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101 Things in 1001 Days DONE!


So, I did my list.  I can’t be as amazingly organized as my brother (His whole blog is dedicated to his 101 things, and if you’ll see he has a progress timer) but I think most things are doable.  And if a few are pie in the sky, maybe I’ll make them happen by thinking it (dig at The Secret, LOL).

As you can see, the list is on the sidebar, and I’ll strikeout things I’ve actually done so it will feel satisfying. 🙂  A few items I have ready to strike out as a feel-good motivational tool to start the year off right.

So, list made.  Key question:  How am I going to MAINTAIN my progress?  Well, my problem is that, as a freelancer so to speak, I need to create structure in my days.  So, I’m using the recurring reminders in “Remember The Milk” and the text notification in GCal.  Every day I’ll wake up to my To-Do list on my iGoogle page, and I’ll simply check off the items through the day.   Theoretically.  I think the biggest key will be actually forcing myself to DO these daily reminders as they pop up, and then reminding myself to check  in with the one-off tasks, like trapeze class etc.  Which is why I also put as a weekly reminder,  “Check in with list.”  OWN’D.

If anyone else did a 101 list, post them here!

  • Dustin

    I see #84 is “Get Married” and I gotta tell you that puts a little too much pressure on me. But I love my Wii….Wii party it is, then we’ll talk about marriage 😛

  • Mia

    Hmmmmmm… I haven’t started my list yet *blush*

    OooOooh you want to travel to Quebec? 😀 You (and the boyfriend))’re certainly invited to stay with me, if you come to Montreal, or hopefully we could grab a coffee and I could tourguide you.

  • I tried doing the 101 things in 1001 days a year or two ago, and didn’t get very far with it. I don’t think I even managed to complete my list of items, though I decided to get started with an incomplete list, rather than procrastinate starting for longer. Managed to get a few things checked off, but then I lost momentum and the whole thing just petered out for me. Hope you have better luck with it than I did.

    The one thing that I will say, from my abortive attempt and from watching friends do it, is not to be too tied to the exact list of 101 things that you’ve come up with. In two years, a lot can change and your interests can drift, so you might realise that, for instance, you have no interest in learning Photoshop any more. If that’s the case, don’t force yourself to do it, but replace the list item with something more appealing at the time.

    After seeing your list, I’m feeling half tempted to give it another go myself.

  • kelly

    I probally shouldnt laugh since they are goals and all…but 82 onwards made me laugh some…i will not be writing a list as the simple ones like say 91. Next Gen iPhone i would probally find frasier boxsets going cheap and buy them instead… maybe my list should be to stop buying so many tv dvd collections lol…

  • soma

    #82, 83, 86, 87…

    these are things i consider or deal with daily..

    the aquaphobia i cant really help. you see i was tossed
    in a pool when i was young, and i dont have the memory
    that relays i ever made it out.. 🙁

    maybe i could make one of those flowing stationary tubs
    like jude law uses in Gattaca ..

    anyway.. sadly i have to admit one of my list items is
    “reduce trolling Flog once a day”

    thatll probably break me..

    although number one on my list is to finish the new comp
    case.. and i just got my SAS cables.. from the post office..

    oh.. and i spend about a grand on new welding equipment..

    pics to ensue..

  • Rachel, that is very good advice. Honestly, I don’t know how TERRIBLY motivating such a long list can be in the short-term. But it was educational having such a long list to come up with, brainstorming about what I wanted to accomplish, what things I wanted to try that I wouldn’t normally vocalize or be aware of. Already, the “not eating meals at the computer” has been of benefit to me.
    The most important thing is creating all those daily habit goals, and entering them into the to-do list, so I take that part of the thinking out of it, there’s just action required.
    Kelly, as you can tell after 82 I started throwing stuff up there. It’s all true, although maybe the comedian in me started getting sassy. 🙂
    Soma, new computer pictures please!

  • Good list. Long.

    I don’t have one, but now I’ve read yours I can think of a few things I ought to be getting on with…

  • Please, for the love of god and all that is holy:

    Don’t reproduce. Humankind will thank you for it.


  • I’ll have you know I’ve had OFFERS FOR MY EGGS!

    You suck. 😛

  • stm

    “I’ll have you know I’ve had OFFERS FOR MY EGGS!”

    I hope this isn’t part of satisfying #34. ;^)

    I’ve been working on this/something similar for my new blog. Will post when it is ready.

  • Or #41.

  • Veronica

    This isn’t all of it, obviously. And it’s not numbered because it’s not in any fixed order. You don’t have to read it all, and if you do, feel free to giggle at my life.


    -Stop laughing inappropriately
    -Have a 10 minute conversation with a stranger
    -Return things on time
    -Practice mandolin and guitar 4x
    -Find the perfect pen
    -Eat less at night and more during the day
    -Finish my ISU
    -Finish my muppets
    -Organize my comics and give away what I’ll never read again (Emo Boy issues 1-8)
    -Wake up before 3 on weekends
    -Re-buy issues 1-3 of Buffy


    -Get a job I’m not ashamed of
    -Read a wider variety of books
    -Get my G1
    -Buy a nice camcorder
    -Restore my faith in jeans by finding a pair that look good on me
    -Go to more shows at The Shadow
    -Support more local bands
    -Watch more old movies
    -Finally get that tattoo
    -Start skateboarding again
    -Take a train to Montreal for a weekend
    -Work on my French
    -Stop smoking pot
    -Make the ULTIMATE cup of hot chocolate
    -Play in more Heroclix tournaments
    -Start shopping at used book stores and shop less at Chapters


    -Finish (almost) everything I start
    -Create new recipes
    -Save $100 a month towards University
    -Write down things I may forget
    -Start planning for University
    -Finish a screenplay
    -Write creatively once a week

  • Yay Veronica, another list! 🙂 Those all seem like doable items, I can totally see you doing that in one year! I want to hear the motivation for the “inappropriate laughing” because I tend to laugh when people tell me horrible stories, even though my brain is fighting it.
    And I definitely want to hear about your quest for the ultimate hot chocolate, yummy! I think there are a lot of standards to that, some people say the best hot chocolate is in Italy, but when I had it there I was like, “This is like pudding!” American hot chocolate I guess is really liquidy in comparison.
    You might want to find a free podcast to help you with your french. Free and on the ipod=actual learning, at least for me.

  • Carl


    #44 is hilarious….is it for unwelcome guests?

    WRT Your travel itinerary, if you haven’t been “Down Under”, then you’ve got to visit Oz and NZ. If you like to ski, then come down here in July/August. Alternatively, you could learn to SCUBA dive on the Great Barrier Reef….that would go great with #82.

    You say you’re a wuss, but you’ve done some ballsy (ovariesy?) things and you might like to bungy jump.

    I sure hope #84 & #87 don’t come as a shock to your BF :))

    Happy New 2.7424657534246575342465753424658 Year(s)

  • Felicia, I hadn’t heard of 101 items in 1001 days before seeing yours. Your list captured my imagination, and has inspired me to make my own. Even the most casual observer will notice I’ve taken items from your list, Ryon’s (Many. Thanks!), and others listed on Day Zero.

    Michael’s 101 in 1001 list:

    Travel & Adventure
    1. Drive the whole of the Pacific Coast Highway
    2. Travel to Hawaii
    3. Travel to the southern hemisphere
    4. Visit Yellowstone NP
    5. Go on week-long bicycle tour
    6. Visit my younger sister in Fla. (x2)
    7. Visit my older sister in NJ (x2)
    8. Go hiking once a month
    9. Go backpacking once a year
    10. Ride my bike once a week
    11. Bike to work once a month
    12. Bike an entire Tour de Tucson
    13. Go skiing or snowboarding
    14. Visit museum (x10)
    15. Visit art gallery (x10)
    16. Go to the theatre (x10) (including Mark Twain Tonight!)
    17. Travel outside Arizona four times a year
    18. Arrange rafting trip through the Grand Canyon (trip target date 2011)
    19. Visit Bryce Canyon NP & Zion NP
    20. Visit Nathan Sawaya’s touring LEGO exhibit (

    Career & Financial
    21. Get a job
    22. Save $3003
    23. Do my taxes by February 10 (x2)
    24. Keep a detailed spending log for a month
    25. Pay off credit card

    Health & Fitness
    26. Visit dentist (x2)
    27. Visit eye doctor (x2)
    28. Get BMI into healthy range (target weight: 168-140#)
    29. Put more vegetables and less meat in diet
    30. Do 100 push-ups in one go
    31. Do 200 crunches in one go
    32. Donate blood (x6)
    33. Try out Kung Fu or Tai Chi
    34. Run 10K race (x2)

    Social/Personal growth
    35. Go out to dinner with (or have over) my nieces once a month
    36. Go to two YouTube gatherings
    37. Participate in Gimme Your Stuff (
    38. Decide where to move that’s within 15 miles of the ocean with move target year of 2012
    39. Spend one day a week TV-free
    40. Spend one day a week internet-free
    41. No meals at computer
    42. Get into a healthy, nurturing relationship with a great woman (i.e., where I have sex on a regular basis, kiss someone in the morning, and do ridiculous, boring things together. [What’s that from?])
    43. Bite my fingernails less than once a month
    44. No t-shirts outside the house for one month, except when exercising, (x3)
    45. Compliment two random strangers each week
    46. Maintain eye contact when speaking with people
    47. Take a photograph a day (
    48. Read two books each month (some will be re-reads), including On the Road, The Reivers, Harry Potter series, Hitchhiker’s Guide series, Ben Franklin biography, Catcher in the Rye, Works of Edger Allen Poe, and Greek myths (This needs to grow.)
    49. Make three new videos for YouTube (or Revver or equivalent) every month
    50. Take piano lessons (x12)
    51. Reconnect with seven old friends with whom I’ve lost touch
    52. Make a new will/living trust
    53. Have guests in my home once a month
    54. Take a cooking class
    55. Comment more on my sister’s blog
    56. Donate 500 grains of rice through (x200)
    57. Learn Flash & Actionscript and build a fancy website
    58. Once, finish my Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving
    59. Complete two classes from iTunes University
    60. Complete two life-long learning classes
    61. Learn Spanish (at least enough to get by during short trips to Mexico)
    62. Send thank-you notes whenever I receive gifts

    Home improvement
    63. Repair corner of utility room
    64. Stack washer & dryer
    65. Finish ceilings in living room, dining room, hallway, and both bedrooms
    66. Paint rooms of townhouse
    67. Install pot rack
    68. Finish installing kitchen cabinet hardware
    69. Get undercabinet lighting for kitchen
    70. Empty and remove storage shed
    71. Repair back fence
    72. Complete landscaping in backyard
    73. Install shelves in utility room
    74. Finish picture frames & fill with artwork/photographs
    75. Run cable into living room
    76. Complete rain gutter project to include rain barrel
    77. Hang new curtains in the living room and dining room
    78. Decorate outside of townhouse for Christmas at least one year
    79. New master bath shower door
    80. Refinish dining room table

    81. Clean out the bedroom closets
    82. Keep townhouse picked up
    83. Vacuum townhouse once a week
    84. Mop floors throughout townhouse once a month
    85. Wash/Detail car once a month
    86. Make sure all of the dirty dishes are clean every night before bed for a month (x3)

    87. Arrange sale of ebay items
    88. Take items to Goodwill
    89. Organize the filing cabinet
    90. Organize and display fossil collection
    91. Unbox everything
    92. Cull unwanted books
    93. Get bookshelves
    94. Get backup disk(s) and use Time Machine

    95. Lend money through Kiva loan ( (x2)
    96. Learn how to make 20 different alcoholic drinks (with at least four ingredients) off the top of my head
    97. Make cover for back of couch
    98. Convert the ruined pants into good shorts
    99. Buy new underwear (x10)
    100. Make/Get IV line warmer
    101. Get chairs or chair plans from Trinidad (

    Bonus item: Make a new “101” list by 2010.09.28

  • Ben

    When you originally posted about the list, I thought, “this is totally something I can do!” This is something that can change my life. Meanwhile, I haven’t even re-clicked on the Day Zero link. I saved it, so somewhere inside I knew I wanted to do this but I cant build the necessary motivation to tackle it. I’m pretty sure I could do the list, I just dont know how happy I would be to start knocking off items.

    Anyone want to make their #101, “Make Ben a better person” so I dont have to do it?

  • Michael, what a great list! I wish I had included a few of yours in mine, like make a will, or donate blood (well, I’m a little phobic about that, so maybe not )

    Please update on your progress with those, and why 3003 dollars precisely?

  • Felicia, I picked $3003 so that it fit nicely into the 1001 days, $3/day.

    Here’s my news so far: On New Year’s eve, I decided to get a baseline on how many push-ups I could do. With a *great* amount of effort, I mustered 16. For the rest of the day, my arms were spent—to the degree that when showering, the soap felt heavy.

    On New Year’s Day, I was set to start a regular routine of push-ups—you know, start knocking out some list items—only to discover that I could do none, zero, zippo, no way, no how. Technically, I guess I did 1/2 a push-up, as I accomplished the down part, but there was no coming back up. Arms quivering, my brain was screaming, “Up!!!” There was no up, only surrender after about 20 seconds of coaxing, and an ignominious drop to my knees. I’ll have another go on Thursday.

  • I do believe that this has inspired me to create my own list – but instead of 101 in 1001 days I am doing 1001 things in my life – because i just really ALOT of things I want to do. Some good, some bad and some might be impossible.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Now to go and work on my list.

  • A group of my friends started working on this project a while back (and by a while, it’s now in the “multiple years” stage). At this point, we’ve all ended up revising our lists multiple times, and mine is currently in a state of “not quite a full list, but something to keep working on”.

    I definitely agree with the advice that you should be willing to revise the list if your interests change over time. Also, several items on your list don’t seem specific enough to me. For example, the first few items in the personal section aren’t really quantifiable, which means you’ll run into trouble with determining when they’re completed and can be marked off your list. Trust me that it gets depressing to look at the list and feel you have to do a number of things every single day for several years in order to complete it.

    I’d suggest re-wording these “habit-forming” tasks (phrase stolen from a friend) so that you need to do each one for a specific period of time in order to accomplish it. Then you may be able to group similar items together for a span of time, and accomplish them all at once. A great example is this section:

    70. Avoid screening calls
    71. Return phone calls daily
    72. Return emails daily

    All of those tasks require you to be feeling sociable and prepared to interact with a variety of people on their schedules, not when it might be most convenient or comfortable for you. If you tackle them all at the same time, you’ll know before starting that you may need to adjust other parts of your life for a while in order to accommodate those tasks.

    Similar tasks in my own list are usually for a span of 2-4 weeks. After accomplishing that, it can be marked off the list, but the ultimate goal is to get into the habit of doing it and see that it’s possible, so that I’ll continue even after the task is complete.

    Please do keep posting about your progress…you’re incredibly interesting and it’s great to watch other people work their way through this project.

    I’m not sure what to put in the URI field here. My public blog is specifically about knitting and other yarn crafts, which may be a bit boring. I guess it’s better than a password-protected one though!

  • stm

    I may password protect this at some point, which is why I’m not hard-copying my list here. The 101 Things list is linked in this post:

    Happy reading…

  • How is your progress going at the moment ? Keeping up with your daily goals ? I actually didn’t put any daily goals in mine, knowing that there would be problems with tracking them each day. But here’s a tip : if you have goals which you have to track each day — why not list your goals like so :




    ‘one-time goal’

    etc. ?

    all the best with your progress; -)

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