.”

    you stood me up! 😛 j/k j/k

    good luck on your test(s)!!!


  • Mia

    That’s the night I was on and played with Razzek, nub 😉

    Are you unbanned from the forum yet? I feel guilty for leaving my third non-flog related comment. So I’ll make it Flog related!

    Felicia, I hope “This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession by Daniel J. Levitin” is as good as it sounds because when I saw it on your future booklist, I added it to my Christmas wishlist! 😀

  • I really like your blog very much and i hope you will continue this good work in the future as well …………………

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